3 Years In the News

The Good,the Bad,& the Ugly


“In the News “

(by Pastor Kok III, Mustard Seed

Selected Excerpts from the News

Compiled April 11, 2004 through May3,

(every letter typed by J.P. Kok. No





News was Compiled Daily from Various News Agencies,
almost exclusively via my Cell Phone. Stories are referenced by news agency
along with the reporter (if it was included with the story, sometimes the
writer/reporter is not included, and sometimes, especially when I first began
doing this, I inadvertently ommitted  the


Warning: Some of the news is graphic and can be
disturbing to read. Disturbing things happen in our world and they are reported
by various news agencies. Almost everything I personally read on my cell phone
news is included below, verbatim (meaning it is word for word even if all of
the below is not in quotation marks. Quotation marks are implied, unless I’ve
made a comment in brackets).


I’m bringing the World News to you along with the Good
News and my Sunday Morning Message for a particular reason, which is discussed
in more detail in the Sunday Morning Message.



April 11, 2004


Condoleeza Rice

Sony Pict Purchases Clarke Book “Against All Enemies”

Dozens dead.trapped in Russian Mine Blast

Al Quaeda memo shows FBI suspected hijack plot ( Bush
was aware by PDB)

Cory Spinks wins fight


April 19, 2004


A fan fell from the baseball stands trying to catch the
history 661’s career home run hit by Barry Bonds. The fan fell 20 feet landing
on his wrists,  and suffered a
laceration  to his head. The ball
ended  up splashing into the San Francisco bay


On an island in the middle of the Indian
Ocean is the world’s largest raised coral atoll. 1000’s of giant
tortoises roam, and huge robber crabs, the worlds largest anthropods up to 3
feet in length scour the beaches able to rip open coconut shells with the


White throated rails the last surviving flightless bird
of the Indian Ocean wander the island.  Hawksbill and green turtles come in the
1000’s to breed.  There are over 200
plant species. Waters teeming with life include sharks, stingrays, groupeers,
and aldabra, Along with the Galapagos
Island it is one of the
world’s greatest natural treasures. Now this is threatened say conservationists
due to plans of the Seychelles
government to build .


Two fraternity brothers Friday were sentenced to
community service but escaped jail for stealing and eating a jumbo goldfish at
the University of
California Santa Cruz..
..the men were drunk when they snatched the 18 inch koi  fish which was referred to both as Midas
& Goldie  and lived in a university
of owned pond the men fried the gold fish and fed to fraternity pledges last
year as part of their sentence each man will have to work forty hours at a
Japanese …institute that has a pond filled with koi.. the incident was filming
for the MTV series fraternity life but never aired..


A Fort Meyers Florida
teen has been charged with hiring an undercover policeman to shoot and kill his
mother while instructing the purported hitman not to damage the family


More than a century after they died the men of the CSS
Hunley are finally being laid to rest.. the confederates had a primitive
submarine at their disposal during the Civil War and was the first submarine to
sink another ship.. but in the process it also …sank itself.. killing the 8 men
who volunteered for the mission.. a funeral ceremony will be held for the men
this week at Charleston’s historic Magnolia cemetery   The average retail price for a gallon of gas
has hit a record of $1.80  said AAA on
Saturday while in California the average is closer to  $2.15


The body of DruSjodin ..the University
of North Dakota student was found in Minnesota.., 5 months after she disappeared from the
parking lot of a N. Dakota Shopping mall where she was an employee at Victoria’s Secret..the
Body was found in a ditch in Crookston,
MN, the hometown of the suspected


An NHL player, Mike Danton of the St. Louis Blues has been arrested in
connection with an alleged murder-for-hire scheme..according to a criminal
complaint filed in federal court, Danton, age 23, and a woman face charges of
conspiring and using a telephone across state lines to set up a murder. The FBI
said Danton wanted somebody to kill a man hired to kill him, and that he
hatched a plot for the hitman to kill the hitman and make it look like two
burglars had broken in.


14 African migrants drowned trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands
Saturday when the boats crashed into each other and capsized. Two persons were
missing incl a 9 mo. Old baby…


April 25, 2004


A German Shepherd ate 28 golf balls owner Mike Wordrop of
N. England says.

Pat Tillman—killed in action, former St. Louis Cardinals NFL player



Sad story of year—gal in coma after being beaten by
others after she kissed another girls boyfriend on a dare. Nicole Townes in Baltimore.

Sad Story—the gal dragged to death by the sleeve of her
jacket which got caught in the door after she was dropped off for school


News from Fresno..—man
killed wife or wives & children, some of whom were one and the same (so to
speak) . He was the father & grandfather of some of the children


May 2, 2004


Supreme Court Justice David Souter gets assaulted;
Kentucky Derby, –Smarty Jones wins; Emily Yzaguirre age 7 escapes from would
be kidnapper; Texas Floods; Hotel
Fire-Rome—Spotlight—Norman Jackson Flight bomber—Lancaster,
Honor Killings—Turkey..
Lakers-Angels, Tigers, Yankees. 7 Hubble 8) stocks 9) Weather , 10 Koroneburg
–Renaissance Faire..


May 9, 2004


Iraqi abuse, Defense secretary Rumsfeld, Psychologists
opinions, Philip Zimbardo—Stanford University, Palo Alto, Blue Roses (Liver
Enzyme), Hydrogen Fuel (converter), The Sasser worm—18 year old boy in Germany,


May 16, 2004


Allegations of Prisoner abuse continue…

Prosthetic Limbs for Amputated Prisoners..

Brazil—33 persons
die in plane crash, propeller aircraft

Did Al-Zarquawi behead Nick Berg?

Cuban Protest against U.S. squeeze…

Daily Mirror admits fraudulent photos… Editor Piers
Morgan Resigns…

2 Disc Jockeys fired for laughing about beheading of
Nick Berg..

NBA Game of the Week Lakers v. Spurs last shot .4 seconds
by Derek Fisher

Baseball—Angels keep winning


May 24, 2004


Bush injures self on bike

Did U.S. bomb a Wedding party.ceremony?

Suspicious activity on the  NY—Philly- Washington Rail Corridor

Blimp crashes in Las Vegas.

Reggie Jackson’s Jersey retired.

Lakers beat Spurs, win first game against the T-Wolves.

Prisoners released in Iraq

New Dinosaur discovered in southern Montana.


May 30, 2004


Mexoryl— a powerful sunblock chemical

Pat Tilman—killed by friendly fire?

American Airlines attendant Gay Wilson

Arrested for penning a bomb note

Libya—not sure where missing nuclear parts are

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

5.5 Earthquake in Iran

3 Children dead.decapitated in Baltimore

Smarty Jones


Am Military Vets. New Memorial in Wash D.C.


Ronald Reagan has died at age 93—on Saturday in his
Bel-Air home, the nations 40th president told the world in November of 1994
that he had  been diagnosed with early
stages of Alzheimers , an incurable illness that destroys brain cells. His body
was expected to be taken to his presidential library & museum in Simi
Valley, CA and then flown to Washington to lie in state in the capitol rotunda.
His funeral is expected to be at the National Cathedral and then the body
returned to California for a sunset burial at the library. Reagan lived longer
than any U.S. President, and spent his last decade in seclusion because of the
disease. Surviving ex-presidents today include Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter,
George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.


A month ago Nancy Reagan told the media that ‘Ronnie’s
long journey has finally taken him to a place where I can no longer reach him”
Reagan’s oldest daughter, Maureen, from his first marriage to Jane Wyman died
in August 2001 at age 60 from Cancer. By the way—she had been scheduled as a
guest speaker at the Care & Kindess conference at the Crystal Cathedral for
2002 until her unexpected death. Three other children survive, adopted son,
Michael, from his first marriage, Patti Davis and Ron from  his 2nd marriage , from ’81 to’89 Reagan
reshaped the Republican party reshaped the Republican party in his conservative
image, fixed his eyes on the demise of the Soviet Union—and E. Europe communism
and tripled the national debt to 3 trillion in his single-minded competition
with the other super power.


Before Reagan became president he had been involved in
radio broadcasting, acting, television performing and now is a spokesperson for
General Electric Co. as well as a two term governor for the state of
California. Reagan was known for his strong opinion about needing to downscale
government saying government is not the solution, it’s the problem. He
challenged welfare and other handout programs that had been started by FDR’s
New Deal. He managed also to achieve arms control agreement between the U.S.
And the Soviet Union . He was criticized for suspicions that he had authorized
secret arms sales to Iran while seeking their aid to gain release of American
hostages in Lebanon.


Despite that, he left office in 1989 with the highest
popularity ratings of any retiring president in the history of modern day
public opinion polls (according to ABC), 
The reason for his popularity, some say, was his ability to communicate
and connect with ordinary Americans even though some of his policies infuriated
the liberals. At age 69, Reagan was the oldest person ever elected president.
He came close to death when he was struck by at least one of six bullets
fired—which came close to his heart. On March 30, 1981, Regan was leaving a
Washington Hotel after addressing labor leaders when a young drifter John
Hinckley fired six shots at him. His wit even in times of gravity is shown by
his comment to his wife. Shortly later, saying, ‘Dear, I forgot to Duck.”
Another time as he was going in for surgery he quipped to the surgeons, “ I
hope you are all Republicans.” Four years later he was re-elected, defeating
Walter Mondale, while winning 49 of 50 states.


At the time of his death Reagan was apparently at a
stage of life when he could no longer speak, feed himself, or recognize his
family. President Bush was in Paris at the time of his death and said, “It’s a
sad day for  America.” All government
buildings are ordered to fly the flags at half-mast for thirty days. Reagan’s
politics were known as “Reaganomics” and was highlighted by his so-called
“Trickledown theory” .


Despite criticism, Reagan was able to deflect and
because of his thick skin, became known as the Teflon president. His tough talk
against the “evil empire” of the Soviet Union brought him  support at home and abroad. Some credit him
for hastening the demise of communism around the world. Reagan was born on
February 6, 1911, in the little town of Tampico, Illinois his father was a shoe
salesman who drank his slim profits, and the family moved often. His mother was
very religious and raised Ron and his brother Neil in the Disciples of Christ
church. Ronald was athletic, a lifeguard, a football player and participated in
drama. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology. He was
a radio announcer  for a while and was
known as “Dutch”, albeit apparently had Irish heritage . Later, he acted in
movies such as “Bedtime for Bonzo”  as
well as “King’s Row” and “Knute Rockne: All American” which led to his
nickname, “The Gipper” .


Because of his poor eyesight, Reagan was ineligible for
combat duty , so he spent the war years in Los Angeles making army training
films and patriotic features, although for a while he apparently hung around
with a communist sympathetic group and he was president of the screen actor’s
guild from 1947-1960. However, his second wife, Actress, Nancy Davis Reagan
encouraged him in the Republican direction and Reagan ended up participating
with the FBI and Senator Eugene McCarthy in the blacklists of alleged
communists in Hollywood. Reagan was elected governor in  1966 and served two terms. His biggest
controversy was the arrangement he made with Iran to sell them arms n exchange
for release of hostages from Lebanon ( or help in procuring their release).


The arms sold to Iran apparently were given to
right-wing contra guerilla in Nicaragua which led to the involvement of Oliver
North, Reagan contended he had no idea what Oliver North was doing. He left
office at a time of high prosperity for the Nation—and it wasn’t until many
years later that the effects of a huge federal deficit and savings & loan
crisis were felt. Yahoo reports that early in his career analysts had  laughed him off as a shallow show business
buffoon—all grin and pomp. Clark Gifford called him an amiable dunce.


Nonetheless, Reagan was the answer to conservative
prayers, following in Barry Goldwater’s footsteps . His parting comments from
the president’s office were “We meant to change a nation, instead we changed a
world.” Despite Alzheimers, he was till able to write on November 5, 1994,
“When the Lord calls me home I will leave with the greatest love for this
country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I know that for America
there will always be a bright dawn ahead” . IN 
addition to the surgery for gunshot wounds. Reagan was also strong in
his position against terrorists. In April , 1986 he ordered air strikes on
Libya. He also protected gulf oil shipping lanes during the Iran-Iraq war, by
having warships escort U.S. Flagged Kuwaiti tankers . He invaded Grenada in
Oct. 1983, ousting a Marxist regime and rescuing stranded American soldiers.


..on his funeral crypt the memorial will read “ I know
in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually
triumph, and there’s a purpose and worth to each and every  Life” He attended Bel-Air Presbyterian after
leaving the office. The funeral service will be at the National Cathedral in
Washington D.C. at 11:30 est. Reagan once said, “I wonder what the Ten
Commandments would look like If Moses had run them through congress first



Meteorite hits New Zeeland home.. 3 Peru Men lost at
Sea survive on Turtle Cassini Nears Saturn seven years after leaving earth ..
Cassini will release Huygens  to land on
Titan in December… at least 3500 Iraqis have had their ears cut off by
Hussein for deserting the army in 1994.


Texas Man throws woman off overpass and then jumps off
himself…. Lake Chesterfield in St. Luis dries up…Malone accused of poking

Three officers killed in Birmingham , AL.’’’….
American executive killed in the Dominican Republic


June 19, 2004


They say Paul Johnson was beheaded .Shaquille
O’Neal   says he wants to be traded


June 20, 2004


Al quaeda claims it was justified in beheading Paul
Johnson because even though he was not a member of the military he worked on
military aviation, and therefore assisted the military, —Lakers are expected
to offer Kobe Bryant 7 year contract—140 million dollars—20 million per year.
Lakers say they will accommodate any trade demands or requests re. Shaq. What
makes Kobe different is the fact that he grew up somewhere else—not in
America—he’s not a typical or true American black, –with the same semi-veiled
anti-white sentiments as many black Americans.


Al quaeda is now holding a S. Korean man hostage with
demands that S. Korea pull out of Iraq or else the soldier will be killed. I’m
on Hwy 16, at 8 pm. An adult and two children are found dead—washed up on the
shore of Lake Michigan—all three tied together at the waist—which says an officer
would be expected if a boat capsized to keep each other together.


 A Northwest
Flight mistakenly lands at Ellsworth AFB rather than the commercial airport in
Rapid City. There is no explanation for it. An article about an internet
company that verifies internet mail delivery, called “Didtheyread it.com”. In
1975 there were only 250 bears left in Yellowstone, now it has doubled.
Vassopressin is released when humans have sex. The six day war—anti-Semitism is
at its highest since the holocaust.


Man spends 8 years in an apartment until elevator is
fixed. Barry Bonds has had 94 walks in 
57 games this year. Hope Clark was arrested for allegedly not paying a
fine she got in Yellowstone for not having kept a jar of peanut butter and
jelly closed


June 22, 2004


The S. Korean man was beheaded


June 24, 2004


 I get on my
wireless , AP tells the story of the day John Kerry killed one of the Vietcong
in Vietnam. HE was assigned to go up one of the rivers in a boat with a few
other soldiers and suddenly the came upon a Vietcong with a rocket blaster—
of some sort—which, if launched, would blow up the boat —so Kerry apparently
gave orders to “beach the boat”  so as to
make it impossible for the man with the rocket launcher to arm it—the rocket
apparently needing a few more yards to build up the speed needed to fly, and.or
the person holding the launcher unwilling to fire in such close range because
it would probably kill him as well.


So they beached the boat, and they say the launcher man
was still trying to arm the  thing—at
which point Kerry felt it was necessary to kill him. And he pulled out his gun
and shot him at close range. Sounds plausible, but—the question is were these
like the terrorists we know today who are willing to commit suicide for the
cause. If not, it lessens the likelihood that he was still trying to fire or
arm the gun at that point.


June 23, 2004,


AP says that the soldier who accidentally bombed the
Canadians  will not receive judicial
punishment. He will receive military punishment, probably thirty days of
confinement or one month of missed pay.


June 25, 2004


Judge Calabresis of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
has apologized for making comments that compare the election of George Bush to
that of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. The comment he says was meant to compare
the way Bush got elected not so much Bush as similar to Hitler or Musollini—the
judge says that Mussolini was appointed dictator by the King of Italy and
Hitler was appointed by Hindenburg.


Apparently he makes the comparison because of the
closeness of the election, which was ultimately determined by the court—which
concluded nebulously that Bush won. Also AP reports that Dick Cheny, the
vice-president, used the “f word” towards 
Senator Leahy after a congress session, overheard by many.


There’s an article on the wireless about the Kobe
Bryant trial—and an accidental leak of a transcript from a closed trial. The
judge subsequently issued an order prohibiting any publication of that
transcript. And the press is contesting it to the court of appeals on the basis
of “prior  restraint” not being allowed.


June 26, 2004


Saddam Hussein had his first appearance in Court,  declaring that he is the President of Iraq,
saying this is all about theatre for Bush. Cassini Probe doing exactly what
it’s supposed to says NASAM…Man with a Million pennies in Los Angeles. Spain
is proposing to double their troops in Afghanistan. , perhaps a diplomatic
gesture for heir planned pullout of Iraq. Slept by Castle Bluff—7-11—new
condominium complex


June 27, 2004


on my wireless they say that now Al Quaeda has
kidnapped three Turkish soldiers and are threatening to behead them as well if
they don’t with draw from Iraq. The president of Turkey has vowed he will not
negotiate with the terrorists.  —John
Kerry has cancelled a speaking engagement for a Mayors convention—because he
refuses to cross a police picket line.


There’s been another Mt. Lion attack in California—this
time central. They say there were 48 deaths in schools across the country this
year—one of the highest years ever. There’s news about a  man making a new world record in taking a
photo  of 2700 nude people on Lake Erie.
George Bush is at Dromoland Castle.


July 2, 2004


Marlon Brando died.


July 4, 2004


A man is attempting to golf across Mongolia.  wireless news—that  this Fahrenheit 911 film— by Michael Moore
is the Michael Moore who produced “Roger & Me” the documentary about the
closing of the auto plants in Flint , Mi, his hometown


July 6, 2004


The Austrian president died on the even of his
retirement.  Gay film producer  Von Praunheim is making a movie based on the
life of the fellow who wanted to have his penis eaten and then killed. This
fellow also made a film entitled :Can I be your bratwurst please?”  the running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain
starts Wednesday in the San Fermin festival and protestors are stripping in a
nearby town to gain attention , or take attention away from it—


July 7, 2004


 Leopards are
killing people in Bombay—they killed ten people in one month.


July 8, 2004 


There was a triple murder at the ranch of Sam
Donaldson—the TV newscaster—the son is suspected of killing his father, mother,
and sister. There’s a report about leopards killing humans in Bombay India—coming
out of the preserve and in one moth killed ten people. Now they’re dumping pigs
and chickens and other animals into the preserve for the jaguars.


[This has to be one of the saddest stories I’ve
heard]—a pregnant lady goes out to the bars with her friends—they don’t know
she’s pregnant. She’s high on cocaine. She gives birth to the baby in the
bathroom unbeknownst to anybody else—when one of her friends comes into the
bathroom she tells them she passed a kidney stone—to explain the blood. She
stuffs the baby into the trash can, leaving it there to die. She goes home with
her friends, changes clothes and goes out partying some more the same evening.
Later , somebody finds the dead baby, and puts the pieces of the puzzle
together. She’s arrested for murder. That was in Denver, CO, apparently the
second  instance of its kind in a few


Another sad story—a man sues his wife for divorce after
discovering she is bald—apparently she had an illness at an early age that
caused her to lose her hair and wore a wig all the way through their courtship.


July 10, 2004


 AP reports that
some missing nuclear information has been reported at Los Alamos. Also, the
Australians have discovered the chemical in smoke that causes seeds to

There’s a story about a man raised by chickens —in
Fiji—apparently his parents locked him up in a chicken coop at a young age for
extended periods of time—or permanently—and when he was discovered they took
him to a psychiatric hospital—and they locked him to a bed in a confined
room—so he continued to act like a chicken for years before a social worker
discovered him and is now doing therapy with him —New Jersey of all
places—where I am right now—has ratified gay marriages. Bush proposes an
amendment to stop gay marriages permanently. I agree. —there’s an article about
so-called “Honor killings” in Pakistan—-when brides marry without the
permission and arrangement of family—some of the families go so far as to kill
their daughter.sister—because it was done without permission .


July 12, 2004


 Ronald Reagan
Jr. is now speaking out against George Bush and his policies for going to war
and also for his refusal to federally fund stem cell research. Convicted rapist
Scott Miller is holding a hostage in a Delaware prison right now.  —Iraq rebels—with the threat of death if the
Bulgarians do not withdraw, are now holding some of the Bulgarians hostage


July 14, 2004


The vote on an amendment to ban gay marriages—was
turned down 50-48—Orrin Hatch spoke out in favor of the amendment saying “If
protection of marriage—for male.female only doesn’t deserve protection I don’t
know what does.


July 15, 2004


Three kids survived a capsize but there’s no sign of
their parents and infant sister—they spent several days on deserted Islands or
in between swimming in Australia’s Cape York Peninsula near Papua New Guinea
–after their boat capsized—their parents told them to swim for it—and they


Also —there’s a story about a conflict in China about
“cloud seeding”’—a process where they shoot some sort of chemicals into the
clouds to make them rain—and now different regions are claiming rights to
clouds or infringements of those rights“


The baby boomers largely managed to convert a
historically unique advantage in prosperity, education, and…into narcissistic
blight…it will take fifty years to overcome the damage wrought by the baby
boomers” this fellow asserts.

The writer is a self proclaimed hyphenated
hippie-yuppie who grew up wandering at Haight Ashbury—what’s Haight Ashbury?


Bobby Fischer 
was arrested in Japan after being detained by airport authorities for
passport discrepancies. Apparently Bobby Fischer is still wanted in the U.S.
for violating sanctions against Yugoslavia 
many years ago—and  played a chess
match there despite the then-current sanctions for which he is still wanted.


He was trying to go to the Philippines—now they are
sending him back to the U.S. I had come across something about him in
Pasadena—he posted something on the internet indicating he had been treated
wrongly by the Pasadena Police—which doesn’t surprise me What I didn’t know is
that Bobby Fischer praised the Sept 11 attacks—that surprises me

July 17, 2004


The CIA is being highly criticized by  Congress and the Committee formed to oversee
what went wrong that allowed the  9-11-01
attack to occur… and it appears that a lot of power will be taken away from
these so-called intelligence  .


July 18, 2004


This is the 5th anniversary of the death of  JFK Jr. —who crashed  in a plane with a few others after taking off
from Martha’s Vineyard—five years ago—they say he did a “death spiral” into the
water—having become disoriented in the 
overcast weather  –Tim Berners
Lee—the founder of the Worldwide Web is being “knighted” at Buckingham today—for
his achievements as the founder of the Web. William Bennet—admitted to being a
high stakes gambler about a year ago—I didn’t hear about that then—Bennet is
the  or was the U.S. Secretary of


Every July 20 Germany remembers those who attempted to
kill Hitler in a coup attempt- but failed –the bomb killed many of those around
Adolf but not Adolf himself—who apparently was unscathed by it—and this led to
deadly repercussions by Hitler against those he suspected of being against him.  A sign on the side of the road says “Get us
out of the United Nations” John Birch Society.


They’re talking about a Civil War fort on an island 68
miles west of Key West Florida—Fort Jefferson –apparently being  ravaged by the sea—but now being prepared for
renovations—the fort itself is gigantic—big enough to hold two coliseums—or a
pro football stadium—it was used to house prisoners during the Civil war.
There’s been a big dinosaur bone discover near Aragon Spain. Hoodia cactus has
been discovered to be an appetite suppressant—found in Africa—now being


July 19, 2004


Schwaarzenaager calls some of those legislators who cater to special interests
“girlie men —fire in N. Los Angeles County keeps burning. –in Santa Clarita—and
something about the Scott Peterson murder trial Apparently a hawk electrocuted
by a wire—which  then fell to the
ground—started the So. California fire.


July 20, 2004


They say the prosecution interviewed or investigated
several hundred  sexual offenders in the
area where  Laci Peterson
disappeared.  But in some cases never
followed through on all the potential leads. —Lance Armstrong is doing
well—with five days left to go.  And the
Filipino hostage has been released —a story about Brandy Briggs in
Texas—accused of killing her infant baby by shaking–..—at the time of the
prosecution—her attorney advised her to plead guilty and that there was no way
the judge would give her prison time. She agreed—not able to pay the mounting
legal costs, but then the judge did, in fact, give her jail time—17 years.


Now—several years later—some attorneys took a closer
look and had some other coroners give their opinions—and  several coroners concur that they don’t they
the baby was shaken at all—and that there is evidence that hospital personnel
put the oxygen tube  into the stomach
rather than the lung for a while which could have contributed to the death of
the baby—who had been sick prior to being brought to the hospital. Now they’re
talking about Brandy Briggs being released.


Also —the identity of the scribe for Geoffrey Chaucer
edges of that bond—in fact—when I first arrived at Seymour–r has been
identified by matching signatures—this is the scribe who helped copy
“Canterbury Tales” for Chaucer—and whose name was never known until now.
Muhammad Ali’s daughter is a boxer—I didn’t know that and she apparently is


July 21, 2004


Stephen Hawkings now concedes that black holes may not
permanently swallow up everything—a departure from his original claim—black
holes are formed when stars lose their energy and collapse inward, causing
significant gravitational pull. Hawkings has a development disorder of some
sort—although it apparently does not effect his cognitive abilities—and he is
also the father of three children


July 22, 2004


The husband of the missing Utah jogger apparently lied
about having graduated from the university and  
apparently lied about having been accepted into medical school at UNC—in
Chapel Hill, NC


July 23, 2004


The existence of freak waves—these waves that
purportedly rise up –up to 100 feet high—out of a flat or calm sea—often the
topic of folklore, in some cases myth, and other cases debate—and the purported
cause of  many shipwrecks, has now been
documented by some sort of study—indicating they do , in fact, exist, albeit
the causes  are not yet known or


Talking about the Los Angeles Lakers—an interview with
Jeanne Buss—the daughter of Lakers owner, Dr. Jerry Buss—and girlfriend of  former Lakers coach, Phil Jackson. Jeanne
Buss says she wants a stronger commitment from Phil—and mentions marriage but
that Phil is not willing to commit himself that far.  And they ask her if Kobe Bryant was at the
heart of the big “shakeup” in the Lakers following their loss to the Pistons in
the championship series and she says she is not sure—only her father knows for
sure, but she says they did try to sign Shaquille O’Neal  but that the price he had in mind was more
than they could pay, and that they also offered Phil Jackson a contract but
that it wasn’t a matter of money with him—he just decided he was through
coaching for the time being.


July 24, 2004


There is continued talk about an intelligence director
to oversee the 15 agency intelligence community, Armstrong is now 3rd in terms
of number of stages won at the Tour de France, but will be first when he wins
the Tour de France on Sunday, making it his sixth consecutive.  —a robber in Milwaukee tried to return the
money he stole from a bank the same day—and was arrested upon return.


Senior golfer Graham Marsh gets two holes-in-one in the
same tournament on the same hole—at the British Seniors. TT1 finally got enough
gumption later in life to risk rejection.


July 25, 2004


There’s  a
story  about a woman beaten so badly by
her husband—an air traffic controller—in Wisconsin—she came to take custody of
her daughters—and he allegedly beat her—and stuffed her in some sort of garbage
bin, left her for dead—she had a cell phone in her pocket—and was able to call
the police, but was not found until the next 
day—having spent an entire evening in this garbage bin—with not much
clothes on—and it was close to zero degrees–.


 The police found
something that led them to the dumpster—and heard her yelling for help—which
saved her life—but because of the frostbite—all of her toes had to be
amputated—and now she cannot walk, or not 
very well. Her n me is Teri Jendusa Nicolai—and there is  a fund set up for her…at the 1st Ban king
Center 7998 S.  Loomis Road, Wind Lake
Wisconsin 53185.


With the Democratic National Convention this week in
Boston—there are concerns about White Supremacy groups being in or around the
area.. including Volksfront and White Revolution.


John Kerry asks the age old question in an
interview—‘Does life imitate art or does art imitate life” in regards to the
probing question by an interviewer about the problem of increasing violence in
Hollywood and his position on it given his closer affiliation with the
Hollywood people than George Bus—and his daughter went to film school at USC or

Lance Armstrong wings the Tour de France. –his sixth
consecutive -=-the son of a Kansas representative kills himself.


July 27, 2004


Dick Cheney, the vice president, says in defense of
going to war against Iraq—that terrorism “ is not increased by the use of force
against terrorists but is triggered by the perception of weakness” . One of the
Kennedy’s however suggests that we were better regarded by the world shortly
after   the attack despite our being in a
position of “weakness”.


July 28, 2004


Another suicide bombing goes off near a bus and kills
around 60 or more Iraqi citizens—not the apparent intent of the bombers.


David Kay the former chief weapons hunter for the U.S.
In Iraq  says it is fanciful to keep
hoping that we will find WMD’s in Iraq—he says there is none—and he also scoffs
at the misnomer of “intelligence community” 
saying that the various agencies that gather intelligence are not
cooperative  as the word “community”
suggests—he says they are more like  a
bunch of    feuding empires not wanting
to be  led by any other.


July 29, 2004


The judge has denied the defenses motion for mistrial
and dismissal of charges—and now Mark Geragos is saying that his client has run
out of the funds to pay the attorney fees. 
they say that Stephen Bing is the #1 political contributor to the
Democratic Party—having donated up to 16 million dollars—and he’s a Hollywood
behind-the-scenes figure—who he is—it’s not clear—they don’t say what he has
done in Hollywood just that he’s connected there somehow—but that he is also
affiliated with mobster “Donnie Shacks” who is now in jail for racketeering.


What will that contribution lead to if Kerry becomes
president? You can’t help but believe there will be some favoritism shown.  they are saying that John Kerry can prove
he’s not an Olympian Oratorian with his Democratic National Convention address


Major floods in Dallas—two days after I passed through
there. -. —there’s a story about a dentist by the name of John Hall near
Mecklenberg County—accused of discrepancies with his patients. Concerning the
Kobe Bryant case—they say the alleged victim (or accuser) has already received
$20,000 from a victims compensation fund, which the defense says is an
incentive to make up a story. “Once in a blue moon     excoriating—attacking that was one word
used to describe the Kerry Speech—he attacked Bush and all things related.


July 30, 2004


Bush—picking up on Kerry’s’ theme of  “commander-in-Chief”  says he will not allow the U.S> to  appear weak on his watch—otherwise we will
drift towards tragedy. —there’s a new reality television show in which they
watch the Amish in action—some people are protesting that it exploits their
innocenceMike Tyson—the boxer—the aging boxer——apparently was knocked out in
the 4th round.


 July 31, 2004


A big mafia fellow, Massino, has been convicted  on numerous charges—there’s mention of him
being associated with Donnie Brasco—who is associated with this fellow by the
name of Stephen Bing—the #1 contributor to the Democratic political party.  Now were’ in the Arkansas Valley and various
national forests. — American soldiers admit that they forced Iraqi
soldiers  to jump off a bridge into the
water but didn’t think they died or drowned . 


August 1, 2004


New information from the husband of the missing Utah
jogger apparently has made further searching unnecessary. —a man in Valley
Springs, California—paid $10,000 ransom to get his dog back  . Through the town of Olathe at 1045 a.m.
–Ferial Masry, a teacher in Los Angeles, Is running for the assembly

And if she wins will be the first foreign-born assembly
person—she’s from Saudi Arabia

There’s an impending hurricane or tropical storm on the
east coast causing flooding and evacuations—only a week or so after I left—


August 2, 2004


I manage to get a little from my wireless—brief
connection—Bush apparently has  agreed to
go along with the 9.11 commissions 
recommendation to have an intelligence director—somebody who oversees
all of the so-called “intelligence community” which others ay  isn’t a community at all—but a group of
“feuding empires” –apparently the only stipulation Bush is making is the
question as to whether  the intelligence
director will be part of the executive office.


Bush apparently wants to retain the autonomy of the
intelligence community , which would be potentially diminished if the director
were politically influenced by the executive office.


The arrest of a terror suspect in Pakistan led to
intelligence from his computer—that may have contributed to the heightened
terror alerts in the financial districts of New York and New Jersey. There’s a
military branch called the Northern Command which is dedicated solely to
defending U.S. boundaries. —464 people died in the Paraguay Supermarket fire  a woman will apparently testify in the Kobe
Bryant trial that he “groped” her at a part at Shaquile O’Neals house in
Orlando several years ago. We just passed through and over the Virgin River and
Virgin Mountains prior to entering Mesquite.


For the defense in the Kobe Bryant case—an expert will
testify that she believes, based on tests of the accusers panties, that the
accuser had sexual intercourse with somebody else shortly after having sexual
intercourse with Kobe Bryant. This is starting to sound more and more like a
repeat of “To Kill a Mockingbird”—the only thing Kobe Bryant may be guilty
of  is being a black man having sex with
a white woman. If it is true that she had sex with somebody else shortly after
the Kobe Bryant sexual interaction—it would seem that she was not, in fact, a
that distraught about the incident. The prosecution says that the sperm of “Mr.
X”—found  alongside the sperm of Kobe
Bryant on the same pair of panties is old and that residue of sperm can remain
in panties even after being washed. The defense expert says that it is unlikely
because of the significant amount found on the panties—not just traces.


August 4, 2004


The American basketball team got beat by the
Italians—90 something to 78—wow—that’s an upset. A thirty-four year old
female teacher who has been in prison for seven years for seducing a 6th
grader  and having two children from him,
is being released from prison in Washington. I just saw  a mirage at 123 pm. —the accuser of Kobe
Bryant is now wondering if she will be able to get a fair criminal case and
may, instead, do a civil suit, Scott Peterson allegedly shopped for boats on
the internet the day after he was confronted by Amber Frey’s girlfriend for
being married. In Beijing a man slashed 15 kids in a kindergarten classroom
with a knife.   a Siberian boy was
discovered apparently raised by a dog—for 
5 or 6 years. —a Romanian man keeps a dead cow in his apartment—cutting
off pieces of it to eat when hungry. Three banks are robbed in Davenport, IA
while Kerry & Bush are campaigning.


August 5, 2004


Bobby Fischer wants to renounce his American
citizenship, and he also says that there’s an American-Jewish plot against him.

They are still reporting on Bobby Fischer’s
dilemma—detained in Japan for having an invalid U.S. Passport, he is now
seeking to renounce his American citizenship and to be given refuge in Japan.
A.P. News says that he has reportedly praised the 9.11 attack on America and
also denies the actuality of the Holocaust.


AP Science reports that a new study has discovered that
there is something in a mother’s hormones that makes her super-protective of
her children—and that their protectiveness is not necessarily due to “love” for
them, although I have to ask if God did not wire our bodies so that the various
mechanics of our human biology serve to create actions and feelings which we
call “love.” Love is what love does—so if a mother fiercely protects her baby
because God wired our bodies in such a manner—he wired mother’s to have
“superlove” for their children.


Sports: Lakers trade Gary Payton and Rick Fox to the
Celtics, further changing the chemistry of the Lakers team. International  An American woman in Oman faces death by
execution for the alleged killing of her husband. Some say that the woman had
been abused repeatedly by her husband and that therefore, there should be some
lenience. Mexican and Canadian border is now becoming an increasing place of
potential entry for terrorists which is difficult to guard say U.S. officials.
Ben Vanderford placed a tape on the internet showing him being beheaded by
terrorists, but now has told the media that he did it as a hoax and as a
commentary about how easy it is to fake a beheading and have it aired on the
internet. FBI is investigating and may pass it on to the D.A. for prosecution.


Talks between India and Pakistan continue concerning
the boundary line around Kashmir, Himalayan area, and the “Sir Creek” area.
Both India & Pakistan have nuclear capability. There’s a severe locust
plague in West Africa. After a woman died an autopsy revealed that there had
been a towel left in her body behind the lung after surgery for emphysema
several years prior. She had managed to live several years with it imbedded in
her body, but the attorney for the family says that it obviously caused her to
die earlier than she would have had it not been in her body. Danny DeVito was
born in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Jack Nicholson was born in Neptune, New
Jersey, and Bruce Springsteen was born in Freehold, New Jersey—AP reports in
regards to New Jersey born celebrities and the rise of movie making in the
state itself


August 7, 2004


They think they have detected a ghost in the Kent
County, Maryland courthouse. The story about the movie “Garden State” was by
Reuters, not AP. Angels have won six of 
their last eight. The son of Jeb Bush, governor, got married this
weekend—and they say that his mother was born in Mexico and that their
grandfather, George Sr. , referred to the kids as “the brown ones.” So the wife
of Jeb Bush is Mexican-American?


Reminder about Sr. Bush and his re-election bid. Bush
Sr. was not re-elected. This story says that Bush Jr. has planned
better—preparing for the campaign in advance.

Western flank of Volcano in Canary Islands, La Palma—if
it breaks off, which it will they say someday, it will cause a tsunami that
will swamp the east coast.


They say that the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case has
filed a civil law suit and that her chances are better in that venue because
the criteria is “more likely than not” whereas in the criminal court the
criteria for conviction is “beyond a reasonable doubt” . There’s a bill being
proposed that will make it legal to hunt Mute Swans which some people say are
over-protected and becoming a nuisance. Peter Goss  has been proposed as the new CIA director and
director of intelligence at large by President George Bush Jr.


There’s a new acronym being used—“Wendys—Would be
Environmentalists, Not Doing it Yet” . They say a company has invented an
edible plastic wrap

 New Jersey’s
governor has admitted to being gay, albeit married, and having had an affair
with a man on staff in the state office and says he will resign because of it.
In England, a convicted rapist won the Lotto—about 13 million U.S. dollars.


Something about the late John Steinbeck—the author of
“Mice And Men” among others—his son is still alive and is a writer and
participates in various Steinbeck 
festivities that periodically take place around Monterey, California.

 Michael Phelps
wins the first American gold of the Olympic Games and sets a new world record
in the process. —sports—in a gigantic upset—Puerto Rico defeated the U.S. men’s
basketball team—and soundly.


The U.S. Beat the Netherlands in men’s volleyball.
Attorneys for Peterson say being a “cad” doesn’t make him a killer. . A “cad”
is somebody who is “piggish”—takes advantage of others, out for the “score”—to
meet women for a one night stand, etc.—the 9.11.01 plane crash in Pennsylvania
occurred near Shanksville, PA which is southeast of Pittsburg  they say Ted Kennedy the senator had his name
on a no-fly list and had to call the Department of Homeland Security three
times before he was allowed on the plan  
—John Kerry says Bush vowed not to attack Kerry’s war record but he is
allowing other Republicans to do it for him instead with Bush campaign money.


Phelps wins his 5th gold medal  and decides not to swim in the Olympic teams
final relay—allowing his teammate Ian Thorpe to do so instead. Bob Perry
apparently was the biggest contributor to the Texas Republican party in 2002
–giving about $900,000, and is now part of the Vietnam Veterans Swift Boat
group which is placing ads on television questioning the truth about John
Kerry’s Vietnam War record. In Spain—the people are celebrating Holy Year with
a trek to the area which legend has it that St. James was buried, and  where they believe they can receive God’s
forgiveness if they enter a specific Cathedral which only opens its front doors
during Holy Year and only on July 25—-when July 25 is a Sunday, because
that’s what makes it a Holy Year—when St. James Day,  July 25, is on a Sunday. The last time it
happened was in 1999, and the next time will be 2010.


Visitors from all over Europe celebrate it with a
trek—sometimes a few days, for others a few months—walking to Santiago which is
in the northwest corner of Spain.


August 21, 2004


William Rood, an editor for the Chicago Tribune and a
member of John Kerry’s Vietnam group has confirmed the account by John Kerry of
what happened in Vietnam and has said that the Swift Boat Veterans account is
inaccurate and misleading. You see—there are those kids who never were forced
to undergo the humiliation of frustration that comes with learning things that
require diligence such as playing the piano. For me that took time—and
humility—a lot of kids never have to experience that.


 August 23, 2004


The men’s basketball team loses to Lithuania. Mike
Phelps gets his record-tying 8th medal. Thieves rob a Museum in Oslo Norway
taking Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and “Madonna”. Ancient Greek athletes
competed in the nude. They went to the “undressing” room rather than the
dressing room. There was an event called the pancreateon in which anything
goes, break fingers, break legs, what have you to get the opponent to let go.
The archeologist Steven Miller says he thinks nudity was the “great equalizer”
regardless of social standing, economics, politics, and he says that he thinks
this is what gave rise to democracy. Stephen Miller’s project is at


Stephen Miller is rebuilding the temple of Zeus where
athletes once made their offerings to gods and they once carved their initials
in the tunnel. Senator Pat Roberts R-Kansas and the Senate Intelligence
Committee are discussing completely dismantling the CIA. The doyenne of
domesticity, Martha Stewart.  .. at the
Peterson trial, when Mark Geragos got up to cross-examine the former mistress
of Scott Peterson he first said “No questions” and waited a moment while everybody
became wide-eyed, then he said “Just kidding.”


August 24, 2004


apparently never told Amber Frye, his mistress, that he loved her, and he never
tried to stop her from going to the police. The gal from Facts of Life who
played Blair (and who has also been at the Womens Conference at the Crystal
Cathedral) believes in using “hotsaucing” to discipline her children—with a
drop of hot sauce on their tongue for bad behavior. Others vehemently object.
Lisa Welchel played “Blair” on Facts of Life. Two planes crash shortly after
taking off from the same airport almost simultaneously. “…as hose on the
autistic spectrum may lack understanding of emotions…or may have difficulty
interpreting facial expressions and body language.…teaching them to appreciate
theatre is a particular challenge…Convicted rapist in England wins 13 million
dollar lotto.


Angels sweep the yanks at the Bronx.. Japan wins the
women’s marathon leaving a British runner in tears who didn’t make it. Jack
Lalanne, physical fitness guru, is stil alive at age 89. Scientists are trying
to develop a robot that will use plankton as fuel.


August 25, 2004


They say that at the Republican Convention they will be
using new technology that “throws” sound in a “beam” of sorts, they will use it
for crowd control as well as a presidential display The son of Margaret
Thatcher was arrested in South Africa by the Scorpions on suspicion of a
mercenary plot against the president of Equatorial  Guinea. The 33 year old son of Johnny Cash is
continuing to produce his father’s music along with other country stars, and he
is auctioning off a lot of his father’s belongings. Why not a museum? It’s
half-time in the Spain-USA Olympic basketball game… eventually the U.S. went on
to defeat Spain


A father of a 20 year old Marine killed in Iraq set himself
and the Marines van on fire (the van of the Marines who cam to inform him of
the news).


August 28, 2004


USA wins gold in women’s soccer… Tlenzuela at parking
office. here’s a festival in Tomatina, Spain 25 miles west of Valencia, around
late August in which the entire day is devoted to a tomato throwing contest—at
each other. Carolyn Parish, a Canadian politician, called Americans “idiots”
recently. Last year she called them “damn bastards.”

The CIA, Department of Defense, and the National  Security Counsel was established in 1947 at
the outset of the Cold War.


Shocker: Mens U.S. Basketball Team loses to Argentina
at the Olympics thus  eliminating them
from Gold Medal competition. Concerning stem cell research—it apparently is
possible to get adult stem cells from body fat—and they tell a story about a
doctor who did liposuction on himself towards that end. Italian Journalist
Denzel Valdonian (?)  was apparently
executed by terrorists.


August 31, 2004


On the day she disappeared, Somebody surfed the web
between 830 am and 845 a.m from the Peterson House for a Sunflower umbrella.
Laci had a sunflower tattoo on her ankle. Prosecution says the dogs picked up
Laci’s scent at Berkley Marina, but isn’t it possible that if Laci hugged Scott
that he would have her scent on him. Or if she had even touched anything that
Peterson took along with him?


September 1, 2004


A fellow didn’t have enough money to pay for his front
bicycle tire to get fixed so every since then he has gone around on the back
tire only doing a “wheelie”—he did the longest wheelie –30 miles, says the


The Kobe Bryant trial has been dismissed—the alleged
victim (or accuser) decided she could not go on albeit made one condition that
Kobe Bryant apologize and say that he while he may have believed it to be
consensual she did not perceive it to be that way. Turkey wants to make
adultery a crime.


September 2, 2004


There’s a story about 
the so-called “giraffe women” of Burma, or Myanmar, –women who wear
these metal collars of sorts around their necks to elongate them or give the
appearance of elongating them, which attracts tourists and provides income. And
there apparently is also a  tradition
behind it—mythical or partly fictional—i.e. to protect the ladies neck from the
teeth of tigers, etc. Doctors say  the
collars don’t actually elongate the neck of the women—but forces the collarbone
down thus giving the effect of elongation; but even after the collars are taken
off, the necks are no longer than before.


Bill Clinton apparently keeps an office in Harlem, New
York. His home is in Chapaqua.


-re. Arnold Schwaarzenaager’s Republican National
Convention Speech:

In Ananova (a British News Corporation) under their
section entitled “Quirkies”  there is a
story entitled “Historians Blast Arnie’s Bush Speech”: Arnold Schwarzenegger
was told to go back to school after his speech supporting President Bush’s  election campaign. Austrian historians say
the California governor made some schoolboy howlers in talking about his
homeland. Schwaarzenegger, up until now, Austria’s favorite son, upset
politicians  across the board with his
speech to the Republican National Convention in New York.


He told  how
Austria became a socialist country after the Second World War and said he
remembered seeing Soviet tanks in the street. But when Schwarzenegger emigrated
to the United States in 1968 Austria was ruled by the conservatives People’s
Party and had not had a single socialist chancellor. Martin Polaschek, a legal
historian at the Karl Franzen University, accused the Governor of “trying to
use the old communist threat for  Bush’s
election campaign. Saying “Austria was ruled by a  coalition government. He is getting a free
country mixed up with a socialist one.”


Another Austrian historian, Stefan Karner, added: “The
child in Styria, he could not have seen Soviet tanks. By the  time Schwarzenegger was born in 1947, the
province was occupied by the British.”


September 6, 2004


At least 350 persons were killed in the hostage
situation in southern Russia—it’s related to their relations with Chechnya.

Did you know the back half o the hurricane after the
eye is stronger than the first half, or is supposed to be. John Kerry has cut
short some of his campaign schedule to be with his ailing wife in the
hospital—who appears to be okay after all. The name of that southern Russian
town is Beslan. Ichiro Suzuki needs 35 hits in 27 games to pass the season hit
record set by George Sisler 84 years ago who has 257 hits. 151 game winning
streak by Dela Salle came to an end last night—the longest high school football
streak ever—they hadn’t lost since 1991. Sara McMann, female Olympic wrestler,
was charged with reckless driving in the death of her boyfriend, an NCAA
wrestler, as she was driving him from Colorado Springs to Washington DC where
he was a law school student.


They say that the hospital at which Clinton is
scheduled to have surgery has a higher percentage rate of deaths for this kind
of surgery than any other hospital in the area—double that of any other—at 4%
which is still very low, but does raise eyebrows.


September 7, 2004


Bush said because of medical  lawsuits too many doctors have been put out
of business  and too many OB.GYN’s are “
unable to practice their  love with women
all across the country


September 9, 2004


New robot is made to eat flies for fuel, but needs to
attract flies so it will have to carry garbage or excrement —Scott Peterson’s
father testified on behalf of his son


September 10, 2004


They may still be able to fulfill some of the
scientific objectives via the Genesis capsule after all, despite it crash
landing in the desert, they said that there is still some intact pieces


September 12, 2004


A mushroom cloud was observed in N. Korea near the
border, on the same day as N. Korea’s anniversary. Now N. Korea is saying it
was due to a demolition of a mountain which is part of their hydroelectric
planning. U.S. Airways may file for bankruptcy.


September 14, 2004


 AP reports on
the plight of animals during hurricane seasons, including squirrers, but also
Dove chicks, and even fish—because sometimes too much rain can deplete the
oxygen in the pond—or right after the storm when sun shines, algae rapidly
increases thereby also depleting oxygen. Oprah Winfrey gave a brand new car to
each member of the audience.Brian DeVries –was convicted as a child molester,
recently released to live in Washington state—voluntarily castrated himself.


September 16, 2004


And the Scott Peterson case—prosecution experts have
testified that the concrete used to make an anchor on the boat is not the same
concrete he used to fix the driveway. But the defense made the point that the
samples used from the driveway included large granules mixed in from the old
part of the driveway..  or something like
that. —Hurricane Ivan has already caused at least 20 deaths, and now they’re
talking about Hurricane Jeanne and possibly a Hurricane Carl.


The interesting thing about the Laci Peterson
death—despite her limbs missing the experts testified that there was no
indication that the bones had been sawed which would be the expected method
used by a killer trying to de-limb her so she may have been picked apart by
marine life. Another adult female teacher has been accused of having sex with a
fourteen year old male student.  they’re
saying the circadian rythyms of the body affect sleep and work performance in


September 18, 2004


 “The worst in
mother nature brings out the best in human nature” said Betty kaster (?) a
member of some democratic senate committee in regards to the victims of the
hurricane being neither republican nor democrat at the moment, just human.


September 19, 2004


Pancho Doll searches for Americas best waterholes


September 20, 2004


Former pop singer Cat Stevens who converted to the
Muslim religion—and changed his name to “Islam” caused a plane to be diverted
upon entry to the U.S. le El was not allowed to enter.  Cat Stevens who changed his name to “Islam”
caused a plane from London to D.C. to be diverted to Maine and he was sentback.
700 are dead from Hurricane Jeane in Haiti. Scott Peterson bought a bought for
cash and didn’t register it. He also told somebody he went golfing all day and
later said he went fishing —prosecutions expert witness testifies that the baby
must have died the day after or the day that Laci Peterson was reported
missing. But another expert said the baby must have died on the 28th.


September 23, 2004


Intel says multicore is the wave of the future. So
there is a series between the Angels vs. A’s coming up—that could be the
clincher for who takes first place or the wild card. “Huge buildings reveal the
Nazi’s love of the bombastic and hatred of individuality”  says a news article about this old Nazi
building built as a vacation hotel that could hold 20,000 just sold for only a
few $100,000. New film including full shots of “fellatio”—what is
“fellatio”?  death toll of Hurricane
Jeane in Haiti may reach 2000.


September 27, 2004


  “Allad Alawi is
the interim prime minister of Iraq”  
Scott Peterson said he bought chicken wire to keep the cats from
scratching his trees. Detectives admitted they saw the cats scratching the
trees. —dogs are now being trained to smell bladder cancer.  a man changes his name to “they”.’You can’t
eat buckeyes.” —Governor Schwarzenaager says classic cars must be smogged;  dinocephalosaurs discovered long neck;  Montreal Expos might move to D.C. or
Arlington Bobby Shriver—the younger brother of Maria Shriver  is running for Santa Monica City Council; Don
Haidl OC County Sheriff resigns amid accusations concerning son.


September 28, 2004


Ministers in pas/alta are trying to prevent further
gang violence—including Dorothy Evans at the Christian Refugee Center.


September 29, 2004


Ichiro Suzuki is now two hits away from the most hits
in one season with three games left.

The Pope will beatify Anne Katherine Emerick (?) the
one person who inspired Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”  which some people think is controversial
because Gibson based so much “factual “evidence on her account oof the
Passion—with a devil chasing jews and incinting them to be mean towards
Jesus—the Jews think this is anti-semitic or encourage anti-semitism. More
controversial is the beatification of Karl I —Ichiro Suzuki needs two hits
with three games remaining to take the most hits in one season record.


October 1, 2004


 Ichiro Suzuki
got a single—nearing the single season hits record. Mileage at Edwards Air
Force Base– 71184 ;


October 2, 2004,


Angels won—big! Suzuki breaks Sisler’s 85 year old record.

October 2-5, 2004 : there’s a headline without
explanation asking, “Is Tuna red because of Carbon Monoxide?”  Curtis 
Lucas is the pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia
(?) Fort Bend? —he was accused of biting a police officer. Deep sea trawlers
destroy sea mounts for the sake of catching fish considered to be a
delicatessen such as Orange Roughy.


October 5, 2004


Rodney Dangerfield died. While the hearing was
proceeding the Angels lost 9-3.  they are
saying something about Bob Dylan being a great poet –and note that he was born
“Robert Zimmerman”.


October 7, 2004


They’re talking about the retirement of St. Bernards
from the service they provided at a monastery in Europe and which is where they
originally got their reputation as helping dogs.   —I listen to AP update on the hour and they
give a clip of John Kerry’s speech—and it is the first time I’ve ever heard
Kerry speak so adamantly—saying “When I take over in January…”—wow, I think to
myself—that’s the most assertive speech I’ve heard so far.  He goes on to say “ I hope I don’t inherit a
Lebanon”—referring to Iraq.


Now they are saying there is no actual link between
Husseim and Zarquawi, despite the assertions of President Bush otherwise a few
months prior.


Sammy Sosa was fined $87,000 for leaving their last
game early. Wangari Maathai  wns the
Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in Africa to plant trees among other things.
.   a young man from Carrol College (is
that in Helena Montana?) apparently committed suicide after he found out he was
going to be charged with rape of a young lady who maintains that she fell
asleep or passed out and woke up to find him sexually penetrating her in his
car. He maintains it was consenseual—the college had been informed but had
declined to do anything further saying it appeared consenseual, but apparently
the police decided to press charges. He apparently was mortified that this
would become public and killed himself instead.


A female guard helpd a prisoner escape and the guard (
married and a mother ) ran off with him. They were caught shortly later at a
hotel. Elsewhere, a man was burned alive for stealing a gas can in Peru. The
rural village where the murder took place apparently has been the site of some
other atrocities as well. In this case they doused the man with gasoline and
set him on fire as he was attached to a post with ropes. When the ropes broke
loose he stumbled away and may have been able to extinguish himself but someone
came along and re-ignited the fire with more gas. There’s an article  about a book by Alaim Clement called
Underground Paris—concerning the catacombs under the city of Paris—and the
night life that takes place down below.


Here’s something—there’s a “Sex Fair” planned to take
place in Warsaw Poland which involves X-rated actors (and anybody else
interested) to compete for the “sex master” prize—whichi they don’t eleaborate
upon but apparently is open to anybody interested to watch.  Protests are planned, but they say they
intend to go on with it.


October 10, 2004


They talk about a movie made by the producer
of____________, Cimini, who later produced an apparent box office bomb called
“Heaven’s Gate” which they are now trying to re-do again. This movie—despite a
lot of negative criticism apparently did better overseas.  They say Cimini was given “carte blanche” for
this movie. —in Morocco—the importance of virginity in newlywed females is so
vital that some of them have operations prior to their honeymoon so that bleeding
will occur. If bleeding does not occur and the husband suspects they may not be
virgins, in some cases it could cost them (the wives) their lives.


They say the highest priced gas is in San Diego—the
lowest in Houston.   —Christopher Reeve
died a day or so ago—he was the actor who played Superman—and became paralyzed
in 1995 after a horseback riding accident. He’s also looming large in the
debate over stem cell research—which Bush is against but Kerry is in favor


Other news—Robin Ventura, the baseball player,  is retiring. Apparently he grew up in Santa
Maria (where I just passed through). Nebraska Cornhuskers lost 70-10 to Texas

Other sports news—Lebron James the rookie basketball
star had a baby—or his long-time girlfriend did—but he doesn’t want to talk
about it. —in Venezuela they toppled a statute of Columbus, according to the
dictates of the Venezuelan president who thinks that Columbus was as bad as


October 15, 2004


ABC went to Vietnam , to the specific place where this
little skirmish took place in which John Kerry killed a Vietcong soldier, man,
or boy. There are different accounts—some say it is exactly as Kerry told it.
Others say that Kerry shot a boy in the back, running away afterbeing wounded.
Still others say he shot the soldier in the chest.  , Kerry mentions Dick Cheney’s daughter in
the debate telling the world that she is lesbian.


The brother of Sara McMann, the female Olympic
wrestler,  who was convicted of
manslaughter when she accidentally killed her boyfriend in a car accident, was
murdered by somebody and the murder was convicted yesterday. , Felipe Solis is
the person of the week. He’s the curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New
York,  in charge of the Aztec Exhibit-,
the largest of its kind.


The boy/man who cut off his own arm in the rock
climbing accident is Aron Ralston—and now he wrote a book entitled  Between a Rock and a Hard Place. He lives in
Aspen. At the time he was climbing in Canyonlands NP in Utah.  IN  the
news, they’ve found a new fish in Lake Michigan called a “Frankenfish” which
apparently is an aggressive breed.


They are hoping somebody just threw it out of their
aquarium and that it has not infiltrated the lake. Other predator fish in Lake
Michigan include the Zebra Mussel, Sea Lamprey, the Round Goby, and now they are
taking steps to prevent the Asian Carp from entering in through the Mississippi
River—it is only fifty miles away they say—so they are setting up some sort of
electric filter at the mouth of the river. They are celebrating the  anniversary 
of the Taj Majal, which was completed in 1654—350 years ago.


New Book by Alan Tennant who followed falcolns in their
airplane—to see the effects that the changes in environment had on the
falcolns. R. Redford has the movie rights to it, for national geographic. A
scientist is trying to teach bacteria to eat caffeine so that eventually it can
make a better tasting cup of decaffeinated coffee


October 16, 2004


Houston Astros win, cutting the lead to 2-1.  Clemens was the winning pitcher. Currently at
707 pm. The Yankees and Boston are tied at 4-4 in the top of the 4th inning.
Yankees lead 2-0 in the series.


October 16, 2004


Navy has not beaten Notre Dame since 1963 when Roger
Staubach led them to victory—the same year he won the Heisman Trophy . TRAIN
accident in Whittier California caused evacuation of homes. Riddick Bowe ,
former heavyweight champion, is fighting again, hasn’t fought sinc- e 1996….
And served  15 months  in prison for kidnapping his ex-wife.  41-1 
He fought yesterdy on an Indian reservation and he won. Yankees win


Ozzie Ozborne was banned from San Antonio Texas for
twenty years for urinating in front of the Alamo. Sheila Biliyeu lives in her
car in Oklahoma.. six percent of the vote… The Gherkin wins architectural award
in England . The highest architectural award is the Pritzker. Pierre Salinger,
former press secretary for JFK died, and he apparently insisted that the 1988
plane crash over Lockerbie Scotland was in fact a drug enforcement operation …
that went wrong.


And that TWA flight 800 was actually shot down by an
errant Navy Missle in 1996 Bush wrote a letter to Zapatero—the new president of
Spain.. saying friends shouldn’t act the way they did pulling their troops out
of Iraq, and Zapatero responded that sincerity is the highest value of


Astros and Cardinals tied 5-5 seventh inning. Veronica
at Fair Oaks Mobil—not Martha, although heavy set like Martha—but polite.
Astros 6-5 bottom 7th. . Donated Jean Jacket to Good will. Astros win, tying
series at 2-2. Carlos Beltran has hit 5 homeruns in 5 games for Astros and 8 in
the post season son far.  Red Sox win
6-4, 12 innings, (and the next night win in 14 innings).


October 20, 2004


 Sgt. Ivan
Frederick gets eight years in prison for Abu 
Ghraib prison abuse scandal. After pleading guilty.

 Fidel Castro
falls and breaks his knee.  they’re
talking about the deterioration of Mexican historical ruins such as the Zapotec
Kingdom of Monte Alban in Mexic’s southern state of Oaxaca.


The expensive cost of dam removal. The Matilja Dam has
to be removed in Ventura County.  : Scott
Petersons parents took the stand—Scott’s mother and father took the stand.
Scott’s mother said that she gave $10,000 to Scott that day because of some
sort of bank account confusion. His father said that he told Scott to bring his
brother’s driver’s license with him so that he could get the San Diego County
golf discount, admitting he is “cheap”. And she told him to buy a Mercedes in
her name because of all the hooplah going on about the murder of Laci—and the
fact that the police would immediately trace a vehicle in Scott’s name and
attach a GPS to track him.  And they said
that Scott had been living like a nomad out of his car trying to avoid the
media—thus explaining the camping equipment. They have not explained, however,
the bleached hair—and the discrepancy between his testimony that it was because
he had been swimming in a friends’ pool versus the testimony of the friend who
said that was not true.


November 4, 2004


Chen Chung Ho at the city zoo in Taiwan  tried to convert the lions to
Christianity—jumped into the lions pen and said “Jesus will save you Come bite
me” and they attacked, he escaped with minor injuries. At the Taipei city zoo
in Mucha.  farmers in India are using
Coca cola or cola as pesticide –saying it kills bugs , Coke denies the use of
Coke as pesticide. Theo Van Gogh was killed by Muslims, found with knives in
his body.. he had  been a critic of
Muslim religion outspoken.. is he any relation to Vincent?  , man at LAX angered because he couldn’t buy
a plane ticket using a receipt stripped naked jumped the fence and ran over to
a departing plane and jumped in the wheel well


November 5, 2004


Pakistan   gal by
the name of Mai …. Was gang raped by  her
village me about 200 watched when she went there to ask for forgiveness for her
brother who had been accused of having sex with a woman from another tribe
(which he denied). The news of the story got out and the world was shocked.


Mt. St. Helens erupts magma.  Cofer Black the point man  for counter terrorism in Bush administration
resigns  ..he was embarrassed by a
botched report he made about the casualties due to international terrorism, and
then he compounded the mistake by apparently doubling it without checking
actual statistics and figures. —a National Guard pilot mistakenly shot off a
few rounds at Little Egg Intermediate School in Southern New Jersey a few days


Two boys may have died in a Mexican cave after falling
in.. and then it rained, flooding the cave while rescue attempts were
underway.   The Sir Creek area  between Pakistan and India remains a
contentious point between the two countries and fisherman regularly wander over
the boundary and get arrested either by Pakistan or Indian  police.


November 6, 2004


Grey  Seal Pups
Found bludgeoned on Beginish Island in Ireland, nails in their head. Baby pups
, 60 or more. First spaceship to go into space in the span of five days
(minimum allowed was fourteen days) on a private level got a check for 10
million dollars today. Burt Rutan 
accepted the prize money at the St. Louis Science Center .   The Spaceship was financed by more than 10
million dollars by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen.


Upset Miami defeated by Clemson, Tennessee defeated by
Notre Dame—college football. Officials in Iraq are concerned about missing
SAMS—maybe as many as 6000 SAMS circulating worldwide outside of govt. control.
Some new archaeological discoveries in Bulgaria. In Uganda there’s been an
outbreak of Hippopotamus deaths due to anthrax poisoning—which breeds in dry
ground, and in dry weather when the animals eat dry vegetation they sometimes
get poisoned by the anthrax.


Radon baths in Japan –some say they cause cancer others
say they don’t—insisting they are curative. Man by the name of Andrew Veal
commit suicide at ground zero in protest of the re-election of Bush. The Dutch
have responded to the killing of Theo Van Gogh by attacking some of the
mosques, and tried to set fire to one of them.


Solar Sailing—the wave of the future.  Louis Freedman of Carl Sagan’s Planetary
Society in Pasadena, Ca plans a test along with cosmos studios in January.  More news—the Peterson jury may already be


November 8, 2004


Mike Danton, NHL player was found guilty of plotting to
conspire to murder his agent and has been sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison. He
played for the St. Louis Blues. Truffles are a fungus that grow in symbiosis
with tree roots


November 9, 2004


A kid/student (college?Striegel finds a new
amphibian—new genus, new species near Pittsburgh.

Diane Sawyer spend a few days inside a women’s prison,
undercover, and said 90% of the inmates have a lesbian relationship with
others. Clergy in Canada are joining an Auto Union saying they need as much
protection as anybody else.  They’re
saying the Anaheim Angels may become the Los Angeles Angels. Kansas Jayhawks
are ranked #1 in college pre-season basketball. They haven’t been ranked #1
since Wilt Chamberlain played for them in 1950.


November 10, 2004


Hostage Slaughter houses were found in Fallujah. Meteor
field discovered under the Sahara desert—craters. Djibouti female circumcision
in this East African country. Rapala lures gained fame because of an article
about them in the Marilyn Monroe edition of Life Magazine Arafat dies Author
Iris Chang found dead apparently from suicide.


November 11, 2004


“Peterson convicted of killing wife and baby “found
guilty of first and second degree murder they said that  somebody yelled at Scott Peterson’s Mother”
“I hope they fry your son”  as she left
the court house. And that when they polled the people on the street most of
them were “ecstatic” about the verdict. 3:40 p.m. And the newspaper had already
printed a late-afternoon extra edition that said “Guilty” on it.


November 13, 2004


Evander Holyfield loses to Larry Donald—in an apparent
embarrassing fight for the former four time heavyweight champion. MSU beats
Wisconsin. The unclaimed baggage center in Scotsborough Alabama. ODB the rapper
dies of an apparent heart attack (Old Dirty Bastard)


November 15, 2004


Condoleeza Rice is named Secretary of State, Colin
Powell resigning; Man sets himself on fire outside the white house says they
hear him crying “allah, allah”; Hussein took 21 billion from the oil for food
program —smuggled it. They’ve found the Lost City of Atlantis off the coast of
Cypress. Mormons are the fastest growing denomination in America. Peruvian drug
smugglers are caught with drugs inside a squid.


November 17, 2004


successfully launched the Scram jet which went 7000 mph over the Pacific Ocean
New translation of the Pentateuch  Robert
Alter.  A deer wandered into the O’Hare
baggage claim area. This CIA agent who just quit says that at one point a top
Osama Bin Laden associate was trapped and they knew where—the hotel and the
exact room and the CIA told  the military
but  the military declined.


At the Vibe awards in Santa Monica—at a Santa Monica
airport hangar—there was a fight and somebody got stabbed—apparently a man
approached Dr. Dre and slugged him and then David Buck aka________ rapper name
stabbed Johnson. Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital. David Buck is
wanted by the police. NASA has a research center in Langley and were part of
the participants in the SCRAM jet experiment. News I s Margaret Hassan Dead?
They’re starting to think so. Sears and K-Mart are going to merge.


November 18-19, 2004


Billy Graham .They’ve discovered the skeleton of what
they now consider to be the last common ancestor of all great apes. Peyton
Manning is quarter back for the Baltimore Colts. His brother Eli is with the
Giants. Their father is former Saints QB Archie Manning


Only 13% of Americans think that God had no role in the
creation of the world, but yet we still have evolution being taught in almost
all the schools. However, Dover area school district in southeastern
Pennsylvania has decided to teach “intelligent design.” Last time U. of M. was
national champion was in 1997 when they were co-champs with Nebraska. OSU has
beat U of M in 94, 98, and 2002; UM won in 96 and 2002  and is 11-4-1 against OSU in the last fifteen
games. In 1998 OSU defeated UM to thwart their hopes of an undefeated league
record. This is Billy Graham’s 416th crusade and his next to last.


NASA launches spacecraft named “Swift” to search for
black holes. World’s oldest living man dies at age 113. Michigan loses to OSU
but will go to Rose Bowl because Wisconsin lost to Iowa. Charles Manson got
turned down for a record contract by the son of Doris Day who died today.
Prince William of England says he does not want to be “mollycoddled” if the
order is for him to go to war Lori Berenson has been in prison in Peru since
1995 based on terrorism charges.


Flash floods kill 250 in the Philippines, Quezon
province.  Yale fans fool Harvard fans by
making them hold up signs to read “we suck. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion
finally lost. Dianna Deetric Berns is subject to excessive force by Atlanta
police and it is caught on video at the airport. Officer Clarence Alexander was
the instigating officer, seven other officers arrived thereafter. The district
attorney was Bob Keller, Berns attorney is Steven Lister.


Airplane attempting to make first round the world
nonstop , non-re-fueled flight.Dick Ebersol the NBC sports announcer was in an airplane
that crashed in Colorado. He apparently was returning from the Notre Dame-USC
football game and has one son at USC and another son at Notre Dame.  He and his older son survived but his
youngest son apparently died. Kevin Grady or O’Grady, of East Grand Rapids High
School,  is breaking all the Michigan
high school football records.


December 2, 2004


Giant Christmas tree sits on eleven barges in Rio
DeJaneiro-; . South Haven female middle school teacher is in jail for allegedly
having a sexual interaction with a female student. Friends and family testify
on behalf of Scott Peterson to try to convince the jury not to give him the
death sentence. A recount of the Ohio results is still slated to go forward in
the presidential race.. they’ve paid the 113,000 fee… if democrats had won the
20 electoral votes in Ohio they would have won the election. Class A
bio-terrorism agents include: smallpox, plague, botulism, and tularemia,
hemorrhagic fever, and anthrax.


December 3, 2004


38, 000 people die of influenza every year. Spanish flu
of 1918-19 killed 25 million people worldwide, more than all of WWI. They have
found a way to reverse paralysis in dogs if it is injected in the animal within
three days of the injury. School bus driver near Buffalo New York is fired for
talking with the students about stem cell research.


Some scientists are now saying that the global warming
leads to greater chill in the long run. It causes the icebergs to thaw and
causes fresh water to flow into the salty 
north Atlantic changing the balmy flow of water in the North Atlantic
Gulf Stream into cold water and around 8200 years ago caused a great chill.
24-year-old American Nancy Randall is favored to win the Miss World contest
being held in China. The Irish are the wealthiest of the European countries
according to AP.


December 4, 2004


Cheney and Rumsfeld apparently worked together for the
Ford administration in AP describes Rumsfeld as acid-tongued and hawkish…
Oklahoma, USC, Auburn all win.. they all remain undefeated. Columbia drug team
is extradited from Columbia to U.S. Jail. 
The Founder of Habitat for Humanity was under pressure to resign because
of sexual improprieties, but then Jimmy Carter stepped up and threatened to
revoke his support of Habitat and so they let him remain in an honorary
position. His name is Millard Fuller. In every profession there are
professionals and there are those who play the part.


December 5, 2004


Tilman apparently was definitely killed by “friendly
fire.” Story about e-junk took nine minutes to read. What do we do with all the
electronic gadgets we no longer need? Woman passenger may have fallen over the
Carnival Cruise ship 30 miles west of Ensenada Mexico. Man runs on court at the
Davis Cup Match between Roddic and…Carlos Moya (put a hat on top of Moya’s


Black tomatoes are supposed to be an aphrodisiac.
Michigan will play Texas in the Rose Bowl, not California. More Peterson
relatives testify on behalf of Peterson. His father grew up poor in Minnesota.
His mother grew up an orphan after father was murdered. Chinaman wins lawsuit
concerning manhole covers..after breaking his leg in hole, a few months after
somebody fell in and drowned.. all because people steel the manhole covers and
sell them for a couple bucks which is a day’s wage for a lot of them.


In Zimbabwe they steal coffins for money. High Suicide
rate in China. Motorola makes a phone cover that will  grow into a sunflower. Possibility of
predicting earthquakes via chemical analysis of water in Iceland’s “tin bath”..
The 91101 tragedy has been deemed two separate attacks for the sake of
insurance. . St. Mary’s Coptic Church on Robinson  is architecturally impressive.  Good soup at the bagel show down the street
from Hamilton.


December 7, 2004


Trampled by his own wildebeest he was trampled and
bludgeoned to death in South Bend Indiana. …white boys beat up black boy in
Simi Valley … white hate incident.. or white supremacy… Scott Peterson went to
Cal Poly University and graduated with a 3.28 GPA.


December 8, 2004


The story about the “Penis Tree “ in Tuscany Italy
apparently used as political propaganda in an election against the opponent
saying that if they are elected they will bring perversion and problems
(originally this was thought to be a symbol of life(. HB at 1233 at school.


Researchers in the Netherlands theorize that some of
the inexplicable desert disappearances is due to “dry quicksand” which doesn’t
pack down but will swallow you up if you step in it. Lone whale accounts for a
unique speech pattern nine years in the Pacific.  Ronald Keith Williamson was taken off death
row five days  before he was to be
executed for  a crime they now know he
didn’t commit.


December 10, 2004


Lit up festival homes across the U.S. includes Elvis’
home, and the Vanderbilt home in Asheville, NC, and for information about the
Biltmore home call 1800624 1575. The Hearst Castle is also lit up around
Christmas. The U.S. Coast guard helicopter that rescued six people from a
freighter in the Bering sea subsequently crashed and now they’re looking for
the helicopter.


Arbitration hearing took place in Manhattan concerning
the NBA brawl.. despite NBA’s objection that the arbitrator has no
authority..They put an ice skating rink on top of Eiffel Tower in France. Kevin
Keogh city finance mgr. In Phoenix or Scottsdale got on top of his car as it
was moving and then fell off and died. His wife said he relapsed from a
tropical disease. He was a top city manager. Bennington College in Vermont is
one of the most liberal colleges in America. 
Possibility of predicting earthquakes is increased .. per the tremors
beneath the quake.. prior to the quake itself.


John Michael Harvey was released from prison after 12
years when alleged victim of child molestation—who was three years old at the time
–testified as an adult just recently that, in fact, she had not been molested
but had been coached to testify against him by a relative with a grudge against
him. Philip Badowski of Tennessee , 22 years old, shot and killed his parents
after they scolded him upon return from a mission trip to Haiti. Then he tried
to dismember their bodies with a chainsaw. Roger Clemens has not decided
whether he will play next year or not.


December 11, 2004


They apparently had a Martin Luther King memorial march
today and some were concerned that it was being used as an anti-gay platform.
Total of 2390 people died in the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec. 7 1941. During
summer peak months the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor receives up to 4500
people daily


December 12, 2004


Bomb blast in southern Philippines in supermarket in
General Santos town. Saddam Hussein was captured on Dec. 13, 2003. “Life after
Exoneration “ programs based in California tries to  help wrongly convicted persons put their
lives back together after release. Founded by attorneys related to the
“Innocence Project”


December 13, 2004


People are stealing Cycads out of yards because they’re
so valuable. Jay VanAndel passed away. Tyrone Willingham fired by Notre Dame
has now been hired by Washington Huskies. He also used to work for Stanford
football. Matt Leinart won the Heisman trophy beating Jason White who won it
last year (and came in third this year) but they will face each other in the
Orange Bowl on Jan 4.


Charlie Weis of the New England Patriots takes the
Notre dame position and apparently graduated from Notre Dame but did not play
football there. Walt Harris takes Stanford football position. Norm Chow was
considered—he remains offensive coordinator for USC. The jury has reached a
sentence for Scott Peterson—to be announced any moment now ( 223 pm)  I heard the news at 421 pm ..the jury
sentenced him to death.


News Mars Rover discovers geothite which is formed by
water. Only ten executions have taken place in California since 1978 despite the
fact that California’s death row is the largest and most crowded. There are
currently 641 prisoners on death row.


Judge Ellender of Louisiana has been suspended for
dressing up as a “black” at a Halloween party. Scott Peterson Jurors include:
Steve Cardosi of Moon Bay. He apparently was the jury foreperson. Another juror
was Richelle Nice of East Palo Alto. A third juror was Greg Bertalis. They all
indicated that it was Petersons’ courtroom demeanor which made them most
suspicious saying he never showed any emotion.


But this contrasts with the journalists reports that
Peterson at times wept. This makes me think that for Anglos in good standing
suddenly up against the judicial system it can overwhelm you and the first
reaction is to try to  be a “good boy” to
comply with everybody and thing and clam up. Ironically, one’s “obedience” in
such regards may ultimately work against them aeb (as evidenced by)  the 
jury who thought his silence was suspicious.


Michigan teacher found guilty of murdering husband—the
jury was not convinced that it was justified because of the abuse she
experienced. Ashley McKathan wears ten commandments on his robe in Alabama
court—an attorney objected


December 15, 2004


Marion Jones is suing the owner of Balco for accusing her
of taking steroids.


December 16, 2004


The BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Killer from Wichita who
killed ten or more in the 1970’s has reappeared leaving clues about himself.


This is the 20th anniversary of the Bernhard Goetz
subway shooting in New York City… that caused such a stir..some  applauding Goetz, others critical.. he was on
a subway , had his own gun (illegally) and was approached by four black boys
with sharpened screwdrivers, and he opened fire, leaving one of them paralyzed
from the waist down. He ran for Mayor in 2001 but lost.



December 17, 2004


Johnny Carl, the orchestra conductor at the Crystal
Cathedral, commits suicide.


December 18, 2004


A new building in the Brazilian town of Cureteba can
revolve, each room taking an hour to turn around completely. Search for Amelia
Earhart plan planned to commence soon (for the second or third time) near
Howland Island;


December 19, 2004


Man at Indiana University charged with animal abuse
after letting guinea pig fly out of his window on a balloon, and got caught in
a tree.


Defense attorneys in the Michael Jackson case are
asking for a dismissal based on “vindictive prosecution.” Bob Simonds in his
newsletter for November says Proctor and Gamble used homosexuals to advertise
their products, showing them in bed together, and asks consumers to stop buying
Tide, Crest, and Pampers. This ad is on http://www.pgboycott.com. And he says that
Arnold Schwaarzenager signed a bill that lowered the age of consensual sex to
14… making it more difficult to prosecute cases of adult-child sexual


December 21, 2004


Settlement made in “Gold Train” case on behalf of Jews
robbed by American soldiers near the end of WWII. . : Something is cleaning the
solar panels on the Opportunity rover. This is National Homeless day. . And the
actor Poe—also a politician contender at one point in the Philippines died, the
funeral was today.


December 24, 2004


David Letterman is in Iraq for a Christmas special.


December 25, 2004


Genetic Savings & Cloan in Sausalito CA has cloned
a kitten for $50,000 and will begin cloning pets on a commercial basis. Miami
Heat and Shaq beat Lakers & Kobe in overtime by 2 points. Com Air has
cancelled 1100 flights due to computer breakdown, causing 30,000 passengers to
be delayed A play in New York called “Fat Pig” about an obese woman and the
insults she must endure. Shaquille O Neal says he misses the Fox Hills Mall and
the Beverly Center.


Celebrities at 
the game included Courtney Cox and Dyan Cannon. Who are they? Others
included Henry Winkler, Penny Marshall, and Sugar Ray Leonard.  They think they may have found the Siloam
Pool where Jesus healed a blind man near Jerusalem. NY Times says there is some
controversy about this new California web site which allows people to look up
registered sex offenders to see if they live in their neighborhood.


December 26, 2004


8.5 or more earthquake reported to have hit Indonesia
(1;32 a.m.). India & Sri Lanka have already reported 1000 deaths apiece due
to the tidal waves.

Reggie White—the defensive NFL star died today at age
43 of a heart attack.


December 27, 2004


Now they say the death toll for the Asian earthquake is
at 14000. Now the death toll from the Asia earthquake is at 23000.


December 28, 2004


The woman who killed the pregnant lady and cut the baby
out of her womb appeared in a Missouri Court today and the judge said she
“appeared to qualify for a public defender” . My question is (and not to
protect this woman who apparently is obviously guilty) but is a public defender
a farce—a sure failure? I would like to know Steve Boysaw’s record for
exonerations. I think the public defender is part of the evil system , putting
on a display of  caring for the
defendant, but not really .1055 am-the earthquake death toll is now at 40,000


December 29, 2004


on NPR a story about an organization called “Sound
Exchange” which tallies the number of times a song is played on the radio, or
on an elevator, or even as background music when you’re on hold and pays out
royalties to the singer.  They’re making
a mockery of American troops in these suicide attacks and other sneak
attacks—yesterday somebody gave the Iraq police a tip that insurgents were
hiding out in a house and when they went to check the house blew up, killing 29
people. Storm in Southern California. . 
The remarkable thing they say about this tsunami tragedy is that they
haven’t found any dead animals, as  if
they had sensed it and had gone inland before it hit.


December 31, 2004


174 people die in an Argentinean night club fire
(reports say the fire exits ,may have been locked). .  Attorney General Mike Hatch is suing Capitol
One Credit cards for their deceptive billing practices..advertising a fixed
interest rate and then raising them to 19% if you are one day late in paying
your bills



January 1, 2005 New Years Day

a Three-year old adopted  child is 
being returned  to it’s biological
parents per court order.  The U.S.
increased their donation amount from 35 million to 350 million after Sweden
topped the U.S with 50 million, but now Japan has pledged 500 million. The
island of Phi Phi was hit hard by the earthquake/tsunami (and is apparently
where the film “The Beach” was shot).


AP News Blooper: Sandy Cossel reported around 104 a.m.
that an aftershock hit one of the Asian areas but there is “ no report of
serious casualties”.  The U.S. Based
Christian Children’s Fund is involved in therapeutic intervention in the
tsunami areas—trying to create space for the children to recuperate, vent,
feel, talk, play etc.


January 3, 2005


Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t show up for his court
hearing in Grand Rapids. He’s a boxer who grew up in Grand Rapids and is
undefeated (31-0) . He’s scheduled to fight on January 20 in Miami but now
there’s a warrant for his arrest


January 4, 2005


Nelson Mandela’s son died of AIDS.


January 14, 2005


There’s been a mud slide in Ventura County that killed
at least five, although twelve are still missing. Woman who drove around
barricades ended up in river, lost grip on child while being saved, her 2 year
old child drowned. She may be charged with manslaughter. 


At least 10 killed in La Conchita Mudslide in Ventura
County. Man saved from icy creek—pants pulled off by river. Pulled up at
bridge.  they are amputating rather than
trying fine-tuned surgery with some of the tsunami victims, which is
problematic in addition to loss of limb is being outcast from a labor-based
society which doesn’t have sympathy for handicaps.


The foster home nearby where John Lennon grew up,
called Strawberry Fields, and the inspiration for the Beatles Song is closing
now because smaller homes are preferable to institutions. The Madden-Jullian
Oscillation is the cause of the storms on the west coast today…due to this
weather pattern over Asia and India Ocean. Burmese persons who were working in
Thailand are now in hiding for fear of deportation (because they lost their


Prince Harry has caused a stir  by going to a costume party dressed as a
Nazi. Son of Margaret Thatcher, Mark, has pled guilty to being an unwitting
participant in a plot to kill a political leader in provincial New Guinea.
Professor Ronald Jurische from Dessau in Sachsen-Anhalt Germany went to Costa
Rica  for a vacation went to a doctor for
a sore foot (something he’s had before due to diabetes, but nothing serious)
but the doctor decided to amputate against his will —and while still
protesting they drugged him, did the amputation, and he woke up at the
departure gate, and has since had to have 20 or more further surgeries back in
Germany to correct all the problems. He is now suing Costa Rica.
Schwaarzenaager visited the mudslide scene and said they said “We’ll be back..”
The CFO of Office Max is retiring after two months on the job.


NASA launches a comet smashing spacecraft scheduled to
get there on July 4. British Airways flight turned away due to suspected
militant on board. Mild winter in Russia. Radiation-proof RV’s. News:Aerogel is
now being used to warm jackets (one brand is called “frozen smoke”).


Tom Coleman, a former police officer suspected of
framing many blacks with drugs is now being put on trial for stealing gas and
subsequent perjury. New England Patriots have been in 3 of the last 4
superbowls? Mike Vander Jagt is the outspoken field-goal kicker for the
Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Geiger really screwed things up at OSU. I had never
heard of the term “flopping” before used to describe those who theatrically act
out a charging foul against them by “flopping” down.


Spaceship Cassini-Huygens has landed on Titan—one of
Saturn’s moons, and photos appear to indicate liquid on the surface of
Titan—perhaps methane they say although they do not indicate why it isn’t
frozen, it being around 200 degrees below zero on this moon. Seven year journey—they
left in 1997. They apparently evacuated the entire town of Corona ,
approximately 2300 people because of a dam seeping water. Officials say that if
the dam broke it would wipe out the entire town in 2 ½ minutes.


Problem in the Prague with taxis overcharging tourists,
up to 500 percent over the fair rate. Listerine mouthwash has  up to four times that of malt liquor, 27
percent alcohol. …a lady was charged with drunk driving after she admitted to
having drank four cups of it.  increase
the tsunami warning system for the United States perimeter.


James Cameron just completed a documentary on the
creatures of the deep sea—way down—miles below the surface, and now he’s going
to begin working on a science fiction project but says that we’ve lost real
science fiction ever since Star Wars which he says was “eye candy” He says he
is going to try to get more of a 
diatopian message with this movie about a cyborg of some sort.  to the tsunami , but due to global warming
could cause significant problems in 100 years they say.


There’s a ban on U.S selling arms to Indonesia Jets
lose to Pittsburgh Steelers. Jets could have won in over time with field goals,
one from 49 , the other from 43 but he missed both, despite being 24 of 29 for
the season. St. Louis is losing to Atlanta. Miami Heat is in first place but
Lakers are in the middle-just barely above the Clippers way behind the Phoenix
Suns and Kobe Bryant is out with a sprained ankle for 5 days. Mens College
Basketball—University of Illinois is undefeated.


The Ferrari motorsports team is going to meet with the
pope. Tsunami relief concert at Minute Maid Park in Houston TX. Three-year –old
boy is being returned to his natural parents after living the first three  man had nail in skull causing him paint and
he didn’t even know it was there.


Crimes involving persons posing as police officers are
increasing. When James Gottlieb  didn’t
come home for dinner, his wife and children went looking for him. They went to
his place of work and then to a restaurant to see if he had stopped to eat,
then they traced his usual route home. Stopping to see what the commotion on
the boulevard was all about, pulled over by an imposter, Gottlieb, a father of
three who was about to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary, was dead. He was
pulled over by someone in a vehicle with flashing lights, Franklin Square…New
York this wasn’t an ordinary traffic stop…attempted robbery, and he was shot
and killed by someone impersonating a police officer. The loss has left a hole
in the lives of his loved ones.


This type of crime is not new but it seems to be
happening at an alarming rate. In nearby Valley Stream a few days later a pair
of  fake police officers robbed two men
on a busy road in broad daylight. Police officer Kirk Faraczek was on patrol
when he spotted the robbery and went after the crooks. “I looked at the guys”,
he said, and “I didn’t recognize them as any officers I worked with.” As soon
as the two imposters saw Faraczek they jumped in their car and took off. After
a short chase the suspects crashed their car and were arrested. Outside of
Washington D.C. a woman was pulled over by someone with flashing blue lights.


When she rolled down her window the fake police officer
grabbed her shirt. The woman hit the gas and got away.  In Miami a robber pretending to be a police
detective talked his way into a fast food restaurant where unsuspecting staff
workers took him behind the counter and into the officer where they kept the


There have been 660 deaths due to bombings  and drive-by shootings by Muslims in the
southern Thailand area in the past year. years of his life with the adoptive
parents. Private Graner who was accused of 
prisoner abuse in Abu Gahraib, Iraq has been found guilty and sentence
to 10 years in military prison


A fishing boat recently sunk –drowning five, off the
coast of New England—some are comparing it to the sinking of the Andrea Gail of
a decade ago, about which the movie “The Perfect Storm” was based.


The Indian Ocean tsunami traveled at speeds of 500 MPH
and was 180 miles wide. 20 or more whales stranded themselves on the Outer
Banks of North Carolina, killing 17. A lot of the damage I saw in Thailand was
above Phuket in the Khao Lak area. The movie called “Sideways” was filmed, in
part, near Buellton, CA, and part of it at the Fess Parker Winery (Fess Parker
played Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett or both at one time). 5000 more corpses
found in Sumatra—an area yet untouched by recovery efforts. In the U.S there
was a tsunami relief concert with Pink Floyd et. al. and Brad Pitt, Clint
Eastwood et. al. Man had nail in skull causing him pain and he didn’t even know
it was there.


January 16, 2005


Golden Globe Awards—“The Aviator” with Leonardo
DiCaprio wins Best Actor award.  South
Africa is trying to tout Johannesburg as a great place for tourists to visit.
Rolling Stones Magazine rejects a ad from Zondervan Books hoping to capture a
new audience with a different kind of Bible. 
Germany  is planning a TV show
called “sperm race” where men donate their sperm and they have the sperm race
in a test tube—winner gets a Porsche.


The police officer, Jeremy Morse,  who was sued or charged by the DA for
assault  of a black teenager in Ingelwood
resulted in a hung jury, twice and so the charges were dismissed. Morse was
fired two months after the incident. The chief-of-police of Ingelwood is black.
Jeremy Morse and his partner are white.


Then the police officer and his partner sued  for reverse discrimination and today were
rewarded 1.6 million and .8 million respectively in civil damages. The video
tape showed the police officer pounding the head of the boy, but the officer
said it was because the boy had a grip on his testicles, which the video did
not show. That low—so there was no way to corroborate yes or no. T


The group “Fuel” singing at the youth inaugural concert
in Washington D.C.  hosted by the Bush
twins  started the concert by saying
“Welcome to the greatest fucking country in the world.”  And then the lead singer, Brett Scallions
quickly apologized.  One of the NASA
rovers finds a  metal meteorite on Mars.
A new plane being built in France—the A380, has 
enough room to park 70 cars on its wing. It’s double-decker, with a  top section stretching all the way back to
the tail, not just a little hump like on the 747.


Bob Jones of Bob Jones University—is going to retire
as  president of Bob Jones university,,
ending a 34 year reign …the school grabbed headlines in 2000 after George Busch
spoke there because of it’s racist policies and its fundamentalist views and
their ban on inter-racial dating which has since been changed.


Jones son, Stephen, age 35, will take over the school
in May. The 65 year old Bob Jones’ grandfather founded the school  78 years ago. He says “It is time for someone
younger and closer to the present generation to take over. I’ve seen too many
institutions, churches, Christian ministries suffer when somebody stays on too
long. I never wanted that to happen here. Jones said he will spend more time
traveling and preaching but will remain a visible part of the campus as
chairman of the board of trustees and perhaps as “grandpa” to the 5000 student


A Nevada man castrated himself to lower his libido, but
ends up in the hospital. Senator Kevin Parker was arrested for allegedly
punching a traffic agent/officer who was 
writing him a ticket. The Brooklyn Democrat was charged with 3rd degree
assault. 100’s of giant squid are washing up on 
Orange County beaches, the Humboldt squid. Approximately 500 of them
began washing up on the sands of Laguna and Newport Beach, one of them up to 17


J.P. Morgan apologizes for participating in slave trade
before the Civil War—having taken slaves as collateral for unpaid loans—their
researchers discovered, and so now they are setting up a scholarship fund
for  African American students in
Louisiana, with a program  called Smart
Start which will provide 5 million dollars for 
full tuition.


Battle of the Anaheim Angels baseball team name is
going to OC Superior Court—the Angels want to change their name to the Los
Angeles  Angels of Anaheim, but both the
city of Los Angeles and the City of Anaheim are contesting it.  When the Angels were founded in 1961 with
Gene Autry their owner they were the Los Angeles Angels and they played in Dodger
stadium. In 1965 they became the California Angels and moved to Anaheim.


When Disney bought 
the club in 1997 they changed the name to Anaheim Angels.  New study suggests that person with lower IQ
are more prone to suicide, and persons with low IQ as well as highly educated
parents are even more prone to suicide. 
Researchers from Bristol and 
__________________ conducted the test, although they note previous
conflicting results –one of which indicated that persons with higher IQ were
more prone to suicide ( Israel), whereas in Australia they found the opposite.


Lady went into labor during a parachute jump and
delivered the baby on the ground minutes after she landed. ).


January 21, 2005


An article says “An ancient version of global warming
may have been the cause of the greatest mass extinction in history…the event
known as the great dying  some 250
million years ago 90% of all marine life and nearly ¾ of all land-based plants
and animals went extinct. Scientists 
think it’s due to volcanic activity.


They think some animals evolved to survive at lower
oxygen levels, such as birds, —the atmosphere currently consists of 20%
oxygen, but at that time it could have been as low as 16%, or less. The Coqui
Frog is infesting the Hawaiian big island and is a problem because of the
shrieking loud noise it makes at night, it came over from Puerto Rico, which is
fond of the frog. The judge refuses to grant a 
preliminary injunction stopping the Anaheim Angels from changing their
name, meaning it will go to trial.


A real life Romeo & Juliet Story near Verona
Italy.. a 78 year old man, Ettore,  sat
by the bed of his comatose wife for four months and finally in despair took his
own life. Less than a day later his wife awoke and asked for him, just 40 miles
from Verona.


Movies like “Braveheart” and “Legends of the Fall” are
on a growing list of movies inspirational to some Christians that encourage
them to throw out the “nice guy” act and emulate warriors. John Eldrige
inspired the movement…with his book “Wild at Heart” which  has already sold 1.5 million copies . Eldrige
believes that many Christian men have become bored really nice guys and invites
them to newly discover passion by thinking of life as a battle to win and a
mission to accomplish, including somebody (such as their wife) to rescue. He
says the modern era has brought up immense conveniences but at what price? The
human heart is desperate for more than a quicker serving of popcorn. “Eldrige
calls on men to be prepared to take risks and re-discover their dreams,  but does not provide a specific route to
find. Career, marriage, and family become heroic quests  rather than chains that bind. He focuses on
how men can become less passive  and
engage those around them particularly 
their wives and children. The …who sits in front of the television is
unengaged..they need to be engaged whether it is playing on the floor with
their  1 year old or tougher games with
their fifteen year old. Eldridge has said he has been astounded by the response
to his book, steadily gathering since it was published by Nelsons in 2001. Men
have been  going to retreats even tribes
on the Amazon River, he said. One of these believers in “Wild at Heart”
___________ says it does remind you that we are in a battle every day, it might
be boredom and routine, but ..the moral of the story is that God has written a
story and we have to find  what the story
is and live it , Chase says. He says the book inspired him to teach his 15 year
old to ride a motorcycle. Eldridge was a trained counselor for fifteen years
with Focus on the Family,  and says we
are currently living in a fatherless age, with many men having abandoned their
children,  if not physically then
emotionally.  One father was an alcoholic
who after_____ years…became increasingly distant Chase had lost his father..who
he  described as very cold just months
before he attended the retreat…and makes the analogy of father figure to God
figure. Some women have welcome receiving more attention from their husband
than flowers. The movement has stirred controversy and criticism from some
Christian leaders who fear he may just be reinforcing stereotypes. While some
women have welcomed….[it] they are concerned about the long-term impact on
marriages…A professor at Fuller Seminary said that needing a “princess to
rescue has set back marriage and family relationships in the church by 30
years..sanctifying the mythological 1950 view of manhood says Chapman
Clark,  associate professor of family and
marriage at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.. says “It is destructive to marriages
in the long run, “ Clark said, that “Treating women as a figurine rather than
the personal image of God will hurt relationships over time.” Clark says
Eldridge had “tapped into an angst  among
middle-aged white men who are 
dissatisfied with their lives and for whom depression had become a very
serious problem. “ Eldridge acknowledges the success of it will be judged by
the impact it has on family lives…and whether Wild At Heart makes life better
for children and/or women. When I receive letters from women who are immensely
grateful [I am happy].


The Alfalfa Club is named after the plant which has
roots that will go anywhere for a drink—and Bush spoke at their club a day
after the inauguration.


Donald Trump gets married again for the third time his
first two wives included Ivana Trump and Marla Maples, —in Palm Beach FL…
guests included Katy Couric and Barbara Walters. [ Stop at #21] now he married
Melania Kanuss, also guests Star Jones and Billy Joel & Tony Bennet and Rudy
Guilianna.   And Matt Louer. Married at
the Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the Sea. She’s 34 , he’s 58. She’s from


The Green party in Austria is angry at Governor
Schwwaarzenaager for allowing a death penalty conviction to proceed. Arnold was
born in 1947 in the Village of Thal, just outside Graz. He still has Austrian
citizenship. They’re saying he should be stripped of his citizenship because of
it. A 40 year old mother in the Denver area had a party and supplied teenagers
with alcohol and methemphetamines and marijuana and  had sex with five of the boys—her name is
Sylvia Johnson. She said she wanted to be a “kool mom.”


Non-alcoholic beer can reduce the risk of cancer.
Scientists say it helps protect liver, lungs, and kidney against DNA damage. A
Japan University gave mice NA beer once a day and found it reduced cancer  by 85 %. 
It is thought that a compound in the beer blocks  harmful chemicals and  protects liver, lungs, and kidney from DNA


Evander Holyfield visits Sri Lanka and India to assess
the tsunami damage. Hector “macho” Camacho was released from jail in Gulfport ,
Mississippi after being charged with burglary of a Gulfport computer shop. Also
charged with drug possession after officers said they found him with ten ecstasy
pills. Camacho 70-5-2 with…he had been scheduled for a middleweight fight on
Jan. 21. He lost to DeLa Hoya in1997; Chris McCarron is retiring from his job
in administration at Santa Anita race track—moving to Kentucky to start a
jockey school. Russel Baze moved into a tie with Billy Shoemaker for second on
the all time victory list with  8330


Johnny Carson passes away age 79, due to complications
from emphysema. Letterman says a night doesn’t go by that he doesn’t ask
himself “What would Johnny do?” A former amateur magician and ventriloquist,
Carson started his career in Lincoln Nebraska 
in 1948 after a stint in the Navy during World War II. He was a writer
for the Variety series , “The Red Skelton Show” 
and hosted his first TV show “Carson’s Cellar” in 1951. He also hosted
the early ABC game show ‘Who can You Trust?” where he appeared with McMahon for
the first time in 1958.  He replaced Jack
Paar as the host of the Tonight Show in Oct 1962. Paar died only last January,
2004.  Steve Allen died in October 2000.
He was the first host of the Tonight Show. No Memorial Service—very private off
stage. He even refused to appear on NBC’s 75th anniversary show. Carson was
born in Corning Iowa in 1925. His family 
then moved to Norfolk NB. As he moved into the nascent [i.e. promising]
world of television at an Omaha station.


The federal court in Pittsburgh which the federal
government has been trying to implement—federal 
judge declared that the government’s anti-obscenity laws were
unconstitutional The Michigan elementary school teacher who hacked her husband
to death with a hatchet was sentenced Monday to life in prison without
possibility of parole.


January 27, 2005


Man parked his train on train tracks in Glendale—wanted
to kill himself, , changed his mind just moments before the train hit and
jumped out.. Manuel Alvarez of Compton, age 25, his Jeep Grand Cherokee, also
stabbed himself  and slashed his wrists.
Alvarez’ sister told TV interviewer that he had separated from his wife … then
the wife got a court order to keep him away from her and the children…he wanted
to see his wife and son… he was having problems with drugs she said and was
violent… he went around as if he wanted to kill himself.., she said to him if
you’re going to kill yourself  kill
yourself far away,  don’t come by here
telling that to my sister [ his wife] 
she said he had also threatened 
suicide in front of his son [ you see the problem, in part, there—they
further ostracize him in his grief,,.. making him all the more despondent..
taking away his manhood. ] They don’t have sympathy for his grief and despair..
the treat him like a lunatic, making him all the more  dejected… [creating a killer]  … at the same time if you indulge his  behavior too much you allow him to manipulate
you.. is there a happy middle? Yes.


This was the worst train derailment since March,
1999…in this particular case the accident was compounded by the fact that the
locomotive was pushing the train, not pulling , they said that if it had been
pulling the train it might have simply pushed the car off the track.. but as it
was—there was an accordion effect, increasing the damage to the middle cars.


Architect Philip Johnson died at age 98. HE did
participate in the Crystal Cathedral drafting. He also was known for the Glass
House—the centerpiece of his bachelor pad enclave in Connecticut. He also was
involved  with the Seagram building in
New  York. He did the west wing of the
Museum of Modern Art..and the library at New York University… and the
distinctive stacked lipstick ovals in New York.


Larry Green, a 29 year old man , was hit by ac car and
declared dead ..already in the morgue when an inspector came by and found him
barely breathing. JP Perdue, the medical inspector who found him  still alive…/ , several medical employees
were suspended pending an investigation.


A seven year old gal was found stabbed to death at a
Catholic school 50 miles north of New York City—no suspects they say( one day
later however they say , in fact, the gal was found in the men’s restroom and
the father was arrested). Jerrica Rhodes was the daughter of Chris Rhodes, the
son of a former police chief. A long article about detainee interrogations and
how they used women to interrogate Muslim prisoners using sexual tactics—some of
them highly offensive to Muslim norms. Scientists have discovered that hydrogen
fuels microbes at Yellowstone, not sulfur.


Michael Ross, the Connecticut serial killer–, was due
to be executed last night—but the execution as postponed at the last moment—he’s
an Ivy League graduate. Estes Park Town Trustee David Habecker is being
challenged to a recall election because he refuses to stand for the Pledge of
Allegiance and say the words “under God.” Those allegedly missing computer
discs at the Los Alamos Nuclear Plant computer lab—they now say never actually
existed. Methamphetamines become a bigger problem—across the USA—can quickly
make it with cold medicine and battery acid and a few other ingredients.


January 30, 2005


Angeline Jolie is am ambassador for the United nations
High Commission of Refugees, a Good Will ambassador, she says she would just as
soon do her ambassador work full time but realizes she needs to keep making
movies for the publicity and money… . 
Stem cells taken from human embryos were coaxed into becoming motor
neurons in an experiment that might one day help scientists to repair damaged
nervous systems…researchers say they can train embryonic cells to develop on
demand into any type of tissue in the body.. 
SBC one of the baby bells created with the break up of Ma Bell is now
buying AT&T the original ma bell


January 31, 2005


 Phytocerols in
potato chips—supposed to block the cholesterol. Usually the owner/founder
maintains control, but just recently 
they said that the founders of Habitat for Humanity had actually been
kicked off the board of directors and was no longer part of the Habitat (not
even in an honorary way Ward Churchill, 
a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder has compared the
victims of the World Trade Center attack to Nazis  and the attackers as good… it’s mentioned
because he was scheduled to make a speech at a college on the east coast but
there were death threats and it had to be cancelled.. subsequently  he has resigned as the department chairman..
but his colleagues defend his right to free speech…  and have no plans to fire him altogether.. …


February 1, 2005


James Pitino—one of the casualties from the train wreck
in Glendale and  a sheriff’s deputy was
mourned at a funeral by 1500 people, including letters and calls from prisoners
where he was a guard. Circus employee was trampled to death by an elephant
after falling down inside the truck/pen.


February 2, 2005


they’re doing a “Minuteman Project” in Arizona around
Tumbleweed along the border they are going to set up their own citizen
patrol,  ….Chris Simcox is the founder of
Civil Homeland Defense which runs its own 
border patrol with 417 people from 41 states had volunteered to take up
positions between two Arizona towns, one of them Douglas…the rally is planned
for April 1…when organizers expect 2000 people to park their cars along the
border.. stared by James Gilchrest of Aliso Viejo, CA, a retired
accountant…,they had a meeting at the Crenshaw Christian Center…one of the
largest L.A. Churches…of ministers who backed the Bush  re-election with an emphasis on the anti-gay
agenda.. Bishop Frank L. Stewart, Pastor of the Zoe Christian Church .. of L.A.
said he is a life long democrat but backed Bush because of moral issues.


The Nixon Library is now eligible for federal funds… a
young woman who had a friend call in a bomb threat to the Philadelphia Airport
in order to avoid missing a flight to London 
was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison..Ceylan age 19  and her friend Ilays Savas was also ordered
to reimburse American Airlines 9000 dollars 
to and to pay 100 dollars to each of the 17 people aboard the delayed
flight…the two were arrested in June when they tried to redeem the unused


The King-Drew Medical Center in South Los Angeles is
losing its accreditation…the commission found incompetent staff, inconsistent
patient care, incomplete medical charts, 
and other problems.


February 3, 2005


Max Schmelling died 
at age 99 .. he was the German who fought Joe Louis back in 1932 or
thereabouts and was knocked out in the first round,  but the fight was billed as white v.  black and was intertwined with the Nazi
notion of superiority, so it was a big blow to them… he apparently had a decent
boxing career apart from the Joe Louis defeat—going about 50 wins out of 70


Ossie Davis died. Alan Alda says he was his hero
article about Somalia. difficulty of doing tsunami relief  there because Somali has no central
government ever since the dictator was assassinated in 1991.. only recently
have all the factions and outlaws agreed on people to lead, but the leaders
don’t even dare live in their own country—they live in Kenya. Delivering aid
there is dangerous On Jan. 9 one of the aid volunteers was shot and killed by
bandits.  Sec of State Kevin Shelley
stepping down amid allegations of improprieties…he was a democrat.


February 4, 2005


Afghanistan airplane goes down in Afghanistan killing
around 100. As many as 6 of the passengers may have been Americans. Dr. Richard
Olney  a top neurologist who dedicated
his career to fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease suddenly became afflicted by it
himself. Idaho’s most famous outlaw, Claude Dallas, is scheduled to be released
from prison after 24 years for killing two game warden officers  who had come to his “campout” and found him
with bobcat hides in one of his tents—thereafter a gunfight ensued with Dallas
taking both of them down, and then putting a bullet into the head of each for
good measure.


They made it sound as if,  however, the game wardens, had tracked him
down looking for a fight and that he, Dallas, did not believe he was actually
poaching. A political associate of the Georgia prime minister found dead two
days ago commit suicide today. Ossie Davis died—he was a black man who was in
some of the Spike Lee films, including “Do the Right Thing”, but prior to that
he was involved in many many films dating back to the 60’s… he was also a guest
actor in Showtime’s “The L Word” series—so he was a radical liberal.  He also wrote Purie Victorious in 1961 which
lampoons racial stereotypes .


Alan Alda who 
appeared in the film version of Purie Victorious said Ossie was his
hero. Ossie delivered a eulogy for Malcolm X in 1965 and then he repeated it
for Spike Lee’s film, “Malcolm X”. He directed a film  called “Cotton Comes to Harlem.” He also did
“The Cardinal” in 1963, and “The Client “ in 1994, and “I’m not Rappaport” in
1936.  He also appeared in “12 Angry Men”
in 1997.


Burt Reynolds an aging actor also has high praise for
Ossie Davis saying “ NO man comes close to representing the man I want to be
“(apart from his late father he says). He goes on to say , “I know he’s sitting
next to God and I know God envies that voice.” He spent four years in the war
as a surgical technician in an army hospital in Liberia


NHL Hockey Star Dany 
Heatley thanked the family of Dan Snyder, his teammate, who was killed
in a car accident when Dany Heatley crashed his Ferrari into a wall, forsaking
the judge to keep him out of jail. He could have gotten up to 20 years in
prison. He got three years probation. No driving except under certain
circumstances and the car must be  six
cylinders or less and will be rigged to ensure it cannot go faster than 70 mph.
He also has to make 150 speeches about the dangers of speeding.


Attorney Dressbold says 
that a man given a ticket in Pennsylvania for following too close behind
another car was also given a citation for a incorrect hand signal—when he
actually apparently flipped the police officer off—(i.e. stuck his middle
finger up at him). The attorney says “either way its an abuse of his
constitutional rights” and that it is “lawful under the constitution to give
the middle finger” The trooper , Nassan, says the driver, Corey,  gave him a gesture indicating he was changing
lanes, making it an improper lane change signal. The trooper acknowledges Corey
has the right to give him the finger under some circumstances unless it is in
plain view of the motoring public.


Home of the Pixley national Wildlife Refuge. Every year
before the Superbowl apparently they have a festival of “wings and breasts”—not
chicken breasts—human female breasts in the stadium along with a chicken
wing-eating contest—scantily clad gals entertain the crowd while contestants
try to eat the most chicken wings in a specified period of time. This year
there were 23, 000 spectators. This is the 13th annual event.


In Texas a woman caused her husband’s death by giving
him a “Sherry enema”—because he couldn’t drink due to a sore throat she poured
two 1.5 liter bottles of Sherry in his butt. HE was an alcoholic and apparently
craved it—but it was too much to handle. Male model in San Francisco posed
for  Tasters Choice/Nestle and got a
nominal payment for it but didn’t think they actually used his picture…until
one day he comes across a bottle of Tasters Choice in the Supermarket and finds
his face on it… the court awarded him  16
million dollars.


Yogi Berra is suing TBS for their advertisements which
I include his name for the series “Sex and the City” saying it casts him in a
false light and damages his reputation and offends his personal sensibilities.
His attorney says he is religious,  and
has children and grandchildren. 
Prostitution was  legalized in
Germany in 2001.

[That’s a really bad sign I think—in terms of morale
and morality—when the country legalizes something immoral.  It’s a sign of depression. ]Their  unemployment rate is also going to be as high
as it has been since the re-unification of west and East Germany in ’91.


Rotterdam Independent Film Festival is one of the
premier showcase places for independent films.


Prime Minister Thaksin 
of Thailand got his college degree at Sam Houston University in Texas,
and has presided  over Thailand during a
time of enormous economic growth, but critics are worried he is going to become
too autocratic and dictatorial with a tendency to violate human rights, noting
the deaths of numerous drug dealers..and also some of the Muslim insurgents…and
say that the tsunami has actually helped his popularity in the way that he has
dealt with it—perhaps saving him for the upcoming election… he has refused
international aid and started the motto “Thais love Thais” which has increased


Sports: The Skins Game is in Hawaii this year—and this
will be the first time that Craig Stadler plays in it—alongside Tom Watson,
Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, ; Arnold Palmer just got married—doesn’t say if
it’s re-marriage or not, and Nicholas just had back surgery in November.

Around 190 person have been kidnapped in Iraq in the
last year the latest being the Italian Journalist kidnapped near Baghdad
University. the president of Togo, a small African country, died today.


February 6, 2005


Couple wanted for Child torture in Florida have been
arrested in Utah. Alice Resnick, a state supreme court justice in Ohio, was
arrested for drunk driving. “My golly I decide all these cases in your favor
and look what you are doing to me” she said to the trooper. Her blood alcohol
content was twice the legal limit


February 7, 2005


Screen writer or alleged screen writer for Devils’
Advocate, Jonathon Lempkin, age 43… got lost hiking around Mt. Baldy along with
a friend Clay Senechal… Senechal is the son of Potts who starred in Designing
Women and who played bo peep in Toy Story 2..also his father is Scott Senechall
a director.


February 8, 2005


IN Affluent Glen Ridge New Jersey a soldier was
involved in shooting at his ex-wife (injuring her) as well as a man that was
with her and then killing himself.. He was involved in a case back in 1989 in
which a group of popular kids raped a mentally retarded girl with a broom and
baseball bat.


Corchoran  the
son of a police lieutenant was one of several involved but was acquitted or not
charged …three other boys were sentence to jail…in ’97 Corchoran won a $200,000
settlement… in a federal civil rights lawsuit that charged Essex County with
malicious prosecution…Corchoran was in Afghanistan for a year.


13 year old Devin Brown was shot and killed by police after
he stole a car and backed into the police vehicle.. 9 year veteran age 31 fired
the  shots and six year veteran  age 26 was also involved.


Britain’s Ellen Macarthur became the world’s fastest
person to sail solo around the world.. 71 days 14 hours.  Israeli born officer says China will take over
the U.S. economically by 2025… author’s name is Oded Shenkar… book
entitled  The Chinese Century  and he is a professor at Ohio State
Univ.  A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own
testicles to celebrate Wales beating England in rugby… age 26 was so convinced
that England would win Saturday’s match 
Geoff Hush  told fellow drinkers
at a club that he would cut off his testicles if Wales wins… he is hospitalized
in serious condition    they discovered a
new species of monkey in Brazil.. highest bidder gets the honor of naming it…
carbon increasing on all planets.


Notre Dame upsets Boston College in Top 25 basketball.
.  man found with rusty nail in
neck…stalker arrested for swimming across Miami Beach Bay and laying spread
eagle naked on the beach near her house… a four year old in Sand Lake Michigan
drove his mom’s car to a video store he would jump down hit the gas and then
jump back up to see where he was going..… at 2:00 in the morning and made it
there without incident but hit two cars and then a patrol car on the way back.
Refugee camps in Sudan.


Man who video tapes prostitutes for public awareness is
arrested for allegedly paying the prostitutes to do their sexual acts in front
of the camera.


Hakeem Olajuwon, former Houston Rockets star, is under
investigation for contributions his mosque made to various terrorist related
organizations…researchers are now saying it may be possible to predict some
tsunamis by watching the coastline .. a phenomena called subsidence before a
quake..as the oceanic plate dives under the continental plate it pulls the
continental plate down slowly and eventually so much so that it  snaps.. there seems to be a bending before it
snaps… so that the shoreline/tide levels decrease slightly—by watching for
slight decreases (which can also be determined by the life of microorganisms
along the shoreline) it may be able to predict future tsunamis but without any
way of saying exactly when.. but not all earthquakes move up and down  for example the San Andreas fault moves


They are less concerned about this happening on the
southwest coast than the Cascadia subduction Zone which stretches from North
California to British Columbia, and also mentioned  parts of the Northeast coast.


The moose population in West Wyoming has become lower
than normal.. now about at 2700 some studies suggest malnutrition and
starvation , others say it was due to grizzly bears , 8% caused by car crashes,
wolves 2%, …North Korea acknowledges for the first time it has nuclear
weapons.. young gals and women are being sexually abused in Congo… new U.N
resolution makes it unlawful for them to have sex with the Congonese
women…Zimbabwe arrest man for competing as a woman athlete.. boy  stunned by police officers in Chicago with a
stun gun experienced cardiac arrest and has still not regained full
consciousness… the problem of actor missionaries.


February 10, 2005


Story about “John of God “ in remote Brazilian village
Abediania who calls himself a healer and has an avid faithful following of
people coming to him for healing .. some say 
he is successful… actor Corey Feldman has been subpoenaed to appear in
the Michael Jackson trial.


Now researchers are saying that even so-called
“healthy” juices are not much better for children (or adults) than sodas—the
juices being simply sugary water, not much different than soda…better off
drinking milk… a newborn boy was tossed out the car window with umbilical cord
still attached found on the grass less than an hour old ..serious condition in
hospital. Found in plastic bag.. in Fort Lauderdale


Minny Mandela, Nelson’s wife… was convicted of fraud in
2003.. bank loan scam.. sentenced to 3 ½ years of prison in ’91 convicted of
kidnapping a 14 year old Soweto 
activist… later found dead… she was 
sentenced to 6 years in prison which was reduced to a fine on appeal…
[Nelson’s son died of aids] … There’s fighting on the island of Jolo in the
Philippines…  30 soldiers and 60 rebels
have been killed since…Monday.


Tsunami/earthquake was 
9.0 on Richter scale and largest to rattle the earth since the 1968
Alaska quake..disrupted  the planets
rotation and shaved 2.8 microseconds.. from the length of a day…shifted the
earth’s north pole by 1 inch and made the earth slightly less  oblate , or flattened at the poles.. [this is
based on calculations rather than measurements].


Mangroves..and coral reef was destroyed by the
tsunami…. Leprosy in Tanzania—trying to create awareness that it is potentially
curable in some cases…or at least not as hopeless as once thought or commonly
believed…a couple from Michigan  who
brought medicine to a convent in Cuba were fined $5000 by a federal judge for
traveling to Cuba without a license…they should have applied  for a license to visit Cuba for humanitarian
reasons…which are issued by the OFCA.. for various reasons.


THE ABA reports that negligent or unprepared
lawyers  are leading to faulty
convictions…and more serious punishment than should be given.. lack of training
for lawyers for the indigent most states pay more for prosecutors than for
public defenders.


California allocates defense counsel $60.90  for every $100 prosecution receives…some
defense attorneys even negotiated plea agreements the first day they meet their
client.. reports of incidents of 
indigent clients languishing in jail for months…the study says that the
representation of indigents is in a state of crisis… the ABA committee wants
Congress.. and local governments to spend more money.. against shoddy legal
representation… an ABA meeting right now in Salt Lake City that runs through
Tuesday.. has not put this issue on its agenda..an Ohio State University
Professor by the name of Doug Bermin was interviewed by AP news in regards to
the ABA report…


February 11, 2005


Arthur Miller died. Christo & Jeanne Claude are
setting up an art exhibit in Central Park that cost them 20 million dollars to
create and display—called “The Gates” It will unfurl  Saturday…they’ve been working on it for a few
decades…Karl Malone has decided to retire—he considered playing another year
for the Lakers and also talked with the Spurs but finally said he would call it
quits altogether, finally—leaving the game as the 2nd highest scorer in NBA
history –his only regret not ever having won a championship ring, losing twice
in the finals with the Jazz to the Bulls and M. Jordan, and last year losing to
the Pistons with the Lakers.


Doctors say eating Thai Curry can help protect against
cancer.. ginger root called galangal used to flavor the dishes appears to kill
cancer cells..and the researchers at King’s College in London also believe it
can also protect healthy cells…Galangal has already been used as a treatment
for stomach cancer..and has also been used as an aphrodisiac…


74 year old American nun was shot to death in
Brazilia’s Amazon Rain Forest … she worked for decades to defend human rights..
Dorothy Stang..was shot in the state of Para.

 More about the
“Gates” exhibit in Central Park there are 7500 Gates along 23 miles of pathways
in Central Park.


Remember the lady who sued the two girls for delivering
her cookies… now she, Renee Young,  and
her husband, Herb,  have gone on Good
Morning America and told their side of the story—saying the two gals had to
scale two fences and crawl under a third to get to her door and then they
banged on the door so hard she was sure that somebody was trying to break in.
The two gals, Taylors Ostergaard and the other Linsey Zellitti, now 19 years
old…the girls on Good Morning America said they offered to pay them the money
without going to court but Renee & Herb say that is not true. The girls
have gotten all kinds of contributions because of this.. and a cookie company
has named a cookie the “Kindness Cookie” in regards to it. Ray Kurzweil,
professor & scientist, thinks he can live forever..and plans to do so.


A Tennessee community’s image of a teacher is shattered
after finding out that this female teacher, Pamela Turner, a physical education
teacher, a former college basketball player and blonde with “movie star looks”
—trying to reconcile the wholesome image with charges that she sexually
assaulted one of her male students, a 13 year old boy. “She’s absolutely
gorgeous” Warren County Sheriff Jackie Mathanie said…” I hate it for everyone”
She was charged with 13 counts of battery 
by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape for allegedly
having sex with the boy at his home and school . Turner lived with the boy and
his family for a brief time after her marriage to a high school basketball
coach ended. School superintendent Hale said Turner was adamant in her defense
… ‘basically said she wasn’t guilty. She was shocked that she had been


Kansas State University Education professor Bob Shoop
who has testified in 40 court cases 
involving sexual abuse in schools says people are always surprised when
a woman is involved  in such cases
because they assume boys are sexually aggressive and cannot be the victim. The
reality is a child is a child regardless of the gender, Shoop said. It’s
immoral, illegal, and unethical, for any educator to have sex with any student.


The case is reminiscent of the one involving Mary Kay
Letourneau, an elementary school teacher who had  sex 
with a 12 year old student  in suburban
Seattle. Letorneau eventually gave birth to two of the boy’s babies. She spent
seven years in prison.


Senator Larry Mumper is a former high school teacher
now a Republican Senator from Ohio (?)…is trying to get a bill passed that
would prevent public & private school professors from presenting opinion as
fact and for penalizing students for expressing their viewpoints in an attempt
to stop the liberal agenda in academia. Similar legislation failed in
California and Colorado last year. The California Bill that would effect only
public schools has been re-introduced.


February 13, 2005


Red Roses are banned in Saudi Arabia due to Muslim
religious rules.  Neo-nazis marched on
the 60th anniversary of the Allied bombing in Dresden, marring an otherwise
usually bright moment in history for Dresden to re-live. Dresden is known in
Germany as the “Florence of the North” and was untouched by WWII battles until
Feb 13, 1945  only a few months before
the war ended when it was bombed by British and American planes.


The neo-Nazi march was scheduled by the German’s
National Democratic Party (NDP) and Udo Voight one of the leaders of the rally
expressed great admiration for Adolf Hitler. The leader of the Christian Party
in Iraq was abducted. Lucia de Jesus de Santos 
(Sister Lucia Martos) was one of the three children who saw the vision
of  the 
Fatima  Virgin in 1916 died. She
was born in Aljustral, Portugal. Her two siblings, Jasunta and Francisco, died
shortly after the vision around 1920, both of them were beatified by the pope.


One of Lucia’s last visitors was Mel Gibson who brought
her a copy of his dvd in July, 2004. She says the main theme of the visions was
the struggle of Atheistic communism against Christianity. A fire in Madrid,
Spain destroys a sky scraper.


February 14, 2005


Michael Jackson is lining up defense witnesses which
include Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jay Leno. Have to wonder about the
wisdom of putting Kobe Bryant as a character witness for Michael Jackson.
Prince Charles is getting re-married.. The initials HRH mean “Her Royal
Highness” and it is a coveted title says AP News concerning the upcoming
marriage of Prince Charles to Camila Bowes who will become the Royal Duchess
rather than a , and it was “HRH’ that was taken away from Lady Di when she and
Charles got divorced.  Michael Jackson
comes down with severe flu on the way to court—goes to hospital for help—is
in stable condition… delays jury selection process. Cup of coffee per day may
be good for you they say now…. Can help prevent liver cancer


February 15, 2005


100’s mourn the death of Devin Brown—the teenage boy
show stole a car and was shot to death after a chase.. subsequently the LAPD is
revising their shooting policies for moving vehicles. Baby 81 is re-united with
its parents in Sri Lanka—after the baby was swept away from the mother’s arms
in the tsunami… 8 couples claimed the baby was theirs—but DNA tests proved
whose it was…entering Vacaville at 124 a.m. .. Department of Interior Secretary
Gale Norton took a trip through Yellowstone to see how the snowmobiles affected
the environment  and seemed pleased that
they did not seem to have a negative effect on the wildlife.


The presumed myth of Romulus and Remus—the two babies
who lost their mother and were raised by wolves, breastfed by wolves… the
myth  is that these two babies founded
Rome in 1753 B.C. and Romulus and Remus were the twin sons of the god Mars, the
god of War.. recently they found archeology that uncovered more royal remnants
than previously realized.. the previous archeologists found only huts.. ..
______________ discovered traces of regal splendor… at least 8 passengers
departed from the Cruise Ship Voyager with broken bones after waves pounded the
cruise liner in the Mediterranean Sea near Menorca (which is not far from
Mallorca). .. pummeled by Force 11 gales and waves u p to 45 feet while on
route from Tunisia to Barcelona… Harnessing the energy of the waves is becoming
a new challenge for energy companies.


St. Patrick was first taken to Ireland as a teenager
when raiders kidnapped him from his Roman parents British home…and used him as
a slave… he escaped years later but returned later as a clergyman…religion has
him introducing Christianity to the pagan islanders and banishing
snakes…historians dismiss both claims saying there have never been any snakes
in Ireland and there’s evidence that other Christians had attempted to convert
the island previously. However, Patrick was an astute converter who
incorporated pagan imagery into Christian evangelism…celebrating Easter with
bonfires…and placing a sun at the center of the cross…to produce a Celtic
cross..Patrick tried hard for 40 years to make Christianity work… and truly
dominated Ireland by targeting Irish Gaelic aristocrats…


February 17, 2005


Shots fired on bus in Milwaukee, 1 dead. … Former prime
minister of Lebanon was laid to rest today after being assassinated a few days
ago..Giuliana Sgrena a 56 year old Italian journalist was kidnapped a week or
so ago and was now forced to appear on videotape to plea for her life. She was
a journalist for the Communist Daily II Manifesto. Two ships collide in the
foggy port of Hong Kong. At least 100 people injured


Woman who dressed up as a giant Hummer in New York is
suing the city for false arrest saying she had the right to speak and demonstrate
against the sale of giant SUV’s.

Panda bears are expanding their territory according to
a study of their feces found in new areas. New emphasis on frog safaris.


Story about a group in New York that started
specifically to clean up after death scenes—i.e. to clean up the guts, body
parts, brain splatter, etc. Journalists on the Mexican side of the U.S/Mexican
border are facing increased persecution by the drug lords.. three journalists
killed recently … University of Illinois is 26-0 ,#1.


Lance Armstrong declares he will race again in the Tour
de France … Russian Astronaut  Salizhan
Sharipov is too tall to fit into the seat of the spaceship Soyuz to return
home.. in order to fit he will have to squeeze into what they call a “penguin
suit” which will shorten him. Sharipov lost the natural curve in his spine
after four months with no gravity, making him taller.


Sella Field Nuclear plant cannot account for 66 pounds
of plutonium but they say it’s not necessarily an actual loss but a “paper
loss.” Italian researchers are urging over weight kids to drink more milk.
Calcium  increased the rate of fat
burning  and slows the growth of fat
cells. It flies in the face of the notion that 
diets should include less milk and cheese.. which actually is not helpful…
because it not only prevents the burning of fat but also you lose the benefit
of calcium intake.


Arlen Spector, senator, has Hodgkins Disease and will
under go Chemotherapy.Cyclone Olaf is causing damage in the Cook Island area.
Two Kenyan boys were attacked by some sort of tribal group and had their
penises cut off with the intent of making an anti-aid potion. A Kenyan doctor
reconstructed their penises  so they can
live without a catheter.


The largest Presbyterian branch of churches is
threatening to divest the money they have invested in Palestine/Israel if peace
does not  prevail. Hole in the skull of
King Tut sparking questions about whether he was murdered—they are now doing
Cat scans..to determine the significance of the hole-in-the-skull. King Tut was
found in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter…King Tut  ruled during a “troubled and confusing”
period of Egyptian history, shortly after the death of monotheist (?) Akhenaten
in 1362 B.C. who may have been King Tut’s father. Michael Jackson’s Neverland
Ranch is near Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher, had to appear
in court and answer more questions his involvement in the plot to
assassinate  the equatorial New Guinea
president (and he admitted purchasing a helicopter with a group of people)
—his wife and children are living in Texas.


Talking about the plaintiff in the Michael Jackson case
–defense attorneys are calling them “professional plaintiffs” and want the jury
to know about their involvement in lawsuits against J.C. Penny and Tower  Records in 2001.


The man who parked his SUV on the railroad track in
Glendale—initially it was thought to be a suicide attempt, but now prosecutors
point to the fact that he poured gasoline on the vehicle which would not be
necessary if the man simply wanted to die, himself. They say it indicates he
was trying to cause an explosion. Lindsay Lohan—the gal who  played the twins in the re-make of Parent
Trap (1998 version)—now is 18 years old—and is playing more controversial ,
risqué films.


February 18, 2005


U.S. is running ad in Pakistan on TV for the capture of
Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive, 25 million dollar bounty. Judge Ernest Murphy,
a superior court judge in Boston, sued reporter David Wedge of the Boston Herald
for misquoting him as saying “She should get over it” in a callous manner about
a 14-year-old rape victim.


Jury awarded 2.1 million for libel saying the paper and
reporter were wrong. The gorilla Koko in N. California.. two employees are
suing because they are saying the keeper who employed them wanted them to
expose their breasts for the gorilla in view of him saying he (the gorilla) has
a nipple fetish.


The tsunami uncovered an ancient town in India, covered
by sand near the coastal town of Maha Balapurum…another earthquake hits in
Indonesia at 6.9 on Richter scale in Sulawesi region.


California is one of eleven states allowing marijuana
for medical reasons. Mexico begins a new trial process, changing their system.
From secretive corrupt trial to oral trial similar to the U.S. system. Mother
of the Detroit Tiger pitcher who was kidnapped in Venezuela and held for 6
million dollar ransom was rescued by a law enforcement team , killing one of
the kidnappers in the process.


They raided the camp ..taking Urbina’s mom back. She
had been held for 5 months. Sr. Bush and Clinton  are in Thailand assessing the tsunami
disaster. USS Carter, a sea wolf class submarine is scheduled to be
commissioned tomorrow, Jimmy Carter was a submariner in his military years.


February 19, 2005


China is becoming more and more an economic power,
China is attempting to woo relationships with other countries away from rival
Taiwan, China has set a force of police to Haiti to help the country in the
first communist deployment in the western hemisphere, and they are especially
targeting the Caribbean, two countries in the Caribbean—Dominica & Granada
switched allegiance from Taiwan to China despite Taiwan’s “money diplomacy” and
the recent offer of 9 million dollars but China counter-offered 112 million
over  6 years.. …China still insists that
Taiwan is part of China. The two sides split in the Civil War in 1949  and Beijing has since refused to have ties
with  any government that recognizes
Taiwan. The Bahamas abandoned Taiwan in 1997. And it has added Antigua,
Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, and 
St. Lucia  as approved travel
destinations for Chinese tourists. China is the leading importer of Trinidadian
asphalt used for highways and airport runways.


Only four countries maintain relationships with  Taiwan—Dominican Republic, Haiti, St. Kits,
St. Vincent (Grenadines), but China has economic missions in the Dominican
Republic and Haiti.  When China became
communist in 1949, the U.S. supported Taiwan, the island where the former
Chinese government had taken refuge. U.S troops fought Chinese soldiers in the
1950-53 Korean War. In 1979  the U.N.
gave Beijing the China seat and Taiwan was expelled. In 1979 the U.S.
Recognized China’s legitimacy. IN 2001 
China entered the World Trade Organization and trade  is up 33% since 2003.


 The Father of
Lindsay Lohan who I just mentioned a few days ago as the star of the Parent
Trap (re-make of 1998) was arrested for driving under the influence in New York
and apparently has had several scrapes with the law over the past few years.


 George Bush Jr.
admits to having tried marijuana. In audio tapes before his initial run for the
presidency, in conversation with a friend he says “ I would never answer
question to the press like Al Gore did [about smoking marijuana] because I
would not want some little  kid doing
what I tried.” This conversation was with his friend Doug Wead, a former  aid to George Bush Sr.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice  Thomas Saylor could be fined up to $6000 for
trying to sneak a small pocketknife on to the airplane. He was initially told
during check-in that he could not carry the pocketknife on the plane and that
it must be put with stowed luggage. He apparently then tried to hide the knife
inside a shoe and was caught with it  at
the Harrisburg Intl. Airport.  Bush Sr.
and Clinton are in Thailand assessing tsunami damage and both of them
reportedly almost came to tears because of what they observed and their
interactions with some of the children who lost their parents, especially
around Ban Nam Khem, where an estimated 1500-2000 people, more than a third of
the village,  lost their lives.  I thought Thailand had refused any foreign
aid. They also observed the ruins in Khao Lak.


An Egyptian Doctor removed the second head of a 10
month old girl suffering from 
Craniopagus Parasiticus one of the rarest birth defects, the parasitic
head had been capable of smiling and blinking, but not independent life.
Correction about the Kenyan boys who had their penises cut off—it was not a
Kenyan doctor who did the surgery it was a doctor from Spain. Sports: Illinois
continues their unbeaten streak with a win over Iowa. Former baseball player
Canseco owes $32, 000 in back taxes to the state of Massachusetts but his attorney
says that it is a clerical error and that these taxes were deducted from his
payroll when he was playing baseball, but that the baseball clubs have not sent
the affidavits to the state. Iowa State upsets #2 Kansas in men’s basketball.
Iowa State started the season 0-5.


The Lakers are 26-24 this year and Shaquille O’Neal
says their record speaks for itself. Teacher at Fenway High School in Boston—an
immigrant from the Ivory Coast is being deported in a few weeks but parents,
students, teachers, and administrators are fighting to keep him here. He missed
an immigration hearing scheduled for June 7, 2001, saying he thought it was on
July 7, 2001 and because he missed the scheduled hearing he was ordered
deported, in absentia. He spent a few months in prison later.. and then was
ordered deported. He says that if he goes back to Ivory Coast he could end up
in prison or killed. He has been given three extra weeks to find a country to
go to that is safe for him.  His name is
Attouman, Obain.


 Spotlight Story

“Do Red-Light Traffic Cameras Help?”

      Are Cameras
at Traffic Signals the Answer to     
Dangerous Intersections, or Part of the Problem?”


As red-light traffic cameras spring up at intersections
across the country, critics are raising questions about whether the devices
actually deter red-light running, or are just a way for local authorities to
make a quick buck. The cameras snap pictures of vehicles that run red lights.
The violator then receives a summons in the mail for the infraction. There’s no
exact count of how many cameras are being used, but one recent study shows that
they are currently used in more than a dozen states and more than 70 cities
across the country. Proponents say the cameras make roads safer by deterring
red-light runners from breaking the rules, but detractors say dangerous
intersections are the result of engineering deficiencies and the cameras are
just a way to increase revenue on the backs of unsuspecting drivers. Do we Need
them? “Red Light cameras just reward cities for bad  engineering” said Eric Skrum, spokesman for
the National Motorists Association, a motorist advocacy group that has been
arguing against the use of red-light cameras nationwide. The group contends
that the best remedies for dangerous intersections are engineering improvements
like longer yellow lights and shielding signals to prevent glare and make the
lights more visible as the sun sets.

According to the group’s web site, the organization
believes that “with properly posted speed limits and properly installed
traffic-control devices there is no need for camera-based law traffic law
enforcement devices.” The NMA  points to
studies of red-light cameras that show that while there is generally a decrease
in side-impact collisions, there is an increase in rear-end collisions as
drivers slam on their brakes to avoid running a red light. Robert Sinclair, a
spokesman for the Automobile Association of 
America’s New York offices, says the risks are too great not to have the
cameras in certain areas. “The nature of the collision that takes place when
someone runs a red light is a very dangerous one, the so-called ‘t-bone’ he
said is “the weakest part of the vehicle is its side. So someone runs a red
light and smashes into the side of a vehicle and lots of bad things can
happen.’ But Skrum argues that the cameras are not the only way to deal with
dangerous intersections.” Most drivers don’t want to run red lights” said
Skrum, ‘but due to engineering flaws at some intersections they sometimes have
no choice. Speed up or slow down? A number of studies have shown that by simply
increasing the length of “amber” or “yellow” lights dangerous intersections can
be made safe.

“By increasing the length of yellow lights,” Skrum
explained, “you can cut down on  the amount
of violations and accidents at an intersection. “It’s the moment for a  driver when he must make a choice. As a light
turns yellow he has to decide between speeding up to get through an
intersection and trying to stop in time to keep from running a red light.
Sinclair said that time of dilemma is shortened if a yellow light is too quick.
“It might actually encourage people to try and run the yellow” he said. “It’s
that go, no-go decision time we worry about.” Studies show that lengthening the
amber light gives  drivers more time to
make that choice and more time to brake. But in some cash-strapped communities,
shorter  yellow lights at intersections
equipped with red-light cameras means more tickets—and that means more money.
The AAA  supports the use of cameras, but
Sinclair agrees that their use needs to be monitored so drivers aren’t taken
advantage of. ‘We’ve seen ambers as as short as a second in those areas where
they might be  wanting to, lets say,
enhance revenue,”he said. There needs to be a national standard for the length
of amber lights.” A study released in January by the Texas Transportation
Institute concluded that extending a 
yellow light by 1.5 seconds would decrease red-light-running by at least
50 percent. The institute also found that cameras do have a positive impact:
that intersections equipped with the devices saw a 40- percent decrease in
violations on average. They also found that the cameras had a kind of ‘halo’
effect where nearby intersections also saw a drop in violations. Who is
profiting? The NMA says that towns and cities that want to  use red-light cameras disregard studies that
question the cameras effectiveness, instead turning to studies quoted by groups
like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which is supported by many of
the nation’s insurance providers. The insurance institute’s Web site shows that
it believes in the cameras and sees them as a powerful weapon against red-light
runners. Skrum argues that insurance companies have a vested interest in the
success of the cameras. “The insurance industry is going to profit from the
cameras” he said “because more cameras means more tickets being issued and then
they can raise the driver’s insurance rates. “


In addition , the companies that manufacture , install,
and maintain the cameras generally make their profit from a portion of the
ticket revenue the devices generate. Because of this, Skrum says, anything that
might cause a decrease in tickets generated by the cameras would mean a
decrease in profits for the camera manufacturers, the insurance companies and
local municipalities. “In  many instances
engineering is being ignored because it’s easier to put up a camera,” Skrum
said. “It’s more lucrative to put up a camera.” Motorists groups offers $10,000
challenge a “prove us wrong” type move—NMA is offering a cash prize for proof
that dangerous intersections can’t be improved through engineering.


IN certain parts of the country, NMA is offering to
bring in its own engineer to study any intersection equipped with a camera and
to make recommendations on how the intersection could be made safer through
improved engineering. The group says that if its recommendations are
implemented in place of the camera the intersection will see at least 50
percent decline in red-light violations. If not, a $10,000 donation will be
made toward a road safety or road improvement program of that community’s
choosing. “We’re putting out money where our mouth is,”  Skrum explained, ‘We’re saying if you address
the problem with an engineering solution, you won’t need a camera.” So far no
one has taken the challenge.


February 20, 2005


Teen Film Star Sandra Dee, age 62, died. She starred in
“The Gidget” and other popular films such as “Tammy and the Doctor.”  The Dollar couple was arrested in Salt Lake
City and brought back to Florida for trial on child abuse. They had adopted
several children and were seemingly okay, the social workers thought everything
was okay but then suddenly it was discovered that they had beaten and starved
their children and even pulled out their toe nails. Los Angeles has already
gotten 28.55 inches of precipitation since July 1, the 7th wettest year on
record, the record being 38.18 inches from July 1883 to the following June. If
L.A. gets 10 more inches of rain by the end of June it will beat the record.
Thai Sex czar Chuvit Kamolvisit  has been
elected to parliament, and that he has put massage parlors behind him, now in
real estate and living an honest life, he says. 
Send tsunami video to Jean Throckmorton on Country Club Dr. in
Burbank.  Hunter Thompson, eccentric
writer commit suicide in Aspen Colorado


February 21, 2005


Levels of mercury found to be extremely high in Salt
Lake (Salt Lake City UT). 6.4 earthquake hits Iran, killing maybe up to 400 or
more. The quake was centered in the city of Zarand , in the province of Kerman.
Winn Dixie has filed for bankruptcy protection. 
Los Angeles mayor election coming up soon— recent events may  have lessened his popularity, the shooting of
Devin Brown and the beating on the head of the black man (no charges filed
against the officer).


February 22, 2005


Man accused of plotting to kill George Bush Jr. in 2002
and 2003 was indicted by a grand jury today in Virginia . He’s from Falls
Church. His name is Ahmed Omar Abu Ali . Danger of so-called “bird flue”—they
say it could become a pandemic.  Lady in
vegetative state for several years, debate continues whether to take her off
the tube and let her die, or keep her alive but maybe brain dead (15 years on
feeding tube).


Husband wants her taken off. Family wants to sustain
her and contends she is alert even though she doesn’t show it. They want
husband to divorce her so that they can become the guardians. Stephen Dale
Barbee  was charged with capitol murder
on Tuesday after  confessing to the
slaying of his wife, Alise Underwood and son Jayden (it turns out that Alise or
Lisa Underwood was not his wife—she was his mistress—he was married to somebody
else who did not know about this relationship.


Lisa wanted Barbee’s wife to know….they argued about it
and he killed her—while doing so, son Jayden walked in and so he killed him
too). His wife owned a bagel shop (in Texas?). More rain—1 a.m Feb. 23.
European Space Probe has unveiled a sea of ice on the equator of Mars, and that
it lies just below the surface. Total of 33.09 inches of rain has fallen in
southern California since July 1, 2004. The record amount is 38.18 inches set
in 1883.


February 24, 2005


 Surveys suggest
Schwarzenager’s popularity is declining. In Pennsylvania a police trooper
killed himself after police searched his home for child pornography  paraphernalia,  Dairy Cows affected by rainy season—Chino
area—losing cows mud piles up so fast, cows refuse to lie down in muck and die
of exhaustion, and they cannot let the water run off because laws re. Manure
water,. The dairy farmers say they’ve lost at least 38 million in milk
production because of dead and sick cows.


One farmer says he’s lost at least $2000 per day.
Normally the region receives about 14 inches of rain in the winter, so far this
year it has already gotten 30 inches since October. He says “Cows give less
milk when they have to expend so much energy slogging through muddy water.
Gunman shot his wife and another man with a rifle before being killed by police
Hernandez Arroyo also wounded four people in the rampage in Tyler Texas,
including two police officers and his own son.


The Pope is back in the 
hospital. A City employee in Los Angeles opened fire with a  _ killing two fellow employees at a city
yard. The Michael Jackson case is ready to begin on Monday with opening
statements. Lute Olsen got his 304th Pac 10 win in men’s college basketball
with the Arizona Wildcats, tying John Wooden’s Pac 10 record.


Former Steeler Lynn Swann is considering a run for
governor for 2006. He was with the Steelers who won four Superbowls, from ’74
to ’82. He’s a Republican. Criticism of George Bush in Russia for not taking
his gloves off to shake hands with Putin /. Discovery of a skull of an animal
that looks  like a cross between a bear
and a pit bull in California’s San Joaquin Valley. United Nations predicts
there will be 9.1 billion people on planet earth by the year 2050. A  drunk prosecutor Monroe County Asst.
Prosecutor Edward Tasker, age 28, … streaked across a motel parking lot naked
and jumped into the car of a person he thought was a friend, but turned out to
be a woman waiting for her boyfriend. ..Key West Police arrested Tasker


February 25, 2005


Paralegal who worked for the attorney representing the
the mother of the Michael Jackson accuser…says the mother lied and told her son
to lie and she (the paralegal) will testify about it.  The court has allowed the husband of the
woman in a vegetative state to take the feeding tube out of her mouth so that
she can die, but the parents of the woman have been given three weeeks to


Wife of Hunter Thompson said he had mentioned suicide a
few times in the past few months. Operation Blue Book was supposed to
investigate UFO”s  in 1950-60 but they
say it never became a truly scientific inquiry—but they mention the fact that
some trained Air Force employees had even reported some unexplicable sightings.
Norwegian man caught a 320 poound 
Halibut—almost too big for his boat—he had to tow it in. Giant Panda
skeleton found in tomb in China-Wide.


Receiver Jerry Rice has been released from the Seattle
Seahawks—the Mississippi Valley State University grad played most of his career
with the 49ers,  and a few years with
Oakland  and will definitely be in the Hall
of Fame having broken and holding many of the reception records. South Carolina
Supreme Court has delayed its enforcement of Charm school for law school
graduation, or post-law school requirements.


Paris Hilton’s cell phone account got hacked ..a list
of celebrities, pictures of herself topless, and others stuff were plastered
all over the internet. An artist plans to tow an iceberg  to the city where they built the Titanic as a
tribute to the titanic. Hunter Thompson wants his ashes shot out of a cannon as
a final tribute to himself. Doctors in Thailand are trying to restore the
eyesight of a monk who mistakenly  used
superglue on his eyes, thinking it was eye drops. Both eyes are apparently
okay, but they have not yet separated the eyelids.


Authorities kill a tiger in Moorpark, near Simi Valley
(Reagan Presidential Library) , apparently somebody’s private pet got loose.
Woman in Alaska jealous about impending breakup with boyfriend or husband cut
off the man’s  penis and flushed it down
the toilet. They recovered the penis and re-attached it surgically. Sammy Sosa
has been traded from the Cubs to the Batlimore Orioles. Downtown Los Angeles
has had 27.37 inches of rain. Since December 1. beating the 24 inches recorded
in 1889-90.


They’ve found a person of interest in the BTK case.
Family of person having heart problems in the emergency room at the Hospital in
Santa Barbara might sue Michael Jackson and the hospital because when he came
in they put him (Jackson) in the larger room where the heart patient was and
moved the heart patient to another room where he subsequently had two more
heart attacks and died. Wife of Hunter Thompson says he talked about suicide
for a few months prior.


February 26, 2005


They have arrested somebody in Wichita Kansas who they
suspect to be the BTK killer.


February 27, 2005


The man arrested as the BTK Killer is Dennis Rader, a
cub scout leader, active in his Lutheran church , married with two children,
the municipal codes enforcer  supervisor
for the city, . Van Orden is suing to have the ten commandments monument from
the Texas Supreme Court state grounds . He is a former lawyer, now homeless
Vietnam veteran. They note that the U.S. Supreme Court has a display in their
marble lobby  of Moses holding a marble
carving of the ten commandments, but Van Orden 
rejects the comparison noting that the display also includes other
historical law givers such as Hammurabi, Confucius, and Muhammad, as  well as Napoleon and Cesar Augustus.


He said he would not have sued if the capitol bldg.
paid similar homage to other law givers/historical figures. He’s had his law
license suspended several times for issues ranging from taking  money for work he didn’t perform …[and other
things] he’s almost 60 years old. Gathering of governors from many of the
states to try to improve high school education, absent was Arnold and Jeb.
Benenson, founder of Amnesty Intl. Died 
at age 83,


Rosswell New Mexico –they found metal a few decades ago
that some insisted was from a UFO, but the govt insists it was from a hot air
balloon project they had participated in. It was a secret govt project known as
Mogul. Same  security as atomic bomb. For
surveillance. Jeff Kent—former S.F. Giant player , former team mate of Barry
Bonds, says all the hooplah about him and Bonds being enemies is exaggerated,
is now with the Dodgers. He was on the Giants when they played the Angels in
the world series. IRAQ or Syria captures Saddam Hussein’s half-brother, Sabawi
Ibrahim al-Husan.


February 28, 2005


Suicide bomber kills more than 100 and wounds  133 in an attack south of Baghdad. A
suicide  car bomber blew himself up
Monday in a crowd  at a police and
national guard recruit site south of Baghdad killing at least 106 and wounding
133, police and witnesses said. IT was one of the deadliest insurgent attacks
since President Bush declared the war over in May 2003. AP television news
footage showed large pools of blood outside the medical clinic, located on a
dusty street in Hilla, sixty miles south of Baghdad.


Scorchmarks infused 
covered the clinic walls and dozens of people helped to put body parts
in  blankets…soles of shoes and tattered
clothes were piled in a corner.  A
suicide car bomb hit a gathering of 
people who were applying to work in the security services. The incident
led to the death of a 106 people and 
injured 133 citizens,” Babil province police said in a statement
released to reporters. He added that several people were arrested about the
blast but did not elaborate. Iraqi security forces  have been regularly targeted by insurgents
who see them as collaborating with U.S. forces and want to undermine Iraq’s
American-backed government.


Dozens of bodies could be seen  lying on the ground after the blast and half
a dozen ambulances ferried casualties to  a nearby hospital, witnesses said.


The huge blast damaged 
nearby shops and  parked cars  and sent panicked people fleeing.  People were queuing up to get checked
medically in order to become policemen. 
A car came and exploded killing more than 50 people, more than what you
expect said ammar mosa  a wtiness told
EPTN. A second car exploded Monday at a police 
checkpoint in Musayyib, about 20 miles north of Hilla  killing at least 1 policeman and
wounding  several others, police said on
condition of anonymity.


The twin attacks came a day after Iraqi officials
announced that Syria had captured and handed over Sadam Hussein’s half-brother,
a most wanted leader in the Suni based insurgency, in the latest of a series of
arrests which the U.S/Iraq leaders hope will deal a crushing blow to violent
opposition forces .


The arrest of Sabawi 
Ibrahim al-husan ended months of Syrian denials  that it was harboring fugitives  of the ousted Saddam regime. Iraq authorities
said Damascus acted in a gesture of good will. Sabawai al husan   who shared a mother with Saddam, was nabbed
along with 29 other fugitive members of the former dictators Baath party in
Hasakaah, in northeaster Syria, 30 miles from the border, officials said Sunday
on condition of anonymity. U.S. military had no comment.


Syria is under 
intense pressure from the United States, United Nations, France &
Israel to drop its support for radical groups in the Middle East,  to stop harboring Iraqi fugitives and to
remove its troops from Lebanon. A week ago authorities grabbed a key associate
and the driver of Jordanian born terror leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi (who has
not been caught yet), a leader of Al-Quaeda in Iraq, and believed to be the
leader of the ongoing bombings, beheadings and attacks on Iraqi and American
forces. Iraqi officials said they expect to take al-Zarqawi soon. Iraqis broke
the news of al Husan’s capture.


“I hope all the terrorists will  be arrested soon and we can live in
peace”  said Sophia Sood,  a 54 year old Baghdad housewife. “Those
criminals deserve death for the crimes they committed against the Iraqi
people.” Iraqi officials did not specify when al-Husan was captured , only
saying he was detained after  the Feb 14
assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut Lebanon,
in a roadside bombing that killed 16 others.


Syria fell under suspicion in the killing  because of its military and political
domination of the country, where it maintains 15,000 troops. Hariri had quit
the premiership over Syria’s continued presence in Lebanon. Captain Ahmed
Ismael, an Iraqi intelligence officer said al-Husan was handed to the Iraqis


official said Syrian security expelled al Husan after he and supporters  had been turned back in an earlier attempt to
cross the Syrian border into Lebanon and Jordan. Al-Husan was #36 , the six of
diamonds, on the list of most wanted terrorists in Iraq, compiled by U.S.
Authorities after Saddam was toppled in April, 2003. Eleven of the deck of 55
remain at large.


The U.S. had offered 1 million for Al-Husan’s capture.
Iraq’s post-election Shiite Muslim  power
broker united alliance leader Abdel Aziz al-Hakim told AP that Husan’s arrest
signaled troubled times for  insurgency.
“those criminals are on the run and we will chase the rest of them . We will
work on arresting all the criminals, either those inside Iraq or those  in other neighboring countries so that they
can stand fair trial and be punished for the crimes  they have committed against the Iraqi
people”he said. AP reporter Salah Masrawi 
in Cairo contributed to this report.


March 1, 2005


New research  and
bran scan technology shows that some brain does originate in the brain, it’s
not imagined. Chronic back pain can even cause brain tissue to  shrink if it is prolonged. When people say
“pain is all in the head” some people think they mean it’s not real” says
Katherine Bushnell.


Researchers at ____________ University …through brain
imaging Bushnell has shown that something as simple as being distracted has a
real effect in decreasing the intensity of pain signals  in the brain. They had patients listen to
tones , while so their perception of pain diminished, and brain scans showed
the pain did lessen while they listened to the tones. She says this means that
having family around constantly asking how one is feeling can actually draw
more attention to the pain and enhance it. Emotions can either enhance or
decrease pain. Pleasant odors ease the sensation of pain while unpleasant
smells made the pain feel worse. Now they are looking for ways to target
pathways to the brain to stop some of the pain sensations.


A federal judge found two dead bodies in her home. U.S.
District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow found [what turned out to be, in fact, her
husband and mother, dead in her home] around 6 pm in the Chicago area. Another
kidnapped journalist pleads for help on a video tape. French journalist
Flourence Aubenas appeared on video tape begging for help. She went missing on
January 5, 2005.


Michigan State University is considering moving it’s
medical school to Grand Rapids. Ichiro Suzuki hit .429 from the All-Star Break
to the end of the season. Steve Fossett 
who sailed around the globe in a balloon two years ago  took off from a Kansas airfield on Monday
trying to circle the earth in a non-stop, non-refueled, one engine plane,  solo flight.


He hopes to touch back down in Kansas in three days, or
less. It would not be the first non-stop, non-refueled flight but would be the
first solo of that sort. Jeanna Yeager and Dick Rutan did so in  1986 but that took nine days. The fuel takes
up 83 percent of the aircrafts weight. University of Illinois is 28-0 and they
are two wins away from a perfect regular season.


The judge who was on the tribunal that was going to try
Saddam Hussein in court was assassinated outside his home. Judge Barwez
Mohammad Mahmoud, and his son, a lawyer, were both killed.


March 2, 2005


Clark, pastor of Christ Lutheran church in Kansas said
Dennis Radar, the alleged BTK killer, will continue to be a member of their
congregation and will remain on as president of the church council. Wow. Martha
Stewart is scheduled to be released from prison this week. 14 year old boy was
charged with shooting the bus driver in Tennessee. She had reported the boy a
day earlier for using smokeless tobacco on the bus.


The bus crashed into a utility pole Supreme Court
justice Anthony Kennedy suggested that for the court to tell the state that it
can not allow the Ten Commandments on state land would reflect on obsessive
concern with references to religion. They have not yet made a formal decision
yet. In The Van Orden Case,however,  the
homeless lawyer from Texas who wanted the 10 Commandments display removed from
the Texas Supreme Court lost his bid.


The name of of one of Michael Jackson’s attorneys is
David LeGrand. Kobe Bryant settled the civil case with accuser who is now
pregnant and married. The name of the Michael Jackson accuser is Gavin
Arvizo.The trial is in Santa Maria.


Sports: Illinois plays Purdue tomorrow and  play Ohio State on March 6  for their final two games . Mario Lemieux is
owner/player for Pittsburgh Penguins


March 3, 2005


Thermal vents near middle of Atlantic Ocean—discovered
new creatures by these vents. Near an area called the “Lost City”—black smokers
are chimney-like structures that form when very hot water from the earths
interior, up to 700 degrees fahrenheit breaks through into the ocean water
coming into contact with the frigid ocean water…minerals crystallize during the
process…and give the chimneys their black color.


They’ve discovered Tube Worms that can grow as long as
eight feet. Also tiny shrimp and crab, often translucent, and less than an inch
in size. Pilot Steve Fossett made a new world record by flying around the world
without refueling or landing, and doing it solo. He landed in Kansas. It took
him 67 hours to make the 23,000 mile flight. He survived on 12 milk shakes and
water. His main problems were headaches and lack of sleep. He used bottles for
a bathroom. He also set a ballooning record in 2002, has swum the English
Channel, taken part in an Iditarod Sled Dog race, and driven in the 24 hours of
LeMans auto race.


Umbilical cord blood apparently has high healing
powers—but is expensive to keep in a blood bank. Research suggests that those
who perform last in a contest will get better scores. Bruine de Bruin from
Netherlands conducted the research. They are going to sink the USS America—an
Air Craft Carrier—for the sake of research—to study its vulnerabilities and
strengths—since it was ready to be retired anyways…it will cost them 20 million
to sink it.


Mel Gibson appeared in court to testify about the
experience he and his family had with a stalker. Zack Sinclair, native of Idaho
is charged with one count of felony stalking—for writing unwanted letters and
showing up at Gibsons church and home (today, 3/4/05, he was convicted).
Archuleta. Gibson lives in Malibu with wife and children (or at least one


Tyler Perry made film called “Mad Black Woman” and despite
having been homeless for a while has recently made a number of successful
movies which have made him wealthy. Coyotes are increasing in the Washington
D.C. area..Illinois defeats Purdue in mens college basketball 84-50 and is one
win away from a perfect regular season.


In the five month absence of Martha Stewart from her
company the value of the stock has increased times four. She was in Alderson
Federal Prison. Shaaban Hifiz Ahmad Ali-shaaban age 52 from Indiana was charged
with agreeing to act as a foreign agent for Iraq  and immigration violations…and was arrested
on Thursday. He agreed to sell the names of U.S. Intelligence Agents to Saddam
Hussein’s government  for 3 million
dollars, said Susan Brooks attorney for southern Indiana. Uri Kravachenko ,
former Ukranian interior minister, linked to the murder of investigative
journalist Georgiy Gangadze  committed


March 4, 2005.


Military death toll in Iraq is now up to 1500. Raining
again. Four Canadian mounties were shot and killed while investigating a
marijuana farm.  The Jury has begun
deliberating in the Robert Blake Case. They say that the power being produced
in Iraq meets less than half of the demand,


The Mall Rapist “James perry” over five years committed
dozens of sexual attacks on children and women, many around Madison
Wisconsin,  (but also Illinois, Ohio, and
Texas), and  Harry’s wife may have been
his first victim. He made videos of his attacks and put them on internet porn.
When confronted with abuse the typical child will shut down and gets like a
small animal, like a rabbit or something, and just freezes, (said ___________),


Perry’s success depended upon that blank frozen
reaction from his child victim. James Perry, now 35, was sentenced on November
2004 to 470 years in prison for creating child pornography, child rape, and
kidnapping, the longest sexual crime sentence in Wisconsin history.


Glen Matlock, former bassist for the Sex Pistols, who
was subsequently replaced by Sid Vicious, –is now calling for the media to stop
using so much profanity—ironic given the Sex Pistols penchant for using
profanity themselves to shock people, years ago “When the earth shook and the
waters began receding from the creek near their 
settlement, the  Onje’s if India’s
little Andaman Island knew nature was telling them something and the primitive
hunter-gatherers did not wait to pick up their possessions or passports but
instinctively made for higher ground.


All of the 100 or so Onje left in the world seemed to
have survived the tsunami’s deadly power, now they are wondering what to do
–given their village has been destroyed.. they are considering moving inland
which may in fact be the best thing for them after all—a blessing in disguise.


March 5, 2005


New fighter technology or defense technology allows
Israel soldiers to wear wrist watch video monitors with footage from unmanned
drone planes video-taping the ground below during battle.


A LOT OF  people
adopt in the United States but not African American boys—they are, for some reason,
overlooked—Americans go abroad to find babies to adopt when there are a lot of
African American babies right here up for adoption—so many that other countries
are coming to American to adopt them.


Some people who 
say that Love is color blind and race is not an issue are naive says
Hughes (full name and title not provided), Phil Bertleson  an African American filmmaker in New York who
grew up in a white family in New Jersey says 
his upbringing almost created a cocoon of protection from the reality of
race in the world around him.


He began examining the issue in his new film “Outside
Looking In” about transracial adoption, and the impact it had on his sense of
cultural identity. He said it was a challenge facing the discord outside the
home when all you had experienced was something else.


They say while progressive minded adoptive parents may
be well intended  in the matter of race
it doesn’t matter Bertleson says –it can be dangerous and damaging because when
you ignore my race and ethnicity you are essentially taking away  a part of who I am.


Former Korn guitarist Brian “The Head” Welch was
baptized in the Jordan River weeks after quitting the band and quitting drugs.
He and about 20 others from his church in bakersfield were baptized by Pastor Ron
Vietti.  Dolphins beached themselves in
Marathon Florida—some are wondering if it is related to the submarine tests
done by the military off Key West around the same time.. The mother of the
accuser of Michael Jackson is Hispanic. They apparently interacted with a lot
of celebrities including Kobe Bryant and a fellow by the name of Tucker, and
Jay Leno apparently was approached by them at one point—but he called the
police telling them he thought they might be looking for a mark.


Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book entitled “The Tipping
Point” and cites a bottle of Ketchup for analogy—saying if you tap it a few
times it will come out little by little but then suddenly it will pour
out—[same analogy as ‘critical mass’ I think]Chief of Police Bratton of LAPD
(former NY)said that for three years they intentionally enforced even the most
minor crimes and in that same period the violent crime rate dropped by double


In New York’s most murderous precinct aka “The Killing
Fields” Bratton thinks the failure of the army to stop the looting in Iraq
after the initial bombing was a tipping point for the terrorists and insurgents
to rebel. Tom Friedman from NY Times gives an example of rock music having a
tipping point in th 60’s with the rise of portable radios and batteries …
Bratton hopes the election in Iraq will be a tipping point in the right
direction—Story by Chris Bury and Ted Koppel on Nightline


March 6, 2005


Mark Saina of Kenya wins the 20th annual L.A. Marathon.
Illinois loses 65-64 in final game of season vs. OSU—last  Big Ten team to go undefeated was the Indiana
Hoosiers of 1976.


Surfers created new world record  by surfing a 40 foot 10 foot wide surfboard
in Australia—20 to carry it to the water, 44-47 rode it beating the 2003 record
of 14 people. New implant for women who have had mastectomies—they use pig fat
cells—that will grow to the size of tennis balls in 12 weeks.


Reggie Jackson was hit by an SUV traveling at a high
speed—both vehicles flipped—Jackson was treated and released, the other driver
was in critical condition. Ethiopian archeologists have discovered 12 fossils
that appear to be older than the famous fossil Lucy. The specimens, estimated
to  be 3.8 to 4 million years old will be
important in terms of understanding  the
early phases of  human evolution, before
Lucy, said Yohannes Haile Selassie , an Ethiopian archaeologist. The discovery
of Lucy, the hominid skeleton estimated to be about . 3.2 million years old  in 1974 was a landmark in the search for
the  origins of humanity…the new
discovery was found approximately 37 miles north  of the site where Lucy was discovered in the
eastern region of Afar.


In my manual about “Missiology for Islamic Women” they
say too often missiologists have treated male and female  Muslims as the same—gender blind.  A Homosexual man, James Maestas age 21,  was beaten unconscious in Santa Fe Mexico in
a “hate crime”—Santa Fe is second only to San Francisco in the percentage of
same sex households.  The community holds
a gay pride parade each summer, and is know for its progressive politics.
Gabriel Maturan, age 20, Isaiah Medina 19, and David Trinidad were charged with
assault & battery.


March 7, 2005


Michael Jackson Case. They’re cross-examining the
accusers sister, Bryan Bland says, for AP news. Cross-examiner wants to know
why if they are such a close-knit family (which she claims) they have never
discussed the 1993 JC Penney Case in which her mother was awarded $150,000
after contending the guards abused her?


Former Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Model was in
Thailand when the tsunami hit—her boyfriend and photographer was swept away by
the tsunami. She was at the Khao Lak resort when the tsunami hit. She’s age 25,
her boyfriend, Simon Atlee,  was 33. The
other brother of Jacksons accuser, age 14, 
said he saw Jackson touching his brother when they were sleeping on his
bed together.


He said he twice saw Jackson masturbating with one hand
while Jackson’s others  hand was in his
brother’s underwear (today 3/9/05 they said he claimed Jacksons hand was on top
of the brothers crotch). He did not state the dates but that it occurred two
days apart. The defense says the allegations are  a fiction created by the children’s mother in
an attempt to extort money. He also described a time when Jackson grabbed a
female mannequin in his bedroom and pretended like he was having intercourse
with it on a bed fully clothed while laughing. Jacksons mother and father were
present but showed no reaction.


 A prison in the
Dominican Republic with a maximum capacity of 25 had 178 people in it when a
fire started. Prisoners have access to knives and drugs, 34 died, 2 Americans
from Puerto Rico apparently died in the fire. Garcia drank more than 50 shots
of tequila in a drinking contest and died of alcohol poisoning a few hours
later in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.


The Governor of Georgia, Perdue, is apparently a
licensed veterinarian—and is planning to participate in neutering a dog for
some sort of awareness campaign.


Bobby Fischer is still in Japan—apparently in solitary
for a few days because of some fracas he had with prison guards about a boiled
egg. Iceland has offered to give him citizenship if Japan will allow it
(Fischer wants to renounce his American citizenship but is currently wanted by
the U.S. for violating a ban on entering __________ a few decades ago—to play
Chess. His fiance,  Miyoko Watai,  a four time Japan women’s chess champion,  is supporting him from the outside.


Jackson—the other brother is now testifying—says that Jackson showed him a
pornography magazine entitled “Barely Legal” 
but when the defense attorney asked him if this was it (having an actual
copy of “Barely Legal” ) and the boy said yes—he indicated the date on it was
after they had been there (to which the boy responded that he did not
necessarily mean that exact magazine but one like it , which is possible if
Jackson subscribes to it—he would throw out the old ones), the boy also
admitted that he lied under oath when he swore his mother and father never  fought and that his father never hit him.


The lawyer asked him if somebody told him to lie  in the JC Penney case and the boy responded
that he didn’t remember. The attorney then asked him about this alarm system
Jackson has which goes off anytime somebody enters the hallway outside his
bedroom, and the boy said that is true but that it only goes off if a second
door is opened. The attorney asked him if in both cases that he saw Jackson
touching his brother the alarm went off? Yes the boy said, but the previous day
he did not mention any alarm and that his brother slept through both incidents,
snoring at one point.


The Dept. of Engineers gives the United States a D for
infrastructure.  High School Football
coach in Oregon was accused of licking the scab 
or cut on the knee of one of his players. Missouri apparently has a
reputation for being pornography friendly and the governor wants to change it.
New female champion surfer in peru, 21 year old Sophia Mulanovich, puts Peru
back on the map as a surfing country.


March 9, 2005


Mt. St. Helens had a small eruption. The unpopular
leader of Hong Kong steps down—Hong Kong wants “universal suffrage” and  uninhibited democracy but Beijing—is holding
them back they appointed a leader by the name of Tung Chee-Hwa  who is disliked by the Hong Kong people—and
announced he is stepping down due to health concerns.

Star of heavy metal band Motorhead Ian Kilmeister aka
“Lenny” speaks out on WWII—saying he doesn’t think it was just the Germans
who were bad and Americans/British good—says he didn’t make as much money as
Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne—because he had warts on his face—he’s fifty
nine—and has many girlfriends some of whom he has shared with his son, but
draws the line about sharing his son’s wife.


The Barnes art collection , which has one of the
largest collections of Picassos, Cezannes, and matisse  is scheduled to move a few miles closer to
Philadelphia to make them more accessible to the public.


March 10, 2005


News professor who compared the victims of the World
Trade Center to little Adolf eichmanns at the Univ. of Colorado
—-negotiations are under way to buy out his contract—to get him to leave-,
professor Churchhill?.  Michael  Jackson showed up an hour late due to bad
back. Marijuana usages is increasing in Canada.


The Word Anaheim comes from German –Heim means home and
Ana comes from Santa Ana—the river—hence “home by the river.” The Mexicans
called it Campo Aleman. It originally had four gates to keep the cattle away
from the grape vines—the gates were the Los Angeles, the San Diego, Yorba,  and San Pedro,


The German families did not come to Anaheim until the
1859 when the grape vines began to produce. The Mission grape helped them
establish their wineries…brought to California by the Franciscan fathers, but
other grapes included the Barcelona, 
Malviosic, Zinfandel, and ____________ grapes; 400, 000 vines were
planted the first year. In 1861  75,000
gallons of wine were produced; by 1884 with 50 wineries in operation Anaheim
produced 1, 250,000gallons. Anaheim wine was said to be better than some
European wines. Between 1884 and 1888 the vines were destroyed  by disease—thus killing the wine industry.


Other crops took their place including walnuts, sugar
beets, lemons, apricots, and the Anaheim Chili pepper,  but most successful was the Valencian
Orange—so much so that they named the new county after it.


March 11, 2005


Shooting at a Fulton County Courthouse—in Georgia—an
accused rapist/defendant was being escorted into the court by the bailiff when
he grabbed the bailiffs gun, shot the bailiff, the court clerk, and the judge,
killing all three. Then he may have stolen a green Honda Accord—and is on the


Two  former
Police Officer/Detectives, Luis Espolito and Stephen Caracapa,  from New York , living in Nevada, were
arrested for conspiring with the mob/mafia. Spain is commemorating the March
11, 2004 bombings of the trains. The accuser in the Michael Jackson case says
that Jackson told him if he doesn’t masturbate he may be inclined to rape
somebody, and he said he once looked over the balcony and saw a boy having sex
with a dog.


 33 year old
Bryan Nichols, former computer technician, on trial for rape,  stole a gun on the way into court, shot the
bailiff, shot the clerk, shot the judge, shot a officer, killed all three but
the bailiff (who is in critical condition) 
(and the next day 3/12/05 shot a marshall and stole his truck), on the
loose (now caught 3/12/05).


Judge Rowland Barnes and Court Reporter Julie
Brandaus   were killed inside and Deputy
Sgt. Hoyt Teasley was killed outside the court. The bailiff/deputy, Cynthia
Hall, was in critical condition after being shot in the face—but will probably
survive. He was not handcuffed because the law requires they do not wear
handcuffs so as not to unfairly influence the jury. 27 kids died perhaps
of  food poisoning on the Island of Bohol
in the Philippines.


The state of Washington is experiencing a drought this
year—driest since 1977. Seattle, know for being 
one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., actually receives less rain, on
average, than does New York City. Seattle averages 37 inches whereas NYC
averages 47 inches. Harvard Sophomore Michael Kopko  has started a dorm cleaning business but
others are against it because they say it differentiates between the “haves”
and “ have nots” –.


Canadian Marlene Jennings (actually half american_)
parliamentary secretary for U.S. Canadian Relations who reports to Prime
Minister Paul Martin said “Lets embarrass the hell out of the Americans” in regard
to their reneging on a treaty—while they (the U.S) is attempting to negotiate
treaties with other countries.


Tax Defaulters in Southern India have to put up with
drummers assigned to drum outside their door until they agree to pay their
bill. North Carolina State upset #3 Wake Forest in the ACC quarterfinals,
81-65,—. Doug Flutie, age 42,  is being
released by the San Diego Charges.  He
played for Chicago, New England, Buffalo, and now San Diego—he started out with
the now defunct USFL, and also played in the Canadian League. The mother of
Univ. Illinois basketball  coach, Bruce
Webber, died of heart problems, and his brother is coach at Glenbrook North
High School in the northern part of Chicago.


March 13, 2005


In Japan mass suicides are becoming a problem—people
are going on line to make suicide pacts—most often done by lighting charcoal
inside a car and dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, most recently 7 people in
Siatama died together, six in Kanagawa, and 
four in Hokkaido died this way.


Geraldine Mccaughrean has been chosen to write the
official  sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter
Pan, said the hospital who holds the copyright to the book. Barrie willed the
book to this British hospital in 1937. The New work will be entitled Captain

Disney Company is expected to  announce that Robert Iger is going to replace
Michael Eisner as chief executive in September.


A team of American Dr.s flew secretly to Ukraine in
mid-December  to assist in the care of
Victor Yuschenko and made the assessment that he had been poisoned. 5.9
earthquake hit southern Iran on Sunday, but damage was minimal to the sparsely
populated area. A two year old was shot by his four year old brother who pulled
a loaded pistol out of his mothers purse. The baby  is in critical condition at the Ben Taub
Hospital in Houston Texas. The pope is leaving the hospital

 Randy Gregory
the pastor, age 51 and his son, James Gregory age 16 of Gurnee Illinois both
died in the shooting at the hotel worship service in Wisconsin.


March 14, 2005


Filipino Guards shoot dead 17 prisoners. In beijing
240,000 manhole covers have been stolen, in 2003. they are going to replace the
manholes with non-metallic, non-recyclable materials.


March 15, 2005


Bill Clintons home in New York isin Chappaqua 40 miles
north of Manhattan. “These people are not above the law you know, they may fly
on private planes, make millions of dollars, and be on baseball cards—but a
subpoena is exactly what it says it is and they have  to appear”, Representative Tom Davis said.
Davis, a republican from Virigina, said 
that Congress would issue contempt of Congress if they did not show up.


The subpoenas were issued after most of the witnesses
refused  invitations to appear, the panel
says. Some Muslims being held prisoners by the Fliipine govt took the guards
guns and shot through the guards—as they were being served  breakfast in a Manila Jail. One of Harvard’s
Colleges passes a no confidence vote about the Harvard President, Lawrence


St. Nicholas was a 4th Century Christian Bishop who
lived and worked in what is now the southern Turkish town of Demare. He was
especially revered by Russia’s Orthodox Church. They’ve changed the statute
from an old bronze one with a Bible in one hand to the modern day Santa Claus
image—with a red & white suit. Schiavo speaks out about his wife in a
vegetative state—she had a heart attack in 1990—and she’s been
non-communicative for fifteen years now. Grizzly bears and Polar bears are
clashing on Melville Island. They’ve created a hydrogen powered bike in England
which can reach 50 miles per hour in 12 seconds.


March 16, 2005


Robert Blake was found not guilty of murder. They say
that Jay Leno will  testify in the
Jackson case that the accuser called him but that the boy sounded as if he were
rehearsing something… and that his mom handed the phone to him, whereas the
accuser has said that he only got through to an answering machine. Scott
Peterson moved to San Quentins death row


March 17, 2005


Police Chief Sam Roundy who operates a police station
in Colorado City Arizona which crosses over into Utah has been recommended to
have his license revoked due to a polygamous life style.


Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by senators in Rome
in 44 BC on March 15, the Ides of March. UCLA 
is planning a 20 million dollar stem cell research center—creating 12
new faculty positions and a lab.


A new species of shrimp has been found in Idaho—one of
only four species, among hundreds,  that
are longer than an inch and eat their relatives. John Aschroft is going to
teach a class “Leadership in Times of Crisis” 
at Regents University—which was started by televangelist Pat Robertson
who is still the president. It has 3000 undergraduate & graduate students
(combined?), Ashcroft’s father & grandfather were Assembly of God
ministers–, as is the university.


In 2002 the justice dept. spent 8000 dollars for blue
drapes that were placed over a bare breasted statute near the office. Before
becoming attorney general Ashcroft served two full terms as Missouri’s
governor, and a six year term as a U.S. Senator.


Family of murdered Belfast man, Robert McCartney, will
take their campaign  for justice to a new
level when they meet president Bush among growing outrage of the brutal murder
,  St. Patricks day celebrations   in Washington carry  particular resonance as Sinn Fein  (the country?) battles to win back valuable
support from Irish leaders. Leader Gerry Adams 
has been warned by senators that time was running out to make a break
with the IRA, but has not done so, and therefore he was excluded from the White
House invitation…for the first time in a decade all Northern Ireland  political leaders are banned from the annual
shamrock ceremony  at the white house,
but the McCartney family has been welcomed.


The  name  of the brother of  the Michael Jackson accuser  is Star Gavizo. Prostitutes in Groningen Netherlands
complain that the police have been watching them have sex with their clients
–prostitution being legal there in the sex zone

Priest in Italy by the name of Cesare Lodeserto ,
former head of an Italian foundation that looks after the welfare of
prostitutes, was arrested for mistreating prostitutes—being accused of keeping
them against their will; but he claims he was doing it for their own welfare—some
of them were drunk and if they had been allowed to wander in the streets they
would have been take advantage of. Another person claimed the scandal was a
setup and that he had been offered cash to file a complaint against the priest.


Millionaire by the name of Phil Walker, age 53, who
owns a warehouse , noticed a 6 year old gal with cerebral palsy and was so
touched by her physical challenges he bought a pool for her for $15,000 pounds.
Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates  is said to be the most expensive hotel ever
built—at an expense of 3 billion dollars.


The Ten Commandments monument at the center of
controversy in Alabama (and Judge Roy Moore) has been brought to Kalamazoo, MI.


Boy Named Zach Ingels hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to
help Eastern Kentucky into the NCAA basketball tournament—they tell about his
life growing up in Michigan  (Gowen or
Greenvile) and the early death of his mother—sister left in a coma, but he had
vowed shortly before she died that hee would make it into the NCAA tournament,
and he did!. His other sister works as a high school basketball coach in Big
Rapids. Only 23 of the men’s NCAA tourney’s 65 managed to graduate at least 50
% of their athletes .


They are talking about changing the color of the NHL
ice from white to blue, and the lines to orange. Tennis tournament at Indian
Wells is underway?   Bill (?)
Schwartzbach was the attorney for Robert Blake, who was acquitted. Lakers play
the Heat today.


Little Kim the female rapper was convicted of perjury
and conspiracy. Dutch Court opens hearings on Friday against man accused of
helping former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein commit war crimes and genocide by
providing him with materials for chemical weapons.  Franz Van air iat, age 62, is accused of  1000’s of tons of raw materials for chemical
weapons used in the 1980-88war against Iran and Iraqi Kurds, including  a 1988 attack in which  and estimated 5000 people were killed.


Harold David Goldstein was convicted of impersonating
an attorney,  falsely representing
himself as an attorney, and was sentenced to 12 ½ years in prison . Goldstein,
age 59, said he sincerely did his best for clients and won 25 cases. He
operated a busy Newport Beach law practice. Goldstein represented 100’s of
clients, including many immigrants that were deported. Goldstein has
convictions dating to the 70’s when he was found guilty of defrauding 13, 000
investors in a commodity scheme, and selling millions of dollars in phony
contracts. In 1980 L.A. District Attorney charged him with stealing 4
million  from small businesses …and
seeking loans with a phony overseas bank that he and a partner established. He
was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released in ’86.


Genetic mutations and diseases such as color blindness
, autism, and hemophilia , are linked to the X Chromosome, and therefore more
common in males because they do not have another X to compensate for the faults
of the other, whereas females have two X chromosomes , one of which  is largely turned off because a single X is
all they need, whereas males have an X and a Y. The X chromosome is larger than
the Y chromosome. There are disproportionate number of diseases associated with
the X chromosome, said Dr. David Bentley of the Welcome Trust Sangar Institute.


Experts are now suggesting the coast along the
Caribbean Sea is vulnerable to another tsunami /earthquake. At least  10 significant tsunamis have been documented
in the northern Caribbean  since 1492
…movement along plate boundary  that runs
2000 miles off the north coast of the island of Hispaniola, which includes the
countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic to the lesser Antilles.


And British experts are saying that  another earthquake/tsunami could occur in the
same area as the one on Boxing Day 2004 within the next year—perhaps even of
the same magnititude and re-occuring in some of the same places, including
Bande Aceh.  One of these destroyed Port
Royal Jamaica in 1692, another killed at least 10 Jamaicans in 1780. In 1946 a
magnitude 8.1 earthquake  hit  near the dominican republic causing a wave
that killed 1800 people.


Shaquille O’Neal had 25 points and 12 rebounds  as the Miami Heat beat the Lakers in the
second meeting between the two teams this season. In the first matchup the Heat
won by 2, in this matchup they won by a score of 102-89. This was the Heats
11th straight win and their single season record of 14 straight at home, just
behind San Antonia for the leagues best record


Kiki Fournier , a former housekeeper for Michael
Jackson, was called by the prosecution to testify. She said there was a parade
of boys who stayed at Jacksons estate, among them were the accuser but others
such as McCauley Caulkins , and that sometimes they ran wild and trashed the
living quarters, toward the end of their stay. She said she saw Jackson at the
dinner table with some children who appeared to be intoxicated ;  other times she saw them in an outbuilding
with local children, some of whom appeared intoxicated.  She described Jackson as an indulgent host
and suggested that the children took advantage of him .


She said that with the absence of an authority figure ,
the children became wild and without their parents there it became like
Pinocchios Pleasure Island.


Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy is publishing a book
featuring naked fat bottom girls, members of the  cabaret group, the Fat Bottom Revue, are
photographed in similar poses to models used by acclaimed erotic photographers
. Nimoy age 73 previously caused controversy with a book of photographs featuring
women wearing only ritual Jewish prayer items. The book was entitled Shekinah.
Islamic militants killed as many as 12 barbers for shaving their beards or
giving them western hair cuts. NCAA: UCLA lost to Texas Tech. Illinois beat
Farleigh Dickinson and play Nevada on Saturday.


Man named Mr. Frank who was working on David
Letterman’s ranch as a painter and hatched a plot to kidnap Letterman’s newborn
baby and their nanny—and hold them for 5 million dollar ransom. He confided in
somebody who reported it to police.


The Santa Anita Race track was used as a relocation
site for Japanese-Americans during WWII. 
Now the feeding Tube in the Schiavo case has been removed—the presiding
judge stepped in and ordered it removed. She could live two weeks without the


The accuser of Michael Jackson and his father went to
the home of George Lopez, the comedian, as guests and the boy left his
wallet—they called back to get it and said there was $300 in the wallet, but
Lopez said there was only $3.00. The prosecutors said that was the dad’s con,
not the son’s—the son didn’t want to go along with it.


Former Governor of Connecticut, John G. Rowland,  gets a year in prison The governor of
connecticut was sentenced to a year in prison for accepting bribes. Amina wadub
a professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University led a Muslim
service that included a mixed congregation, using the pronouns it, she, and he
for Allah, causing some Muslims locally and around the world to become very
upset, –one of the buildings they had planned to originally hold their service
received a bomb threat forcing them to move to a different location.


She said she was trying to address the problem of women
being treated unequally in the Muslim religion but others say it is not a
matter of being unequal, just different. The 1899 insurrection  in the Philippines costs 1000’s of more U.S.
lives than the Iraq War (so far). What was this insurrection in the
Philippines? The U.S. was in WW1 for only one and a half years, although the
number of American lives lost was greater than Iraq. Now they are saying it
is  possible that we may be in Iraq
longer than we were in WWII. The numbers of soldiers killed in Iraq (about 1500
so far) is far less than either WWI or WWII, which was in the 100’s of 1000’s.


A Belgian man is on trial for having sex with dogs,
saying he did it out of compassion and love for the dogs,  some of which cannot have sex because they
are in kennels, and posted pictures of himself having sex with dogs on the internet.


A 5 year old 
kindergarten gal  in Florida was
arrested by police and put in plastic wrist cuffs and metal ankle cuffs and put
in the back of the police cruiser for having a temper tantrum. Syracuse was
upset by Univ. of Vermont in NCAA college basketball tournament. Now they play
MSU. More than 700 people were arrested in Ireland on St. Patricks day for
drunkenness and vandalism Andre Agassi has pulled out of the Indian Wells
tournament due to a sore toe.


March 19, 2005


They found the body of the Jessica Lundsford gal.
Tustin Museum One of the most remarkable photographs in that museum was a photo
of an airplane flying above a car (VW BUG?) with a rope hanging down pulling up
buckets of gasoline to re-fuel in flight, in order to make a endurance flight


Former Prosecutor, David Masters, died of drug
overdose—apparently got involved in drugs after a life time of busting
druggies. His body was found by the ozark River in Missouri. He had practiced
law in Macon County (Georgia?),  , father
of seven, owed three weeks rent, had made passes at the woman in the place he
lived, 52 years old.  Two arrested for


Condoleeza rice is the daughter of a preacher, and she
made a point of attending church on Palm Sunday in China. Manila is on high-alert
for terrorist/Muslim bombings. LeBron James scored 56 points against the
Raptors but they still lose; their 9th consecutive road game loss. Three big
ten teams made it to the sweet sixteen: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan State


WWII  Japanese submarine
found of the coast of Hawaii. John Delorean dies at age 80. Japan had a 7.0
earthquake, killing one, injuring 500, on the island of Genkaijima a small
island of the northern coast of Kyushu.


March 20, 2005


A high school student went on a shooting rampage on an
Indian reservation, killing his grandparents at his home in Minnesota and then
killing seven people (five students, a teacher, and a security guard; and
fifteen others were injured), at his school , as well as himself. This is the
nations worst school shooting since the Columbine Massacre in 1999 that killed
13 people. His grandfather was a police officer with the Red Lake police Dept.
Midwest & United Arilines are now offering extra frequent flyer miles when
a passenger travels with his or her pet.


Hogzilla was caught in Georgia—about 7 ½ feet long,
weighed  up to 800 pounds. The tusks of
hogzilla were 16 to 18 inches.  And this
was after the pig had been buried for six months.


The owner of the land where the pig was shot insisted
that it was even larger than that  before
it was buried. Hogzilla was shot by guide, Chris Griffin. Lady librarian at
Harvard trying to get a promotion is suing Harvard for discrimination,
contending that they have not promoted her because of her race or the way she
dressed and despite the fact that she has a masters degree.


Laura koenig is doing research  at the University of Minnesota asserts that
some of the religious differences between individuals is, in part,
genetic.Identical twins showed strong overlap in spirituality—twice as likely
as fraternal twins to share as much as or little faith . Indian woman (from
India) killed herself so that her kids could see—both born blind , but Dr’s say
a a cornea transplant may not be cure them.


The Cavaliers fire head coach Paul Silas thinking they
should be doing better , and still struggling for a playoff spot. In the
Schiavo case—after al the dramatics by congress and rushing the bill to the
President and sending it to the federal judge at 3 a.m—after all this—the
judge  (Whittemore) denied the request,
and now it  goes to federal appeals, the
11 th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.


A man in Russia had his penis removed, sewn on to his
arm so that it could grow, and then re-attached to his groin—supposedly it will
be fully functional.


Jeff Weise was the one who killed the students in
Minnesota. Louise Palanker is a comedian who said she got a phone call from the
accusers mom as if they were being held against their will. Did she call the
police? Federal Appeals refuses to re-consider the Schiavo Case


March 23, 2005


Now they are saying Social security will probably go
broke in the year 2041. Jeb Bush says a neurologist thinks the physicians made
a mistake  and thinks that Schiavo is
actually in a state of minimal consciousness rather than vegetative. Wouldn’t
that be something if they re-insert the tube and later she comes back to full


Man accused of pointing a laser beam at a small
passenger jet has been charged.David Banach was charged …he claims he was
looking at stars with his daughter. The pilot and co-pilot were hit three times
as the plane approached the airport (where?).


Bobby Fischer 
has been released from prison and is on his way to Iceland. He’s  a feisty personality. Apparently at one point
he stopped unzipped his pants and pretended to be urinating on the wall in
defiance of  Japan. He referred to
President Bush and Koizumi (the Japanese President) as war criminals and that
they should be hung. Fischer, age 62, 
had a long white beard and was wearing jeans and a  baseball hat. 
He said the Japanese ruling party are “gangsters” and that America is
Jewish-controlled. Iceland is where Fischer won the chess championship in 1972,
defeating Spassky (Boris?) . In 1992 Fischer accepted a re-match with Spassky
and won again—but did so in violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia
to punish Miloslevic (the president). If convicted he could face up to ten
years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


Researchers did a test with rhesus monkeys to  see if and how they would steal grapes  when in the presence of human beings. They
discovered almost invariably that the 
rhesus monkeys were more likely to steal when the humans eyes were
averted or covered by  cardboard.  State of minimal consciousness versus
vegetative state.


Physician by the name of Bernat from New Yorks
Presbyterian Medical Ctr. Says the key parts of the brain are the cerebral
cortex and the thalamus and the connections between them, damage to these parts
can strip a person of his or her awareness, even though the undamaged brain
stem  keeps the autonomous functions such
as breathing, sleep & wake cycles, and eye movement operating somewhat
normally. Cerebral cortex and thalamus are the most important parts of the
brain in terms of consciousness. This is what differentiates us from lower
animals in terms of our ability to use language and communicate.


Sufficiently preserved brain stem permits survival –i.e
breathing, with medically assisted  bowel
and bladder continence. Variably preserved cranial lower  functioning permit spinal reflexes, the
person may blink or smile, but AAN considers those who have been in this
condition for a year or longer to have “almost no probability  of recovery” A neurologist at the University
of Minnesota says that Schiavo’s cerebral cortex suffered severe damage from
the six minute period in 1990 when her heart stopped and her brain was without
oxygen. He says Eeg’s and brain-wave tests reveal no activity, and that areas
of her brain have shown shrinkage, a sign of irreversible damage.


Jurors in the Michael Jackson case were shown more than
75 pornographic magazines, but the judge did not allow them to see website
pornography that was on Jackson computer saying some of it or all of it could
have been “cached” from pop-ups. They also included a framed photo of celebrity
McCauley Caulkin who the housekeeper said Jackson was  close to for a period of time. One of the
attorneys for the defense, Brian Oxman, suddenly took ill. They had to take him
by ambulance to the nearby medical center.


Dr. Hunter Adams , aka Patch Adams , dressed up in a
clown suit a t a hospital in Sri Lanka, where 
a lot of tsunami survivors are being treated. He thinks the tsunami has
changed the world for the better, for a moment 
making people forget their greed and power and for a moment think of


He is visiting refugee camps and hospitals in the
Balkans, Africa, Afghanistan, and Cambodia. The Karapitya Hospital he visited
in Sri Lanka handled over 1200 bodies in the aftermath of the tsunami. One
clown raced down a dimly lit hospital ward on a unicycle while juggling
oranges; another person dressed up like a macaw, sprayed the wards with soap
bubbles while another group of three clowns staged a puppet show for kids with
cancer . A study shows that elephants can learn to mimic sounds—one elephant
learned to mimic a truck after living near a highway for a long time.


An egg built with at least 50,000 bars of chocolate
measured 8.32 metres  high , making a new
worlds record for the largest Easter Egg, produced by Belgian chocolate maker
Guylan. It took them 525 hours to build the egg. Not meant to be eaten they


March 24, 2005


The gal who turned in the courthouse shooter in Georgia
received $79,000 in reward money. 
Researchers from Berkeley have observed Octupi  trying to escape from predators by tiptoeing
away and wrapping other tentacles around themselves to disguise themselves as


American Prison guards in Iraq have discovered a tunnel
leading away from one of the pow prisons, apparently dug by prisoners. Bush
agrees to sell F-16’s to Pakistan. Michigan State upsets Duke (they lost to
Duke in November). Wisconsin wins. That leaves three big ten teams in the Elite
8. A boy in a mall hit the Easter Bunny in the nose giving him a bloody nose.
Lawyer by the name of  Stephen V.
Copenhaver was approached by a friend—somebody he knew—asking him for legal
help, but said she didn’t have any money. He offered her legal help if he would
have sex with him and another gal. He’s on the School Board.


Former Chief-of-Police, Daryl Briston tried to eat a
receipt during a hearing, scuffled with a state trooper and elbowed him. He was
fired last year from Ranking Police Dept. when convicted of stealing $5000 in
cash seized by police, and falsifying receipts. Baggage handler in Milwaukee
trying to put a wheel chair into a compartment in the plane was locked into the
compartment before takeoff and couldn’t get out. They didn’t find him until
they landed at their destination.He was okay.


Russel Stover is producing a milk chocolate cross, with
caramel made of goat’s milk. Four times more women than men were killed in the
tsunami. Anthony Urquiza , a psychologist specializing in sexual abuse,
testified in the Michael Jackson Case testified that pornography can be used as
“grooming” material to coax a child into molestation.


Professor by the name of Churchhill at the University
of Colorado who compared the victims of the Sept 11 attacks to “little
Eichmanns’ of the Holocaust is being increasingly scrutinized for other
matters—including possibly plagiarism as well as misleading statements of his
nationality—saying he was an American Indian… an “enrolled member of the
Keetowah Band of the Cherokees” but the chief of this band said he is an
“honorary associate” member, not an “enrolled” member.


Question about whether the death of Schiavo is painful
or not—they say over-hydration can be a problem and note there is a “death
rattle” shortly preceding actual death.


Spacecraft “Deep Impact” is scheduled to reach a comet
on July 4, at which point it will release an “impactor” and study the results
of the impact which could leave a stadium sized impact. What hospital is
Schiavo in? Woodside Hospice.


Garcia Esparat, age 45, in the Philippines was gunned
down by a gunman in front of her children. She had been assigned two police
escorts but had let them go on leave early for the Easter Holiday. She had many
enemies because of her exposes on corruption.


Fourteen journalists were killed in the Philippines
last year, more than any other country except Iraq.

Derek Brun was a security guard who got shot and killed
by the high school student who shot several others on the Indian Reservation in
Minnesota—Bush commended his bravery because he rushed the kid, despite not
having a gun, and giving time for the other students to take cover.

87 Year old man is being tried for “sex tourism” what’s
that? French woman rowed solo across the Pacific.


March 27, 2005


Man by the name of 
Vitalmiro Bastos De Moura suspected of killing  Dorothy Stang, the nun in the rain forest in
Brazil was taken into custody .


March 28, 2005


Natural serum eyedrops—better than artificial, take
blood from a person mix it with saline solution and use as eyedrops—researchers
say is superior than artificial.


Son of a tribal chiefsman was arrested in relation to
the teenage shooter on the Minnesota Indian reservation, no further details. In
Colorado, a Death Penalty Sentence was thrown out after the judge heard the
jurors consulted the Bible in making their determination to apply the death
penalty. Woman survives fall in SUV off bridge into Oregon River. After sinking
55 feet to the bottom of the river she broke through the window and swam to the
top with nothing but minor cuts. Adolf Hitler’s anti-semitic book entitled Mein
Kampf “My Struggle” has been on the top ten seller list in the past two months
in the country of Turkey.


Now experts are saying there is a potential for a third
earthquake in the tsunami area. State of Wyoming has a budget surplus larger
than any other state—mostly due to their abundance of natural gas. In 1999 it
was $2.19  per 1000 cubic foot of natural
gas. By 2004 , it was at $5.49 , a 150% increase. Wyoming has increased their
spending on government operations from 1.6 billion to 2.5 billion in two years,
a 56% jump.


A National Guard Officer by the name of  Capt. Scott Southworth in Iraq , a Christian
man adopted a disabled Iraqi boy with cerebral palsy and brought him back to
Wisconsin. He’s a bachelor and is now taking care of the boy back in the U.S.
Doctors say the boy may walk after all ,despite cerebral palsy. There’s been at
least 600 vehicular suicide attacks in Iraq from May 2004 to January 2005.


March 29, 2005


The stewardess from the flights Jackson took with the
accuser says she did serve wine to Jackson in soda cans but  says she did not serve it to the kids, nor
see him sharing it with them. The Weinsteins—who founded Miramax which merged with
Disney are now going independent again, leaving Miramax under the Disney wing,
and starting anew—calling themselves the Weinstein Group or something like


Former Boy Scout Task Force Person Douglas Smith, age
64, who worked to protect children from child pornography is now being indicted
for at the federal court for receiving images over the internet of children
engaging in sex.


Jerry Falwell is in the hospital. Study on Marmoset
Monkeys indicates that they will turn down opportunity for sex outside of
marriage or their partnership if they have a child or children… in the study of
these monkey—only the monkeys without children were aroused and accepted the
opportunity to get sexually involved with a female monkey , whereas the male
monkeys with children showed no or very little sexual arousal around a third
female. They wonder if this crosses over to humans.


Blink, a former Iowa juvenile court judge, says several
factors  such as age of the
offender,  the relationship to the
victim, and the severity of the offense went into the judge’s decision …sex
offender under the age of 20 at the time of the offense, the victim is fourteen
or fifteen years old , the offender cannot be placed on the registry’s website.
, but perhaps the most important consideration, Blink said, was whether the juvenile
is likely to commit another sex crime. ABC NEWS affiliate WOI TV in Des Moines
Iowa contributed to this report.


Study of Monkeys & Celebrityism suggests Monkeys
would rather forego juice despite being thirsty in order to view dominant
monkeys, or high-status monkeys, or “celebrity monkeys”; while the same monkeys
would rather drink juice than view pictures of low status monkeys.


Psychologist Stan Katz said that children over five
years old rarely fabricate claims of molestation. He said that accusers who
appear to be truthful sometimes change their stories or embellish or
exaggerate, whereas children who make false allegations are usually consistent,
almost scripted. Thursday is Cesar Chavez Day in California, a state holiday. “


The withdrawal of the Gaza Strip by the Jewish—a forced
withdrawal is scheduled for July 20, 2005, at which point a lot of Jews are
planning to resist the withdrawal. It could become a violent scene, even


A Beard gets a lot of respect in Saudi Arabia and other
Islamic countries. There have been persons in journalism making fun of people
with beards and in one case a judge gave a stiff sentence to a journalist for
his parody of persons with beards, and now the questions is whether or not the
sentence will stick, because one of the royal leaders has said it does not.


The earthquake that triggered the tsunami on December
26 was a long one—lasting 8 minutes at its peak power. Now researchers are
saying that a tsunami from the same fault area is unlikely, due to the unique
characteristics of the Dec. 26 quake, but there is a threat of a tsunami from a
fault segment to the south still remains.


Former wife of senator Edward Kennedy, Joan, was found
unconscious in the street—suffered concussion and broken shoulder, former
alcoholic. Rick Pitino, coach of 
Louisville, is the first  college
coach to take three different teams to the final four. MSU is close to a
championship in womens basketball.


March 31, 2005


Teri Schiavo passed away today. The husband would not allow
the parents in to the room during her dying moments

 Former national
security advisor Sandy Berger is being indicted for taking classified documents
from the National Archives. Berger who served under the Clinton administration
will enter a plea on Friday in U.S. District Court in Washington. Jerry Falwell
is recovering in the hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties.


Five GI’s are under investigation after allegedly
trying to smuggle 25 pounds of cocaine out of Columbia on a military plane. The
pope apparently suffered heart failure and is now in grave condition says a
Vatican spokesperson. A new report severely criticizes both the CIA and the DIA
(Defense Intelligence Agency) for their failures to give reliable information
on Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion.


At a horse race in 
the horses were on their final turn toward the finish line when suddenly
a flock of seagulls rose in the path and flew directly in to the running
horses, causing several mishaps and some injuries to jockies, including one
broken arm.


Jane Fonda apologizes for her appearance on a Vietnam
anti-aircraft station in 1972 when she visited Vietnam, now realizing it was
a  bad judment, although she defends
visiting the American POW’s. Lance 
Armstrong’s former personal assistant now claims he once found a bottle
of steroids in the bathroom of the hotel room in which Lance stayed in Spain
for a period of time.


April 1-April 7, 2005


Aid workers are still trying to reach some of the
outlying areas of Indonesia’s devestated Nail Island…1000’s are still homeless
and some possibly trapped following the 8.0 earthquake . Open Loop Terminals
take in sea water to warm LNG (liquefied natural gas) from 260 below fahrenheit
until it returns to gaseous state and then return the water to the gulf, the
temperature changes 10 to 20 degrees 
fahrenheit which is shocking to sea life researchers say.


Several off shore 
LNG terminals have been proposed for the U.S. Gulf Coast. National
Marine Fishery Service says the threat to wildlife demands a closed system that
reheats and recirculates water like a radiator. They say  a closed loop system is worth the extra
expense to protect fish. Red Drum is the species that will be most impacted
referring to the popular species that is recovering from being
over-fished.  They pump 150 million
gallons of water per day which amounts to billions of gallons of water  sterilized per year.


Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan spoke at
Western Michigan University and somebody threw salad dressing at him, dousing
his head, and causing him to cut short his speech. He could have pressed felony
charges but he didn’t—so the person was charged with a misdemeanor of
disturbing the peace.


Sixty-nine officers combed Michael Jacksons 2800 acre
ranch all on one day per subpoena. Brain implant has given a man an ability to
think what he wants to happen such as turn on a tv with remote—these are
electronic implants connected to software. 
Daylight Savings: Spring ahead, fall back.


 Man in Gallup,
New Mexico dragged a man  by rope behind
his car causing severe injuries to the man. The pope died at 237 pm eastern
time, 1137 am pacific time probably while I was on the toll road 241 south


They say one place a new pope will not come from is the
United States although there is much greater latitude for selection from all
over the rest of the world, including Latin America.


Pope John Paul was the first non-Italian pope in 455
years ! Wow. They say that a new pope would not be elected from the United
States  because it would not appeal to
the rest of the world, people would be suspicious of it being a CIA planned
election or backed by Wall Street.


The man convicted of killing Martin Luther King, James
Early Ray died in 1998. MLK was killed in 1968. 
LAUSD owns the Ambassador Hotel where various famous guests stayed over
the years including Albert Einstein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Rudolph
Valentino, and is where R. F. Kennedy was assassinated, and  although the LAUSD plans to build a 4000
student campus for 318 million dollars, currently plans are on hold due to
preservationists attempts to keep the building, as is, or to have it renovated
rather than torn down.


Will Pope John Paul II be made into a saint? Some say
not for the big things he did such as support the downfall of communism, but
for some of the seemingly smaller things such as forgiving the man who shot
him.  The pope’s birth name was Karol Woj
tyla from Krakow Poland. He became pope on October 16, 1978 when I was about 11
years old. He was a conservative who maintained a stand against contraception,
abortion, married clergy, and woman clergy, sometimes antagonizing the


College basketball: Illinois beats Louisville, giving
them a tie with UNLV and Duke for 37 wins ina 
seasons (Duke did it twice). Illinois defeated Louisville 72-57, blow
out. Near fatal shooting by the Turkish gunman in 1981. Pope was the first
pontiff to preach in a protestant 
church, and in a synagogue, and to set foot in a mosque. March 2000—he
prayed at Jerusalem’s western wall and asked for forgiveness of Catholic sins
against Jews over the centuries. He appointed over 95% of the cardinals
who  will elect his successor.


Sports: High-Five wins the Florida Derby  ridden by Jerry Bailey. Kentucky Derby is in
five weeks—making High Five the favorite.


MSU loses 87-71, so it will be Illinois  v. North Carolina. This is a poignant
championship game pitting the #1 team versus #2 North Carolina. For ministry
to  be effective we must think of each
other as teammates rather than competitors—both intra church and inter church.


The adjusted scoring margin (asm) is the sum of the
offensive quotient and the defensive quotient. If Duke’s opponents allow an
average of 70 points per game, and the Blue Devils average 75, the offensive quotient
is 5. If Dukes opponents  score 70 and
Louisville allows 60 points on average the defensive quotient is positive ten.
So their Asm would be 15.  An ASM of
positive 10 is typically that of a very good team. An ASM of 20 is elite or
final four.


San Bernardino Valley played the starring role in the
worlds’ municipal power development. While many assume the development of
electrical power usage was primarily in the east, inland empire capitalists and
engineers created the worlds standards…the problem is that Edison & Brush
relied on DC power, but DC power could not be transmitted over three miles from
the generating source.


This meant that generation would have to be local.
Edisons’ light bulb , incandescent, could be run using AC or DC. Brush started
the arc light in the late 1870’s but it was too bright and dangerous for indoor
use. Theodore Roosevelt stopped in Redlands to visit once. The Two Smiley Bros.
were twins born in Maine  in 1828
graduating from Haverford College in Philadelphia… they purchased Canyon Crest
Park…March 31 to May 21 is Redlands 8 week festival celebration of the citrus
industry. The area could boast home styles from California Craftsman, High
Victorian, Classical Revival, and Missionary Revival.


A fertilizer venture Cotton Farmer says he gets 14 buds
per branch with the new feritlization, whereas without it, farmers right next
to him only get three per branch. Physio Nutritional Management (FNM). Redhat
society for women over fifty who want to have fun.


Recent earthquake in Indonesia was on the Sunda Trench
which is what triggered the tsunami in December, this trench had previous
tsunami creating quakes in 1833 and 1861. Both earthquakes were caused by the
Australian tectonic plate grinding underneath the Indonesian Plate, which
affects a zone running for about 2800 miles from Myanmar to Indonesia’s java
Island. Seismologists are now looking at the country of Turkey for clue as to
what might happen in Asia. Turkey situated where the Arabian & African
plates clash…w as hit by eleven earthquakes in the last century, the latest
was  in Izmit at 7.4 that killed 30,000.
1000’s of oil and natural gas platforms could be turned in to fishing farms
that would include mahi-mahi, red snapper, 
yellowfin tuna, and flounder under a proposal backed by the Bush
Administration. The solution to pollution is dilution.


Alex Sanchez has been suspended for ten days for
testing positive for steroids, He plays for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Pastors
don’t need unemployment because they can’t do anything wrong apart from murder
or something of a giant magnitude


Billboard says, “50% of women get heart disease, that’s
100’s scary”  Physicists from the Federal
Radiological Physics Center detected  an
error on March 7 at the Lee Moffitt Cancer

Center Research Institute…they noticed on March 7 that
the radiation machine was giving out 50% more radiation than was required. .
The research institute did not acknowledge it until Friday. Officials said 77
patients  were affected, 12 have since
died.The physicists calibrating the machine used an incorrect formula. They are
supposed to have a second physicist confirm the settings, but they apparently
did not do so. They were only fined $1000 on March 24.


Insurgents Attacked Abu Gharaib Prison in Iraq wounding
44 American soldiers  Son of one of
Michael Jacksons’ housekeepers testified that Jackson touched the boys groin
area in a tickling session maybe two or three times Today is the big college
basketball game , Illinois v. North Carolina

Illinois is losing 14-12 first half. Illinois is
leading 18-17. North Carolina is leading Illinois 35-27 first half. Illinois is
losing 40-27 at half time. Illinois is losing 52-48, second half. Illinois is
losing 75-70 one minute left. And it’s Over, Illinois loses 75-70!

At around 820 pm pst. Illinois shot 38 percent, 12 for
40 from long range.


James Earl Ray died of liver disease while in prison in
Nashville serving a 99 year prison sentence. His brother is now trying to sell
a video tape of the autopsy of James Earl Ray, setting up a tent right outside
the Civil Rights Museum  and where King
was shot, and on the anniversary of the shooting. Border Patrol is complaining
about the volunteer “minuteman” near Nogales texas/Mexico border saying that
some of them are triggering the alarms they have set up.


 Kirk Gibson is
the Tigers bench coach. 105 year old man is challenging the 100 metre running
record for centenarians. Guo Cairu of Nan Jing City, Jiangsu Province. Current
centenarian record is held by South African Philip Babonowitz with a time
of  30.86 seconds.


Woman is breastfeeding a pair of tiger cubs in Myanmar
which had to be separated from their violent mother at Yangon Zoo. She’s been
breastfeeding the cubs for thirty minutes four times per day. They had to be
separated from their mother after she killed a third cub. The Minuteman Border
Patrol is near Nogales, Arizona, between Yuma and Douglas.


Roger Williams holds a degree from Julliard School of
Music, He has played at the Hollywood Bowl, the White House, and at Carnegie
House. He’s gotten the title of “Pianist to the Presidents” having played for
eight chief executives. He holds the record for the longest piano playing
marathon. October 1 he celebrated his 80th birthday with Jimmy Carter at the
Carther Library/Museum logging 13 ½ hours on the keyboard, with five minute
breaks allowed once per hour. He’s performing at mcCallum Theatre in Palm
Desert on April 1. His first degree was in Mechanical engineering, He served in
the Navy in WWII and was sent to Officers Training School. He’s also a former
boxer and has taught karate. He lives in encino, has two daughters, a son, and
five grandchildren


Convicted Murderer and Deputy warden’s wife,
Parker,  have been found living together
in Texas, ten years after he kidnapped the deputy warden’s wife. The woman said
she was held captive the whole time staying with the man due to fear. She was
reunited with her husband and children, two daughters.  They were living outside Campti near the
Louisiana border. The man was convicted of a 1981  murder of a karate instructor . They likened
Parker’s relationship to him  as
Stockholm Syndrome where kidnapping victims become sympathetic towards their
captors over time. Some people note that California’s success is due to the
phenomena that people who came to California were running “to” the area, not
“from” something else, making it a more optimistic settlement.


More than 100 prisoners are loose on the island of Nais
after the earthquake jolted the region, the prison being one of many buildings
affected. Turkish officials rejected the prisoner who shot the pope’s request
to be allowed to attend the pope’s funeral. Iraq had named a president—a
veteran Kurdish leader, and a Sunni as a VP and a Shiite as the other VP, no
names provided.


 British tabloids
reported a conversation between Prince Charles and his wife-to-be Camile in
which he purportedly said that he would like to 
be reincarnated as her tampon. A new blue light instrument may replace
tooth brushes for cleaning the gums—it will kill the bad bacteria.


Lakers have been eliminated from playoff contention.
Scotty Skiles is now the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Florida has passed a
“stand your ground” bill which allows people to self-defend themselves with
deadly force if they believe they are in danger of great harm or death, rather
than fleeing.


An experience called “suspension” where they raise
one’s body up off the ground via fish hooks attached to the flesh, supposedly
giving a transcendent experience.


Man in the Bronx was stuck in an elevator for 80 hours.
The Town of Cuatro Cienegas in Mexico 
has 170 cactus ringed lagoons around the town which have been a source
of intrigue for evolutionary biologists because the fish and turtle species
rival the Galapagos Islands. Baylor defeats MSU (Michigan State University) for
the women’s college basketball championship.


Becky Zerlentes took a shot to a head in the third
round of a womens’ boxing match, staggered forward , collapsed, and died. She
was the wife of a Colorado professor, a karate instructor, among other things.
Miami Heat have clinched the top spot in their division for the playoffs on the
same night that the Lakers were eliminated from contention.


The line to see the 
pope is over one mile long and takes 12 hours to get to see the body of
the former pope. Peter Jennings has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is due
to begin chemotherapy but will continue to anchor ABC News as much as he can.


Johnny Cochran funeral today. A New York Lawer accused
of abusing foster children, killed himself as the jury was still deciding a
verdict. Andrew Dunn, age 40 , was accused of sodomy on a ten year old and a
fourteen year old boy.

Jacksons’ former security guard told jurors that he witnessed Michael Jackson
performing oral sex on a ten year old boy who later received a financial
settlement from the pop star. The defense attacked security guard Ralph Chacon
as making the whole thing up, to get even with the singer, and said the other
witness Adrian McManus is a thief and a liar.


He accused Chacon 
of trying to extort 16 million from Jackson in a lawsuit, which he,
Chacon, and McManus (a former Jackson maid), lost. They ended up paying Jackson
1.4 million after the 6 month trial. McManus also testified that she saw Jackson
kiss McCauley’s cheek while his (Jackson’s) hand was on McCauley’s bottom.
McManus an d her husband were also found in a lawsuit to have defrauded three
children of more than $30,500 from their estate, and in the Jackson case she
(McManus) was fined $30,000 for stealing a sketch of Elvis Presley drawn by
Michael Jackson. She said she found it in the trash and didn’t think it was
worth anything. Berlin Art Museum is holding a live nude exhibit, with
live  females nudes in various poses. Two
men trying to cross the Bering Strait to set a new record were stranded on an
ice flow and had to be rescued.


Italian Restaurant Buca di Beppo in the United States
has already begun removing the busts of 
Pogpe John Paul II from their restaurants. State Supreme Court in
Washington announced a two year suspension for attorney caught having jail
house sex with her client, a triple –murder defendant. Theresa Olson’s
suspension begins Friday. IN 2002 guards outside a ______ County Jail saw Olsen  with her dress pulled up and her client
Sebestian_____ Byrnes(?) standing behind her with his pants down. At the time
Olson was age 43 and married. Byrnes was 26. He was convicted last year of
beating a friends sister and parents to death in 1994.


April 8, 2005


They quote Bush as saying he disagrees with Clintons
assessment of the Pope as having left a “mixed legacy.” Woman who washed her
head in a stream got a leech up her nostril. Man at an airport in Australia (?)
had a camel uniform in his luggage suddenly saw a baggage handler for Quantas
wearing it.


34 year old high school math teacher was arrested after
two female students  said he served them
vodka drinks and smoked marijuana with them at his house. Michael Zieman showed
the gals how he grew marijuana in his garage, a Sarasota County sheriff’s
report said. They found a skeleton of a mammoth elephant in Moorpark, 50 miles
west of Los Angeles—75% complete with tusks up to eight/nine feet long. The
tusks are believed to be between 400,000 and 1.4 million years old. Scientists
create remote control fruit flies using some sort of laser light to trigger the


April 9, 2005


Montana becomes the second to last state to ban open
alcohol containers while driving. Mississippi still allows it, in parts. Arthur
Finkelstein, a prominent Republican consultant, said he married his male
partner in civil ceremony  in


One of the “Minutemen” volunteers patrolling the border
in Arizona caught a immigrant sneaking across and made him pose with a t-shirt
saying, “I snuck across the border and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”With
six games left in the season, the Cavaliers are tied with Philadelphia for the
number seven playoff spot in the east. Lebron James had a triple double, 10
assists, 10 rebounds, and 40 points.


Jane Goodall who is best known for her work with
primates now wants to see the exotic deers in Pt Reyes National Seashoore
saved, 40 miles north of San Francisco. The park is proposing to kill about
1000 of the non-native deer using shotgun and contraceptives. Two pandas at San
Diego Zoo were successfully mated a day ago. Researchers detected live sperm in
Bai Yun’s urine. Female pandas are in heat for only a day or two per year. Less
than two dozen pandas are kept in captivity outside China. About 1600 still
live wild in China while 200 are in captivity in China. All offspring of pandas
“borrowed” from China must  be returned
to the country when they reach maturity. Ariel Sharon, prime minister of
Israel,  is coming to visit Bush at his



Tiger Woods is four strokes behind Di Marco at the
Masters with 27 holes to go on Sunday. Update: Tiger Woods is leading at the
Masters by three strokes over Di-Marco , at 4:30 pm. Eastern time. Tiger has a
two stroke lead over DiMarco Tiger Woods wins Masters with a birdie in the
playoff hole, the first playoff hole. Moose in Massachusssets getting hit by
cars more often.


Three college students killed in a Miami of Ohio house
fire. Undersea earthquake near Sumatra—no damage, no tsunami. 1000’s of
villagers rioted  in Eastern China
injuring dozens of police after 2  of
about 200 elderly women were killed by police during a protest over factory


Rioting in Huan Kan Tou Village in the wealthy coastal
province  of Zhejiang  coincided with violent anti Japanese protest
…in Chinas capitol Bejing. 50 police were injured and rushed to hospitals, with
five listed in critical condition. Two women were run over by police cars.


Smugglers have recently killed at least 50 bald eagles
in Canada, and as many as 500 annually in southwestern British Columbia.
Smugglers sell the Eagles body parts on the black market  Man with two black suitcases may have
explosive at the Capitol Bldg in Wash DC.


The mother of one of Jackson’s accusers testified that
Jackson begged her at one point to allow him to sleep with her son, and after
she acquiesced, she received lavish gifts. The defense attorney asked her about
being counter-sued for extortion but she said she knew nothing about that, and
that they never paid Jackson any money. The woman said her son is now 25 and
she has not spoken to him in eleven years. Jackson stayed at the residence of
this lady and her son “more than 30 times.”The mother testified that they
stayed in “her son’s bedroom.”


It cost 700000 dollars to build that giant thermometer
in Baker CA or NV. At one point , shortly after it was built—it was knocked
over by high winds… so they rebuilt it reinforced with concrete. It was built
in 1991.


Man from China with no ID, had two black suitcases, was
asking to speak with President Bush… the police thought he might have a bomb,
took the suitcases, blew up one,,,discovered it was only a CD player.. the man
was arrested, and did not resist Oysters from Chesapeake Bay used to account
for half of the oyster harvest, but today only 3 percent are taken from the
Chesapeake. .. but new breeding experiments may increase the crop.


Mt. Thalang  in
Indonesia near where the tsunami hit is nearing eruption or at least highly
active or turbulent…

Andre Lopez Obrador—the mayor of Mexico City and
challenger to the President Vicent Fox in the upcoming election is in jail due
to a land dispute—and now says he wants to stay there. Mexico has just become
democratic in 2000 and this places in question the honesty of the intentions to
be truly democratic. Ariel Sharon from Israel is meeting with Bush at his ranch
discussing the upcoming planned withdrawal from the Westbank and Gaza Strip—21
settlements in Gaza and 4 in the West Bank. Pornography pioneer
Goldstein—founder of Screw Magazine after going from millionaire to being on
the street homeless.. and working at a bagel shop is now back in pornography as
a marketing director for XonDemand.Com—an internet pornography site.

Wisconsin is trying to pass a bill to allow the
shooting of wild cats—already allowed in Minnesota & South Dakota—they say
these cats kill millions of Song Birds every year. They kill up to over 100
million Songerbirds per year. A Beluga Whale was found in the Delaware River
near Trenton New Jersey—having had to swim past Philadelphia to get there. Mike
Tyson, 50-5-5 is going to fight Irishman Kevin McBride.. Tyson has lost his
last two The Mother of Michael Jacksons accuser pled the 5th amendment in
regards to welfare payments she received—the defense suggesting she committed
welfare fraud


April 14, 2005


Mother of the Jackson accuser testified that she
observed Jackson licking her son’s head on the flight from Miami to Los
Angeles. Man by the name Gerhard Haderer made a comic book about Jesus Christ
being a drinking buddy of Jimmi Hendrix and a marijuana smoking naked surfer
–the comic book was originally considered to be malicious public blasphemy and
the book was banned, and he was given a six month suspended sentence, but the
appeals court over-turned the decision saying it was not blasphemy


New bill to put a state tax on prostitution is being
proposed. Proposal to legalize killing of feral cats in Wisconsin is not going
to succeed said the governor .


Cloned cattle are found to be almost identical in terms
of meat & milk as the natural cows, but they haven’t tried eating them yet.


A Teacher, Linda Walker, age 48,  was jailed for six months for firing a
starters pistol at the ground to scare a few alleged teen vandals… she’s now on
a hunger strike, good for her. She described the kids as a “gang of yobs.” She
had received nuisance phone calls, her garden shed had been broken into, and a
car and a garden had been vandalized. Her husband


John Cavanaugh said her wife is refusing to eat and was
extremely disappointed she would not receive bail. She’s been in jail in
Manchester Crown Court since March 29 and is sentenced to six months. Rogers
Dept. Store in Wyoming MI is going out of business. Lord Shaftesbury was found
murdered, his third wife is a suspect. He was the 10th early of Shaftesbury,
his real name is Anthony Ashley–_________, found dead along the French Riviera
near Cannes.


Eric Rudolph pled guilty to the 1996 Olympic blast in
Atlanta—he appeared in two courts today… Atlanta & Birmingham…he confessed to
planting the nail bombs… which killed two people and wounded more than 150
others.  Under a plea bargain  to admitting guilty , prosecutors agreed to
drop the death penalty, and will be sentenced to multiple terms of life in
prison without parole. Rudolph  said that
the U.S. Government tolerance towards abortion was the driving force behind
three of the four bombings. He was on the run for five years before he was
caught in 2003. He said the 4th attack 
on July 27 was to “confound, anger, and Embarrassment the U.S.
Government in the eyes of the world for its abominable sanctioning of abortion
on demand”, saying Bush was a coward for failing to put an end to the practice.
He  expressed no remorse for the bombings
that exploded outside an abortion clinic in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in 1997 and
one in Birmingham .


Howard Sanderson, an off-duty police officer, was
killed in the explosion in Birmingham. Emily Lyons, a nurse was blinded and
disfigured…others suffered hearing loss & various injuries, after the Sandy
Springs blast. His distaste for gay rights was his rationale for the final
bombing –the 1997 explosion  at the
Otherside Lounge—a lesbian establishment in Atlanta Georgia. Some think that
persons in Western North Carolina helped him hide from the law for several
years, a strong anti-government area .


Prosecutors were afraid that the jury in Alabama, which
has a significant number of Christians opposed to abortion would not sentence
Rudolph to death—so they decided to bargain with Rudolph.


Two more car bombings in Baghdad.was sure she had it,
but police patted her down and said they could not find it—so he dialed the
number of the phone and sure enough—they heard a muffled ring of the cellphone
coming from the lady. They took her to the police station, did a strip search
and found it in her vagina.


Paris Hotel Fire kills 15. Sgt. accused of murdering
fellow soldiers in the beginning days of the Iraq War—by hand grenade—Akbar, a
Muslim, is suspected of having done so due to his Muslim loyalties –stronger
than his loyalty to his fellow soldiers and military oath  Mark Hacking inUtah pled guilty to the murder
of his wife–… they found a new dinosaur in Montgomery Alabama—gave the new
dinosaur the name Appalachiusaurus Montgomeriensus…


April 15, 2005


The Appalachian Lizard from Montgomery County

25 foot long creature roamed the earth two million
years before T Rex and was smaller and more primitive with a narrower snout.


A 75 year-old Virginia woman gets stuck in a bathtub
for five days—until somebody breaks down the door and finds her there. Jane
Formal couldn’t get out because of bad legs. Camel at Idaho Zoo gives birth to
a baby camel—zoo keepers didn’t even know she was pregnant. 13 police officers
in Milwaukee are facing discipline for beating up a black man at a police
officer’s party.


A whale-dolphin mix in captivity is giving birth to a
playful female calf. The calf was born on December 23 to Kekaimalu a mix of a
false killer whale  and an Atlantic
Bottle-nosed dolphin. It’s called a “Wolphin.” It is ¼ false killer whale  and ¾ Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin.


BTK killer apparently does not intend to plead guilty
says chief public-defender Steve Osburn. The accused killer is married with two
children and was president of the church council at his local Lutheran Church.
He worked for thirteen years as a code compliance officer for Park City, a
Witchita suburb. Celtics beat the Miami Heat 101-99 despite 34 points by
Shaquille O’Neal.


Prince Ranier of Monaco died—his  unmarried 
son Albert is the new prince. South Africa’s Bloenfontaine Zoo is trying
to persuade its star chimpanzee to kick a smoking habit. The chimp has been
picking up visitors cigarette butts and smoking them


Cardinals gathered in Rome for the conclave, conducting
an ancient ritual —the destruction of the pope’s fisherman ring and his lead
seal, two symbols of his authority. During John Paul’s 26th year
reign—countless pilgrims kissed the gold signet ring. On Monday 115 cardinals
under the age of 80 with the right to choose a new pope will file in solemn
procession into the Sistine Chapel. They will 
hold up to four ballots a day –two in the morning, two in the afternoon
until the elect the 265th pontiff in the 2000 year history of the church. They
will send smoke up twice a day—once at noon and once at seven pm. Black smoke
signaling no decision, white smoke—a new pope has been elected. The new pope is
chosen by a 2/3 majority, but if no one has been elected after 33 ballots the
cardinals can decide to move to an absolute majority or a runoff between the
two top contenders. Some people are betting on cardinal Joseph Ratzinger , age
78,  of Germany—a close aid of John Paul
II, as a front runner.


Democrats are counting on Gov. Schwaarzenaager poll
ratings going down—as the next election comes up.. Phil Angelides State
treasurer is intending on running for governor. Schwaarzenaager has received a
lot of criticism from the state teachers’ unions re. School funding,—his
performance rating has slipped to 55% down ten points since December 2004.
Schwaarzenaager also fought the state’s nursing union after he suspended the
bill which would have made California the first state to require a specific
nurse:patient ratio. He also retreated from plans to call for a special
election that would have reformed state pensions along the lines President Bush
is proposing for social security.


Assemblywoman Judy Chu said that people in this
state  have suffered from
Schwaarezenaagerphrenia a hypnotic disease in which no matter what Arnold says people
believe him. Attorney General Bill Lockyer has also announced his candidacy for
governor. Nonetheless, Arnold still has double digit lead over all others—and
only one incumbent has lost an election in the last 100 years.


Thailand is using pilots and planes and air warfare to
make it  rain—to combat the drought
conditions…they spray sodium chloride into the clouds , that’s stage one. They
have to create more clouds by forming a skeletal structure for water vapor to
cling on to. A few hours later pilots use a smaller aircraft to make a bumpy
run through the lower layers of the clouds and spray out dry ice to fatten the
clouds with greater humidity. In the final run, chemicals are sprayed to lower
the clouds temperature which is supposed to trigger rain. The drought has
damaged 5.2 million acres of farmland and has caused 190 million in economic
loss. They have a rainmaking center set up at Hua Hin where the kings palace is
located, 140 miles south of Bangkok,


April 17, 2005


They are trying to increase the moose population  in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—estimates are
that there are been 100 and 400 moose. They have shipped moose in from Canada
to try to jumpstart the population They say it is growing at 5 to 10 percent
per year.


Einstein was married twice…and seemed indifferent
toward his children while obsessed with physics. In March 1905 Einstein said
conventional physics described light as a wave and could not explain how light
could  knock electrons off>…Einstein  showed that light is made of tiny packets of
energy or quanta, that can behave like individual particles too. This duality
is the basis of quantum theory, a pillar of modern physics. It was so
paradoxical that even Einstein did not completely buy into it. In May he showed
how particles like pollen appeared to be independently moving in water are
being jostled by atoms and water that are moving chaotically.Einsteins
calculations confirmed the atoms existence and by extension  of the makeup of of chemical elements.


In June Einsteins paper on special relativity separates
him from the mainstream physics crowd. He considered gravity to be absolute
mass. Mass attracts mass. Its what makes gas and dust form stars and debris
form planets but Einstein sought to explain anomalies  in  is…
Scientists had concluded that light was just one of many kinds of  electro magnetic waves moving through an
unseen medium they call ether . The speed of light is always the same…Einstein
call the teenage dream of racing a light beam. According to the Physics of  his day he moved as fast as the light and the
beam would be stationery in space. Einstein. Said the speed of light is
constant at 186, 282 miles per second, but it will appear different according
to how long you’ve been there and how fast you’re traveling. For example clocks
on orbiting satellites run a bit slower because the satellites  are orbiting at 1700 miles per hour. They
have programs that help them align with clocks on earth. Suppose you are to
witness a star exploding into a super nova—the explosion occurred 1000s of
years ago but  it has taken that long to
reach you here.


In November Einstein published an extension of  special relativity regarding the conversion
of mass into energy. The mass of a body is the measure of its energy content.
In 1907 he abbreviated it to what would become the most famous equation in
science—E equals MC Squared. C2—or MC2 is such a huge number that even small
amounts of mass pack a ton of power. Each of these papers was a landmark in
physics says said University of Maryland physicist James Gates. And yet all of
his work in 1905  was a prelude to his
greatest composition—the theory of general relativity. Special relativity  was incomplete because it did not deal with
gravity. To Newton gravity was a constant absolute force—drop an apple and it
hits the ground. The planet traces a curved orbit because the sun’s
gravity  tugs at the planet. In  Einstein’s relative world matter warps the
time and space around it so the sun’s mass dents and distorts the space time
fabric curving the planet’s tragectory a reason that even particles of light, a
very tiny mass, should be effective in this way. In 1919 astronomers watching a
solar eclipse observed the light from a distant star being deflected by the
darkening sun’s mass, a few 100’s of a millimeter. General relativity laid the
foundation for all kinds of discoveries such as the “big bang” Expansion of the
universe and black holes. Did big bang really happen? Einstein described
relativity this way—put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like
an hour. Sit with a pretty gal for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s
relativity. Einstein had an affair with his German cousin Elsa Lowenthal. She
nursed him back to health in 1917 . He married two years later … second major
relationship—she died in 1936 when they were at Princeton. He died in April
1955. He had two children from the first relationship in Austria, but seemed to
be an unhappy relationship,  although he
gave the first gal the $36,000 he reciegved for the Nobel Peace prize.


Couple of amateur hockey players in Canada are going to
court to have them allow the Stanley Cup to be rewarded to any competitive
hockey league championship, given the NGL ws not played this yar. They claim
that Lord Stanley wanted the cup awarded to somebody in hockey every year. Is
there a professional womens hockey league?


The name of the two boys in the Columbine high School
shooting were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. 
…there were two suicides in the Columbine community after that shooting
and two kids were killed in a nearby sandwich shop in 2000. Columbine became a
tour bus attraction—with people coming by and snapping photos.


Johnny kelley died at age 97 after winning the Boston
Marathon twice and completing it 58 times. As they prepare for the 109th Boston
Marathon people feel his absence.


Centre County District Attorney Ray F. Gricar driving a
white mini Cooper was spotted Saturday in a parking lot across from an antiques
market—no sign of the prosecutor—he disappeared and nobody knows where he is.
No signs of foul play. Not far from Bucknell University Kasparov the Russian
chess champion was hit over the head with a chess board after signing it for a
presumed fan—who then said, “I think you ‘re a great chess player but I hate
your politics.” Kasparov is intending to run in the upcoming election for
president. I didn’t like their comment,


April 18, 2005


confirmed Sara Lunde’s body in the pond in Florida  Cardinals gathered in Rome for the conclave,
conducting an ancient ritual —the destruction of the pope’s fisherman ring
and his lead seal, two symbols of his authority. During John Paul’s 26th year
reign—countless pilgrims kissed the gold signet ring. On Monday 115 cardinals
under the age of 80 with the right to choose a new pope will file in solemn
procession into the Sistine Chapel. They will 
hold up to four ballots a day –two in the morning, two in the afternoon
until the elect the 265th pontiff in the 2000 year history of the church. They
will send smoke up twice a day—once at noon and once at seven pm. Black smoke
signaling no decision, white smoke—a new pope has been elected.


The new pope is chosen by a 2/3 majority, but if no one
has been elected after 33 ballots the cardinals can decide to move to an
absolute majority or a runoff between the two top contenders. Some people are
betting on cardinal Joseph Ratzinger , age 78, 
of Germany—a close aid of John Paul II, as a front runner.


Democrats are counting on Gov. Schwaarzenaager poll
ratings going down—as the next election comes up.. Phil Angelides State
treasurer is intending on running for governor. Schwaarzenaager has received a
lot of criticism from the state teachers’ unions re. School funding,—his
performance rating has slipped to 55% down ten points since December 2004.
Schwaarzenaager also fought the state’s nursing union after he suspended the
bill which would have made California the first state to require a specific
nurse:patient ratio.


He also retreated from plans to call for a special election
that would have reformed state pensions along the lines President Bush is
proposing for social security. Assemblywoman Judy Chu said that people in this
state  have suffered from
Schwaarezenaagerphrenia a hypnotic disease in which no matter what Arnold says
people believe him. Attorney General Bill Lockyer has also announced his
candidacy for governor. Nonetheless, Arnold still has double digit lead over
all others—and only one incumbent has lost an election in the last 100 years.


Thailand is using pilots and planes and air warfare to
make it  rain—to combat the drought
conditions…they spray sodium chloride into the clouds , that’s stage one. They
have to create more clouds by forming a skeletal structure for water vapor to
cling on to. A few hours later pilots use a smaller aircraft to make a bumpy
run through the lower layers of the clouds and spray out dry ice to fatten the
clouds with greater humidity. In the final run, chemicals are sprayed to lower
the clouds temperature which is supposed to trigger rain. The drought has
damaged 5.2 million acres of farmland and has caused 190 million in economic
loss. They have a rainmaking center set up at Hua Hin where the kings palace is
located, 140 miles south of Bangkok,


Bush said the retirement age may need to be raised as
one answer to social security problems Phone technology will allow users to
have something connected straight to their vocal chords—around their neck..
another one called “jawbone”… the purpose is to eliminate background noise but
the voice will be computer generated.. 
Researchers note that TERC cannot pick up fricatives i.e. the “s” sound
in English for example. Nor can it pick up “explosives”—the “p” sound in pit
for example. IT’s called capacitance… as a person speaks the tiny movement of
the vocal cords changes the collars capacitance.. two electro magnetic
resonance collars  …called the Advance
Speech Encoding Project.


William Jensen Cottrell former Cal Tech student was
sentenced to 8 years in prison for burning SUV’s & Hummers at a car
dealership in southern California. The kid begged for lenience saying “There’s
no way I’d ever  be involved in something
like this.” He cried, “I’ll never even j-walk again.” He’s only 24 years old
and was a doctoral candidate in the physics dept at the Cal Tech. Two
other  former Cal Tech students were also
apparently involved and fled the country. They traced Correl by the e-mails he
sent to the L.A. Times using an alias.


The District Attorney by the name of Gricar who
disappeared—his brother Roy disappeared under similar circumstances in May 1996
in Ohio—his body was found in a river—and it was ruled suicide. The D.A’s car
has been found by a Susquehanna River in Ohio


April 20, 2005


New pope elected—from Germany—calling himself Benedict
XVI. the reason why some popcorn seeds don’t pop is because their hulls are
defective. A popcorn seed needs to retain about 15% moisture in it’s center—but
if the hull is defective it cannot contain it.


April 22, 2005


Fidel Castro doubles the monthly minimum wage to
$10/mo.   Scott Macinnes set an Alaska
record this week by becoming the state’s first person to survive two bear
attacks. The 51 year old biologist was mauled during his early morning jog when
he met up with a brown bear and one or two cubs near his home in the Kenai
Peninsula in the town of Soldotona. Bangladesh woman, Shefali Begum has put up
one of her eyes for sale because she is so poor and has a 2 ½ year old


The new pope was briefly a member of the Hitler Youth
organization,but it was revealed that Hitler Youth was compulsory for boys of
his age at the time, and not voluntary. San Antonio police officer went to the
restroom and as he took his pants down his gun belt slipped and as he grabbed
for the gun it fired twice at the ground, one of the shots rebounded off the
floor and hit a person washing his hands in the leg—who was subsequently taken
to the hospital. Woman apparently dissatisfied with her haircut robbed a hair
salon at gun point, then shot at her stylists car, and used part of the money
to get a haircut elsewhere.


Julie Anderson, age 48, was booked for investigation of
1st degree robbery, 2nd degree malicious mischief. Jose Francisco Martinez
age19 got stuck in a chimney at a home in the Lake Tahoe area—as he was attempting
to go down the chimney to rob the house. He had to yell for help. The police
had to dismantle the chimney brick by brick to get him out, doing about $20,000
in damage to get him out.


Thirty years after Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge
64 year old Cambodian Bou Meing takes a trip down memory lane. He is returning
to Tuol Soeng, the high school which became Cambodias Auschwitz where 1000’s of
Pol Pot’s enemies were imprisoned and tortured before  being clubbed to death  in the Cheoung Ek  Killing Fields outside the capitol. Bou Meing
was one of the lucky ones who did not get killed. When the black clad Khmer
Rouge over ran Thnompenh on April 17, 1975 the sieged city’s’s residents
welcomed them with open arms hoping it meant the end of Cambodia’s civil war, a
tragic side show to the U.S. anti-Communist conflict in neigh boring Vietnam.


However, the real nightmare was about to begin—,
within hours of occupying the sleepy capitol nestled on the banks of the Mekong
and dripping in French colonial grandeur, Pol Pot started year zero  of one of the most violent social experiments
in human history.  Towns & cities
were emptied as the entire population was forced out into the fields. Some say
the population of Phnom Penh went from 2 million to 25, 200  in just 3 days. Those with softhands, spoke a
foreign language, or wore glasses were considered to be educated or bourgeois
and therefore enemies of Pol Pot’s peasant revolution. Even children were not
spared. The revolution was ended by Vietnamese troops in January 1979 after a
total of 1.7 million Cambodians, about 1/3 of the population were killed. To
this day no Khmer Rouge has ever faced justice for the atrocities.

The Wendy’s customer who said she found the tip of a
finger in her bowl of chili has been arrested … no further details yet


April 24, 2005


A man by the name of Elwood “Woody”  Norris has invented two new devices—one is
the air scooter—a personal air transportation device barely ten feet tall small
enough not to require a license, and also a “hypersonic” communication device
which allows a person to communicate individually to another person in a crowd
so that only the person at whom the devices is aimed can hear it—without the
need for headphones or earplugs… The Soyuz space capsule landed safely on earth


False Alarm—plane in restricted air space President
& V.P.  rushed to secure areas


April 29, 2005


The launch of the space shuttle has been delayed until
July 12. They want to make sure the gas tank is okay—won’t shed parts on lift
off .Missing Atlanta Jogger was a bride to be, no explanations yet.. but sounds
like they may have discovered some hair


April 30, 2005


The missing bride-to-be , Jennifer Wilbanks, showed up
in Albuquerque New Mexico. She said  he
was kidnapped but that the kidnappers released her because of the intense media
scrutiny, but  then admitted she had run
away, having gotten cold feet. Miami Heat are leading 3-0 in the playoffs.
Pistons are leading 2-1. Angels lost. Oil is below $50 for the first time in a
few months.  Pacers lead Celtics 2-1.


May 1, 2005


Car bomb in Iraq kills 25 Iraqis. Wounded 50. Three
persons arrested in regard to the Margarat Husan murder in Iraq. 3 boys lost at
sea for three days prayed that they would die rather than continue as they
were…they traveled over 100 miles in a sunfish sailboat. Runaway bride may be
charged afterall.  Miami Heat win
sweeping the series. Celtics Pacers tied at 2 games apiece.


May 2, 2005


Lindy England has pled guilty.. lowers her maximum
sentence to 11 years from 16 years.. they say her attorney  will introduce evidence re. Her mental health
which will probably reduce it to 2 ½ years max


May 3, 2005


Now they are saying that the guilty plea by Lindy
England is not going to be accepted… Attorneys for Michael Jackson are arguing
for a motion to dismiss. Over Lake Chapin and St. Joseph River. Car on Fire. I
should remark to Kevin & Julie that Andy’s neighbors don’t even know who
Andy is


May 6, 2005


Wizards beat Bulls 94-91, clinching the series. Tigers
are playing the Angels.


May 7, 2005


Bush is in Latvia. Giacomo wins the 131st  Kentucky Derby, a 50-1 longshot, ridden by
Jockey Mike Smith.  Bush is at a cemetery
on the Netherland/German Border… anniversary of the end of WWII and the victory
over Nazi Germany…poignant because I had just mentioned the lingering reality
of the War to Nivek a few days ago—the daily reminder from cemeteries and
monuments, among other things. .  A
cemetary in the Netherlands has 8000 U.S. soldiers buried there.


Two Teenage gals were detained for six weeks ina  detention center in Pennsylvania—suspected of
being recruits f or a suicide bombing plot. Prayer requires presence, prayer
requires presence…Suicide bombing kills 22 in Baghdad. Heisman Trophy Winner
Jason White went undrafted? He won the Heisman two years ago as a quarterback
for Oklahoma. He tried out for the Chiefs but they didn’t want him. World
Hockey Championship—Americans play Sweden next


May 11, 2005


Nolan Ryan pitched seven shut out innings. .. he’s 2-1
for the seasons so far… Five suicide attacks already today –killing 60 in Iraq.
McCauley Caulkin is scheduled to testify in the Michael Jackson trial…  The Capitol Bldg was emptied out today due to
plane scare. MCCauley Caulkin took the stand in the Michael Jackson trial.  Saying Jackson never touched him. .  Pistons beat Pacers  in the last game 96-81 and now  they are leading right now, second half….


May 14, 2005


Paris Hilton is going to do an ad for Carls Jr. Eric
Cooper around Houston Texas duped at least 9 women into marrying him under
pretense of being a  Navy Pilot , having
an MBA and  having inherited from his
mother .. L.A. police shot 120 rounds at 
an unarmed person—suspected of murder..some of the errant shots hit
houses.. four shots hit the suspect, Winston Hayes, one shot hit another deputy
in his bullet proof vest..the police appeared in plain clothes the next day in
court with their attorney Gregory Emerson to apologize.


Edmund Viesturs becomes one of only twelve persons in
the world to reach the summit of all the worlds tallest peaks.. He reached the
summit of Anapurna to attain his goal… of climbing all fourteen mountains that
are higher than 8000 meters.. The pilot, Hayden Jim Schaefer Jr,  who encroached the area over the White
House.. froze up after approached .. the student pilot had to take over Troy
martin who only had 30 hours of flight time had to take over,


Mark Geragos testified on behalf of Michael jackson
saying that he was concerned when hired that Michael jackson was being made a
mark–. The young gal seen in explicit poses on photographs taken in the Disney
area has been located. She was found and adopted by somebody else. The man who
coerced her into those poses (her guardian at the time) is now serving a fifteen
year prison sentence. T


The finger tip allegedly found in a bowl of Chili has
now been traced to a man in Nevada who gave it to the husband of the woman who
said she found it….no evidence that the finger had been cooked..


Tiger Woods misses the cut for the first time in 142
tournaments, seven years.. at the Byron Nelson Classic5 years.   Michael Ross was executed in New England
earlier today—the first to be executed in New England in


Ronnie Artest was suspended for an entire season for
his participation in the Pacers/Pistons brawl. Miami Heat win, despite Shaq
sitting out—Alonzo Mourning took his place… Kindergarten Teachers filmed having
sex parties in the nursery school in Romania—showing semi-naked women wearing
children’s carnival costumes while drinking, smoking, & playing sex games…
Couple in Romania –one by the name of Filip and his girlfriend Andrea Popescu
age 18 were so carried away in their sexual act—she was giving him oral sex at
the time—they crashed their car but despite having crashed and despite
concerned onlookers peering in to see if they were okay—they continued with
their sexual activity to completion. Dating service for celibates is now


May 16, 2005


Condoleeza Rice made a visit to Iraq. Monster-in-Law
with Jane Fonda is the top move at the box offices this weekend. It is her
first movie in fifteen years.  Newsweek
is retracting a story re the mistreatment of the Koran by American troops or
prison guards. They initially said that Americans had flushed Korans down the
toilet.  The alleged and now convicted
killer of Samantha Runion has been sentenced by a jury to death.


May 17, 2005


Using magnets for depression therapy. Pistons lead
Pacers 3-2.


May 18, 2005


Latinos make up 47 % of Los Angeles. Angloes make up
30%. Hahn loses the election to the Latino. 
In the Jackson case Jay leno is scheduled to testify on Monday.
Jackson’s young cousin testified that he saw the accuser and his cousin
sneaking a bottle of wine out of the kitchen. another cousin o M. Jackson
testified saying that he saw the accuser and his brother masturbating while
watching a show with naked women on it.. and also saw them stealing things


Governor of Illinois says he has “testicular verility”
meaning he is able to make tough choices. Camera found in underground tunnel
aimed up toward the streets purportedly to look up skirts. .. created a bomb
scare in New York. Workers find 193 year old whiskey bottle. New York court
tosses out a “forcible touching” charge concerning a man who touched a gal on
the bottom twice.


Woman cut her husbands penis.. he was brought to the
New London Family Medical Center. Waupaca County Circuit Court-.. Rijo
Jackson–, young cousin of Michael, said he saw the accuser and his brother
fondling themselves as they watched naked women on television. HE also
testified that he saw them stealing things .. including money belonging to a
chef as well as to Jesus Salazar, a ranch manager.


Also social worker Irene Lavern Peters said she met
with the accuser and his family during the time they  said they were kept captive and they praised
Jackson and denied any sexual abuse. Gal at a Roman Catholic high school in
Alabama became pregnant before graduation. She was allowed to graduate but not
to participate in ceremonies. So she walked in on her own and announced
herself. Her boyfriend and father of the baby was also a senior and was allowed
to walk.


Man by the name of Brown said he received divine
inspiration to start his company Zion Oil and is digging in Israel trying to
help them become energy independent. Since 1947 470 wells have been drilled in
Israel—none of them significant.. although they have discovered natural gas.


Flood in Alaska washes out road to the airport.. in
village of Emmonak.. the Yukon River is overflowing. .. the CIA killed Haitham
Al-Yemeni along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with a predator missile.. he
was one of the top al quaeda officials. They had been tracking him for a while.
.. but they feared he was going to go into hiding so they eliminated him. Anthropologistis
have done a study and determined  that
the color red is correlated with winning teams more than any other color.
Russel Hill and Robert Barton , of University of Durham in England did the


May 19, 2005


Photographer in China criticized for taking photos of
people who hit a pothole submerged under water.. the photographer waited for
the accident to happen.


May 20, 2005


Priscilla Owens , an appeals court nominee, is being
debated in congress..democrats plan a “filibuster” but now the Republicans are
considering declaring filibusters for appeals & supreme court nominees to
be illegal.. which the democrats are calling the “nuclear option.” Sports:
Spurs clinch the western conference semi-finals.  Pistons take on Miami Heat


May 21, 2005


Kay leterneaou, the former elementary school teacher
who was impregnated by one of her twelve year old students—after spending seven
years in prison she married the boy (now age 22) at a winery, and two of her
children from her first marriage attended, as well as the two that she has
begotten from her new husband.


New Study shows that animals may be more intelligent
than we think , especially pigs and lambs, but also cows—one study indicated
that they appeared to show excitement when they learned something new  Lady Bush faced protesters in Jerusalem and
in the Muslim temple she visited.. some of her guards had to create a ring of
held hands around her to keep the protesters at bay. Some of them were yelling
“Free Pollard!” Jonathon Pollard is an American Jew who was convicted of spying
for Israel and is doing a life sentence in prison. He was in the Navy.


May 22-24, 2005


870,000 government officials in China were convicted
for corruption in 2004. Police in Baghdad Brazil (not Iraq) under orders  from the court to destroy a squatters
village, ended up destroying the wrong village! A pond in Bolotnikovo, Russia
disappeared overnight sucking everything down with it.


Attorney Ron Miller 
of Van Nuys CA works as a pornography star at night with his gal friend
Brooke Hunter (her porn name*e. sen him 
a Bible.  They live in San
Fernando Valley—the “heart of America’s thriving porn industry” where he goes
by the name of “Don Hollywood”


Two bodies found on Mt. Ranier—Tim Stark age 57, and
Greg Stark age 27, –went hiking and a freak snowstorm hit—despite having tents
and sleeping bags their bodies were found without any indication that they had
tried to use them. .. She Xiangin in China was released from prison in
China  after eleven years because the
wife he had been convicted of killing suddenly appeared in the village.


Authorities had accused him of killing his bride—he
says he was brutally beaten for ten days by police shortly after she
disappeared—and he made a false confession which he later retracted. He was
sentenced to death by immediate execution but the court later decided there was
not enough evidence to support the death penalty. They say the “The police make
the meal, the prosecutors carry the meal, and the courts eat the meal”


Priscilla Owens won confirmation as conservative judge
in New Orleans. Jennifer Wilbanks will be indicted for false report of
kidnapping as a pretense for not going through with the wedding—she could get
up to six years in jail.


The Rivers are overflowing in southwest Colorado—where
I just was a few days ago, including the Animas River.  The defense rests in the Michael Jackson
case, last witness, Chris Tucker, the comedian. He said the mother seemed
“Possessed” .


United States has closed it’s diplomatic missions in
Indonesia—citing unspecified threats . The U.S. Has re-promised it’s pledge to
Indonesia of approximately 400 million—which is almost half of the entire
amount pledged—857 million to the countries affected by the tsunami.


Former Stamford police officer has been sentenced to 20
days in jail—Arthur Bertana—age 63 … he had a toy banana in his pants and
flashed passerbys in a lewd manner—his second arrest for lewd conduct. Former
dentist, John Hall,  convicted of using a
syringe to inject his own  semen into the
mouths of female patients has been sentenced to probation on seven assault
charges—but refused to plead guilty—although he admitted there is enough
evidence for a conviction in front of superior court judge Robert Ervin. Three
months house arrest and 120 hours of community service. DNA tests of syringes
confiscated from the dentists office show that they contained the dentists
semen. The cessna aircraft that inadvertently wandered into Washington D.C.
airspace was apparently within seconds of being shot down according to the
Washington Post.


Father of  the
two missing  Idaho children failed  a part of a polygraph test but is not a
suspect in the case. David Groene admitted 
in a TV interview that he lacked an alibi and failed a part of the lie
detector test. . Miami Heat beats the Pistons tying the series at 1-1.  Italian Parents wondered why their  son 
was still gaining wait despite being on a diet and it turns out he was
stealing the dog’s food. New medication for premature ejaculation called Dapoxetine.a
Jerry Rice has been signed by the Denver Broncos—his 21st season in the NFL.


The worst earthquake ever could happen right under
downtown Los Angeles—a newly discovered temblor on the Puente Hills fault..
could cause 18,000 fatalaties and 250 billion in damages


May 26, 2005


Iraqi Government plans to deploy 40,000 police &
troops around the city to form a human ring around the city. …with 100’s of
checkpoints.  Justin Nutbrown, age 13,
and his younger brother Joshua Nutbrown, age 11, along with Alison Hanson, age
11, were found dead in a river in Vermont. It appears that they all slipped in
and were defeated by the icy cold water. The Pentagon is making plans in case
North Korea continues to do nuclear tests.


Five journalists have been killed this year in the
Philippines. Fort DeSoto Park’s North Beach in Florida  near St. Petersburg received #1 of the top
ten beaches in the United States. San Diego’s Coronado Beach received #7.


Driver in Morganfield Kentucky was stopped for a
traffic violation at which point the police realized he had a suspended
license—leading to a 144 mile chase of the4 man in the 18 wheeler. Authorities
laid plastic spike devices in several spots—deflating most of the
tires—reducing the speed of the truck from 85 mph to 35 mph. He was riding on
the rims by the time he reached Williamson County. Then he tried to run but was


Study shows that pregnant mothers exposed.  to chemical called Phthalates will have a
greater chance of harm to their male babies reproductive system. They said this
would increase the odds by ten times that their sons will have a shorter than
expected distance between the anus and the base of the penis—the so-called AGD
measurement is a sensitive  indicator of
the impacts on their reproductive systems.


Carl Edward Roland , a murder suspect, climbed an 18
story crane in Atlanta yesterday and is still on top of it. Concerns about
mothers being held accountable for the beating or killing of their children by
their husbands—if they, the wife/mothers, don’t intervene, they themselves
could be convicted of murder or abuse.


When Governor Arnold denied parole to a battered woman
last week he underscored a message that courts impressed …increasingly giving
mothers that they  could be prosecuted
for murder and imprisoned if they fail to prevent  their 
children from being killed. Lilly (?) Smith,age 52, spent 44 years in
prison  for the murder of her two year
old daughter, Amy.


The parole board has declared her suitable for release
six times  since 1989  but the state governors have decided
otherwise. Smith was convicted of second degree murder in San Luis Obispo
County in 1980 and sentenced to 15 years to life after she did not stop her
boyfriend from fatally  beating Amy.


Whether Smith participated in Amy’s abuse was hotly
disputed at the trial. Prosecution argued that by not aggressively intervening
she condoned the violence.That Smith may have been a victim of domestic
violence is no defense Gov. Arnold said in his May 18 letter denying parole.
“Smith still poses an unreasonable threat to public safety”. Smiths’ situation
is not unique . Scholars and court dockets across the nation suggest that
during the past two decades mothers have increasingly been  blamed and prosecuted for not protecting
their children from harm. That includes women who have been victims of domestic
violence or have used drugs while they were pregnant. “That’s  the sense of the noose being tightened” said
Michille Overman, a Santa Clara University Law Professor and co-author of  the book , Mothers Who Kill their Children.
“We want to try to find some way to think we are protecting children” says
Benjamin Wolf, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union in
Illinois. “ Fixing social problems is too complicated” he says. “Blaming  the mother is the easy way out.”


Some prosecutors say women are merely being  held to the same standards as men. If we are
not going to hold the mother accountable then who is going to  be responsible for protecting  the child?” says Wendy McFarlane a deputy
district attorney in Ventura County, California. It is not always clear
precisely how many mothers are  being
prosecuted and convicted of failing to protect their children each year.


They are charged under a complex web of state laws which
are enforced differently in various jurisdictions. Nobody tracks the number of
prosecutions across the state. Overman and other legal scholars say there is no
doubt that prosecutions and convictions of mothers for children’s deaths are on
the rise. Anecdotal evidence from court dockets support this. In Lake County
Indiana the county  prosecutor is not
excusing Felicia Gordon for not intervening in the fatal beating of her son
George, age 7 in March. Gordon, age 27, of 
Gary Indiana was charged with murder after her boyfriend repeatedly hit,
punched, and kicked the boy to death. She admitted to police that she could
hear beating and screaming for ten minutes. Her attorney, Lemuel Stiegler, said
she stayed in another  room during most
of the incident because she was trying to protect  her other son,  a one-year old.


She said her boyfriend pointed at her  after the beating and threated to hurt her if
she called the police. If convicted, she could face more than 65 years in
prison. In a case this week, Arlene Haynes, 24, of Ulysses, PA , pled guilty to
child endangerment because she couldn’t stop her boyfriend from fatally abusing
her 2-year-old daughter, Serena, last year. 
Had a plea agreement not been struck , Haynes could have been sentenced
to up to seven years. Preventing harm can even include not doing enough to
prevent the child’s suicide.


IN Oct 2003, Judith Scruggs was found guilty of
contributing to her son’s suicide,…a Connecticut jury convicted scruggs of …
injury to a minor because she kept such a filthy home and allowed her son’s
hygiene to deteriorate so much that he was bullied at school. She received
probation . Same month the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a
South Carolina  mother convicted of
murder through an interpretation of the state’s homicide by child abuse law .
Regina McKnight was prosecuted for having cocaine in her blood when she was
suffering a still birth. She is serving twelve years in prison.


Mary Becker, an Illinois attorney involved in
protection cases says “Mothers are being treated differently under the law
because they are assumed to be the child’s natural protector. Father’s rarely
are charged” she says. In 1992, Illinois became the first state to consider
parents accomplices  to 1st degree murder
if they don’t protect their children. That’s when an appellate court upheld a
conviction of Kimberly Novi of Shiloh Illinois—saying although she may have
been battered by her husband and may have caused her step son’s fatal injury
her actions and inaction make her responsible for the child’s murder. She is
serving 30 years.


The following year Illinois prosecuted Kathy Cecil of
Wood River for the first degree murder of her two-year-old son, Michael. She
did not participate in his fatal beating and had repeatedly been punched,
choked, and raped by her lover for months. Cecil, now 31, was sentenced to 35
years in jail. Battered women do not get much sympathy  in these cases prosecutors say. Abuse of the
mother is irrelevant. It’s not an excuse for standing by and letting someone
beat your child to death. Says Terry Patton the state’s attorney  in Henry County, Illinois. Advocates of
battered woman say it’s not that simple. These women may be unable to help
because if  their husband or boyfriend is
beating  a child they are probably
beating the mother too.


That was happening in Linda Lee Smith’s case said her
surviving daughter Bethany McDermott said in an interview last week. She said
her mother did not intervene in Amy’s beating because she was paralyzed with
fear. She said Smith had been battered and sexually tortured for months by her
boyfriend David Foster who was convicted of 2nd degree murder and is still in
prison Her mother had been severely beaten when she tried to stop Foster from
harming McDermott … a few weeks earlier..standing back and not doing
anything  was horrible said McDermott,
age 29. But such a harsh punishment was not the right answer.


Three burned crosses were found in Durham, NC. That’s
where Sandra Vanderlinde lives.

Police were called in to stop a fight at Jefferson High
in Los Angeles. I’ve been there.


The murder suspect remains on top of the crane in
Atlanta  for the 3rd day now—the 31 year
old man quit his job as a software salesman, filed for bankruptcy, and talked
about moving to Las vegas. A Tennessee state senator has been placed under
house arrest for bribery


May 27, 2005


Paula Creamer, age 18, won her first LPGA tournament
…she’s already won $350,000 on the LPGA tour. Her nickname is Pink Panther.
Rascall Flatts kicked off the summer concert series in Bryant Park in mid-town


British engineers have invented the Indi pod—an
inflatable in car toilet powered by a cigarette lighter.. it inflates to an
area of four feet high and three feet wide—sufficient to accommodate two people
(how fun—go to the bathroom with somebody). Denice Williams suffered an
embarrassing 3rd round defeat by a 15 year old Bulgarian Spice Girls fan. The
Americans fortunes withered at the French Open on Friday. She lost to 98th
ranked Sesil Karantcheva…Woodpecker in Syracuse New York sees itself in the
mirrors of cars and pecks at them  as if
his reflection were an enemy bird—breaking several car mirrors.


An off-duty police officer  in Jersey City had to fight off a naked man
who jumped out of the woods wearing only a condom. John D. Kelly, age 39, a
vice-president for a New York banking corporation, surrendered to the police
eight days after the incident. The woman he attempted to accost happened to be
an off-duty police officer.


A police officer in Boulder, Colorado found marijuana
growing alongside some tulips at the Pearl St. Mall and pulled them. The author
of a book entitled Dying to Win  soon to
be released  about suicide bombers says
there have been thirteen suicide bomber campaigns over time … and of those
thirteen, seven  have produced success.


IN Lebanon in 1983, 241 Marines were killed by suicide
bomber driving a truck… subsequently Ronald Reagan withdrew  all military forces from Lebanon virtually
abandoning the country. The articles notes, however, that the victims of the
suicide bombings in Iraq have been largely Iraqi citizens, not U.S. soldiers ,
making it less potent to the war. … they also note that a lot of the suicide
bombers in Iraq are not from Iraq—says Bruce Hoffman of the Rand Corporation
,  a policy think tank, therefore the
suicidal bomber has less chance of becoming a famous martyr, which happens more
often apparently in Israel. ..There’s no “cult of the martyr” in Iraq. The
cause remains greater than the individual.


May 28, 2005


Interesting case about a couple by the name of Mark
& Linda Adanalian in Fresno, CA.. twelve years married, four children,
apparently had some sort of argument or arguments over time … and Mark was
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis… then suddenly, not too long ago, Linda just
collapsed and died. They said, subsequently, due to a post exhumed autopsy that
she died of selenium toxicity… but it was not initially investigated as a
potential homicide, but some friends & family of Linda say there were
indications prior to her death that he might have the desire and will to kill


Temperatures in Seattle are unseasonably high. Angels
win, beating the Royals in ten innings after being down 8-3 in the top of the
9th, allowing them to remain tied for first in the west. Minor league pitcher,
Rick Helling, a former ten year major leaguer, was impaled by a shard of a
broken bat in his non-pitching arm…NBA playoffs Phoenix-San Antonio,
Miami-Detroit. … former president Clinton visits a part of Sri Lanka that was
hit by the tsunami.


The Puente Hills fault that runs under Los Angeles has
caused quakes of 7.2 to 7.5 magnitude at least four times in the past 11, 000
years says the team at the U.S Geological Survey in the southern California
earthquake center at the University of Southern California. They say the next
quake from the Puente Hills fault is not a matter of if but when.


Voyager I has been on a 26 year journey from earth and
is getting closer to the sun, going through 
a region known as termination shock…but still some 8.7 billion miles
away from the sun, …now entering a section called the “helio sheath”…further
than twice the distance of Pluto—the furthest planet  in our system. Voyager I & II were launched
in 1977, on  a mission to explore the
giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. The pair kept going, however, and the mission
was extended. Voyager II went on to explore Uranus & Neptune… the only
spacecraft to have visited these outer planets. Both spacecraft are now part of
the Voyager Interstellar Mission … to explore the outer-most edge of the sun’s
domain. They are able to keep operating until the year 2020. Wherever they go
they carry a golden phonograph record which 
has messages from earth such as surf, wind, thunder, and animals…also
some musical selections,  spoken
greetings in 55 languages, along with instruments, instructions and equipment
on how to play the records.


Eddie Alberts—an actor in the show Green Acres died at
age 99. Oliver Stone, film maker, was arrested for DUI and drug possession in
Los Angeles.MSNBC local edition says that there have been bear sightings in
West Michigan. Manar Maged , an Egyptian baby, was born with two heads—doctors
successfully separated the second head and the baby has been discharged from
the hospital.


John Ford, State Senator of Tennessee—one of
Tennessee’s most powerful political families has been placed on house arrest …
member of senate for 30 years.. charged with taking payoffs and threatening to
kill a witness.. brother Harold Ford served 11 years in Congress.. during his
tenure in Senate.. Ford lost paternity law suits, gave a political job to a
girlfriend, used campaign money for his daughters’s wedding, and was
successfully sued for sexual harassment, … Ford and other lawmakers took $92,
000  to usher e-cycle bills through
congress. Ford himself is accused of taking $55, 000. ..


Junior Allen—spent 35 years in prison for stealing a
black & white TV set.. now age 65 he has been released.. having watched
persons convicted of murder, rape, and child molestation come and go before
him. In North Carolina. IN D. C. rolling thunder rally—POW MIA situations..
benefits for veterans


May, 29, 2005


Heat beat Pistons. Lead series 2-1. Shaq had 28 points
and was 8 for 12 from the foul line at the Palace. He also had five assists.
Coach Stan Van Gundy took him out in the first quarter despite his
protestations.  The final score was
113-104. Small plane crashed –pilot in serious condition—rescuer died after
falling off back of  pick up truck on way
there. Article re. Cotton picking in Uzbekistan. Govt. prevents privatization.
“Million Dollar Baby” was about female boxing—and in India Muslim women are
getting into it.


The thawing of the permafrost in Alaska—is going to
change things—the methane released—will accelerate  the greenhouse effect.. Dan Whelden won the
Indy 500, the first Brit to win the Indy since 1966. The female race-Danica
Patrick came in 4th. Angels beat Royals.


Mo Cheeks hired as 76’ers head coach. Cheeks was four
time all-star, fifteen seasons, led Sixers to championships over Lakers in
1983. He played with Dr. J. and Moses Malone. Cheeks was fired as Portland
Trailblazers coach after four years there and leading them to their fourth
highest win title in Blazer history but he was plagued by his players who had
drug problems. … two teens kill homeless man “for fun” in Daytona Beach.


May 30, 2005


Pistons beat Heat, series tied at 2-2. Scott Moody on
the Ohio Farm killed  grandparents,
mother, and two friends before himself.. his sister was shot in the neck and is
in the hospital. A dozen male students in the Philippines stripped off their
clothes in the civic center in the Philippines.. to protest educational


Rev. Keith Kimber at St. Johns Rectory Church in the
city of Cardiff had a hot spot hooked up in his church so that parishioners can
surf the web during the service or send an e-e-mail. He says he has no problem
with it. That’s in Wales. Dean Craig 36 year old man set his own home on fire
in order to get two visitors to leave.



Flash floods kill 250 in the Philppines , Quezon
province.  Yale fans Ken Jennings,
Jeopardy champion finally lost. Dianna Deetric Berns is subject to excessive
force by Atlanta police and it is caught on video at the airport. Officer
Clarence Alexander was the instigating officer, seven other officers arrived
thereafter. The district attorney was Bob Keller, Berns attorney is Steven
Lister. : Airplane attempting to make first round the world nonstop ,
non-re-fueled flight


June 1, 2005


Deep Throat has been revealed as Mark Felt, age 91,
second in command at FBI at the time, passed over by Nixon to take J. Edgar
Hoovers places. , Oxytocin is a chemical released during sexual intimacy,
causes people to be more trusting. Resort in Starkenberg… Austria’s Tryol
region has filled 7 13 foot long pools with beer.. they claim it helps heal
skin diseases some drink it as they swim..


June 2, 2005


Closing arguments begin today in the M. Jackson case.
Jennifer Wilbanks, Runaway Bride sentenced to community service and
probation,  Buddy Bell hired to manage
the KC Royals next year.


Miami Heat win over the Pistons to make it 3-2 . Shaq
had 20 points. George Mikan former NBA star—former Minneapolis Lakers player
died today. He was the first big man to dominate the sport at six foot ten
inches. When they came to New York in December (1949), the Madison Square
Gardens said Mikan v. Knicks …College basketball started the goal tending rule
because of him. The NBA  doubled the
width of the free throw lane because of him. . When Lakers  lost to the Fort Wayne Pistons in 1950 .. it
was the lowest scoring game in NBA history 
19-18… because of the stalling tactics in that game.. the 24 second
clock was started. Shaquille O’Neal said he wanted to pay for the funeral,
apparently he had been friend with Mikan and he said that without Mikan there
would be no Shaquille. .. Mikan’s surviving son said he appreciated the offer
but said it was up to his mother whether or not she would accept it.


Over 80 persons were rescued off a Costa Rican island.
…after sending a message in a bottle asking for help.. they had been on the
island for ten days after their boat sunk and their rescuers came within 24
hours of the bottle being sent


Three infant bodies found in freezer in Austria—body
parts cut up. Woman confessed to killing them for fear they would drive her
male partner away and because of mounting bills. Red Tide in New England is one
of the largest ever , causing shellfish to be unsuitable for eating.


The Akiane Kramarik.. 
“God gives me the ideas I just paint them” she says. Her paintings fetch
1000’s of dollars says the article. 
Teenager Natalie Holloway from Alabama has disappeared in the island of
Aruba.. so far nothing has shown up. Rubbish in the road at Coyote Creek Golf
Course. Gal from Alabama was 18 years old—an honors student from Mountain Brook
High School in Birmingham. Bags ready to go, full ride scholarship to
theUniversity of Alabama.. pre-med. Three men said they took her to the tip of
the island and back to the hotel but security doesn’t show them on camera


Rich DeVos has announced he will run for governor. He
is the son of Rich DeVos Sr., the Amway Founder Snoop Jackson writes an
interesting article about Shaqulle O’Neal. Addressing the notion of him being
overrated but then he reverses and concludes with high praise for the Shaq.
Shaquill once referred to Kobe Bryant as an Uncle Tom on a radio talk show.
Snoop Jackson Resides in Chicago—two children..


David Toms hit a hole-in-one in the Memorial Golf
Classic in Dublin Ohio. The first Good Year Blimp was  named Pilgrim and was launched on June 3,
1925. Today Goodyear has four blimps—three in USA and one in Brazil.


Car crashes over bridge barricade—killing five male
adults. No skid marks. King City is a well kept town—industrial town of some
sort—big plant or factory.


Sports: Dwayne Wade sat out game six of the
Pistons-Heat series—which the Pistons won. Gas is back up to $2.57. No clues to
whereabouts of missing Idaho Kids,  Dylan
and Shasta Groene. They say the NBA may have a lockout next season if they
can’t come to an agreement. ..


June 5, 2005


Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan has allegedly claimed 180
million lives. They say it is one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
Sheik Musa Hallal is claimed to be the one responsible for a lot of the deaths
in Sudan and is on a list of most wanted by the U.S. –with recommendations that
Sudan arrest him. But that appears unlikely—given ABC News interviewed him
openly at none other than the police club. Anniversary of Tianhamen Square
Massacre 16th anniversary commemoration..


The Mars Rover Opportunity was stuck in soft sand for
several days.. finally got it to break free. Both rovers are still operational
on Mars. Spirit& Opportunity.


Arrested two men 
re. The missing Alabama gal in Aruba. .. they found a bloody mattress
but it has been eliminated as having to do with missing gal. They have arrested
two security guards.. and have requested a diving team. 


160 Whales stranded on beach in Perth Australia
..closer to the town of Busselton.. ESPN televised the Spelling Bee this year.
Two movies made about Spelling Bees: “Bee Season” with Richard Gere and the
other “Spellbound” –an Oscar Nominated documentary  film about eight competitors in the 1999
spelling bee, including the winner. .. Several 
European countries led by Australia are planning to protest Japan’s
endeavor to expand it’s whaling industry—wanting to increase their take.


Eric Wang—owner of a Tiawanese restaurant.. in which
the food is served in miniature toilet bowls.. the name is Marton which means
toilet in Chinese.. urinals decorate the wall , and you sit in toilet lid
seats.. 80 year old woman by the name of .. Vera Tursi was arrested for being
the ringleader of a prostitution ring.. as best as I can tell in Newark New


Paris is trying to win the 2012 Olympic games..

Missing Alabama Teenager in Aruba  was last seen on May 30 after attending a
concert featuring “Boys II Men”…and Lilian Hill on Sunset Beach in Aruba.. 3rd
Annual Soul Beach  Music Festival… 8000
attended …she then ate at Carlos & Charlies Bar & Restaurant..


Red Delicious pack the most potent anti oxidant punch,
Northern…#2 , Cortland #3, Gold Delicious #5, Macintosh & Empire..the skins
of the apples have more antioxidant.. people turned out for a confederate
memorial service.. singing dixie.. under a rebel battle flag.. confederate
monument.. to the east . protesters voiced their disapproval by marching
outside the Missouri Governor’s Mansion—Jefferson City (aha)


Governor Matt Blunt allowed a one day flying of the
flag at the request of a group.. ..the commemoration took place in
Higginsville. Missing Texas A&M Student.. Brandy Stahr –who disappeared in
Oct. 1998… has been found… working at Sams Club in Kentucky—did not want to be
found. She’s now age 27… she left after she got in an argument with her family
and the family stopped paying for her student bills. She’s been working under
her real name and social security # but police were unable to locate her
because they do not have access to IRS records (they could get them with a


Babe Ruth contract selling the Babe from the Red Sox to
the Yankees is going on auction at Sotheby’s. Assemblyman Craig Stanley from
New Jersey wants the New Jersey Devils hockey team to change their name saying
their name has satanic implications. Stanley is a Baptist deacon. The Devils
say, however, that the name of their team comes from a 1982 fan naming
contest.. and “devils”  comes from the
mythical Jersey  devil  not the Christian symbol of the
anti-Christ  (according to Weird New
Jersey’s Travel Guide to  the State’s
Most Offbeat Attractions)…the mythical jersey devil with batlike  wings and over-sized claws   was said to terrorize Pine _____ dwellers in
the 18th century after being born the 13th child of a south Jersey family and
morphing into  a dinosaur-like beast. The
owner of the Devils is Jeff Vanderbeek and he apparently stands opposed to a
name change.


Former  New York
Mayor Rudy Guiulanni  is talking about
starting  a new hockey league if the NHL
continues it’s lockout. Called the International Hockey Association.. would
rely  on Guilanni’s New York Consulting
Co.  to raise up to 5 billion in seed
money.  Julia Ceasar Chavez has a career
record of 106-5-2 with 88 knockouts..planning on returning to Staples in LA ..
with his son, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. if Sr. wins there may be an adios II. Jr.
is 18-0 with 14 knockouts. Storms in southeast Michigan knocking lines down.
Flooding in Southern China has killed at least 200 people, 79 still missing.
Hunan province hit hard. 37 killed after landmine hits bus in Nepal planted by
suspected communist rebels …


Interview with Brad Pitt by Diane Sawyer at ABC.. he
said he doesn’t like all the focus on him he’s concerned about death in
Africa.. open to adopting children. Anything to get focus off myself why people
should listen to him I’m not sure they should he says.


Mark Hacking—the Utah man who confessed to killing his
wife while she slept, gets six years to life for his crime, the maximum allowed
by Utah law. 91-year-old woman beats off a purse snatcher  chasing him away—they get the license plate
number and arrest him (England). Off Duty police officer in Charleston NC sees
his stolen car being driven and apprehends the suspects. Peanuts Cartoon
creator Charles Schultz lived in Santa Rosa until his death a few years ago at
the age of 77. The town is decorated with Charlie Brown statues, one of which
was stolen yesterday.


June 7, 2005


Volcano in Ciuddad Guzman (Guzman City) in Culima
Mexico is showing some activity. Isabel Dupe , age 36, was killed by a grizzly
bear  55 miles east of Calgary Canada
while jogging.. this was a bear that had been removed from a neighborhood for
threatening people only eight days earlier–, the bear was subsequently tracked
and killed. Tommy Hook was beaten up at a bar , apparently in regard to some
whistleblowing he did at the Los Alamos Lab (left with broken jaw)


Professor Benjamin Brenner  writes in the Journal of Thrombosis and
Haemostasis that Jesus probably died of blood clot  that reached his lungs rather than blood
loss. … Sicilian Court condemned road authorities on Monday for suspending a
driver’s license because he was gay.


A court on the Mediterranean Island said that being gay
was merely a personality disturbance which had no bearing on his ability to
drive. ..Article about racism around the world. … in Brazil still a lot of
racism they say. …sometimes when  they
advertise for prospective employees they say they want persons with “good
presence” which is a veiled way of saying “white.”


Vicente Fox , president of Mexico, blundered, in saying
that “Mexican immigrants do jobs that not even blacks want to do in the United
States”. .. article by Lorraine Arlende (Mexico City), Edwardo Orozco (Lima
Peru), Larry Millikan (La Paz),  Louise
Egan (Buenos Aires) (YAHOO News).


Republicans are fighting back in Hollywood—they say
Star Wars VI includes a veiled insult about George Bush. And other
films—Republicans are starting their own film production studios such as
American Pride Film Group (APFG), Right Side Video,


Republicans not only yearn for equal access in film
making …in the famously left-leaning Hollywood, but also considers themselves
at war against the hostile left-leaning majority in the industry, even  organizing groups such as Hollywood Congress
of Republicans, which sponsors luncheons at which celebrities including Ben
Stine and Morgan Brittany offer  moral
support for like-minded political minority. They are tired of being mocked by
the Industry. _______Rhoads. who played title role in compilation “Mother Goose
Treasury” is writing a book about being conservative in Hollywood…


She tells stories such as about the time she was on a
TV Network show-the producer yelled “Anybody who votes Republican is fired.”
..and says that if she said the same thing about homosexuals there would be
lawsuits. ..they are set to hash on their differences on June 21 at the Level
One Restaurant in Los Angeles,  an event
sponsored by …New Hollywood Conservative Forum. …asked for examples of
Hollywood’s liberal slant…he goes on endlessly—the uptight preacher in the  1984 movie “Footloose”…a conservative  American town so juiced up it outlaws
dancing…a character representing a U.S. Marine 
in 1999’s “American Beauty” is portrayed mostly as a homophobic lunatic.


Communism is lionized in movies such as 1981’s “Reds”
and 2004 “Motorcyle Diaries” …employees 
always come off as heroes such as in 1979 ”Norma Rae”… the system is
always evil 1987’s “Wall Street”, 1987’s “Dirty Dancing” extols the virtues of
abortion, 1990’s “Pretty Woman” 
glorifies prostitution. ..and Brian De Palma’s classic ’76 horror film
“Carrie”—Carrie is made a geek by the mother’s over-protectiveness and
wackiness, , derived from religion , specifically Christianity.


They also mention 
that no Hollywood executive today is willing to greenlight a movie that
portrays extreme Islamists as the enemy, although  some point to 1994 “True Lies”  which portrays none other than gov.
Schwaarzenaager going head to head with crazy Jihads.. but they say that’s
a  practical decision, not political—more
due to fear for their life than anything else.. 
in London. Father and Son in Lodi, California—south of Sacramento were
arrested on suspicion of having terrorist affiliations.


Actor Russel Crowe apologizes on David Letterman for
throwing phone at concierge. Surfer may have been bit by great white shark off
coast of New Jersey (or sand  bar shark).


Two pilots, Dennis Cloyd and Christopher Hughes, were
arrested for drunk operation of a commercial airplane July 1, 2002 as their
Phoenix bound jet was pushed back from the gate… they had drunk fourteen beers
between them the night before, six hours before their flight was to depart.
Both in jail until July 20 for sentencing. They could get up to five years in


Previously unknown Aria by German composer Johann
Sebastian Bach has been discovered in eastern town of Weimar—one of the few
surviving pieces from Bach’s early period. Substitute teacher is accused of
choking a 12 year old boy until he lost consciousness in an experiment to see
how long it would take to reach unconsciousness… at John Marshall Elementary
School.. in Dorchester Neighborhood (in Boston?)..


University of Michigan wins womens softball
championship, beating UCLA in ten innings in Oklahoma City. The son of former
Soccer star, Pele, was arrested for drug trafficking admitted a teary-eyed
Pele, in Sao Paolo Brazil—the son was a second string goal keeper for eight years
for Santos, Pele’s former club. He retired in 1999. That same year he was
convicted of vehicular homicide while participating in a road race that killed
a motorcyclist. He was sentenced to six years of work release.


Tangipahoa Parish School District—near Baton Rouge LA,
people are very sincere and committed to prayer and Bible teaching in the
public schools. They have violated court orders telling them to stop, and now
It may go to the Supreme Court. 2100 journalists have credentials to cover the
Michael Jackson trial, but not all are there every day.


Tommy Hook , age 52, originally contended he was beaten
for whistleblowing at the Los Alamos Club, now police say it was not related to
whistle blowing but that  he backed
into  a pedestrian while leaving  the club. And then they beat him up. Hook
sticks to his story, along with his wife and lawyer. This is an obvious frame
job—get him to come to a disreputable place , cause a controversy, and then try
to make him look bad, by association,  in
the press. Woman hostage, Italian Clementina Cantoni, age 32, held by
terrorists in Afghanistan has been released in Kabul, unharmed. Ex –forest
ranger was trying to show kids in a classroom how to  light a fire without matches—the gunpowder
sparked, the school had to be evacuated and the ranger was taken to the
hospital with burn injuries.


Two gal cousins hit a hole-in-one on the same hole,
consecutively,  at Chenango Valley State
Park Women’s Golf Association. Former Stripper Diana Hampton, age 39, has been
elected to the municipal court in Henderson, NV as a judge beating her opponent
by 176 votes. She acknowledges she worked at a Las Vegas strip tease club in
order to work her way through college 14 years ago.


 Man held in Jail
at LAPD”s 77th St. Station on suspicion of robbing a homeless man, dug a hole
in the jail wall  and escaped. Spurs beat
Pistons 84-79, game one of championship series. Plan to shoot a bullet , a big
copper bullet into a comet on July 4 by NASA’ s Deep Impact probe , impact at
152 a.m. est  which is 1052 pm pst on 4th
of July.


Thirteen L.A. sheriff’s deputies will be disciplined
for firing about 120 shots at an unarmed driver last month. One will be
suspended for fifteen days, others less, some only written reprimands.


Gov. Arnold is trying to pass a bill that will make it
harder for teachers to get tenure—from two years to five years.  And give governors vast new powers to cut
spending. And  To strip legislatures the
ability to draw their own districts. He says “I have faith in teachers and
nurses but not their unions.” Part of Arnold’s three year plan—first stop the
bleeding, 2nd heal the patient, 3rd rebuild California. #4 run for re-election
in 2006 ?He didn’t say.


June 10, 2005


Calcium Chloride flaker plant here at the turn off towards
Joshua Tree.  Still no sign of missing
Alabama gal. Tropical Storm . Kim Peek was the subject of the movie “Rain Man”
–Kim Peek was an autistic savant. Another story here about an autistic savant
–they can do incredible intellectual things—reciting pi for five hours, for
example, but often an inability to do basic things—this one can’t walk without
being conscious.. can’t go to the beach –too many pebbles to count. It bothers


Now they are saying in story about Missing Alabama gal
that she met a Dutch teen at one point and was kissing him at one point in the
car.. they said they dropped her off at the hotel—she refused assistance from
Dutch escort.. she stumbled, and they said they left as they saw a security
guard approaching her. They say some security guards patrol the area looking
for women as prey.


British bus company is testing a new secret weapon—to
reduce polluting emissions—sheep urine, a stage coach has fitted a bus  with a tank containing the urine, sprayed
into the exhaust to reduce emissions, as reported by

Ananova’s Quirkies. Phil Jackson is considering a
return as coach to the Lakers—he is represented by Todd Musberger, brother of
ABC’s Brent Musberger—a commentator.


June 11, 2005


12, 000 university students in N. Korea have been
ordered into the rice fields—universities are closed until food crisis is over.
They also claim to have a nuclear bomb or bombs but wont say how many.
Frenchman by the name of Alain Robert calling himself “spiderman’ scaled a 62
story skyscraper using only his bare hands. He got to the top where police
officer were waiting for him. They checked his passport but did not arrest him.
He has previously scaled Taiwan’s Taipei 101—the world’s tallest bldg—it took
him four hours because it was raining. 1679 feet. He’s also climbed Malaysias
Pedrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State


Mike Tyson loses fight to Kevin McBride in 6th round..
Bride is 6 foot 5 weighs 271, Tyson weighs 233—Tyson was the heavy favorite.
Laila Ali daughter of Muhammad won the fight—the undercard of the Tyson
fight—she remains undefeated first woman to win WBC title.


Larry Brown coached the Spurs from ’88 to ’92. At the
time Gregg Poppovich, now the Spurs head coach, was Brown’s assistant. Spurs
have won two titles since then: in ’99 and in ’03. Condoleeza rice played a
piano duet with a young person who had a disease then played some of her
own—she originally planned to be a concert pianist.


Article about use of Video Tape against Police: ABC  “Some Turn to Video Tape to Challenge Police”
.. Last Summer NY City police were faced with 100’s of 1000’s of protesters
planning on protesting the GOP convention at Madison Square Garden. By the end
of the convention week the NYPD had made 1806 arrests.  Ten months later, just 170 people have been
convicted  or have entered  guilty pleas. While many cases continue to
wind through the court system, many potential prosecutions have been dropped.
Some of them because of video taped evidence.


People with video cameras such as Dennis Kyne.. came
from California  planning a whole week of
protesting against the GOP. ON the 3rd day he and dozens others were arrested
in front of the New York Public Library. 
Kynde said that before the police moved 
in “It was totally harmonious. Everybody was assembling peaceably[sic]
and congregating quietly” He also noticed that “There were a lot of people with
video cameras. A lot of people taking pictures.” That came in handy when Kyne
was arrested  for alleged rioting and resisting
arrest because it turned out that at least one documentary filmmaker’s camera
was aimed at him. She documented that at this particular parade there …all the
way to the time when the police pushed me down to the  ground and accused me of acting violently,
inciting a riot, and resisting arrest.” The tape,  part of a large archives collected by the
National Lawyers Guild, a civil rights 
group that monitored the protests, showed Dennis Kyne shouting  insults and getting into police officers
faces, but nothing worse than that. The tape showed  no trace of the official arresting officer,
an absence that led authorities to 
dropping charges against Kyne. The incident is still under investigation
by the NYPD which refused further comment. Police video—the officer  could show up on police department videos of
the event because there are plenty of them.


Video coverage of public events has been standard
operating procedure for the NYPD since the year of what then police commission
Ben Ward  called the police riot in
Tompkins Square Park. Miami Police Chief John Timoney was a mid-level NY City
police officer when  demonstrators  and police squared off. “Around midnight all
hell broke lose. There was a rapid mobilization from every precinct within
New  York City.  A lot of confrontations were caught on
videotape.” From that day forward  more
and more protesters were armed with these video cameras. Timoney added “to the
point where now  a dozen years or so
later it’s very hard to find a protester without a camera. And the police are
very aware of that.” And they are ready with camcorders of their own.


After Tompkins Square Park “I think all bets were off”
Timoney said …protesters were going to get cameras to show their side  and 
police thought  they ought to have
cameras to show their side of the event. Unfair edits? Sometimes when cameras
take sides justice gets short-changed. Attorney Robert Anello successfully  defended a native american protester charged
with attacking NY state police during a demonstration on the Onondaga
Reservation near Syracuse in 1997, a demonstration the police had videotaped.
The police video couldn’t  make things
happen that didn’t happen but certainly avoided certain of the scenes, Anello


Fortunately, for Anellos’ client a local news
organization camera saw things that the police camera did not. The police who
said that they  were not using batons
were using batons quite liberally, Anello said. At trial it was pretty apparent
that the difference between what police weren’t showing and what the media was
able to catch on  tape, before the
cameras were removed made the difference between the charges and ultimately the


Brian McNamara who teaches future police officers,
prosecutors, and defense attorneys at 
John Jay College in New York City believes video tape can bring better
justice. “ I think police officers always have to keep in the back of their
mind that anything they do—anytime they are out on patrol is subject to being
videotaped” McNamara said. “I think it is a step forward. It is kind of a trite
saying, but a picture is worth a 1000 words” 
but still the bottom line is that the jury can see it. And make their
own determination.”


Acquitted by Video—Alexander Dunlop said he was just
walking out to eat when he was swept up in the demonstration and arrested.
Police charged him with a whole laundry list of misdemeanors. It would have
carried up to a years sentence if I was convicted of all the charges.
Prosecutors told Dunlop and his attorney Michael Conroy they had him dead to
rights on NYPD video tape. “I was told by the DA’s office  on several occasions that this was the
complete unedited tape” Said Conroy. But it turned out it wasn’t.  The tape that prosecutors planned to use was
an edited version.  It left out images
that supported Dunlops story, and undercut police  claims that he had been resistant.


Again , the National Lawyers  Guild tape collection saved an innocent man.
And again authorities said they cannot comment on the way the police and
prosecutors handled the evidence because the case is under investigation. “I’m
certain there are people out there who were arrested” Conroy said, “who are
still being prosecuted in this case  who
are absolutely innocent, who don’t have the video tape to prove it”


But Miami Police chief Timoney says that video cameras
help the officers too by reminding them that at any moment the world could be
watching. Timoney said “This generation 
of protesters tend to be much more restrained than their parents or
grandparents..maybe in part because they too want to look better  on video tape.” ABC News’ David Marash
contributed to this story on June 7, 2005 on Nightline


Tornado  damages
22 homes in Wisconsin. Slept outside Redlands Ranch last night at 1721 Colton
Ave. Colton & Dearborn, Here’s the University of Redlands.

11th anniversary of the murder of Ron Goldman and
Nicole Simpson. Indonesian president gave the entire country access to his cell
phone as a gesture of good will, but the line crashed because of so many calls.
Rain Queen of Africa dies at age 27.Woman in Pennsylvania wins million dollar
lottery twice in the same year. Baby alligator found in the backyard of a Napa
Valley home.


June 14, 2005


Jacksons’ attorney says Michael will no longer allow
kids in his bedroom. Mesereaux.


Sean Penn,  the
actor, age 44, is working for the san Francisco Chronicle in Iran as a reporter
covering the presidential elections. Eagle 
with fish in its mouth flies through a picture window of a home in
Alaska, .. and after a few stunned moments flies back out. The woman inside
hears a crash, finds a fish carcass and broken glass all over the place and has
no idea what just happened, not seeing the bird. Not until a neighbor comes by
who observed it does she find out. She initially thought somebody threw a fish
carcass through her window.


Teen charged with battery  after intentionally vomiting on his Spanish
teacher at the Olathe Northwest High School .

Court police officer (bailiff) leaves her gun, a 44
caliber Glock pistol,  in the restroom
inside the  Binghampton courthouse, in
Broom County.


Philippines president Gloria Arroyo is one of the most
unpopular presidents ever, after only being in office a year or so. Leatherback
turtles are facing extinction because of the loss of one of their few  (one of four)nesting grounds following the
tsunami, which washed out the beach on the Nicobar Islands. They have very
important qualifications for nesting beaches. 
Galathea Beach on Great Nicobar has virtually been washed away. Pistons
beat Spurs at home. Phil Jackson is returning to coach the Lakers, Disney world
in Orange County Florida? Now they are searching the home of the Dutch Teen in
Aruba in regards to disappearance of Alabama gal.


Florida city is using cell phone tech to pay for parking—they
give the meters a number—you call it in—the charge begins when you tell it to
and stops when you return. Arrested 14 times and spent 5 months in jail, and
now he plans to do it again with his gal friend Melanie Roberts. Mike Tyson
says he will retire now ending with 50-6 record, lots of knockouts early in his
career, the biggest one against Michael Spinks in 88 seconds.


Plane crashes near Yuma AZ,–one of those that can take
off like a helicopter and then fly like a plane. Four bombs on board. Nobody
killed, but the pilot was injured, several homes damaged.


June 16, 2005


Four Keller High School cheerleaders were sent home
early from summer camp after allegedly putting human feces on a pizza and
trying to frame rival cheerleaders for doing it. Former Holly Hill Police
officer, Mark Wright age 36,  charged for
making deals with female  traffic
citation recipients –he would let them go if they stripped for him In July ’99
and  December 2004, Wright initiated
traffic  stops on women who were driving
under suspension. He allowed them to drive to the police station, …once inside
he offered to drop the charges if the women allowed him to videotape them
taking their clothes off. In ’98 he stopped a woman and offered to drop the
charge if she pulled up her shirt .


13-year-old boy jumped into a Public Works truck  and led police on a chase for at least 20
miles., around Miami, Dade County. He ran over a police officer? And caused at
least two crashes.


A 14 year old boy stole a Cessna airplane and went on
a  late night joy ride, despite having
never flown a plane before, taking off and landing twice before being arrested.
Strip clubs become increasingly big business n Manhattan New York, Pistons win
102-71, tying the series at 2-2. … a Los Angeles woman was struck in the head
by a stray bullet while standing in line 
with her fiance at a chicken stand. 
She died.


Defense Attorney Mari Dee  Castanzo made a reputation for herself as an
aggressive attorney is now facing charges of trying to hire somebody to kill
her husband. She pled guilty, (Youngstown? St. Petersburg, FL?).


Olympic Sprinter Asafa Powell  has become the worlds fastest man clocking
9.77 seconds in the 100 meter in Athens Olympic Stadium German man, Thomas
Menninger, age 39, near Frankfurt Germany, 
fell off building after sleepwalking out his bedroom window up a drain
pipe to the roof. Before falling 20 feet. He was not seriously injured.


Leigh Ann Hester of the Kentucky National guard, from
Nashville TN, became  the first female soldier
to receive Silver Star since WWII for gallantry in fighting through an ambush
in Iraq on March 20, 2005—killing at least 3 insurgents. She is a retail store
manager when she isn’t  fighting for the


Aruba authorities 
searched the apartment of The Dutch Teen, Joran Vandersloot,    as well as the adjoining residence of his
father Dutch official, Paul Vandersloot,. They say the father is not a suspect
in the disappearance of the Alabama gal, but the son is, although no charges
have been filed.


[Another Very Sick & Disturbing Story, from Canada]

The accomplice in a series of rapes & murders of
teenage gals, one of Canada’s most infamous criminals,  will walk free in a few weeks,  Karla Homolka, age 35,  has finished her 12 year sentence for her  role in the sexual slaying of two pubescent
gals in the early 90’s.  She also took
part in the slaying of her sister, Tanna, but wasn’t charged in her death.  Many people thought she should have been put
in jail for life, but in order to get her to testify against her accomplice and
former husband, Canadian authorities agreed to a plea bargain.


She pled guilty to manslaughter, giving her a dozen
years in jail. . she claims that her husband at the time beat her    until she agreed to drug & rape her
sister, and that her husband said he would kill her and her family if she did
not. On Christmas Eve 1990 the couple dragged her younger sister Tanna to knock
her unconscious  while they sexually
assaulted  her and videotaped it. The
episode ended horrifically  [sic] with
Tammy choking  to death on her own vomit.
It was considered an accident at the time. Following that the two of them got
married in 1991,…two weeks before their wedding day they abducted , assaulted,
and strangled 14 year-old Leslie 
Mahaffy. IN April ’92 Christian French age 15 disappeared. They
kidnapped the teenager and raped her day and night, with the video camera
rolling.  Later, they dumped her body by
the side of the road and drove off.


She went to the police and confessed, and arranged a
plea bargain, but then during the trial in 1995 
the videotapes suddenly surfaced and they showed that Karla did not
appear to have been forced by her husband but seemed to be enjoying  the slayings and sexual assaults. He got life
in prison without parole.

The Mighty Ducks have been sold for 75 million to Henry
& Susan Samueli.


June 17, 2005


Governor Bush has ordered an investigation into the
collapse of Teri Schiavo before she went into a coma.

Marcus Wesson, the fellow who either killed all his
children and grandchildren or made his daughter do so, was found guilty of
murder, and could be sentenced to death.


potential suspect in the missing Alabama gal in Aruba—a disc jockey by
the name of  Steve Gregory Croes, age 26,
…Another helicopter crashed in New York, that’s two in two weeks, this time the
helicopter sank, but everybody survived, only one serious injury. The
helicopter had just taken off from the 34St heliport.


Contestants will gather at the Bottle Inn in southwest
England (Marshwood) Saturday Night  to
take part in the 9th annual World Nettle Eating Championship. They must pluck
& eat as many leaves as they can from the feathery stinging plants in one
hour, the results are measured in feet & inches. Last year the winner ate
42 feet of nettles. The world record is 74 feet. A woman, Wendy Cobb, age
38,  searching for aluminum cans in a
trash bin,  was dumped into the back of a
garbage truck unbeknownst to the driver who heard her screams just before he
was about to hit the compactor button (Framingham?),

Kangaroo on the loose outside Charleston W. Va—3 foot
kangaroo comes out at night.


 Book about
behind the scenes in a crimnal courthouse by Steve Bogira, Entitled ‘Courtroom
302,  a Year Behind the Scenes in an
American Criminal Courthouse”  he says
the Cook County jail is so overcrowded and overwhelmed there are people who are
convicted who are innocent and people who are innocent who plead guilty. He
says that some people who get into the system don’t look at it from the
standpoint of I didn’ do this but psychologically they figure okay I’m in the
system how do I get out with the least harm possible. Investigators found that
detectives routinely used electric shock and other methods of torture to
extract confessions.


Angels reliever Brendon Donnelly was suspended for ten
games for being caught with pine tar in his mitt. Against the washington
Nationals. Both managers were also suspended for one game apiece for


Governor Bush has ordered an investigation into the
Schiavo case—why the lapse between the time she collapsed and the time the
husband called 911?!She collapsed on Feb 25, 1990. One of the jurors, Pauline
Coccoz,  who acquitted Michael Jackson
showed up for a party at a casino, as did one of his attorneys , robert Sanger,
and numerous fans, as well as Jacksons mother, and his brother Tito, but not
Michael himself. Journalists were not allowed in.


A Korean couple crossed over from North Korea to South
Korea by sailboat—with the intent of defecting. The couple, last name Choi,
have been determined to leave N. Korea since the husband’s mother and brother
were executed in 2004 for experiments on human bodies.


June 18, 2005.


Pastor Chuck Obrenski ….pastor of Kindren Community
Church  is also the chaplain for the Anaheim
Angels and the Mighty Ducks—he was also chaplain for the Ramsbefore they
moved—he’s been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

 Spurs beat
Pistons 96-95 in overtime. Tom Cruise got squirted in the face with a water
gun. He called the guy a jerk and rude.


June 21, 2005


Pistons Beat Spurs 95-86, tying the series at 3 games
apiece.  A surge in Christian book sales,
including Christian “chick lit.” Houston Astros outfielder, Jason Lane(?),
caught a fly ball and thought that made the third out—so he flipped the ball
casually into the stands for a fan. But as it turned out, there were only two
outs…so the other team scored on his mistake.

 Killen found
guilty of manslaughter, the movie “Mississippi Burning” was based on his life.
.. Neither Rick Burroughs house was very impressive. He must have been a local
yokel who grewup around here.


June 23, 2005


 “350 years
commemoration of Jews in the military” . In 1654, Asher Levy one of  the original 23 Jewish settlers in New
Amsterdam, demanded and secured for himself and his fellow soldiers  the right to stand guard at the stockade.
During the 20th Century nearly 1 million Jews served  in the armed services of the United States …WW1
250,000, WWII 600,000, ,Korea/Vietnam/Gulf War 150,000; one of three physicians
and dentists in the military are Jewish. ..Mark Evnim was the first Jewish
casualty in Iraq. Lt. Seth Dvorin died in Iraq in Feb 2004. In the
Revolutionary War many Jews were in general George Washington’s continental
army (p.12 Seymour “Sy’ Brody, pdc. Illustrated by Art Seiden). When the U.S.
Declared War on Spain there were 30 Jewish officers in the army and 20 in the
navy. In WW1 there were more than 250,000 Jews that answered America’s call to
action. Over 3500 were killed, 12,000 wounded, 1100 decorations for bravery.
11000 Jews were killed in WWII, 40,000 wounded. Three recipients of the Medal
of Honor. 157 Distinguised Service Medals & Crosses. 1600 were awarded the
Silver Star. IN WWII Captain Rabbi Alexander Goode gave his life in the army…he
and three Christian chaplains gave up their lifejackets and went down with the
sinking ship. …


Suspected BTK killer—Dennis Rader, says he is not being
treated right by his attorneys ..they’re not giving him the files. Wife
contemplating divorce. Prositituion is legal in france. Not illegal in
England  but soliciting it is. In
Thailand it is illegal but paying for sex is not illegal.


Billy Graham is on last revival in United States. –in
New York . Fire in Mojave Desert. Parents of Dutch Teen in Aruba say they think
he is innocent. Prince Williams graduates from College. More suicide bombings
in Baghdad. Zimbabwe government is plowing down houses which they say are
illegal or that illegal trading is going on in them—leaving 120,000 homeless
during a time when unemployment is at 70 %…


73 year old Kenyan grandfather reached into the mouth
of an attacking leopard and pulled out its tongue, killing it. Snapple tried to
erect the largest popsicle ever but it melted so fast in a New York park they
had to take it down before it ever got all the way


Spurs beat Pistons to win the Championship. Roger Ebert
got a star on the walk of fame. Now the Dutch Teen in Aruba says he did not
drop the gal off at the hotel but left her at the beach. Wildfires in Arizona
& California. 3rd Championship in 7 seasons for Spurs incl ’99 , and ’03.
Roger Clemens leads major leagues with ERA of 1.51 his lowest ever at this
point of the season.  His 334 th career
victory for Astros. He’s 6-3 on the season and could be undefeated but Astros
are struggling . He’s 42 years old. Today is Take your Dog to Work day.


John Couey, age 46, says he fed Jessical Lundsford for
2 or 3 days in a closet in his mobil home .. and when investigators came they
didn’t search the premises but that she was still in there, alive. He then
buried her alive. Medical examination determined death by Asphyxiation. Her
fingers stuck through the bag. “She was alive I buried her alive” he said. He
said he sneaked through an unlocked door after a night of smoking crack and
drinking beer. He told the gal to follow him to his sisters house. For the next
three days he raped the gal and sexually assaulted her at least two other times
in his bedroom He said Jessica never yelled or banged on the walls to draw
attention. Even though he admits all this he has pled not guilty. He has
contradicted himself though—at one point he said he kept her alive for one day,
another time for six days, and now three days.


Mexico became the first state to require ignition
interlock systems for drunk driver offenders. If can’t pass breathalyzer the
car will not start. Snapping turtle in Germany bites a boy on the penis. They
think the snapping turtle was somebody’s pet.


Tim Duncan MVP of Championship series.


One of the beliefs of Scientology is that earthlings
were invaded millions of years ago by alien souls sent from outer space.
Scientology church has 8 million members—one of the fastest growing on earth.
Newcomers start with “auditing” which is a cross between an interview and
confession employing a rudimentary lie detector . .the goal is to learn about,
target, and shed negative forces  that
blunt potential .. for a regular person the first step may be a free stress
test. If you are just starting out you go through a “pre-clear” which is what
Katy Holmes is—fiance of Tom Cruise. If you keep going you become a Thetan,
knowledge of confidential teachings of scientology. Travolta is OT7, Cruise is
OT6. One of the secrets revealed is the incident that led to the current evils
of the earth—posted on internet.. a galactic shakeup 75 million years ago when
an alien ruler sent billions of subjects to the planet to solve an
overpopulation problem … these thetan souls dispersed and invaded humans..
scientology is the means by which one’s body’s thetans are purged. Scientology
vehemently objects psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. Hence Tom Cruise’s
criticism of Brooke Shields for taking Paxil for post-partum depression. It can
cost up to $100,000 in donations to attain a level of OT.


At National Championships a volunteer, Paul Suzuki, age
77, was hit in the head by a practice shot put and died.  A twelve –year old Ethiopian gal was
kidnapped and beaten by some men and some lions attacked the men, drove them
away and then protected the gal. Is that a miracle? Bat bites from rabid bats
have killed 11 people in Brazil in the last week. .


June 24, 2005


Tom Cruise Told Matt Lauer from ABC’s Today Show that
he (Matt) did not know the history of psychiatry but Cruise dows. Lauer said he
knew people who had  been helped by the
medication Ritalin for attention deficit disorder, Cruise responded to Lauer
that he (matt) was being “glib” , and told Matt that he (Matt) did not even
know what Ritalin is if he was talking about chemical imbalance…and told him
that he had evaluated the research on the subject..He also told Matt that one
could be both Christian and Scientologist…and that Scientology is a
religion  because it is dealing with the
spirit and that that  it provides tools
for life… ..he talked about his engagement to Katy Holmes and previous
marriages Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman which ended in divorce.


Stephen Kent  of University of Alberta in
Canada has written extensively about scientology, and tha the space invasion in
the War of the Worlds has some similarities to scientology’s teaching of the
Marcab Confederacy which he says is described in a church document as a group
of planets ..a vast civilization …worse off than earth in many ways.


The church’s website says that scientologists believe
that the human soul is eternal and after death it is reincarnated. Kent says
scientologists also teach the story of Xenu, a galactic warlord from 75 million
years ago who buried billions of people from other planets in earths volcanos.
The souls of these space creatures constantly interfere with the humans. One of
the missions of scientology is to help shed these spirits. The website also
mentions “Space Opera”  which scientology
says is the concept how over the course of millions of years, human reincarnations
has been  effected by space creatures. “
Space Opera has space travel, spaceships, spacemen,  intergalactic travel, wars, conflicts, and
other beings, other civilizations and societies, planets & galaxies. It is
not fiction and concerns actual incidents.” Cruise says, “ I think it is
supreme arrogance to think we are the only life form in the entire universe.”


Three  New Jersey
Boys: Manny Jesstin Pagan age 5, Danny Agosto, age 6, and Annibal Juni Cruz age
11, vanished from their yard next to Annibals home on Monday evening. The car
where they were found  was parked in a
driveway next to the yard. They were in the trunk—all three died from
suffocation. Camden County, New Jersey.


Billy Grahams last U.S. Crusade begins tonight in
Flushing Meadows.  Mother with
quintuplets  has been charged with
endangering their welfare, leaving them alone with the four year old to take
care of them for an hour and 20 minutes. Father is a truck driver, says that it
is hard to make ends meet. Fire rages at St. Louis factory, homes evacuated.
Russian space Cargo Ship from Intl. Space Station plunged into the Pacific
Ocean after undocking from the state station.


Another woman has come forward claiming that Bill Cosby
was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.. 
she has lined up eleven other women who will claim the same. Beth
Ferrier from Denver claims that 21 years ago she had a brief fling with Cosby.
She said he gave her coffee and then woke up in the back of her car alone, bra
undone, … Ms.  Canstane had already filed
a civil suit saying Cosby drugged and assaulted her in January 2004 in his
Philadelphia mansion. Women who eat Soya might lessen their chance to become
pregnant. Soya can be found in everyday foods such as margarine, sauces,
chocolate, meat substitutes, including vegeterian foods.

Billy graham has fluid in the brain, prostrate cancer,
and Parkinsons disease.


June 25, 2005


Shaquille, O’Neal got his MBA from University of
Phoenix. While playing for Lakers he would attend classes at the West LA. Campus.
He left LSU without His  bachelors
degree, junior year, but went back and got it. Lakers move from Forum to
Staples in ’99.


Story of Moonlight Graham: On 6/29/05 Archibald Wright
Graham made his lone appearance in the majors, never got to hit, left on deck,
played only two innings, may not have even touched the ball, he went to right
field  as a late substitute. “went to
right field for New York…” 20 year old rookie.. like a flash of moonlight he
was gone.. story took a while to get around. Author W.P Kinsella to make such a
part of the poetry and romance that celebrates the lore and lure of
baseball..more than a decade after Graham died in 1965, the prize winning
author  was looking through his Baseball
Enyclopedia that his father had given him.. it had stats for all major league
players.. I was intrigued by the notation for Graham.. his 1982 novel “Shoeless
Joe” was adapted into the  ’89 film
“Field of Dreams”  and Moonlight was
reborn.. eventually a couple of websites were dedicated to him and a scholarship
fund dedicated to his honor. < Kinsella said he did not anticipate this
could happen in a TV interview with in British Columbia. . When the …
scoreboard flickers with Graham seeking one at bat, he asks “…is there enough
magic out there in the moonlight to make dreams come true?”

Veta Ponikvar knew Graham for almost half a century in
Minnesota.. he arrived around 1912 after the town placed an ad for a school
doctor. She said he never boasted about his ball playing, nor his enchanting
nickname. I guessed that it was because by the light of the moon that he
practiced baseball. Some people said because he moonlighted as a doctor. No
matter , she said that Bert Lancaster’s kindly portrayal was perfect. “I
remember probably in 3rd grade when he inoculated me for scarlet fever” she
said. “I still have the mark on my arm. Growing up I thought it was the most
horrible thing. Later I th ought Oh Doc Graham you are pretty precious. You
left  your mark. Now in her mid 80’s  she will be at the Metrodome this Wednesday
to throw out the first ball before Kansas City plays Minnesota on Moonlight
Graham Day. Just because of sheer luck… when Kinsella flipped through the
encyclopedia he could have easily turned to a page for any of the other 900
players who only played in one major league game . “I had no back up “ kinsella
said. “When I approach fiction writing and need facts, I invent them, so I
would have invented a background for Moonlight Graham, but I am sure that
nothing is as wonderful as the truth. It was a goldmine.”


So what if he didn’t play in the last game of the
season. And what if he didn’t bat left handed rather than right.? Or that he
got sent down after his one big league game and spent three more years in the
minors. Those blue hats he bought for his wife, Alicia—absolutely true..he
said. He patted children to clear food stuck in their throats. Another fact:
His younger brother, Frank Porter graham was a U.S. Senator for North Carolina.
It’s a story that fans everywhere embraced, almost everyone. Barry Bonds, the
slugger for the NY Giants says he doesn’t watch movies about what he does.
However, Darrin Erstadt, Angels Star, says he has watched “Field of Dreams”
twenty to thirty times. “It’s a special thing” he said, “Because it  is the dream of a lot of kids out there.
  Bob Hegman’s one big league game came
in August of ’85 when he replaced George Brett in the Kansas City infield  in the 9th inning. “You wait for so long…just
running on to the field was surreal” said Hegman, now an advance scout for the
Twins. The Royals went on to win the World Series that year and they remembered
him, sort of anyways, everybody asks did you get a ring? Heck no, all I got was
a $100  check. I wished I had kept it and
framed it but I needed to eat. “ Called up in Sept. ’79 Hargus made his lone
appearance for Pittsburgh on the next-to-last day of the season .


“You keep thinking, just let me in one game, so my name
can get in the book” he said. “When you do, it’s just like the movie. Your eyes
light up. You never want that night to end. You just want to play ball like
when you were a kid.” At least Kevin Morgan got to bat… after floating to the
plate he popped up in ’97 for the New York Mets. “Definitely I thought there
would be more opportunities “said Morgan, now the director of minor league
operations. “But as it turned out that was the only one.” Which is more than
Mickey Harrington got in his lone outing with Philadelphia in ’63. “I was
expecting to at least get an at bat” he said, “ I was 6’4, 205 pounds, and it was
disappointing  to be used as a pinch
runner. I figured someone else would pick me. I thought I would get another
chance but I never did.”  Archie Graham
never got to bat in the majors either but he was a pretty good hitter for three
years in the minors…manager John McGraw invited him to Spring Training  in 1905 but Graham declined because he wanted
to finish medical school.


According to extensive research by bill Moose (?) for
Society of Baseball Research, Graham finally made his debut in Washington Park
built before…now a depot for the Con Edison Power Co. –in a game against the
Superbas (the forerunners of the Dodgers) Graham replaced Stuart Brown in right
field for the  bottom of the 8th inning.
Nothing  was hit his way and he was left
on deck in the 9th when Pitcher Claude  
Elliot flied out. Bottom Half Graham may have gotten a play when
batter  singled presumably to right
field. He was batting left against the right Elliot and perhaps he pulled it in
Graham’s direction, but there is simply no record of where the ball  went. It is possible that  he may have touched it, Moose said. No
telling  for sure though. AP Sportswriter
Jamie McCauley and AP Freelance Write Joel Resnick contributed to this story.


June 27, 2005


Billionaire John Walton, second son of Sam Walton the
founder of Wal Mart,  and a Walmart board
member died Monday when his small ultralight airplane crashed shortly after
takeoff from the Jackson Hole, WY airport. Walton was ranked 11th on Forbes most
recent list of worlds richest people. He was listed as being worth 18.2
billion. He had served in the U.S. Army Green Berets as a medic and had been
given a Silver Star  in Vietnam. Man wins
sauna contest by staying in a sauna for four minutes and fifty-two seconds at a
temperature of 110 celsius or 230 fahrenheit. Andreas Kramp from Lemgo, Western


Spielberg has seven children. Angels win their 7th
straight game and hold a 7 1/2 lead in the AL west. Supreme Court rules that
religious symbols such as statutes, monuments, plaques, etc. in federal
courthouses are allowed only if they are not promoting a specific religion or
faith. Simone Simmons wrote a book called Diana: The Last Word  about 
Princess Diana and says that she had an relationship  with JFK 
Jr. and also claims that Diana once tried cocaine and hated it so much
she vowed to help druggies overcome their addictions.


 June 29, 2005


Record for longest life lived is 122 year old Jeanne
Louise Calment who died in 1997. Surfers made a new record in Carlsbad CA by
surfing the same wave simultaneously …they had to stay up for at least 5
seconds simultaneously  , 40 surfers at
same time,. Woman whose marriage was cancelled 12 days prior—knew they were
going to be billed so they threw a party for the homeless, menu of beef, salmon,
shrimp cocktail.


United Church of Christ is poised to become the largest
Christian denomination to endorse same sex marriages.. over 1000
clergy/seminarians are gay in the UCC, out of 10,000 total. Reverend Libby
Tigner ministery of the 1st Congregational United Church of Christ in Long
Beachsponsored the measure. . July 1 is Canada Day.

Luther Vandross, the singer, dies in New York. He sold
over 25 million albums in his career.


Shark bit ankle of Austrian tourist, Armin Toaja (?) in
Florida as he stood chest deep in the Gulf of Mexico and was brought to Fort
Myers hospital—this incident happened 200 miles from where the shark took a
boys leg and 350 miles from where a shark took a gals life.  The BTK serial killer  will be allowed to receive letters from the
media and will be allowed to talk to a woman who is writing a book about his
life story. Mustang Ranch—“Best little whorehouse in the west” is re-opening
west of Reno with the name “World famous Brothel: Wild Horse Resort & Spa”
–five miles east of the old mustang site. Jodi Huisentruit, anchor of the
morning news in Mason City Iowa (northern Iowa) , disappeared ten years ago,
police have never found her.


ON June 27, 1995 she did not show up at the studio at 5
a.m. as scheduled after her assistant had called her and woke her up. The
assistant waited and waited but didn’t call the police until a few hours later
when she didn’t show up at all (7 a.m.), the police went to her apartment and
in the parking lot there was evidence of a struggle.


Live 8 Concert is in 
London, Philadelphia, Johannesberg, Berlin, Tokyo,  and other places across the world raising
awareness for poverty and debt in Africa—name given to mimic the G8 gathering
of the world’s wealthiest countries (taking place this week). The goal is to
get 25 billion in relief aid for Africa –from the countries leaders.. Bob
Geldof is leading the efforts. Former governors Gray Davis, Jerry Brown, and
Pete Wilson were at the mayoral inauguration.Brown is now the mayor of Oakland.  Former secretary of  state Warren Christopher was also present at
the inauguration.


When people booed Gov. Arnold, the new mayor said
“Angelenos, there will be civility today.” Chase of a drunken driver ended at
Bellflower Blvd & Spring St. , the driver died. Man in riverside county
kidnapped two destitute or homeless or mentally challenged women with the
promise of free room and board and then used them as sex slaves, giving them
drugs..  and holding them captives until
one broke away and called the police  The
CHP information number is 800-427-7623. Man is making a comic book based on the
name of the city, Hell, in Michigan


 July 2, 2005


 Federer will
play roddick in the finals at Wimbledon on Sunday. Federer, from Sweden,
defeated Roddick in last years final. Federere needs this victor to join Pete
Sampras and Bjorn Borg as the only men since 1936 to win three consecutive
wimbledon titles. Roddick won the 2003 U.S. Open, his only major so far. He’s
1-8 against Federer including losses in the past four matches. Arnold has a
cigar tent outside the capitol bldg and the legislators tried to shut it down,
to which he responded by calling them “childish.”


Venus Williams beat Lindsay Davenport at Wimbledon for
her 3rd Wimbledon Championship. At one point they had a 25 shot exchange, the
longest point in the longest  women’s
Wimbledon final in records. Venus is ranked #14 or was before Wimbledon. She
hadn’t won a tournament in 13 months. She’s lost the last five grand slam
finals all to her sister.225 pm.: The Netherlands  is sending three jets to Aruba to help in the
search for Natalie Holloway. San Diego Congressman is being investigated for
rule violations.


Lance Armstrong is 2nd overall in the Tour de France..
over 2000 miles to go.. his girlfriend is Sheryl Crow, the rock star. Jim Furyk
wins the Western Open in Illinois—holding off Tiger Woods’ late


July 4, 2005


Bush was in West Virginia on July 4 morning. NASA
venture to hit the comet was successful but pics are not in yet. Mysterious
column of water vapor shot up out of the sea near Iwo Jima Japan…they think it
is an underwater volcano. Oceanic scientists in Hawaii were going to a reef
area to retrieve nets which could inadvertently capture seals and in so doing
their boat hit a reef and sunk… all persons on board were rescued. …and the
boat started leaking oil.


Kjell Inge Roekke a billionairie industrialist
(Norway?) is getting 30 days in jail for fraudulently obtaining a boat
captain’s  license. … Michigan family
scores high in the cherry pit spitting championship in Eu claire Michigan
(southwest MI)—the Krause family—all won or were on top of their divisions…
Redneck Games in Georgia “bobbing for pig feet, mudpit bellyflop, armpit
seranade, “ 95, 000 attended in the first decade… in East Dublin Georgia. Between
Macon & Savanaah. 15,000 attended last year.


Next Saturday is the 10th annual  Mudpit Bellyflop judges people on their
flabby form and sonic splat as they drop 
gut first in the muddy water. Armpit seranade rates children on their
musical skills pumping air with a damp hand beneath their underarm. There’s
also hubcap hurling, and redneck horsehoes played with toilet seats. The
publisher of Redneck magazine sees this event as an example, alongside the
popularity of country music, and the comedy television show Blue Collar TV, of
folks embracing their inner good ol’ boy without the baggage of racist
stereotypes. He said when he started a redneck was a guy whose hobby was
hanging people from trees but “now most rednecks I know are just hard working
people who like BBQ’s and the outdoors”


The top rim or dome of Mt. St Helens fell into the
crater today.


Deep Impact Collission supposed  to take place at 1052 pm pst. On July 3… ten
minutes before 11. One person likened the collision between  standing in the middle of the road and being
hit by a semi truck going 23,000 mph. If the comet is porous like a sponge the
impact should create  a stadium sized
crater…this would suggest that the comets interior holds some of the pristine
materials of the early solar system….but if the comet is packed like a
snowball…the crater formed would be much smaller.


Another scenario is that the comet is so porous that
most of the impact’s energy is absorbed, creating an even smaller but deeper
crater. They have less than 15 minutes to snap images from the cosmic
collission before it is bombarded by a desert of debris.. the comet which is
supposed to be hit by deep impact is traveling at 23, 000 mph, the equivalent
of traveling from New York to Los Angeles in less than 6.5 minutes. The Hubble,
Chandra, Spitzer, Galex,  Swas…and
other  space telescopes will all be
recording the event.


 Europe’s Rosetta
spacecraft will also be observing. .. the best place to view the impact is in
Hawaii. A comet is different from an asteroid …an asteroid is composed of metal
& rocky material, …formed much closer to the sun. …an asteroid is also
known as a “minor planet” .. comets are further from the sun.


Three restaurants in Pasadena robbed—Roscoes House of
Chicken & Waffles.. Kevin Hall Pasadena Police Lt said.. thirty minutes
later they were at Marie Callendars.. says three but they only specify two. New
“Facebook” online student directory.


July 5, 2005


Lance Armstrong takes lead .. Long standing Rock
formation known as the “12 apostles” off the coast of Australia—crumbled before
tourists eyes..never to be back again in Southern Ocean. Angeline Jolie, age
30,  is adopting a baby Ethiopian girl.
She already has a son by the name of Maddox , age 3, who she adopted from
Cambodia. The new baby gal will be named Zahara. President of the Philippines
faces election fraud charges.


July 6, 2005


London is chosen for 2012 Olympics, Paris is runner up.
Angels win. Tigers win


Homeless ex-convict is accused of killing a 56 year old
woman in a parking garage, suburban mall, who said he killed her because he is
fighting a race war and she was white. The man, Philip Grant, age 43, appeared
at a court hearing Tuesday in shackles and a bullet –proof vest …A 45 minute
video tape played during the hearing …Grant told police “All I knew was that
she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she had to die..” Grant said  Connie Russo Carriero was not an innocent
victim because she was white. Russo Carriero, a legal secretary, and mother of
two grown children was stabbed to death last Wednesday afternoon  while walking to her car  in a parking garage, next to the Galleria
Mall. She was buried Tuesday. Grant was charged with second degree murder  and weapons possession. Grant said he was
sick of being harassed on the street for being a registered sex offender. He
also claimed that Westchester County never helped him with his mental problems.
He said he was not remorseful for his actions and would hurt other white people
if he could


Neighbor called police re. Fight at OJ simpsons house
claiming his girlfriend was beating OJ..on Takeoff there’s a thing called the
Bernoulli Effect..that’s the wind in the wings… should produce lift. But until
the wings are canted upwards Bernoulli’s Effect wont’ produce enough upward
force to lift the plane off the ground. Pilots compute a certain speed for
every takeoff based on the weight of the plane and other factors in order to
determine the best possible time to raise the nose of the plane. ..the
instrument approach is the way they land and it is a series of pathways and
precise altitudes and directions on a piece of paper called the approach
plate(?) or plane (?)  which if followed
carefully will absolutely guarantee a safe approach to the airport’s runway.


People are comparing Johnny Depp in Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory to Michael Jackson..saying Depp looks like a woman too. IN
Germany a plane inadvertently landed on top of a speeding Porsche at a local
airport The driver slammed on the brakes upon feeling impact on top of the
vehicle causing both the plane and the car to crash. Brush fire in Palmdale.
Six blasts rocked London’s underground to coincide with the beginning of the
G-8 Summit. The national Guard in Sacramento has been accused of spying on
people—the unit known as Information Synchronization Knowledge Management
Intelligence Fusion Program .


July 7, 2005


One of Billy Graham’s daughters, Virginia Graham
Foreman, age 59, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse after witnesses
said she choked her husband in the parking lot. Her husband said the observers
misunderstood the incident.


First one turkey jumped to its death and then 1500
others followed over the cliff—four hundred of them dying on impact. The
others  fall was softened by the pile up
and survived—in Turkey.


July 10, 2005


Freeway—car-to-car shooting. Hollywood subway shut down for a few hours due to
a bomb scare. Two planes collide in Canada—imitating dog fight in an air
show—both pilots died. Wife of a man last name Gehring two kids Philip &
Sara—the man killed and buried them 
somewhere along the I-80 maybe around Iowa  City. Then the man commit suicide in jail
while waiting for trial. She has not found the burial site yet.


July 11, 2005


History Professor Peter de Agostino was beaten to death
in Oak Park IL, no suspects. And then just a few days ago a college student in
Illinois  was beaten to death by two
other students—apparently beaten to death with a bike lock. Tombol malik, age
23, was beaten to death near the University of Illinois


Wim Kok former president of the Netherlands was blamed
for  sending unprepared and not enough
troops to  Srebrenica… the Netherland
troops ended up just watching the Serbs take Muslim boys and fathers to be
executed. 8000 Serbs were killed in an act of genocide …that was in July of ’95
and was one of the reasons there was pressure on Kok to retire.


July 12, 2005


4 year old boy Jacob Deats climbed in a duffle bag by
the curb and was tossed into the truck in Wisconsin, the driver heard him just
before the compactor went in to action.


July 13-14, 2005


Gov. Arnold makes 8.15 million over 5 years to serve as
editor of two muscle magazines. Craig Hutto , age 17, who lost his leg while
fishing in Cape San Blas—due to a shark attack, is on the way home after two weeks
in the hospital. Prominent Islamic scholar in Alexandria Virginia who exhorted
his followers after the Sept 11, 2001attacks to join the taliban and fight U.S.
Troops was sentenced Wednesday to  life
in prison. Ali  al-timimi was convicted
in April  of soliciting treason and
inducing others to aid the Taliban and others to use firearms in violation of
Federal law. …he was a U.S. Native, born here and frequently  spoke at a small mosque in Falls Church,


Woman in Canada fell off a sailboat and swam for nine
hours—saved with fifteen minutes of giving up she said. Near the Fraser River
in Vancouver. “Cooter” one of the stars from the old Dukes of Hazard show , is
urging Dukes of Hazard fans not to go to the movie  because it contains profanity and sexual
content. Housing boom in South Central Los Angeles where the riots were in ’92
..apparently a lot of houses and condominiums are being built. South Central
has been officially renamed South Los Angeles.


Criminal Case against John Rutter for allegedly trying
to extort money from Cameron Diaz .. threatening to expose her with topless
photos of herself before she became a real star.


Boise Idaho –woman pled guilty to scalping a mohawk
wearing teenage gal.. blaming the attack on mental illness and drug addiction.
Prosecutors said she tied up the 15-year old gal and used a 4 inch knife to cut
away the entire crown and back portion of the gals scalp. The gal spent two
weeks in a hospital while doctors used skin from her thigh to cover the patch
of missing skin. The perpetrator took the gal to the hospital after scalping
her. … Tropical Storm Emily is near Dominican Republic. Could touch in southern
Texas. Rapper Eminem’s tour bus turned over on the highway in Odessa Missouri,
hitting two trucks, ..11 people were injured. Eminem was not in the bus at the
time. His “Anger Management “Tour was expected to continue nonetheless.


Wesley Snipes in trouble in South Africa for having
forged travel documents. Man in New Zeeland was fined for removing a condom while
having sexual intercourse with a prostitute. Prostitution apparently is legal
but protection is required by law. London Bombings –the person they believe to
be the mastermind for building the bombs has been captured in Cairo Egypt.
Bastille Day in France is a celebration of the 1789 storming of the former
Bastille Prison in paris by Angry crowds sparking the revolution that rid
France of its monarchy. IN 2002 a gunman tried to shoot President Chirac on a
July 14 Bastille Day parade. The president was not hurt. The potential assassin
was sentenced to ten years in prison (only ten years?).


July 15, 2005


Hurricane Emily approaching Southern Texas Northeast
Mexico … Saturday Evening


July 16, 2005


Lance Armstrong has a 1 ½ minute lead in the Tour de France…
Red shirt freshman in Missouri—collapsed in a pre-season workout.. no reason
known. Rumors about Pat Riley, the current Heat president, returning to the
coaching position, but he says he is not. Stan Van Gundy remains the coach.
Riley has won 1, 110 regular season games, 155 playoff games,  and led the Lakers to championships in 82,
’85, 87, , and ’88. He also coached the Knicks from ’91 to ’95 , and the Heat
from ’95 to 2003.


 The original
policeman in the 1970’s rock group “The Village People” was arrested for drug
and gun possession and driving without a license in Daly City south of San
Francisco. . There was also a $15,000 outstanding warrant for his arrest. HE
tried to lie about his name and residence. /45 caliber handgun, rock cocaine
and drug paraphenelia. He posted $100,000 bail.


Attorney Gerry Spence is representing the Islamic
lawyer who is now suing the federal government in regards to him being arrested
and detained for two weeks as they investigated the Madrid bombings. Spence
says the Feds intentionally misled the judge in order to get a warrant for his


July 17, 2005


Trinity Site in Los Alamos Mexico  marks the spot where the 1st atomic bomb was
tested in July, 1945. Teeball coach 
allegedly paid one of his players to hurt an 8-year-old disabled boy in
order to keep him out of the game. League rules require that all players play
at least two innings. The coach allegedly got so competitive he wanted the
disabled boy on the sidelines. Mark Downs Jr. of Dunbar age 27, was the coach.
Hillary Clinton is trying to get some legal action against the video game
called “Grand Theft Auto” because of the sexual content..  (and its for kids). Biblical segment
(parchment) found in Israel—verses from Leviticus on it. St. Cyprian

New Mega Church can handle 16,000 at a time..in the
Houston Rockets former arena (Lakewood Church Joel Osteen, in Texas, the former
Compaq Center. Averages more than 30,000 weekly, $75 million to complete
renovations, added five more stories to make room. (Article by Kristy Rieken )


Civilian Border Patrol in California based in El Campo
40 miles east of San diego. Bethany Christian Services in Mississippi is under
fire for not allowing Catholic parents to adopt from them. This man by the name
of Duncan (last name) who killed the family members in Idaho and kidnapped the
youngest boy & gal  killing the boy
and finally being caught with the gal at a Dennys apparently had been
imprisoned before for molestation—he raped a boy at gunpoint when he was
seventeen years old.


Later he developed a homosexual relationship with a man
in Washington who wrote to the parole board and tried to convince them that
Duncan was okay, a decent fellow. Later a fellow by the name of Wacksman—who
was married with two young children, tried to convince the parole board to
allow Duncan to live with his family. Some people gave him money for bail after
he got out and was arrested again.. somebody wrote a $15,000 check for him. And
then he did this and finally got caught again. He should get death. Angels win.

Miss America Contest has had a significant decline in
TV audience –from 30 million ten or fifteen years ago..to 9 million a few years
ago.  And now the Networks are not even
hosting the pageant. Country Music TV (CMT) is taking it and will change the
date to January.


Tiger Woods wins the British Open , his 10th Major
title, and second Grand Slam.Jack Nicolaus is the only other pro golfer to have
won two grand slams and also leads all golfers with 18 career majors, which
many people thought nobody would ever break or even come close to.


Caretakers of gardens in Leland, MI wanted an
attention-getting way to raise money. They had twelve men pose nude –with
carefully placed props.. including the school superintendent
Michael_________(near Traverse City, MI). Estimated 1590 wild pandas in China.
105 year old survivor of nazis Dachua concentration camp and his wife have
earned the title of worlds oldest living couple. Herbert and Magda Brown live
in Philadelphia.


July 18, 2005


Deborah Lafave, a middle school reading teacher around
Tampa Bay , is pleading insanity to having sex numerous times with a 14 year
old male student. …once in a classroom , once at her house, and once in a
vehicle while his cousin drove the car. Thailand is about ready to declare a
state of emergency because of Muslim uprisings in the country. Two navy Fighter
jets collided in mid-air over the Mojave Desert. Both pilots survived
apparently but were hospitalized in serious condition.


Whirlpool wants to buy Maytag for 1.37 billion .
Hurricane Emily roars through Cancun, Cozumel. Etc. Acura Integra’s are the
most highly stolen car. Dogs at Capitol Hill to raise awareness about the
danger of coolant and antifreeze—and the sweet soda-like taste it has—but can
be deadly to dogs and other animals who drink it. 10,000 dogs are killed
annually and 1400 kids sickened each year because of it. California &
Oregon already have laws concerning using a “bitter” additive to give it a bad
taste. Denatonium benzoate makes it bitter.


Michael Zucchet, San Diego’s acting mayor, was found
guilty of conspiracy, extortion, and fraud on his first business day in office.
San Diego has lost a few mayors in succession. Zucchet and a councilman was
convicted of taking illegal campaign cash from a strip club owner to help
repeal a no touch law. They also returned guilty verdicts against former Clark
County Nevada Lance Malone who worked for strip club owner Michael Galardi in
their effort to repeal San diego’s no touch law. Zuchett and the councilman were
accused of taking $34,000 in cash bribes. Both age 35. Murphy , a 62 year old
former judge, who served 4 ½ years as Mayor , resigned in the face of questions
regarding his handling of the deficit-ridden pension fund.


City officials in Chicago are now being charged with
corruption and falsifying test scores to make sure certain people get hired.
Hot in Phoenix 116 degrees yesterday. 125 in Needles CA. Boy in Minnesota who
shot and killed two other boys in a school was convicted of 1st Degree Murder  despite his insanity plea.


Piece of tape in Aruba 
found with blond hair on it … they are sending it to the Netherlands for
testing and to the FBI in the US. The father of Natalie Holloway is planning on
leaving Aruba and returning to Mississippi. He gave the father of Joran
Vandersloot a Bible and some inspirational Christian literature.


July 19, 2005


8 year old boy kills his infant sister—hitting her with
a 2 by 4 .. on May 22, He could be sent to juvenile until age 21. He said he
didn’t like her getting all the attention and she wouldn’t stop crying.
Counselors at a state-run  wilderness
camp for troubled boys are charged with murder for restraining a boy to the
extent that he died. White County. Appalachian Wilderness Camp in Cleveland,
North Georgia Mts.


 Those three new
Jersey Boys who suffocated in the car trunk may have been trapped alive for at
least 13 hours. Dark chocolate is good for one’s health as long as it has
flavonoids. Flavonoids can also be found in tea, onions, soy, and wine. It should
have cocoa in it.. and not “dutch processed.”


Man on grey hound bus from Dallas to LA.  On the freeway in Ontario, CA asked the bus
driver to pull over so he could get off. The bus driver refused to pull over so
the man went back to his seat, opened the emergency window and jumped out while
the bus was going 65 mph. He was immediately killed by traffic. Pistons don’t
want Coach Brown back. They’re letting him go. He’s been there for two years,
gave them a championship the first year.


July 20, 2005


Stephen white singlehandedly defeated the push to move
all major port business from L.A. to Santa Monica. He opened the way for the
federally constructed breakwater that transformed the extensive mud flats of
San Pedro.. leading to the port of  L.A.
First European explorer to see the coast California. Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo …
landed in 1522 on the beach that bears his name.


London experienced more bombings today—no deaths or
injuries reported. Denver has a total ban on pit bulls. , even if they just look
like it.. they can take them without question.. and they are doing so at a rate
of three per day.. putting them to death. Hillary Clinton was successful in
getting the video game “Grand theft Auto” classified as “adult only.”


Supreme Court nominee John Roberts grew up a stone’s
throw away from Lake Michigan. 30 miles outside Chicago.his dad worked at a
steel mill..he worked there too as part of the “executives children “ program.
Not an elitist ivy league blue blood, “just a regular midwest guy”.. Long Beach
Chicago? His dad was an electrical engineer who later became a plant manager.
Roberts excelled in academics, played football, and was editor of the school
newspaper. He graduated in ’73.. from high school, attended Harvard for
undergrad and law degree.


Indiana Police questioned Magdalenz Lopez , age 30,
after her two sons were found , one age 9, the other age 2, both died of
multiple head injuries. Wild dogs have been marauding animals at the
Indianapolis Zoo.. at least one of the dogs, however, had a collar.


Condoleeza Rice went to sudan and some of her people
were roughed up by some of Sudan’s security at the presidents house. She
visited Danfur where there’s been a massacre of poor rural people—genocide.


Teenager was planning a massacre at his high school
Andrew Osantowski  … Chippewa Valley
High.—sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison. Man arrested after shoot-out—fatal
shoot out, police say  he admitted that
he threw a hand grenade at President Bush –VladimirAretyunian …investigators
found grenades in his home in Tbilisi—in the country of Georgia—one of the
police officers was killed in the shootout.


Brad Pitt, the actor, accepted a check for $250,000 on
behalf of the Film Foundation Inc. at the Hollywood Forum   Press 
Assoc in Beverly Hills. . Other stars included Kevin Bacon, Jesse
Bradford, Peter Falk, … Sally Field. Lance Armstrong holds the lead with three
days remaining. Elizabeth Wallenberg, age 28, fell off her skateboard in New
York –Manhattan, and on to a manhole—which apparently was very hot—a cover over
a steampipe at 2nd and 13th in East Village, causing permanent burn marks on
her left arm, about which she is suing the city.


Man in Philadelphia 
was walking around naked at 9th & Market at 5 pm.  Accosted by police officer, officer shot the
man after he attacked the officer. The man then took the officers car and hit a
bus. Andre Kasechenkin, a cycler in the Tour De France,  was hit in the face by a spectator  during the 16th stage of the Tour de France
on Tuesday…unclear whether it was intentional or otherwise. His nose started
bleeding but he was able to continue.


July 22, 2005


Scientists now say the 
earthquake that caused the Indonesian tsunami … they estimate the Indian
plate slipped 33 to 50 feet and that it lasted .. the fault shook for at least
8 minutes, whereas the typical earthquakes lasts about 8 seconds.  Angels beat yankees—second game in a row.


July 23, 2005—


The terror suspect in London who was killed by London
police, turned out not to be linked to terror at all—the London police treated
him as suspicious because he came out of a house they had under
surveillance—was wearing a overcoat  and
they chased him on to the subway—but despite the fact that the man was already
in the grasp of the police—they shot him in the head and  torso and killed him. !!!


New system used by LAPD to identify bad cops—developed
by Sierra Systems Group along with Bearing Point… it combines databases of
complaints, pursuits, lawsuits , use of force..and other records that might be
overlooked or ignored by supervisors or judges .. in the past much of that data
only existed on paper spread across bureaus, making it difficult to compile.


July 26, 2005


Aruba is draining a lake in hopes of finding Natalie
Holloways body. 22 year old man  married
a 13 year old gal in Kansas, but then when they went to Nebraska—and he is
being charged and prosecuted for having sex with a minor. He’s married to the


OJ Simpson has been ordered to pay $25,000 to DirectTV
for bootlegging broadcasts—he was caught using the bootleg devices at his home
in Miami.


Garlic Festival in Gilroy CA this weekend. In January
there are lettuce days in Yuma (CA or AZ). In Encino? Tomato mania. Stockton
has asparagus festival. Testical festival in Missoula Festival—celebrating
Rocky Mt Oysters. On Sept 16. Wisconsin has a national Mustard Museum. Mt.
Horeb Mustard Museum. Ohio has sauerkraut festival on Oct 8. Washington has the
lentil festival Aug 19. IN April—on weekends there’s the salsa festival in
Scotsland AZ. Collinsville IL has a ketchup celebration, every June.


Michelle Kramer was 
a 25 year old graduate student when she met mark Weinberger, an Ivy
league educated doctor who had been married twice before.. he had a medical
practice, seemed to be doing well, he was taking her on trips.. and then on a
trip to Greece on Sept 24, 2004 she woke up to discover he was gone, and it
turns out, Weinnberger, age 42, is alive and is on the run. His patients had
filed over 330 medical malpractice suits. His clinic was more than 6 million
dollars in debt. His physicians  license
in Indiana was revoked in May, 2005.


July 27, 2005


Estranged couple with 12 children has split up after
husband admitted he was gay. Mum Alina Look dumped her husband, Hannes, after
the shocking revelation. Hannes had announced he was leaving the family home
for another man. He told his wife that he made her pregnant only so that she
would have something to do.


She’s under arrest for child endangerment, after  authorities said she abandoned her son on the
Capitol Beltway in Washington D.C. and then struck the baby with the car  when he tried to get back in. Channoah Alec
Green, age 22, of Newport News Virginia, abandoned the boy alongside the
highway. As she attempted to drive off, the boy tried to get back in but was
knocked down, leading to the hit-and-run-charges.


The shuttle discovery lost a large chunk of foam debris
upon takeoff despite the lengthy efforts since the Columbia disaster to prevent
such a mishap. The same problem could have occurred had the chunk of debris hit
the Discovery in the same way it hit the Columbia. There were no signs yet that
the Discovery was damaged by the falling debris. NASA now says, however, that
there will be no future flights until that hazard is fixed. The damage caused
during the Columbia lift off led to a plate-size hole in one of the wings,
which allowed super-heated gas into the wing (I thought previously they said it
was a dime-sized hole).


Former city commissioner in Miami recently indicted on
corruption charges  shot himself in the
lobby of the Miami Herald on Wednesday—shot in the mouth. He came to the Miami
Herald and told somebody to pass on a message to a reporter telling the
reporter Jim Defede to pass on to his wife that he loves her.


The judge waived the usual 60 day waiting period and
granted a divorce to the wife of the BTK serial killer, Dennis Rader, agreeing
that her mental health was in danger. Dennis did not contest the divorce. He
signed the couples property and all of his retirement benefits over to his
wife. They had been married for 34 years.


Boyscouts fall sick as they wait for the president to
speak at a luncheon. The president had to postpone the engagement because of
lightning. ..a few days prior—some boyscout leaders were killed when a tent was
set up by an electrical wire that subsequently caused the tent to start on
fire. In Alaska?


July 29, 2005


Now they are digging through a landfill.  ..trying to find the body of Natalie
Halloway, and they are trying to get a court order allowing them to get a dna
sample of the Vandersloot boy, which the judge so far has denied.


A woman shot her two young sons and herself at the
family home ..killing two-year old Brody Gollob, and three year old Brayden
Gollob…the two older siblings, age 10 & 13, ran next door to call police.
When they came back they found their mother, Rachella Stark, lying wounded in
an upstairs bedroom… she was taken to a DesMoines Hospital where she later


This African American , Teale, an influential person
for the Republicans for transportation for black people.. during the Reagan
administration.. who recently was under attack for corruption.. took his life
at the Miami Herald Building this week… shooting himself in the mouth.

Danger of the choking game—kids trying to get a rush in
their head by squeezing off the oxygen … problem that some are using ropes and
strings.. and don’t get the string off in time. When their bodies are found it
looks like suicide.


 July 30, 2005


“People can stroll along Michigan’s 3200 miles of Great
Lakes Beaches whether they are lakefront property owners or not.. Supreme court
ruled unanimously, siding with Joan M. Glass, …who sued the neighbors for
access to the Lake Huron waterfront, …the neighbors said she was trespassing… .


The justices disagreed over the appropriate boundary of
the public area but a five member majority held that the public can wander
anywhere between the waters edge and the ordinary high water mark. The decision
overturned an appeals court ruling that the state owns the land but that owners
of adjacent property   have exclusive use
of it and can kick others out. It’s a tremendous victory for the public
interest and for Michigan’s economy, much of which is based on tourism  and access to Great Lake Beaches said Keith
Schneider, deputy director of the Michigan Land Use Institute. The Bottom line
is that there is a stretch that the public has a right to use said Pamela Burt,
attorney for Glass. …story by John Flesher


A riptide is caused by a sandbar that creates an
artificial pond—between the sandbar and the shore—but when there’s a break in
the sandbar.. the water can flow out back to sea..sometimes as fast as 8
mph..when the current starts pulling them out sometimes they panic. In Walton
County Florida—a panhandle beach.. on a Sunday in 2003..  which they now call “Black Sunday” eight
people died from a riptide. Teenage boy disappeared from the Yankees/Angels
game.. in New York.. police searched the stadium, nearby stores and restaurants
but did not find him. He disappeared during the 7th inning stretch. Majelique
Lewis of Stamford CT..


A Suspect in the London terrorist attack bombings
Saturday admitted to a role in the bombing but said it was only intended to be
an attention grabbing strike. Not a deadly one. Osman Hussain told
interrogators he wasn’t carrying enough explosive even to harm people nearby. A
sister-in-law and her boyfriend were arrested for murder of a 39 year old
businessman who won a $20 million dollar lottery a few years ago—and who had moved  to Florida and opened a popcorn shop –Cassies
Popcorn Shop.  Famine in Niger.


Prostitution is legal in germany in some places.. and
they are gearing up for the World Cup next year.. including a 60 room brothel
near the stadium. Sarajevo Christians are flocking to a northwestern Bosnia
town to view an image of Jesus Christ—that apparently appeared in a part of a
cut tree branch… pilgrims have been streaming to the tree—leaving money,
cutting off bark..  and lighting candles.


 Lyric sheet for
“All you need is love” used by John Lennon in 1967 was sold for 1.04 million at
an auction on Monday. Gal working for the BBC at the time John Lennon dropped
it on the stage—retrieved the manuscript from beneath his music stand at the
time and provided a letter of authenticity for the sale.


July 31, 2005


An interesting study done re. How much methanol and
ethanol a cow emits.. the repercussions being similar to that of a car that
emits too much smog—it could cost the farmer per cow. Kara Hurt in Ohio—convicted
of theft by deception—received money from people after falsely telling them she
had cancer. .. she set herself on fire yesterday and died. More mosquitos feed
on Robins than Crows—a surprising study.. for West Nile Virus repurcussions.


Singh wins the Buick Open in Grand Blanc
Michigan—defeating Tiger woods by a few strokes. .. “What the Hack?” Conference
in the netherlands for computer programmers.. Agassi won his 4th Los Angeles
title defeating Gyles Muller in straight sets—the Mercedes Benz Cup final.
Agassi’s 60th career title.. Angels lose for the 6th time in 7 games..to the


Boy convicted of intentionally vomiting on his teacher
has been sentenced to cleaning out police cars anytime somebody vomits in one
for four months. Robin Doulin   Kansas
City suburb age 31 leaned out of her fast moving car to spit.. and went
tumbling out on to the US 71.. and to the amazement of other drivers she hopped
up and chased her car as it went down the embankment towards a construction
site..—released with minor injuries.


King Fahd of Saudi Arabia died. Spacewalk for repairs?
Palmero , first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, who just got his 3000th hit
a few weeks ago.. has now been suspended for 10 games for testing positive to


Bolton expected to get ambassador nomination.

Harvard board member resigns in protest of the salary
raise of the Harvard President. Man who spent 19 years in prison for a rape he
did not commit was released today after DNA tests cleared him of wrong doing.
The judge dismissed charges against 
Thomas A. Doswell who had been convicted of the rape…thirty minutes
later he walked out of the jail, expressing thanks not bitterness saying the
the court system is not perfect but it works, justice has been served..
Doswell, age 46 , was convicted of the1986 
rape of a 48 year old woman at a hospital in Pittsburg.


At the time he was the father of two young children,.
,,, he was sentenced from 13 to 26 years in prison and was denied parole four
times because he refused to  accept responsibility
for the crime. Fisherman found the laptop computer in the river where the court
prosecutor, Gricar, disappeared. Embattled nominee John Bolton has finally been
installed as the ambassador for the United Nations on Monday—Bush appointing him
during a congressional recess after a five month standoff with democrats. …who
though the tough talking conservative was unfit for the job. Bush has made 106
recess appointments,  many of the judges.


Bolton is the highest of the recess appointees, and the
first recess appointee for UN ambassador. Joan Bacall says Tom Cruise’s
behavior is vulgar—using his private personal life—upcoming marriage to Katie
Holmes to sell his movie.


Matthew Huff says a sea lion bit a chunk out  of his boogie board.. riding board off the
northern end of the Morro Strand state beach. Golden retriever makes 1.2 mile
swim from Alcatraz to the shore—the only dog among 500 swimmers. Stabbing
outside Dodger Stadium.. security guards confronted persons selling illegal
shirts—and somebody pulled a knife, and a few were stabbed.


August 2, 2005


Truck melted, burned to pieces, carcass of 18 wheeler
along 605 at Whittier.. linen in freeway 605 and Washington.. chicago Carpenter
should be stripped of U.S. Citizen ship because he was a member of a police
unit that helped Nazis round up Ukranian Jews . Judge Samuel Der-yeghiayan is
conducting the trial of OSYP FIRISHCHAK, age 86. …. Jet crash in Toronto—no
fatalaties 309 passengers. 14 hurt. 16 year old girl missing since Friday was
found stabbed to death …and dismembered, and police say that the killer lived
next door… Jonathon Zarati, age 18 ..who appeared in Morris County Court,
Randolph, New Jersey.


August 4-5, 2005


Astronaut Stephen Robinson removed two pieces of  filler material from the shuttles belly on
Wednesday, but now may have to fix another trouble spot—a torn thermal
blanket  near the cockpit window could
cause problems (although now , a day later, NASA says they consider it
“negligible.” )… . Baby Giant Panda born at San Diego zoo—weighed four ounces,
the size of a stick of butter, gender unknown. The other one died. It’s
difficult to breed pandas in the zoo because they are only in heat one or two
days per year.


Man pulling his infant daughter out of the car was
killed in an apparent case of road rage by a motorist who “exploded” and shot
at him four times at close range in front 
of a dozen witnesses. The two month old girl was covered with blood but
unharmed. The man with the gun, age 60, 
who was taking medication for depression 
was charged with 1st Degree murder for the death of 27 year old _______
Andrade. The man told investigators that he was driving his wife to the train
station when Andrade’s vehicle backed toward him on Main St. The two exchanged
heated words. After dropping his wife off he returned to the scene of the
confrontation point, pointed the handgun at Andrade through an open window and
fired four shots (town of Brockton, state not given, maybe MA), Martha
Stewart’s home confinement has been extended three weeks—reason not given.


Some scientists are hopeful that they can, in the
future, change the weather—such as hurricane weather… one far-fetched notion
has to do with beaming microwave energy from satellites to the water—warming
the water so that it does not act as a catalyst to the hurricane (which mixes
with the water—and the water actually “fuels” the hurricane to a certain
extent—but cannot if it is not the right temperature). , the other idea is to
layer the water with a coat of oil thereby making it difficult for the
hurricane to pick up water –because the oil slows the evaporation process.


Berkeley scientists say that there is an
interesting  link between stormy season
and high winds—as the winds sweep up droplets of water …and expends them in the
air , that layer of wet air acts as a lubricant , according to the model, thus
allowing wind to pick up speed. …the way to reduce that effect, says
mathematician  Alexandre Chorin , is to
reduce the size of the water droplets—that’s what the proverbial seamen were
doing  whether they knew it or not when
they coated the water with oil. …it may be possible for a fleet of aircraft to
spray the ocean with some harmless, biodegradable oil  —like soapy water.. , to deprive the winds
of the energy they need to reach hurricane status.


A Canadian Judge has ruled that Dr. Roger Perrault, who
is sick and elderly, age 68, and who was at the center of a tainted blood
tragedy that left 1000’s of Canadians infected with HIV or hepatitis C, must
nonetheless stand trial. Perrault is the former National Medical \Director  for the Canadian Red Cross. He had a heart
attack in 1980. It’s not clear how many people have lost their lives because of
the tainted blood, but the known toll was 3000 as of 1997. This doctor along with
three other doctors and New Jersey based Armour pharmaceutical company , are
accused of allegedly allowing an HIV infected blood-clotting product to be
given to hemophilia patients. The charge is that they failed to screen blood
products and take adequate measures to prevent people infected with HIV from
donating blood. Angels beat Orioles on Tuesday and Wednesday. Jimi Hendrix, the
great rock-n-roller, lied to get out of the army, according to a new
biography,  A Room full of Mirrors by
Charles Cross, published by Hyperion.


Missing Ranger in Colorado’s Mummy Range north of
Denver-Christiansen—an experienced ranger with backpack and radio, and gun. ..
last thing they heard were gun shots and clicking on radio.. a hopeful
sign—(i.e. attempted transmission—gun shots perhaps a signal).


Two small planes collided over a seattle suburb… a
plane undercut a pontoon plane—damaging the pontoons—but the pontoon plane
managed to land safely.. without injuries.. the other plane crashed  into an empty school, killing both on board.


A soldier who returned from Iraq nine days ago—shot and
killed his wife and himself—in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. ..Stephen
Sherwood, age 36, and his wife, were found dead. Their baby was being taken
care of by a neighbor. He had been in Iraq for a year. ..Critics demanded an
apology from James Dobson-, founder of Focus on the Family, for his comment
that compared the use of embryonic stem cells to Nazi experiments on Holocaust
victims. Angels lost to the Orioles.


August 5, 2005 continued


Russian mini-sub caught in a net—or a underwater
antenna..—they are waiting for help.. U.S. is setting a mini-sub called the
Scorpio by plane then ship.. now trying to drag the sub .. note found on
airplane in Houston area airplane—says there is a bomb on board—they took it
seriously.. and searched the plane (no bomb found). Mother off a 5 year old
girl who died in a coin-operated washing machine is suing the machine
operators. The gal, Rebecca Hope Waggoner, suffocated on June 17 after becoming
trapped in the triple load machine-the suit contends the machine started
without coins and she had to use a rock to open the door.. Hope’s 14 year old
half-brother has been charged with involuntary manslaughter…


Man named Roberts in a Missouri prison—was convicted of
a restaurant robbery  to which another
man subsequently confessed. While roberts was in jail a riot broke out and a
guard by the name of Jackson, six months from retirement,  was stabbed to death. Roberts was accused as
being the one who held the guard down. He contends he did not–, nonetheless he
was found guilty and sentenced to death. A few days before his execution he
requested a polygraph test—he passed, but it didn’t change anything. ..The
Chief investigator of the murder says he is certain that Roberts is guilty—the
only problem is that another witness testified that Roberts was elsewhere at
the time.. also there was no blood on Roberts shirt—despite the fact that the
persons who stabbed the guard did so repeatedly in the guards eyes and heart
among other places—making it unlikely that Roberts could have remained
unstained by the blood. Roberts last words were “You’re killing an innocent man
and you can all kiss my ass.”


Eddie Murphy’s wife filed for divorce—they’ve been
married since 1993-they have four daughters and one son, ages 3 to 15.
Wildfires in Montana close interstate 90.. ..Now there’s another accusation
against William Blake—the actor from baretta—his first wife is saying that
Blake also tried to get a contract on her to have her killed—this is part of a
civil suit by the Bonnie Blakely children…In the Michael Jackson case—two
former jurors are now convinced that he is guilty.. Eleanor Cook is writing a
book entitled Guilty as Sin, Free as a Bird. With the help of her granddaughter.
The second book entitled  The Deliberator
written by former juror Ray Hultman.


August 7, 2005


Oakland A’s are now tied with the Angels in the AL West
for 1st. Peter jennings died. 57 years old , lung cancer. He had recently
retired. He was a native Canadian He won the George Foster Peabody Award as
well as the National Headline Award. He was a smoker for a while, also a high
school dropout. And a bank teller for several years. At age 26 he was picked to
anchor ABC News but turned it down saying he needed more experience in the


Scientists have found a large amount of cocaine residue
in an Italian river, suggesting that about 40,000 doses of cocaine are consumed
every day in the Po Valley. The river carried the equivalent of four kilograms
of cocaine every day.

Riot at San Quentin. Ranger Christiansen apparently
died of a head injury while hiking in the back country . Baseball manager Gene
Mauch died.


Grammy winning singer and husband of ABC  news reporter Elizabeth Vargas was shot
through a window of a van during an attempted carjacking following a
performance. He was  treated at a
hospital and released . Mark Cohn, who had a hit with the song “Walking in
Memphis”  Wildfires in Washington burn
down at least 100 cabins, 35000 acres.


August 9, 2005


The container cranes 
which cost 10 to 15 million dollars apiece inspired George Segal for
Star Wars creatures.

Girl dies at boyscout outing when a tree fell on their
tent, at a first-aid class. Woman jumped to her death from a Hummer limousine
at 5 a.m. on the 405 freeway after a night out—near Costa Mesa—appeared to be


50 year old retired airline pilot, Tim McDonald,
married a female prisoner, Theresa Deion Smith Harris, age 34,   who is in prison for murder without the  possiblity of parole, in a Tennessee prison
for women in Nashville. Jennifer Hyatt, a former  prison nurse practitioner  in Tiptonville, TN, (northwest correctional
complex), was fired for having a relationship with prisoner George Hyatt who
was serving a 35 year sentence for robbery and assault-, –she subsequently
married him while he was still in prison and on Tuesday allegedly killed one of
the guards transporting him outside the courthouse—and escaped with him.. they
were caught the next day in Ohio.


Several male killers—on death row, have married while
in prison. Kenneth Bianci and cousin Angelo Buono, better known as the
“Hillside Stranglers”,  who killed ten
girls in Los Angeles.. while in prison both of them married to persons outside
the prison. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy and  
Ted Bundy  both had  committed relationships with women before
they were put to death. Night stalker Richard Marmirez, on death row for a
string of brutal murders in California around 1985 , married a pen pal in 1996.
Lyle Menendez and his brother, Rick,  who
are serving life sentences for killing their parents in 1989 both married after
being incarcerated.


 Lyle Menendez
married pen pal Anna Erickson…in 1997. They split up after a year but then he
married another correspondent in a prison ceremony in 2003. … Scott Peterson,
on death row in San Quentin, has reportedly been flooded by letters from
admirers. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh received marriage proposals before he
was executed. Children in Boulder Colorado found $98,000 in a duffel
bag—reported it to police—nobody claimed it, nor was it connected to a robbery
or drug money and so the kids got to keep it.


August 12, 2005


Article about the “Grizzly Man’ Treadwell.. tried to
make it in hollywood but failed as an actor, went to Alaska and became
infatuated with Grizzlies, going there every summer until 2003 when he and his
girlfriend were killed by an angry grizzly… they also called him the “bear
whisperer.” Museum of Earth History—Eureka Springs Arkansas.. if I wanted to do
something violent to the custodians I would have done so long ago—or to their
car.. they cannot retaliate against me for a lawsuit against DMA—and the police
should not help them retaliate. U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade was
called up for jury duty, but rejected..


Gang of prisoners tunneled out of a Brazilian  jail only to emerge in the prison yard, just
30 centimeters short of the prison wall. Prince harry is on toilet cleaning
duty at at Sandhurst, part of the Army training college.


August 13, 2005


They found a 5 foot alligator in Machado lake.

Sheehan, mother of the son who died in Iraq.. is now an
outspoken anti-war advocate.. wanting to meet Bush in Crawford..she grew up in
Bellflower. Jerry Lewis still tours as a rock’ n’’ roller.. house now closed
for tours.


Burns Harbor.. Indiana—two gals drowned while playing
in lake, now the thirteen year, Esther Niebauer also died.. she had tried to
save her two sisters.. her sisters Naomi, age 13, and Miriam, age 8.. were in a
roped off swimming area at lakewood


In Monrovia, CA—Energy CS has converted two
Prius’s  to use as little as one liter
per 100 kilometers .. 230 mpg.. by using powerful lithium ion batteries—it is
forming a new company, e-drive systems, that will convert hybrids to plug ins
for about $12,000.. next year..


Albuqurque , New Mexico.. a retired judge and his wife
were found dead. Gerald Cole shot his wife nancy, 65, and then turned the gun
on himself. Article re. Keeping the mind active, agile, mental calisthenics..
staving off onset of alzheimers.. and senility.. or helping you live with it…


Marine by the name of Daniel cotnoir, age 33,  was awarded Marine of the Year by the Marine
Corps Times.  And was a marine corps
mortician who actually prepared the bodies for open casket funerals.. he’s been
back living in Mass. With his wife and two daughters.


Wyoming woman killed in her first skydive, a tandem
dive with an instructor… Julia (?) Bond of Evanston WY died in a hospital after
the jump.. and John VanCleave was in stable but serious condition..they hit a
building on the way down making the chute collapse,,,and they fell 20 feet
together to the ground.


A Bulgarian student who apparently drowned in the
Connecticut River may have been participating in what Dartmouth students call
the Ledyard Challenge… Todorov Valkov a student from Trinity College in
hartford CT was found in the river.. the tradition of swimming naked across the
river is well known by Dartmouth students… it’s legal to be naked in Vermont
but not in New Hampshire.. the challenge is to run across the Ledyard bridge
naked to Vermont and then swim back and get your clothes on before getting
caught .


Officer Francisco_________ age 25, pled guilty to
smuggling cocaine into the United States from Columbia using military aircraft.


August 16, 2005


Stampede in Virginia to get discount laptops.. 1000
laptops, 5000 people pushing and shoving. BTK sentencing begins this week.
Madonna fell off a horse, broke ribs, collarbone, and hand outside a country
home in London.Plane crash in Venezuela kills 160.


August 17, 2005


William Taft, Governor of Ohio, is being criminally
charged for not reporting gifts received while governor, especially golf
outings, among other things. 40 % of school teachers plan to exit the profession
in the next five years. , the highest rate since 1990, and it is expected to be
even higher among high school teachers. 42% of teachers are age 50 or older.
BTK killer, Dennis Rader, called himself a “monster” and told authorities about
a chilling conversation with an 11 year old girl he said he targeted because of
sexual attraction. After he had killed her parents and brother , he took the
girl to the basement…Judge Gregory Waller gave Dennis Rader 10 consecutive life
sentences, 175 years in jail with no possibility of parole.


Cindy Sheehan, the mother of the boy-soldier who was
killed in Iraq, and who has been camped outside President bush’s Crawford Ranch
for several weeks, had to leave to return to Los Angeles after she found out
her mother had a stroke. ..Gal age 17, …Hilderbrand,  was killed by a Siberian Tiger who was posing
for photos at a family run animal sanctuary in southeast Kansas. Native
Americans—have started their first suicide hotline—because of the high rate
of suicide especially amongst teens in the Native-American population. Prison
Riot in Calipatria state prison near San Diego.. Brothels are now required to
issue health certificates for their prostitutes in Tijuana.


August 18, 2005


Man in San Mateo CA killed his wife and two children
and himself.. Anthony Richards, age 53, killed his wife Nicole, 53, and two
daughters,–Alexa, age 17, and Tessa, age 13. 18 tornadoes hit Wisconsin on
Thursday night.

Courtney love violated her probation , is addicted to
drugs and is being sent to a chemical dependency clinic.



 August 20, 2005


While flying, 
Don Beatty of Montana got stuck in power lines as he descended  in his power parachute, a form  of ultralite aircraft.. along US 87 near
Great Falls on Saturday,,… man named 
Ronny Perris age 22who told friends he did not want his 3 year old son
to be a sissy was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing  the boy by slamming his head into a kitchen
wall, just weeks after the child returned from foster care.


 San Francisco
49er Offensive lineman Thomas Herrion collapsed and died in the locker room
yesterday after the 49ers pre season game against the Denver Broncos. Ted
Turner is among  a group of people who is
interested in introducing lions and elephants and other African species into
the Great Plains to live wild. An original manuscript of Albert Einstein was
discovered ina library in Europe—having to do with “mono-atoms”- (or


Washington Redskins are the wealthiest NFL Team. Lance
Armstrong and George Bush rode together at Bush’s Crawford Ranch—after a 17
mile bicycle ride they took a swim in his pool. Armstrong is against the war in
Iraq but they didn’t speak about that—they did speak about cancer research,
however. Convicted felon, Jose Betancourt, age 52,  must forfeit 2.7 million in Texas lottery
winnings because of his drug-related conviction.. the court said that because
he bought the ticket with drug money.


August 21, 2005


Plane crashes at Palos Verde.. surf spot called Longs..
crashed while pulling banner, pilot was not hurt. ..Mailomo, John.. name of
pilot.. Raqueteering, mobster John Gotti.. stands trial beginning tomorrow..
for ordering a hit on Sliwa a radio talks how host and former guardian angel


August 23, 2005


University of Wisconsin, Madison, is ranked as the top
drinking school. 5 dead in Ingelwood …suspect killed sister-in-law, her husband
and two children, and himself.

Huey Lewis owns land in Montana near Mitchel Slough..
good fishing..Montana  has law saying any
rivers or streams are public property. But Huey and other nearby property
owners contend they stocked the area and re-vitalized it at their own expense
so it should be private. A judge and a few others made a point of going to fish
there to prove it was public land.


Interned Japanese American s from WWII get honorary
high school diplomas. In Los Angeles. .. Virginia Beach religious broadcaster
Pat Robertson called on Monday for the assassination of Venezuela President
Hugh Chavez saying, “I don’t know anything about this doctrine of assassination
but if he thinks we are trying to assasinate him I think we really ought to go
ahead and do it. IT’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. We have the
ability to take him out and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability”


Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend, Patrick Kim McDermott,
age 48, is missing after a overnight fishing trip in San Pedro. 23
passengers  and 3 crewman. Olivia is age
56. McDermott was a cameraman.


August 23, 2005


U.S. Judge on Monday overturned a ban imposed by city
officials ruled in favor of fashion companies 
right to hold street party featuring graffiti artists painting mock
subway cars..


August 24, 2005


Free land in the Heartland draws newcomers.. Ellsworth
Kansas.. rainstorm or hail storm.. Plane Crash. 90 people on board 50 survived.
Landing in a swamp in Peru.. boyfriend of Olivia Newton John who disappeared
had filed for bankruptcy in 2000 owing $30,000 to creditors (that’s not much).
And owed $800 /mo in child support to ex-wife.. they are wondering if he staged
his disappearance. His ex-wife was Yvette Nipar..


Four inches of rain in southern Arizona causes flooding
and evacuations.. .. Tucson.. Anthony____ age 36 taken into custody Tuesday
night in San Pedro CA. where they found remnants of a makeshift alligator
habitat, two snapping turtles, and some drugs. They suspect he was the one who
dumped the alligator into Lake Machado. .. and then they arrested Todd Natow.
Age 42, and found three alligators, four piranhas,three desert tortoises, six
tortoise eggs, one rattle snake, scorpion and some marijuana at his house.


August 25, 2005


Sweltering heat and loss of a key transmission line
caused power officials to impose rolling blackouts.. half a million without
power for half an hour at a time. Katrina—storm/hurricane heading towards
Florida… minor league player Rick or Greg Short is hovering around .400 batting
average.. makes 10,000 per month for minors.. feed team for Wash Nationals..


Last time somebody hit .400 in minors was 1961 Arron
Pointer hit .402 for Salisbury.. but was better known for his sisters, the
Pointer Sisters.. last time somebody hit .400 in the majors was 1941.. Angels
lost, A’s won. The Tsunamie which hit Asia, .. the wave was felt all over the
world.. in Alaska the waves were 10 inches higher, Pt. Reyes CA 15 inches


Anthony Sukto  ..
a year ago.. watched his father stab his mother to death in Tacoma WA.. then
the father turned the knife upon Anthony… the 8 year old was stabbed 6 times,
but managed to call 911. ,,… “My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone. Can
you please send an ambulance? “ He gave the address and hung up. The operator
called back and Anthony said “My daddy killed me with a butcher knife?” She
said “How did that happen if you are talking to me? “ He said “My dad was
killing my mom and told me to go into the other room and said you’re next” I’m
still alive. I kind of survived.


August 26, 2005


hamster powerd phone recharger.. man caught with 375
tortoises in a Columbia airport, many of them already dead.


Two Argentian couples—found out six years after the
birth of their children that the babies were mixed up at the hospital, and they
got the wrong child. The couples agreed with each other that they would keep
the babies rather than swap them given they had had them for six years. David
Smith Sr. was shot in a cannon ball from Tiajuana to the U.S. over the border.
. John Wooden is 94 years old.

He won 10 basketball championships in his last twelve
years of coaching at UCLA.


August 27, 2005


Iranian motorcycle daredevil died in an attempt to jump
over 22 motorcycles lined up side by side.. he landed on the 13th one.
….apparently died instantly  Quentin
Tarantino took his first ride in a Nascar race car.. going over 100 mph
..seemed to be excited about it. ..


Hurricane Katrina.. could be the first Category 5
hurricane to hit the U.S.  in a long
time. .. It’s directed towards New Orleans. 
Total mandatory evacuation in New Orleans. ..

Category 5 storm—is the highest category on the Saffir-Simpson
scale of hurricane intensity.  Only three
category 5 storms have made landfall in the U.S. since records were kept—the
first was in 1935, then 1969, and most recently Hurricane Andrew in 1992 the
costliest hurricane ever. ..


Two brothers—in Aruba .. now being held for murder and
rape.. they had been arrested before. But released. Now Aruba says they have
new evidence. .. along with a third man unidentified. . Julian Elizndo..
recalls escaping from a shark hitting it in the hose and lifting it from the
head to get its clenched teeth off his ankle.. just a few feet off shore in the
Gulf of Mexico.. Angels lose, A’s win.


Country Star Gretchen wilson was warned by
TennesseeAttorney General Paul Summers. That her smokeless tobacco Skoal..
can  might violate state law. She’s
agreed not to use it in concerts. .. Deputy Warden at the Ross Correctional
Institution was suspended for 5 days after he mistakenly showed inmates a
sexually explicity tv show.


Breastfeeding mother was erroneously arrested in a
mistaken identity case. Mercedes Archuleta was breastfeeding her baby at the
time she was stopped with her husband driving for a traffic violation. The
Police first made a mistake in telling the husband he couldn’t drive because of
a suspended license.. (they were wrong). They told the wife to drive and asked
for her license and somebody with the same name (or stolen identity) was on a
warrant for arrest, so they yanked her out of the car .. without even giving
her time to button up her blouse.. put her up against the window with her
blouse open and her kids staring at the window.. and refused to listen to her
at all.. arrested her. Found out they made a mistake later on.


LAPD accused of an unprovoked attack at a muslim
vigil.. they had been mourning the death of one of their followers who had been
shot to death the night before. .. ____Muhammad was one there and apparently
police officers said they asked somebody to move a car, there was some arguing
and Muhammad was beaten up. Left with bloody lip.


South Los Angeles has 42% of the murders in all of Los
Angeles County. National Folk Hero Romanian Vlad Tepes.. 15th century … who
successfully staved off invasion by the Turkish empire called himself Vlad  Dracula.. according to scholar Eliz Miller..
.. it was a nickname derived from his father who went by Dracul.. the Romanian
word for “The dragon” Dracula meant The Little Dragon or “Son of the Dragon” so
La Dracula.. who .. so Vlad Dracula.. led the famous stand at the Poenari  Fortress against invading Turks was known as
both a great warrior and a brutal tyrant Miller said. .. also known as Vlad the
Impaler for his preferred method of execution.. a tool of psychological
warfare.. William Wilkinson. “Accounts of the Principalities of Wallichia &
Moldavia” ..Wilkinson said Dracula also meant Devil. Dram Stoker, the original
author of Wilkinson… previously had used the name Count Wampyr.. then he read
Wilkinsons book and found the name dracula .. 
or devil..


Story about a man in Louisiana who was charged with
murder.. didn’t have enough money to pay for an attorney so he had to wait for
a public defender. He ended up waiting for eight years. Finally, his
mother  got $500 to pay for an attorney
who got the charges dropped. National Legal Aid & Defender Association in
Washington D.C. found in a nationwide survey 
of indigent legal services.. found that suchprograms across the nation
are short on lawyers, investigators, and other staff, and that they frequently
fail to investigate the charges against the client, hire necessary experts and
make appropriate motions in court.


One of the worst examples the association found was the
case of a Louisiana man, Johnny Lee Bell, who was convicted of 2nd degree
murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, last
year, after meeting with a public defender for only eleven minutes prior to
trial, according to Bell. “There’s a real disconnect in this country between
what people perceive is the state of indigent defense and what it is” says
…David Carroll, the groups research director. He says too many people watch
shows like “Law and Order” where  a
defendant says he or she wants a public defender  and all of a sudden legal aid appears in the
cell. That’s what people think.


American bar Association examined legal services for
the poor in 22 states this year and came to a similar conclusion . Dale
Whitehurst, an Austin lawyer who led the efforts says the ABA study reveals
system mired in crisis in which inadequacies in funding , excessive caseloads  carried by lawyers, and  a lack of legal experience have become


“ I don’t know how many people are wrongly behind bars
because of problems in public defender programs’ Whitehurst says, “but it’s
clear there are some.” “Not only is it inadequate it’s a tragedy, Whitehurst
says of the public defender system. The worst thing that can happen is when an
innocent person goes to jail. …we have been doing this with some regularity.
Can’t turn on the TV now without Larry King talking about some guy who was
convicted …and was found to be innocent.


Poor people who have been charged with crimes that
could result in jail time have been entitled to lawyers since the U.S. Supreme
Court decision in ______ v. Wainright in 1963. Massachusetts eluded a crisis
earlier this summer when legislature approved a 30 million dollar package to
raise the pay for court-appointed lawyers after more than 400 lawyers in the
Boston area had stopped taking indigent cases to protest hourly pay rates that
hadn’t been raised in two decades.


Lawmakers voted to raise the rates to $100/hour for
murder cases and $60/hour for lesser charges. Judges were warned that more than
600 defendants could be released from jail if they did not get lawyers soon. IN
Virginia caps on fees paid to court-appointed lawyers are the lowest in the
nation, Carroll says. Fees on a felony that carries a sentence of 20 years or
less are capped at $428,  while defenders
whose clients face felonies of a sentence of more than 20 years can be paid no
more than $1186.


In Wisconsin more than 11,000 people go to court
annually  without representation because
anybody who makes more than $3000/year is considered able to afford a lawyer.
Nevada caps defenders  fees on death
penalty cases at $12,000.



In that school that was bombed in the terrorist attack
in Russia—Nur-Pashi Kulayev was the only one of 32 attackers who survived the
incident…that ended the 52 hour standoff at Beslans Number 1 school… one of the
witnesses , a lady by the name of Zemfira Agayeva, age 35, riveted the trial
with her account of being held in the sweltering school gym with her husband
and two sons on the first day of the school year. There was no food and very
little water. Her breasts were swollen with milk for her 7 month old daughter
she had left at home , sacrificed her dignity for those suffering around her,
shared her breasts with 12 and 14 year old boys.

Report says middle schools are flawed organizationally
and they are now eradicating some middle schools and making it K to 9.


Maurice Clarett will be released from the Broncos.


August 29, 2005


Driver of Al Sharpton after he visited Cindy Sheehan
was stopped and arrested for going 110 on a 65 mph highway and evading arrest.
He was arrested, while Sharpton caught a ride with a passer-by. Fred Crenshaw
who lived across the street from the Sash Assembly of God Church exchanged
words in the parking lot with a churchgoer Wes Brown(?).. who asked Crenshaw to
leave. Crenshaw returned a short time later and shot Brown, age 61, at close
range and then shot the pastor, Armstrong, age 42.  And he killed two women towing a horse
trailer who appeared to be simply random victims.


August 30, 2005


Waiting for the arrival of four heavy duty Chinook
helicopters….so far none of the city’s pumps are working. Setting up
command/control on Vicksburg Mississippi more than 150 miles away…Texas is
sending 475 busses ot New Orleans to evacuate people. Mississippi’s hardest hit
areas of Hancock, harrison, & Jackson Counties..emergency officials were
setting up MASH style mobile hospitals. FEMA has issued a list of organizations
for those seeking to provide assistance.Typhoon Talim hit Taiwan leaving at
least one dead and 24 wounded.


Katrinas wind speed at landfall was 140 mph placing the
storm at a strong category 4 level. Hurricane Andrew was Category 5 with winds
of 165 mph when  it made landfall south
of Miami. Windspeed is the criteria for determining the category of hurricanes,
not barometric pressure. Red Cross has dispatched 15 mobile kitchens to feed 350,
000 people daily..also providing 50,000 people in more than 250 shelters.

Salvation Army has raised at least 4 million dollars.
Many Hurricane Katrina evacuees will be forced from their hotel rooms victims
of guaranteed reservations, some of which were made months ago. Hotel
Management must honor guaranteed reservations. New Orleans district contains
350 miles of hurricane levees, most of which 
are along Lake Pontertrain to the north and Mississippi River to the South.
…the levees were erected soon after the city’s founding in 1718… it was after
1955 when the last major Hurricane Betsy struck close to New Orleans…that the
levees encircling  the area were raised
to up to 23 feet. ..the phone provider for New Orleans estimated Wednesday that
750,000 lines in the most heavily damaged areas may be out of service and that
187 central offices were running on back up generators.


World reaction: while there is a lot of sympathy in
some corners—others have had an attitude of the U.S. reaping what it sows,
under the impression that it is the U.S. that has caused most of the global
warming and that global warming has caused the increase in hurricanes. Joern
Ehlers , a spokesman for World Wildlife Fund in Germany said that global
warming has increased the intensity of hurricanes. ________ Watson, however,
U.S. Envoy for Negotiations on Climate change denied any link between climate
change and strength of storms. . Rescue crews are passing by dead bodies to try
to save survivors . on rooftops.  Now the
mayor or governor has issued an order to evacuate the entire city including
everybody inside the Superdome.


They are considering using cruise ships. 5000 inmates
had to be evacuated. French Quarter was spared flooding but is being looted.
______ Jeffries of New Orleans had already been evacuated from one hotel when
he was evacuated from a second hotel on Friday due to rising water. The 37 year
old banker admitted to looting some food from a nearby supermarket.


Worlds Oldest person dies at age 115 in the Netherlands
.. Hendrikje VanAndel Schipper died peacefully in her sleep .. her husband Dick
Van Andel died in 1959. She had no children and no immediate family. Art
Garfunkel was arrested for possession of marijuana near Woodstock NY.  He was arrested a year ago for the same
thing. Sonny Bono died in 1998 in a skiing accident and his wife Mary Bono
originally from South pasadena took his congressional seat—running for office
and winning.


Military chaplain charged in sexual assaults. Roman
catholic Chaplain by the name of Gregory Arfleck, age 44,  is being charged with forcible sodomy and
assault .. stationed at 279th Base Support Battalion in bamberg Germany.


August 31, 2005


“As if a cascade of debris, rats, alligators, snakes,
and sewage weren’t daunting enough for hurricane workers grappling with
Katrinas flood waters, they are also faced with determining  whether high level industrial toxants are
taining the water. Officials say bacteria and sewage pose the most serious and immediate
dangers. Any time a current flows it traps sediment and that mud in this case
will no doubt carry some of the petrochemical compounds that are in the area
around New Orleans. One of the compromised levels sits along the industrial
canal, a 5.5. mile waterway that connects the Mississippi River to the
intra-coastal waterway.


The petrochemical factories around New Orleans
manufacture ¼ of Americas petrochemicals, including basic chemicals, plastics
and fertilizers, and more than 1/3 of all industrial chemicals transported on
the nations inland waterway system. THE EPA has not been notified of any major
spills. New health study says coffee has some benefits for its antioxidants
along with black tea and bananas.. decaf or regular has the same antixodiant
benefits. Colorado is the nations thinnest state, only 16.8 % of the population
is obese. Mississippi is the heaviest with 29 % obese. Colorado has 300 days of
sunshine which the governor says makes a big difference. Four men were arrested
for plotting terrorist attacks on Los Angeles, two of them were caught robbing
a bank to fund their attack . Red Cross has already received 21 million dollars
in donations. Catholic Charities USA based in Alexandria VA has received 100’s
of calls from volunteers asking how they can help.

They’ve raised $15,000.


Pray for Katrina victims. Health & Human Services
Secretary Mike Leavitt  said they are
“gravely concerned about the potential for cholera, typhoid, and dehydrating
diseases.” Electricity is out for more than 2.3 million in Mississippi,
Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Some drivers in Atlanta Georgia faced prices
of $5.00 /gallon for gas. Evacuation from Superdome to Astrodome has begun.
Army Corp of Engineer is using helicopters to drop 15,000 pound sandbags in the
breaches of the levee system. Flow water into New Orleans from Lake
Pontchartrain finally abated and the lake level began dropping gradually.


At least 7 hospitals in the city were evacuating
patients due to flooding and a frightening breakdown in public order.  On Canal St., the city’s main thoroughfare,
police allowed citizens to take shoes from a shoe store as long as they
fit.  Katrina left Biloxi’s Keesler Air
Force BASe, home to the U.S. Airforce Fleet of Hurricane hunting aircraft 95%
smashed. One of the breeches in the levees stretched 350 feet at 17th St.
Canal, the other one is 400 feet wide at the London Ave. canal.


Two smaller breeches occurred on the industrial canal
one of them appearing to be about 250 feet wide. In each case the steel and
concrete levees eroded and failed when water began pouring over the top. It
will take weeks for them to pump the water out. More than 1000 sandbags
weighing 15,000 pounds are likely to be needed.


September 1, 2005


300 National Guard troops landed in new Orleans right
out of duty in Iraq. Governor Kathleen Blanco said the troops “know how to
shoot and kill and are more than willing to do so and I expect they will.”
20,000 people who took shelter in the New Orleans convention center had become
increasingly hostile after waiting several days for buses amongst the filth and
the dead. Police Chief Eddie Compass “We have individuals who are getting
raped. We have individuals who are getting beaten.”


Colonel Henry Whitehorn, chief of the Louisiana State
police said he heard of numerous instances of New Orleans police officers ,
many of whom were from flooded areas, turning in their badges. They indicated
that they had lost everything and didn’t feel it was worth going back to take
fire from looters and losing their lives.


At least seven bodies were scattered outside the
convention center. Old man in a chaise lounge laid dead in a grassy median, as
hungry babies wailed around him. Elderly woman lay dead in her wheel chair
covered up by a blanket. Another body lay beside her wrapped in a sheet. The
street outside the center above the flood waters smelled of urine and feces,
while the crowd chanted “We want help!” Later a lady went up on the steps and
led the crowd in reciting the 23rd Psalm.


At the superdome fistfights and fires erupted. Lines of
half a mile to board the yellow school buses.. military police man was shot in
the leg as he and a man scuffled for the MP’s rifle, said police Captain Ernie
Demmo. 11 hours after they began evacuating the Superdome it held 10,000 more
people than it did at dawn.


When hospitals tried to airlift patients, Coastguard Lt
Commander Cheri Ben-iesan said “There are people just taking potshots at police
and the helicopters telling them they better come and get their family”. Lake
Pontchartrain. After they drop the sandbags in the breeches in the levees, they
are going to drop about 250 concrete road barriers, said Johnny Bradberry, head
of the state department of Transportation. Crews are driving around coastal
Mississippi picking up  bodies and
depositing them in refrigerated mobile morgues. Coroners are conducting
autopsies in the parking lot because the only available light is from the sun.
The death toll is at 126 so far.


Adding to the miserable conditions along the coast were
tons of rotting shrimp and chicken that had been blown into the water from
shipping containers. Some survivors were still being found on Wednesday—they
found an 80 year old man under 12 feet of debris in Long Beach, (AP writer Cain
Burdeau contributed to the story. Russ Bynun was the primary writer.)


Sniper fire at Charity Hospital halted evacuation of a
hospital, across from Tulane Medical Center. Evacuations by boat were halted as
looters threatened medics and overturned one of their boats.


CNN reports that somebody did fire at somebody standing
outside the New Orleans Convention Center, and that the shooter is now in
custody. They say that some of the inmates at the Orleans Parish Jail may have
taken control of the prison, even though they cannot get out—they are still
locked in. But they do have weapons. 1000s of people lying in the streets. ..
phone system is completely out.


They are using satellite phones to try to help. Home of
Jazz. Kerry Emanuel, in August’s journal Nature that major storms spinning in
the Pacific & Atlantic have increased in duration and intensity by about
50% since 1970’s …average global temperatures have increased about 1 degree
fahrenheit along with increases in carbon dioxide and other heat trapping
pollutants from industry  smokestacks,
traffic exhaust, and other sources.


Hurricanes draw from huge pools of warm water at the
surface of the ocean to grow for several days, as tradewinds spin it pulls the
heat from the ocean and uses it as fuel .

The past ten years have been the most active hurricane seasons
on record. Some say this trend could persist for another twenty years or more.
Some believe it is a consequence of natural salinity and temperature change in
the Atlantic’s deep current circulation, elements that shift back and forth
every 40 to 60 years.


Federal government has dispatched assistance to the
affected regions including 5.4 million pre-cooked meals, 13.4 million liters of
water, more than 1000 search and rescue personnel and the floating hospital
ship, the USNS Comfort. Bush on Good Morning America said there are more than
22,000 National Guard troops  on the Gulf
Coast after an additional 10,000 arrived Wednesday.


Goodness of human nature is shown in various situations
some families allowing  other families to
move in with them.. story about a family coming to stay with another family in
a townhouse in Indianapolis—but there was not enough room so a neighbor wrote
them a $500 check to help out. .. .. Robin Roberts , a Good Morning America
anchor.. whose hometown was in Mississippi. , Pass Christian, .. she has
friends with different skills going to the coast rather than going on vacation
saying “Believe me they will put you to work.


There’s no shortage of need for able-bodied individuals
to help out there. “ Corporations are donating millions. Abbot lab—2 million,
BP Amoco 1 million to Red Cross, Anheuser Bush—825,000  cans of water, Chevron—5 million, Citigroup-3
million, Eli Lilly—1 million, plus 40,000 vials of insulin. , Exxon Mobil—2
million; GE—1 million; GM $400,000 plus 25 cars & trucks to the Red Cross,
Home Depot 1.5 million. JP Morgan-3 million. Merck CO—1 million; Merril Lynch—1
million; Nissan North America 50 trucks to the Mississippi Emergency Management
Agency; Office Depot—1 million to Red Cross, plus the contents of 5 New Orleans
stores—valued at 4 million dollars; Pfizer Inc.—2 million; Qwest Comm—230,000
to Red Cross; State Farm Insurance—1 million; Verizon Wireless will double the
amount employees contribute to the Red Cross; WalMart—1 million to Salvation
Army; Walt Disney –2.5 million to help rebuild;


Tulane students were evacuated and sent home. One of
the breeches in the levee wall will be repaired by the end of Thursday; Lt.
Col. Carl Strock, commander of the Army Corp of Engineer reported that a large
breech in the 17th st canal.. should be filled in by Thursday. Walter Baumy ,
chief of the corp engineering division , New Orlean district, said contractors
were using sheet pile walls to try to close the front of the canal. Illinois
has been ordered to accept children from the disaster areas into the schools.


State corrections Dept in Illinois offered supplies
including 8500 blankets and 256,000 half-pints of water to prisons in the
states devastated by the hurricane. In other news—Nancy Ann Kissell was convicted
of murdering her husband by putting sedatives in his milkshake and then beating
him to death with a  heavy metal
household ornament. The trial took place in hong Kong. She received a mandatory
life sentence.


Angels won the final two games of the 3 games series
with the A’s to remain tied with the A’s on the top of the AL west.

Judge in Aruba is allowing Joran Vandersloot to be
released under the condition that he remains available.


Re. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

In April 2002, 
Workers in the western desert were busy smelting down the last … from a
long defunct uranium enrichment project..inspectors learned, and around this
time  U.S. Satellite reconnaissance were
doubled around suspected WMD sites.


Suggesting renewed production at chemical production
facilities, but what they didn’t realize was that the activity was being
photographed more frequently, not that there was more activity. Story about the
uranium sale from Niger to Iraq—it appeared to be untrue—the document a
forgery, and some of his advisors warned him not to use it in his state of the
union speech. Nonetheless, he did use it in the speech.


He also mentioned “tubes’ that they believed were to be
used for nuclear warheads. On January 8, 2003, Bush delivered his annual
address saying, “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein
recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa…” and he said,
‘Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high
strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear production.”


He also made mention of mobile bio-weapons lab and a
man nicknamed “curveball’ who was apparently in charge of such. Later , the
IAEA publicly exposed the Niger document as a forgery and found the aluminum
tubes poor candidates for centrifuges. They also debunked Curveball’s tale as
well. On March 17 Bush told the American people that “There was no doubt that
Iraq had some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”


All of the suspects being held in the Aruba case have
been released or ordered released. One of the busses carrying the evacuees from
New Orleans to Houston overturned killing one 
and injuring several others after a passenger apparently approached the
driver and told him to stop.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineer estimated  it will take 36 to 80 days to drain the city.
3-star general Honore , according to CNN’s Barbara Starr who said “He is very
determined to keep this looking like a humanitarian relief operation. A few
moments ago  he stopped a group of
National Guard troops and told them to point their guns down, saying ‘This is
not Iraq.”


Authorities continued working to evacuate the Earnest M
Morial convention center, trying to help the most at-risk people first.
President Bush toured the city with the governor and the mayor—the mayor who
had just blasted Bush and the federal relief efforts a day earlier. Bush Said
“I will not forget what I’ve seen.” Mayor Ray Nagin praised President Bush
after his trip through the region.


 Officials have
spotted a major oil spill in the Venice area of the Mississippi delta region.
.. tanks capable of holding 2 million barrels appeared to be leaking. 25 miles
southeast of New Orleans. .. hospital Dr. Sanjay Gupta says about one of the
hospitals… “it’s gruesome.. morgue in the basement—completely flooded imagine
the scene.. patients die, they put them in the stairwells. One of the most
unbelievable situations I’ve seen as a doctor.” 1400 additional National Guard
& police will be arriving every day, said Chertaff


September 3, 2005


Anniversary of the deaths of the terrorist attacks at
the school in Russia—at least 330 killed in that bombing.. Lot of people in New
Orleans Intl. Airport—triage, many dying. Warehouses burning in New Orleans. 12
gunfire shots at French Quarter during the night. Man was dead under a blanket
, blood ran from his body down to the gutter. They said he died violently.
Tropical Storm Maria building up strength—13th named storm of the Atlantic
hurricane  season—one of the busiest on
record—historically, only about 6 or7 have usually formed by this time of year.


Superdome evacuations halted  in order to evacuate the Hyatt hotel. ..
right across the street from the Superdome.. mayor was using the Hyatt as a
base for a while, now the police & national guard will be using it. “ Until
flood water is removed from New Orleans… impossible to determine how many
bodies are hidden. “ says Stephen Morse, founding director of the Center for
Public Health Preparedness at Columbia University in new York. “For sure it
will cost more than any other post disaster reconstruction effort in U.S.
History” to re-build New Orleans. Section of the 8 mile twin span bridge, about
40%,  that connects New Orleans with
Slidell collapsed into Lake Ponchartrain. …. Trying to allow work to begin to
repair a  … 300 foot span of the
Pascagola Bridge…[says Leslie Miller VZW News]


Francophile culture…as dusk fell on Friday evening, a
woman’s bloated and  brutally distorted
figure lay prostrate on the corner of Jackson Ave & Magazine St. somebody
across the street yelled at photographers taking pictures of her, “She’s been
there for five days, since Monday.” Police passed by without taking notice of
the body.


Another black woman’s body lay in full view face down
in shallow waters even as National guard stood there to keep the site secure.
In the garden district where multi-million Greek revival mansions still stand,
the deserted streets are littered with downed trees, destroyed cars, and


Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabwi, has attacked the
movie, “The Interpreter” starring Nicole Kidman saying it is part of a
propaganda campaign by the CIA showing that Zimbabwe’s enemies did not rest.
Georgia’s Governor said he would temporarily halt gas taxes until the end of
the month, bringing about 15 cents relief.


This is the largest displacement of Americans since the
Civil War. More than ½  million people
have been uprooted by hurricane Katrina. Katrina has scattered more than twice
as many people as the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and more people in a few
days than fled the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. More than 800 people are currently
sleeping on inflatable beds on the gymnasium floor at Louisiana State
university, Shreveport, where the living quarters are not much more than the
average car. Government officials are chartering three of Carnivals cruise line
ships,  for six months to shelter more
than 7000 persons displaced by Katrina. The two largest cruise ships can hold
up to 2600 passengers, while  the smaller
one  can hold up to 1800.


CNN reports that 300 Air Force members in Iraq &
Afghanistan & elsewhere abroad will return to the Mississippi Air Force
Base so that they can attend to their families needs. While 1000’s of people
waited  in New Orleans to be evacuated
two major fires raged along the waterfront Saturday. Without water the
firefighters were helpless, despite the fact the fire threatened to consume an
upscale riverfront mall. Although much of the city is covered with fouled
water, the fire hydrants are dry.


Some people are speculating that $4 /gallon of gas is
possible in some areas, soon. There could be 500 million dollars in export
losses for  U.S. producers who normally
export through the Gulf Coast ports. International buyers may look elsewhere
for corn & soybeans. Waiting by the Wilshire Red Cross bldg. The Mars Rover
Spirit ascended to the peak of Husband Hill part of the low ranging Columbian


The Rover reached the 270 foot high summit, about the
height of the Statute of Liberty on August 21. This is day 591 of the originally
planned 90 day mission. Five silverfox unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)
equipped with thermal imaging technology to detect the body heat of storm
survivors are enroute to New Orleans. “With thermal imaging capabilities you
can actually see into the buildings and see the body image of a person still
alive, said Wheldon, vice-chairman of the House Arms Services & Homeland
Security Commission. The lightweight drone, about five feet long, can be
operated with a laptop computer.


Frist, a physician turned congressman, says that 8 to
10 people are dying per day at the triage center in the Orleans Intl. Airport.
Pet dogs have been taken from the ruins to Houston. Natural coral bridge in
Aruba collapsed before dawn on Friday, destroying one of the islands biggest
tourist attractions. The bridge is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean, 25
feet high and 100 feet long, a formation of coral limestone cut out from 100’s
of years of pounding waves and strong winds. 100’s of visitors walked across it
each year.


Not long after the tsunami devastated south Asia the
better Business Bureau began receiving numerous complaints of charity scams,
and warn Americans about donating to just anybody. Salvation Army & Red
Cross have done a great job of providing help, but if you want to donate to
another charity they say check on websites such as charitynavigator.org. which
ranks charities.


Ten Germans are attempting to soap themselves down for
101 hours in hopes of breaking the record for the longest shower, two women and
eight men , ages 18 to 22, will try to remain under the constant stream of
water from Wednesday through Sunday. They are allowed a ten minute break for
food water and toilet trips and to rub cream into their skin to protect it from
the constant stream of water. A doctor is also on hand to make sure a lack of
sleep does not affect their health


Justice Renquist died—after 33 years on Supreme Court,
age 80, surrounded by 3 children, appointed in 1971.. elected to chief justice
by Reagan in 1986. Makes it into world cup by beating Mexico 2-0..first time
since 1984 since America has been the first team into the world cup for north
and central america and the caribbean .. 5th straight world cup for the
Americans who are ranked 6th in the world one spot behind Mexico.


Lance Armstrong will donate $500,000 from his
foundation to katrina victims with cancer—to help them get treatment. Armstrong
survived a bout with testicular cancer that spread to the lungs and brain
before winning the 1st of his record 7 straight Tour de France titles.


Kenye West—the singer.. said Bush doesn’t care about
black people and that when media shows black people going into stores for food
they say they are looting but when white people go in they are saying it is for


13% of the female students at Timken Sr. High School
are pregnant. 64 students in the senior class are pregnant . Expecting students
get 6 weeks maternity leave. 30 people died at a nursing home at St. bernard
parish. California is the world’s largest producer of wine after France, Italy,
& Spain. Steve Lee found a 1.22 carat gem quality diamond at the Crater
Diamond State Park in Murfreesboro worth about $1000. He said he’s going to
give it to his mother.


Fire in Caledonia Township, Michigan (not Caledonia Kent
County) .. house/barn exploded.. felt miles away—six people killed. .. health
official concedes that the death toll from the New Orleans disaster could be in
the 1000’s. …Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had declined to
estimate the death toll but conceded that 
an untold number of people could have perished in  swamped houses and temporary shelters.  Human services secretary Michael Leavitt
conceded the death toll could be in the 1000’s.


Valerie Bennett was evacuated from a New  Orleans hospital. Rescuers told her there was
no room in the boat for her pet dog. She pleaded, offering him her wedding ring
and her mom’s wedding ring , the 30 year old nurse recalled on Saturday,
adding, “He wouldn’t budge.”  At one
hospital a doctor euthanized some of the animals at the request of the owners
who feared they would be abandoned and starve to death. He set up a small gas
chamber out of a plastic wrapped dog kennel. The bigger dogs were fighting it.
It took them longer. “When I saw that I said I can’t do it” said Bennet’s
husband Lorne. Valerie Bennet left her dogs with anesthesiologist  who promised to care for about 30 pets on top
of the hospital roof for as long as he could. Louisiana State Treasurer, John
Kennedy, who was helping out with the evacuation said some owners refused to
leave without their pets.


Bartenders in New York are selling drinks for $10 ..Big
Easy Classics like the Sazerac, the Ramos, the Gin Fizz, Pimms cup, and the
Hurricane.. along with  a free set of
Mardi Gras beads.. the money they make to support New Orleans bartenders and
bars. Wilderness Park city of Downey. .. .. singer Macy Gray is helping out at
the Astrodome in Houston.. on Sunday Salvation Army conducted an outside
religious service including songs such as “What a Friend we Have in Jesus”
outside the Astrodome.


Natural disasters 
are caused by sin in the world said Major John Jones the area commander
for the Salvation Army..who led the service, ‘The acts of God  are what happens afterward…all the good that
happens.” Tim Washington, age 42, said that 
“God made all this happen for a reason. This city has been going to hell
in a handbasket spiritually.”

“We’re getting reports how some religion-based aid
groups are trying to fly evangelists into stricken areas  and how some Army Chaplains are carrying
Bibles, not food & water, to comfort people” said Ellen Johnson president
of American Atheists  in a statement.
“People need material aid, medical care, & economic support, not prayers
& preaching” she said. Article  in
Reuters News.


240,000 Louisianians have found sanctuary in the
lone-star state and hotels and large shelters.. others in church-run shelters ,
still others in private homes. Texas’ Bill White  said in a phone interview that the city began
mobilizing at a new level when the levees were breached..  “ a lot of us understood what that meant..
and that it was a different issue than a weather issue.. and that we were
dealing with the virtual destruction of a major American city”. They are also
housing people at the former Kelly Air Force Base in  San Antonio, –building #1536, converted into
a business park known as Kelly USA, a quarter mile long structure.


Shootout in New Orleans, five persons killed.  Two police officers committed suicide.


Reinhold Messner, one of the most famous mountain
climbers, who has scaled the fourteen major peaks in the world—without bottled
oxygen, was climbing Nanga Parbat…. On June 28, 1970 Messner himself lost seven
toes and parts of fingers to frostbite, .. was coming down when an avalanche
struck and buried his brother, … now Reinhold went back after somebody found
what they think are the remains of his brother, Gunther.


And he also defends himself against critics  who said that he took an easier route down ,
leaving his brother to take a more difficult route—and thereby leaving his
brother alone…Gunther apparently was also suffering from altitude sickness.
Reinhold is suing two of the persons, Hans Saler & Max Engelhardt-Von
Kinglan.  who wrote books contending
Reinhold deserted his brother.


This is one of the worst summers for Hollywood since
1977 in terms of movie attendance.. Manning Bros. Peyton & Eli .. set up
the Peyback Foundation which has contributed to youth organizations in Indiana,
Tennesee, & Louisiana, put together a plane full of supplies which they
sent to Baton Rouge.


Toni Pugh, a 
volunteer on the flight said she evacuated with her children, but her
husband didn’t come with her, and she hadn’t heard from him in six days. By the
time she landed, a voice message from her neighbor, Ralph, saying he was safe.

Two police officers commit suicide, Sgt. Paul  Accardo, a spokesperson for the police
department took his own life with his own gun, and Patrolman Lawrence Celestine
also used his own gun. Fourteen contractors escorted by police were fired upon
while crossing the Danziger Bridge–, which spans the canal connecting Lake
Ponchartrain and the Mississippi River. Kuwait has offered $500 million in
disaster relief, while Kuwait’s neighbor Quatar has offered $100 million.. The
hotline for missing persons is 888-544-5475. Many states in addition to Texas
are setting up shelters.


In Fort Chafee, Arkansas, relief workers turned  the post where Elvis Presley entered the army
in 1958 as a processing center for refugees . The homeless were registered by
the social security administration, checked by doctors, and given post office
boxes. An area near Battlecreek , MI was trasnforming itself into a welcoming
station. 500 evacuees were headed for the Fort Custer training center.


In Denver Qwest Communications sent up a bank of 50
phones at a processing center so that refugees could call their loved ones. A
steel company sent employees to a shelter at the Mississippi coliseum in
Jackson to recruit workers. At the Astrodome people were given jeans, sandals,
t-shirts, toiletries, towels, etc. and were allowed to make free long distance
phone calls courtesy of SBC communications. . Jefferson Parish in Louisiana
were allowing residents back in as long as they had a valid ID, proved
residency, brought food, and had a full tank of gas, and promised not to drink
the water.


Parish president Aaron Boussard warned 463,000
residents that they would find no traffic signals, no opened stores, and a
dusk-to-dawn curfew.


Williams beat sister Serena Williams to reach the
quarter finals  of the US Open. They’ve
had fourteen  career matches together and
are tied at 7 apiece..  Serena had a
little fit at the end of the match, slamming her racket on the ground. Serena
won the last five matches. 25 year old Venus won Wimbledon two months ago—her
third Wimbledon. Now she’s going for her 3rd US Open title. Serena, almost 24
years old now,  was seeded no. 8, Venus
no 10. . Amid the tragedy, about two dozen persons gathered in the French
Quarter for the decadence parade, an annual Labor Day celebration. John Roberts
has now been chosen by Bush to be the Chief Justice.


Airplane crash kills 131 in Indonesia, crashing into
the residential neighborhood of Medan, seconds after takeoff, .. about a dozen
passengers survived. The fire engulfed a dozen houses and at least ten cars.
There’s been five major airline accidents in August—the deadliest month for
airline accidents since May, 2002.


September 5, 2005


Author of “Education Myths” in his book says”  that since 1970 we have doubled student
spending after inflation yet test scores and graduation rates have remained
essentially  flat. “ He says aren’t worst
but the billions of dollars haven’t made them better either. Six years after
California hired 50%  more teachers to
reduce class size a RAND corporation study found that test scores were
increasing just as much in large classes as in small classes and concluded that
smaller classroom made no academic difference.


Teacher quality—research shows that high quality
teachers are very important, but that certified teachers are not, especially.
He points out that of the 33 best designed studies not a single one showed any
impact between teachers credentials and student performance. Academic ability
matters—diligence, motivation, and enthusiasm matters—masters degrees in
education simply do not.


This article –the writer says there is no other Supreme
Court justice so loaded with racism, or tremendous insensitivity to racial
discrimination, than William Renquist. In the early 1950’s when the court was
considering the historic  Brown v. Board
of Education School desegregation case , Renquist wrote a memo defending the
infamous 1986 decision, Plessey v. Ferguson which established the separate but
equal doctrine.


Renquist noted that “The decision was right and should
be affirmed.” Renquist was in favor of segregation. In1964 Renquist testified
against a proposed ordinance in Phoenix which would ban racial discrimination
in public housing. Renquist wrote at the time that “It is impossible, I
believe,  to justify the sacrifice of
even a portion of our historic individual liberty for a purpose such as this.”


He was the only justice to say that Bob Jones
University, the hotbed of racial discrimination & religious bigotry had a
legal right to keep African Americans off the campus. The writer says that
“It’s not that Renquist had a blind spot concerning race, he was an active
proponent of discrimination.” Article in “The Nation”  by David Corn (as best as I can tell).


Some people are sticking it out in New Orleans. Some
may be in denial.  One couple peering out
of a window at a street submerged in eight feet of water said she would soon be
driving out of the city in her car. 60 year old Warren Reckser said that even
though water was up to the front porch he was staying.  Boats came by but Reckser, a hotel bell  hop, waved them off.


Another person, Shaheen, limped to a park north of the
French Quarter where a National Guard helicopter was dropping off water.  He was desperate for a  tetanus shot, having stepped on a rusty can
the night before and his left foot was bleeding, and his diabetes medicine was
running low.


He had turned down a ride on a rescue helicopter
because they wouldn’t let him take his dog, Dixie Lee. The roof was gone from
his house and the lack of medicine was leaving him weak. A lot of people are
still being rescued. 52-year-old Cornelius Victor waded through sludge to board
an amphibious vehicle that rescued him and twenty four others from a rotting
schoolhouse where they had been trapped.


Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law Professor, writes an
article entitled “Telling the Truth About Chief Justice William Renquist”  saying ‘Chief Renquist set back liberty,
equality, and human rights perhaps more than any other American judge of this
generation.” Renquist bragged about being first in his class at Stanford Law
School , a great law school today, but in the late 40’s and early 50’s it
discriminated against Jews and other minorities both in the admission of
students and also in the selection of faculty.


Dershowitz says that Renquist not only benefited in his
class ranking from this discrimination , he was also part of that bigotry when
he was nominated to be an associate justice in 1971.. and  learned from several sources who had known
him as a student that he had outraged Jewish students by goose-stepping and
heil hitlering in front of a dorm that housed the few Jewish students. He was
also infamous for racist and anti-semitic jokes.


 Dershowitz repeats
the story about the case of school segregation 
in which Renquist concluded Plessey 
was right and should be affirmed .. meaning that  there should not be integration.


 But when he was
questioned in 1971 and 1986 about it , Renquist placed the blame of the memo on
the Justice Jackson, now deceased, under whom Renquist was working at the
time.  But Justice Jackson voted in Brown
along with a unanimous court to strike down school segregation.Dershowitz
claims that Renquist obstructed the voting rights of African Americans and
Latinos at a polling site in Phoenix. And He bought a home in Vermont that
included a restricted covenant that barred sale of the property to any member
of the Hebrew race.


Dershowitz says Renquists career was ‘regressive.”

Politicians are still criticizing the federal response
to Katrina and say that despite the money alloted for relief—after the public
outcry declines distribution will go back to pork barrel style ..


September 5, 2005


Red  tape is
holding back Aaron Broussard said that… officials with the FEMA..  turned back three trailer trucks of water,
ordered the coast guard not to provide diesel fuel and cut emergency power
lines. . later Broussard said on NBC”s Meet the Press. .. FEMA spokesperson
Natalie Rule said Monday she had not had a chance to research what happened at
Jefferson parish but that unsolicited resources and donations have been hard to
manage. Long lines of volunteers are being stopped along the freeway into New
Orleans. Anybody who self-responded was not being put to work. Military was
worried about having more people in the city. They wanted to limit it to the
professionals said Kevin Southerland, a captain with Orange Fire Dept in Orange
County, CA. .. a member of fourteen member water team sent to New Orleans at
FEMA’a request. Even skilled volunteers with the best intentions can be more
trouble than help if they arrive needing fuel, shelter, and food.  Beth Sharer CEO of Washington County Memorial
Hospital in  Salem said she was
frustrated  with a federal plan to create
forty new emergency medical centers with 250 beds each.. “IT’s not any one
persons fault” she said, but the system failed” .. hospitals around the country
were standing ready with empty beds, staff, triage centers, and air transportation
to fetch patients she said.  


But they couldn’t launch the rescue flights without
requests for help and those requests never came.  These victims could have been here a week
ago, but now they are spending a lot of time and money making triage centers.
Situations like this every minute counts, not every day counts. Why not get
them to these open beds ? she asked.


Frank Russo of Chicago Ambulance Alliance said he was
ready to send help immediately but the request did not come until Thursday,
three days after the hurricane struck. Z”We didn’t want to just get up and go,
after 9/11 we learned from that—everybody just got up and went to 9/11 and got
there and say.. nowhere to go..”


New Jersey Gov. Richard Cody said he had a task force
of 105 police officers , 55 vehicles and medical task force of 55 physicians
and 53 nurses standing by.. but other rescuers simply couldn’t or wouldn’t
wait. On Friday, Gary McLaughlin of 
Santa Cruz CA flew to Nashville TN where he bought a diesel powered 1990
school bus for 2000 dollars,  and charged
1500 dollars worth of water, granola bars, diapers, and peanut butter
crackers,  on his credit card and headed
straight for the shelters.


By Sunday evening he was driving loads of evacuees  from the New Orleans Aiport to a rescue
shelter in Covington Louisiana. Some are defending the FEMA saying it was the
FEMA management who brought in the Nebraska Air Natl Guard to deliver 66,000
MRE meals and extra fuel to hard hit areas. And they brought in rescuers from
Hamilton County OH to search the rubble of Gulfport … for survivors.. and it
was the FEMA that dispatched a  nine
member disaster medical assistance team from Hawaii to the New Orleans airport
where they triaged persons evacuated from hospitals.


The federal government actually wrote a “How to”
BOOK  for National catastrophes after the
9/11 attack  462 page document entitled
the National Response Plan was released in December 2004. Frank Cilluffo,
director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute, George Wash Univ. says that
“Hurricane Katrina is the first real test of the plan, and has exposed its
strengths and weaknesses.  But quite
honestly at the federal level the response was quite robust” he said. “But
clearly we need ways to improve the process.


Article about the mobile hospital in MISSISSIPPI,, they
tried to get into Lousiana but were turned away. .. the whole hospital was
designed by the Dept of Homeland Security. .. 
almost all the medical equipment you need and a pharmacy.. . and it can
be flown almost anywhere in the world C130’s big cargo planes.  Article by Marilyn Marchione.


More than 17000 people living in American Red Cross
Shelters–  living in Gulf coast area..
bad experience for some . some of the Vietnamese living in the Gulf Coast
area.. have had previous experience with mass evacuations, .. third mass
evacuation for ____________ at which time he fled Vietnam through Malaysia to
the United States..


Vietnam’s history two major mass exodus’.. first .. The
War Against the French that ended in 1954.  and then in the 70’s..  Lien Le, age 39, manager at a kenner
Louisiana plant.. thinking it would only be a short evacuation.. in
Mississippi.. many vietnamese worked the Gulf for shrimp


Thirteen-year-old Nick Luong  tells how his family lost their home in
Biloxi but saved their boat… they road out Katrina for hours. Viet Thu Linh ..
age 55 was not so lucky—all six of their boats sank. The L.A. Sheriff Dept..
sent a helicopter team into the Gulf Coast.. two to three day trip by
helicopter. L.A. Sheriff Deputies.. driving their cars out to the coast today.
Air and ground search and rescue teams.. deputies with skills and scuba water


Landlord faces a misdemeanor charge accused of turning
on the heat in an asthmatic tenants apartment this summer  after a dispute over unpaid rent and living
conditions.  Fred Bernard , age 62, Cape
Girardeau  was to appear in court Sept
26.. police recorded a temperature of 125 degrees in the apartment of  tenant Denise Owens. “Basically , it was like
walking into a sauna” Patrolman  Paul
Zagicek said.


The tenant told police that the landlord came to the
apartment seeking money on August 6.  She
claimed her air conditioner, stove, and refrigerator were not working and she
was without hot water. She told police she refused to pay until he fixed the
problems, according to a probable cause statement. She claimed that bernard
then raised the heat and left—on a very hot day knowing that her air
conditioner was not working, and that she suffered from asthma.  Bernard then refused to come to be apartment
with the police officer called and asked him to turn down the heat.  


Some of the oil refineries damaged by Katrina began to
ramp up production this week. .. 70 percent of the normal oil production and 50
percent of the natural gas production remains shut down.  Eight major refineries that produce gasoline,
diesel,  jet fuel, and heating oil were
knocked out of commission  and the output
of two others was cut by last weeks hurricane.


An Orlando pastor at the Apopka Assembly  opens once a month only for
dogs—nondenominational at a pet spa on Orlandos West Side.  Pastor Dee Rinda a former dog trainer brings
her own Border Collie with her. Recent sermon Rinda likened the relationship of
dog to owner to that of people’s relationship with God. “When you go to the
pound and save a dog you bring that dog into the family. Jesus rescued us and
brought us into His family” she said. “Yappy Hour” she calls the time of
socializing. At a Methodist Church  dogs,
tadpoles, and turtles  were alongside
worshippers at  a service designed to
show humans how to live harmoniously with animals.


Disaster chief 
waited for hours after Katrina had already struck the Gulf Coast before
asking his boss to deploy 1000 Homeland Security to the region.  And gave them two days to arrive according to
internal documents. Michael Brown director of the FEMA sought the approval from
Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff roughly five hours after Katrina made land
fall on August 29.


Brown’s memo to Chertoff described Katrina as a “near
catastrophic event” but otherwise lacked 
any urgent language and finished politely saying “Thank you for your
consideration in helping us meet our responsibility.” Susan Collins R-Maine
said all levels failed.  Homeland
Security spokesperson Russ Knocke said Brown had positioned front line rescue
teams in Coast Guard helicopters before the storm. Article by Ted Bridis on VZW
top stories.


Houston Independent School District had taken in 889
extra students from Katrina evacuees. The district is hiring retired teachers
and certified instructors from Louisiana. Article by Todd Lewan  VZW top stories.  Mayor Ray Nagin said after an aerial tour
that 60% of the city was under water, down from 80%, and that it will take
three more weeks to remove the water and another week or two to clear the
debris.  Also eight weeks to get the
electricity back. He warned that what awaits authorities below the toxic muck
will be gruesome.


Meanwhile they began sending paratroopers from the
Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in to New Orleans. …1000 paratroopers should be
in place by Tuesday said Major General 
William B. Caldwell IV. Some people staking it out in New Orleans –who
Nagin says must get out..or they must convince them to get out. They are
pumping about a million dollars a day worth of gas into the air. 9788 patients
and others were evacuated by  New Orleans


Aaron Broussard continues to speak out about the
problems of the federal response (or lack of) 
on CBS Early Show ‘I’m asking Congress to please investigate this
now—take whatever idiot they have at the top of whatever agency and give me a
better idiot. Give me a caring idiot. Give me a sensitive idiot. Just don’t
give me the same idiot. “


Barbara Bush said that so many persons in the Astrodome
were “underprivileged anyways so this is working well for them.” Article by
Doug Simpson, Headline news VZW. “What to Call the People Displaced by the
Hurricane’ Some say “refugee” is not an appropriate world—and Boston Globe,
Washington Post, Miami Herald all banned the word “refugee” from being used to
refer to these people. Some people say “evacuee” is a better term. Why not


Batboy Nick Carillo, age 19, for the Florida Marlins
was suspended for six games after accepting a bet from pitcher Brad Penny that
he couldn’t drink a gallon of milk in one hour without vomiting. The boy drank
the entire gallon in 59 minutes but did vomit later on. David Letterman invited
him to the show as a guest.


Condoleeza Rice defended the president on Sunday
against charges that the federal government’s sluggish response was due to
racial insensitivity. She worshiped at the Pilgrim Rest AME ZION Church outside
of Mobile Alabama. She grew up in Mobile. Malone Smith Jr. advised the
congregation to “Wait on the Lord” after which Rice said , “The Lord is going
to come on time if we just wait.” Rice is the grand daughter of a Presbyterian
minister. Rice was criticized last week for attending a Broadway show and
shopping in New York during an abbreviated vacation. Canada is sending an extra
91,000 barrels of oil to the U.S. to help make up for shortages.


City of Orleans, France, south of Paris—New Orleans
sister city, is trying to help out the Katrina victims.. the university has
offered to take 50 students from the University of New Orleans for a semester.
Orleans, 75 miles south of Paris,  is
best known as the city that was saved by Joan of Arc,  in 1429, from a British siege. New Orleans
was founded in 1718 by French settlers and named after the Duke of Orleans who
was regent of France at the time.


Smugglers   on a
boat making a illegal crossing from Somalia to Yemen forced passengers into the
Red Sea at gunpoint, ten miles from shore- leaving at least 57 dead, 100

U.S. submarine, the U.S. S Philadelphia, was traveling
on the surface of the water when it hit the Turkish Yaso Aysen at around 2 a.m.


The President is in Baton Rouge. He visited the Bethany
World Prayer Center, half-filled with pallets and half-filled with dining
tables. Some people ran up to him.. more than 5000 Red Cross volunteers any way
they could get there.


Jerry Rice has announced his retirement. Rice holds
almost every NFL record for receivers including 1549 receptions, 22895
receiving yards, 197 touchdowns, and the record for total touchdowns with 208.
He won three SuperBowl titles.  Spent
___- seasons with San Francisco 49ers. And was the MVP of the 49ers Superbowl
XXIII. Against Cincinatti catching 11 passes for 215 yards.


1500 pound chunk of concrete being carried by a helicopter
for a ski resort construction project hit a gondola full of alpine tourists
Monday, knocking it out of the sky and killing 9 people. Two other gondolas
were rocked and people were ejected from the gondola, at least four were
injured. In the town of Solden , 25 miles west of Innsbruck.

The accident evoked memories of ’98 ski lift tragedy in
neighboring Italy where a low-flying  
U.S. Marine  Jet sliced a ski lift
cable killing twenty people.


They say the levees were built to withstand a Category 3
hurricane, no stronger. Air Force Major General Marvin Scott Mayes, leader of
the Air Component for the military task force operating in the hurricane
ravaged region says “now comes the grunt work.. the hard part.. going door to
door..” by foot  and boat to many of the
harder-to-reach sections.

Mayes is based at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida..
He says they have evacuated  more than
3000 patients out of New Orleans Intl. Aiport. He said crews have also shuttled
more than 15,000 persons out of the swamped region and flown in more than 4600
tons of supplies.


Worship services went on—inside Reunion Arena in Dallas
16 evacuees wearing pink  ID bracelets
joined hands  in a circle to sing
“Amazing Grace!”  At Trinity United
Church of Christ, a predominant black church the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.  criticized the nations slow response.
Indianapolis suburb of Noblesville the Rev. Craig Parker of the Bridgeway
Community Church referred to a passage in the book of Matthew in which Jesus
calmed the storm. David Williams at the Colonial Baptist church in Carey NC
said “Where is God’s hand with the loss of a home or life. How to explain flood
waters. It’s hard to express what is going on.” But he says “Time and time
again history shows  that God uses
tragedy to transform human lives.”


Mississippi coast—worshippers brought chairs and
blankets for services on the scarred earth where churches once stood. Spokesman
for the Army Corp of Engineer now says that those five or six persons shot by
police yesterday as they crossed the Danziger Bridge were contractors on their
way to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain to fix the 17th st. Canal. Said
John Hall, a spokesperson for the Corp of Engineers. ..


September 7, 2005


Man confessed to killing two convicted child sex

California approved a bill to allow same sex
marriages.but Arnold may veto it.. arnold says it should be a court decision
and he will uphold whatever the court decides.. Margit Thompson, a governor
spokesperson said on  Tuesday. Town of
Julian—60 miles northeast of San Diego is being threatened by a wildfire..
that’s where the pies are isn’t it.. internet scams popping up on the
internet—one for the Red Cross. Same standardized forms.. security log.. making
you believe it is a secured site.. but it is not.. it is an ingenious fake,,
traced to scammers in brazil.. sophisticated.. with one final twist..after
making a donation it sends you to the authentic Red Cross site.  .. other phone sites have been traced to
Korea, and the U.S. , and China in the last few days. Red Cross never sends out
e-mail solicitations.. ABC NEWS David Scott & Avni Pato contributed to this


Dan Hubbard , sr. director of security & technology
research for Websense.Inc… in an impassioned plea for more federal funds to
upgrade levees and flood control equipment senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat
from   Louisiana told the Senate late
last…. of a New Orleans worker who had collected 1000’s of body bags in case
the levee ever failed. I hope that never happens he said, but it did.  Shea Penland for years warned that a powerful
hurricane could wipe out New Orleans..”We have a terrible problem” he told me
five years ago [says Lee Dye, writer].. when he talked about the future of the
Lower mississippi delta.. Penland is the director of Pontchartrain
Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans.. devoted much of his
life to the study of coastal louisiana. 
Bacteria is 10 times the acceptable level in the flood waters of New
Orleans. .. avoid even skin contact.


At least 30 found dead in a NursingHOme in New Orleans.
.. St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens said 30 plus bodies were found in
a  St. Regis nursing home in  lower St. Bernard Parish. About 30 to 40
others were rescued..


September 8, 2005


EPA had to make a choice between emptying the water
from the New Orleans streets into the Mississippi River or the Lake
Pontchartrain—they chose the lake. Saturday at 830 pm. about 35 hours before
Katrina hit the coast.. Max Mayfield of the director of the National Hurricane
Center.. was so concerned about the storm he personally called the governors of
Mississipi and New Orleans plus the Mayor of New Orleans.. when I walked out
that night I wanted to, you know, be able to sleep.. the next day President
Bush listened into a FEMA conference call during which Mayfield warned of a
storm surge.. of more than 20 feet rolling over levees.. FEMA had over 1300
disaster assistance workers pre-positioned. ..


Brown assured Bush that they were ready for the storm.
.. some of the long term FEMA managers were convinced that FEMA was not ready
for Katrina. ..”some of us were shaking our heads and saying ‘this isn’t going
to be enough, the director  has to know
this isn’t going to be enough. But nothing more is happening.” Said Leo Bosner,
president of the FEMA Headquarters employee union.


He said the Homeland Security now slows down the
process. .. union warned Congress in a detailed letter about FEMA’s decline a
year ago..


Capitol Hill & Homeland Security just weeks ago
said DHS is too focused on one thing—terrorism.   Person by the name of Smart. .. personally
went down to the Gulf Coast—starting with the Astrodome..  and found that some of the people are faring
better at some of the informal shelters.. set up in the municipal offices &
churches than at some of those established by the ARC and other groups, because
it is considered a liability for them to provide any assistance beyond food
& shelter.


Proselytizing is prohibited as is dispensing over the
counter medicines for headaches and diarhaea. .. People who are getting help
in  a wholistic manner were better off in
those place that weren’t offering those things, smart said. They didn’t have TV
or internet access. They didn’t know how to find their loved ones, he added.
The spiritual aspect—it depends on whether an individual wants to get into
that. Certainly that’s not going on at the Red Cross and not even at the church
in some places. He added, “We encouraged the evacuees, but serendipitiously
encourage the volunteers— the pastors, the Red Cross People, the National
Guard”  St. John’s Missionary baptist
Church  820 New Rafe Road Baton Rouge LA
70807. .. Pastor Donald Ruth. 225-775-9756. Magic Johnson is involved in relief
efforts—he visited the Dream Center yesterday and is offering some jobs at some
his corporations.


Mayor Villaraigosa said Los Angeles is prepared to take
up to 2000 evacuees from the Gulf Coast. 
Officials in New Orleans are now concerned that corpses could get stuck
in water pumps. . Biloxi Mississippi –they are worried about debris becoming
firewood—with temperature in the 90’s things are starting to dry quickly—
.many of the military bases were damaged along the Gulf Coast.


Nevell from the Nevell Brothers commented re the
hurricane.. he had a studio and a house in New Orleans which he assumes was
destroyed. .. angels won, A’s won, Yankees lost.


September 10, 2005


Michael Brown has been removed from his position in
Louisiana and has been sent back to Washington D.C. Some accuse him of having
“padded” his resume. He denies it.


Two New Orleans couple marry in a shelter—Fort Worth
Texas’ Leo Tate never took his eyes off his bride, Annie Lee. Besides them
Donna Matthis cried as she said her vows to James Nelson Jr. They were married
at the Northside Tri-Ethnic Community Center. Mariah Carey, Neil Young, The Foo
Fighters, Don Fogerty, Kenye West, Chris Rock—all appeared on a TV special
trying to raise money for the Gulf Coast disaster. Bill Clinton phoned in. U2,
Also, Steve Harvey was the co-host. For the BET Special…..


The leadership role of Michael Brown was taken over by
vice-admiral Thad Allen, the chief-of Staff of the U.S. Coast Guard. They say
family helping family in Louisiana is probably the largest form of assistance,
noting that Louisiana has the most sedentary population—those born there tend
to stay there. “There is no question that family has and will dwarf any other
kind of assistance in this disaster” said Karl Brasseaux, professor of
History  at the University of Louisiana
and director  of its Center for Louisiana


He said “Had family structures in Louisiana have eroded
to the point they  have in many parts of
the country many refugees would face a very long and bleak road ahead.” Red
Cross & FEMA have no intentions to help families helping families. If I
wanted to be secretive and stalk her why would I write a letter about it. That
would seem to make it clear that I was not trying to be sneaky and secretive.
Captured one of the alligators in Lake Machado.. Hunter Thompson left a suicide
note four days before he did it.  BIC
sells its 100 billionth pen.


FEMA has cancelled debit cards—going to direct deposit
instead. Call … 800621-3362.. or http://www.fema.gov. 
… an additional 17 pumps are now in place.  350,000 still without electricity..the
airport will re-open on Sept 19.. man attacked by bear in Glacier National
park… did all he could to to protect his daughter—they both survived but he had
multiple injuries.


About 4000 registered sex offenders on the loose around
New Orleans—300 of whom they are worried about. ..800342-6110…for those on
parole. To register their new location.

ARC made a call for 40,000 new volunteers.. first time
in Red Cross organization that they launched such a massive drive, said
spokesman John Degman…first shift of 10,000 recruits will be needed to relieve
36,000 volunteers. More than 160,000 survivors 
are staying at 675 shelters in 23 states. Last night the Red Cross
served 500,000 hot meals. As of Saturday morning FEMA had given out more than
650 million in expedited assistance and 13 million via debit card. Notre Dame
beat Michigan 17-10—under ND’s new coach., the former offensive coordinator for
New England Patriots.. ..who helped them win three of the last 4
Superbowls..and Weis was a student at ND.. but while there.. UM did not play
ND.. the rivalry resumed in 1978, the year after Weis graduated.


Central Michigan football players including star
running back Jay Seymour were charged Tuesday in the fatal beating of a 26 year
old man.. by the name of Graham of Mt. Pleasant.. beaten unconscious outside
Shabooms Pub on June 25, 2004..he died 19 days later..


Reporter Karsten—a former college football sideline
reporter was found dead at his home just before he was scheduled to report to
federal prison for tax evasion ..he was 
45 years old.. he had previously pled guilty to failing to file federal
income tax returns on income totaling $360,000 from 2001-2002—was supposed to
report to a 11 year sentence .. no foul play indicated. ..


Some of these agencies included Mike Diamond Plumbing,
Ralphs , So. Cal Edison, Home Depot, Kaiser Permanente, & Pep Boys, as well
as various employment agencies and non-profit groups. “At any given time there
are roughly 800 job openings ranging from entry level to professional throughout
Edison’s service area”, said an Edison spokesperson . Maria Shriver visited the
Dream Center and reminded the people there that there are about 90,000 people
in Los Angeles who are homeless.


[uggh] Movie by Ang Lee about the homosexual love
between two cowboys set in the conservative west of the 1960’s won the Venice
Film Festival’s top award Saturday. New Orleans Police Force has approximately
1750 officers—300 of whom are missing. Restaurant in N.E. China—advertised
Tiger Meat dishes was found instead to be selling donkey meat marinated in
Tiger urine. Huf Ulou Restaurant located beside the Heidaohezi Tiger Reserve
near the city of Hailan advertised “Stir fried tiger meat with chilis” for 95


“Shaquille O’Neal helped load an item into the
cavernous 18 wheel trailer and pointed to the generous stranger, saying, “Give
the man a hug” to his children who quickly obliged. O’Neal and his wife have
coordinated efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina. On Saturday
O’neal was on the front line personally accepting donations from those inclined
to help. Trailers hired by the O’Neal family are expected to roll on Tuesday
towards Baton Rouge, LA where O’Neal attended LSU. They’ve taken in 10,000
gallons of water , diapers, peroxide, personal items, clothing, and even
refrigerators and beds, which will be used to furnish 400 apartments the
O’Neals plan to rent out for refugees.


The place where they repaired  Space Shuttle fuel tanks has normally been at
Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, but it was damaged by the storm and
could affect the planned shuttle flights in the near future. NASA’s  Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis
MISS..where the shuttle main engines are tested was also damaged—both sites
damage was mainly to facilities roofs, but at Michoud one of the shuttles was
dinged by debris.  T


The Space Agency estimates the hurricane caused about 1
billion dollars in damage at these facilities. Penguins, sea otters, rare
Australian sea dragons, a 250 pound sea turtle named Midas, all survivors of
Katrina were loaded into crates on Friday to be lifted out of New Orleans
Aquarium of America. 19 penguins were taken to Monterey Bay Aquarium in
California to be joined by a couple of California Sea Otters. Most of the
aquarium’s 10,000 fish did not survive after the storm knocked out power which
keeps the water habitable, and the emergency generator later failed.


The sea dragons, to the surprise of Aquarium officials,
however, did survive—despite the fluctuation of water temperature—the slightest
of which the officials previously thought would negatively affect. The Aquarium
of Americas was considered one of the foremost aquariums in the world.

More than 120 Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas platforms
are still shut down as of Saturday and more than 60% of  the Gulf’s daily oil production remained
blocked from the market due to evacuations from Katrina.


Northridge Earthquake cost federal govt 15 to 20
billion. The Katrina disaster could cost New Orleans 100 billion alone in
federal relief funds.. 200 billion is the estimate total for the entire
affected area.


Santa Ana’s festival has been changed to next weekend.
Agassi faces Federer in the US Open Final. Agassi is the oldest grand slam
finalist in 31 years. He won the US Open in ’94 and ’99. Agassi is married to
Stefi Graf. I didn’t know that. He used to be close to Brooke Shields. He has
two children—Jaden and Jaz. . First time in his 20 year career that he has had
to play three five set matches in a row. He’s also played against McEnroe,
Conners, Lendl, & Edberg. He has an older brother named Philip.


CNN sued the federal govt to stop the federal ban on
media coverage of the cleanup. Surprised that Glenn did not know where Freed
lived. Notre Dame hasn’t beat U of M at home since 1993. Glenn Gritzner  is the special assistance to superintendent
Roy Romer, commented to the press re. the Ambassador Hotel and the LAUSD”s
planned use of it, for which they paid 76 million dollars. They plan to build four
schools on the campus and preserve part of it—including an auditorium and a
library which encompasses the current building. The 1000 room Ambassador Hotel
which  opened in 1921 and hosted six
academy award ceremonies was considered a historic gem by preservationists. It
closed in 1989.


Every U.S. President from Herbert Hoover to Richard
Nixon stayed at the hotel, as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Valentino, &
Albert Einstein. It became infamous when Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy to death in
the hotel pantry moments after the candidate declared victory in the 1960
California democratic presidential primary. . LAUSD has agreed to recreate the
ballroom where Kennedy gave his final speech and turn it into a library. Story
by Alicia Chang. Student at UK’s Royal College of Art, Peter Bruin, designed a shower
that recycles dirty water—recirculates and cleans used water.


September 11, 2005


Central American gang known as Mara Salvatrucha XIII
meaning “The Salvadoran Gang, Fear Us” has been terrorizing Washington D.C.
suburbs raping Latino females and attacking people. Linda Paz, a 17 year old
pregnant gal in the area was nearly beheaded after the gang learned she was
helping police in a murder investigation. A lot of these members of the gang
are illegal immigrants from Central America.


They are suspected of 100’s of murders and 1000’s of
assaults. Most of them come from El Salvador. FEMA has designated Operation
Blessing as the #2 charity for donations—a charity founded and still chaired by
Pat Robertson. At least 42,000 people have volunteered their time at the
Astrodome. Mark Sloan is the leader of the efforts to help people evacuate into
the Astrodome and the Reliant Center. Hillary Clinton has called for an
independent commission to investigate the federal response to Hurricane


Under FEMA’s direction 32,000 rescues were performed,
182,000 were housed in 559  shelters and
11.3 million meals served. .. 11.8 million liters of water provided. German
plane carrying 15 tons of rations for Katrina evacuees was turned back because
it did not have prior authorization to land. U.S. says there is a possibility
of mad cow disease in some of their rations, but now they have given approval
to the Germans for future aid flights, some flights which had previously
already landed in the U.S. with supplies.


Many International donors have complained of
frustration that bureacratic 
entanglements have  hindered
shipments to the U.S. Berlin is also sending teams equipped with high capacity
pumps to help clear the flood waters.


Adam Gadahn of Orange County CA taped a message saying
that Los Angeles is a potential place for terrorist attacks. Gadahn, a normal
teen only a few years ago, began attending an Islamic Mosque where he was
recruited by militants and sent to Pakistan for terrorist training.


 New Orleans
Saints won, winning with a 47 yard field goal in the last 3 seconds, beating
Carolina—the Charlotte Panthers. They gave one of the game balls to Mayor Ray
Nagin, and the other to the victims. Ivan Lendl was inducted into the US Court
of Champions on Sunday before the final between Agassi & Federer. James
Taylor sang “America the Beautiful” with his son, Ben. Jimmy Connor, Chris
Evert, Billy Jean King, Stefi Graf, Jack Kramer, & John McEnroe, Rod Laver,
Bill Tilden, Helen Wils, Margaret Court (?) are the previous inductees into
the  US Court of Champions.


President back in New Orleans—scheduled to sleep on the
USS Iwo Jima, which is serving as the Control Center for the relief efforts.


80 dogs were airlifted out of New Orleans and sent to
San Francisco & San Diego courtesy of $50,000 donation by ..Texas Oil
Tycoon  Boone Pickens & his wife
Madeline ina  movement dubbed “Operation
Pet Lift” .. chartered a plane to fly them out. The Times Picayne of New
Orleans is still publishing despite Katrina, publishing outside N.O.


Three-star general Honore—a Coast Guard official
overseeing Katrina relief is turning a lot of heads for his command of the
situation—he grew up in Louisiana  and
even spent a couple of weeks in Charity Hospital as a child after getting hit
in the head with a baseball bat. He has one son—returning from Iraq after a
year in duty—that means a lot. 50% of the corn and 33% of the soybeans exported
by the U.S. flows down the Mississippi River.


Although most corporations use nearby Houston as a
headquarters rather than New Orleans they still rely on Port Fourchon, about 60
miles south of the City to ferry equipment & workers out to the rigs.
Tourism brings 10 billion dollars to New Orleans annually and accounts for
about 15% of the city’s jobs. The city’s population has already shrunk about
30% over the past four years.


September 12, 2005


Blackout across LA today. Michael Brown of the FEMA
resigned. Roberts nomination hearing continues.. Hurricane Katrina death toll
rose 50% in one day.. discovery of 34 dead patients and staff members in St.
Regis Nursing home in the town of Chalmette…in the hard hit St. Bernard Parish.
Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti charged the husband and wife owner
of  the home with 34 counts of negligent
homicide, for not doing more to save the 
elderly patients. They had been asked if they wanted to move them but
the owners said no, despite repeat warnings. Salvador Mangano and his wife
Mabel were released on $50,000 bond each.


United States Transportation Secretary Norman  Mineta pronounced Katrina the worst disaster
for transportation in U.S. History and estimated the damages to bridges and
highway…etc. at The blackout in Los Angeles was the largest for the county since
the Northridge earthquake in 1994. Five days after Katrina hit representative
William Jefferson , democrat for Louisana who represents New Orleans  was allowed through military blockades set up
around the city to reach the Superdome.


Jefferson requested a tour of his neighborhood and the
area he represents but then he asked them to take him to his house. Jones High
School in southeast Houston—fight broke out between evacuees—and some of the
regular students. The A’s lost. Angels lost. Chaka Khan’s son—lived in the
Westchester area of Los Angeles—is being charged with murder. The Katrina storm
caused four sections of the walls that protect New Orleans from flooding to
give way. Peter Carkhuff, sales exec. For National Property damage experts in
West Berlin New Jersey said “You’re probably talking about bulldozing entire
blocks, maybe entire neighborhoods.”

bodies found in a hospital  at the 370 bed memorial medical center in New
Orleans. Louisina death toll now at 279. 41 of 174 permanent pumps are now in
operation. Many parts of the Metropolitan area –water was going down at least a
foot per day.


Sheriff’s Deputies found  eleven children locked in cages less than 3 ½
feet inside a home—the couple denied that they had abused or neglected the
children. Judge put them in foster homes. They were found in 9 cages built into
the walls of the house. No blankets or pillows—and the cages were rigged with
alarms which sounded if opened,. .. The children said they slept in the cages
at night. Derren & Mike Grevelle are adoptive or foster parents for all
eleven children. Power outage in L.A. was due to utility workers who mistakenly
cut several cables in L.A.   2 million
people were affected—some stuck on elevators. .. all power was restored by 3
pm. about 2 1/ 2 hours later.


September 14, 2005


Katrina is placed among the top ten deadliest natural
disasters in United States history.. alongside Galveston hurricane of 1900, the
Johnstown flood of 1889.  Hurricane
Andrew killed 26 people. .. Great New England Hurricane of 1938 took 700 lives.
San Francisco earthquake also took about 700 deaths, estimate. Georgia/South
Carolina hurricane of 1881 took 700 lives, estimated.


Tri-State tornado of 1925 took an estimated 695 lives
in Missouri, Illinois, & Indiana. The Galveston hurricane of 1900 claimed
about 8000 lives. The Great Okeechobee Hurricane killed about 2500. And the
Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood of 1889 killed about 2200.  Two hurricanes in 1893—one in Louisiana
killed over 2000, and one in South Carolina/Georgia took between 1000-2000
lives, according to Rusty Pfost a meteorologist with the National Weather
Service. Angels lose. A’s lose. Yankees win. Roberts confirmation continues.


Senator Charles Schumer said to the nominee Roberts
that “When you add it all up you are being less forthcoming with this committee
than just about any other person who has come before us.” Schumer is a New York
Democrat. Roberts said that he thinks the Constitution affords Americans the
right to privacy which apparently is the key legal underpinning of the landmark
ruling concerning abortion. Delta & Northwest Airlines filed for


The legal age for marriage in Indiana is 18 for girls
and 21 for boys—so a 19 year old girl married her boyfriends older brother
temporarily so that she could live in the same house as her boyfriend. ..


September 17, 2005


In Louisiana, they are now allowing business & home
owners to return to the  Algiers Section,
French Quarter & garden District  of
New Orleans. Vice-president Dick Cheny is having surgery today for an aneurism
behind one of the knees.

Republican from Michigan—Peter Hoekstra—is calling on
Peter Goss of the CIA to give as much possible information about 911 as
possible. Vietnamese man—Asian man. .. in Wisconsin (Hawyard WI), was convicted
of 1st degree murder in the shooting of six deer hunters–.. Chai Soua
Vang—from Hmong (?) … who came from southeast Asia more than twenty years
ago—faces mandatory life in prison after shooting and killing six deer hunters
and wounding two others. ..

Vang, age 36, defended himself saying he was shot at
and heard racial slurs,  but the jury
didn’t buy it.


Yahoo says as far back as eight years ago—congress
ordered the FEMA to order a plan for evacuation New Orleans during a massive
hurricane, but the money instead went to studying the Causeway Bridge which
spans the city’s Lake Pontchartrain.

They never used the money for its intended purpose,
said former representative Billy Tauzin, R-Louisana—in 1997 Congress set aside
$500,000 for FEMA to create a comprehensive analysis and plan of evacuation
alternatives for the New Orleans area.. two years later, after nothing
happened, Congress strengthened its directive. This time it ordered an
evacuation plan for a Category 3 or greater storm, a levee break flood or other
natural disaster for the New Orleans area.


The $500,000 that Congress appropriated for this plan
went to a Commission that studied future options for the 24 mile bridge over
Lake Pontchartrain. I picked up a burrito at the Del Taco—112 pm…cruising
through Carson—finally got the answer to why New Orleans cemeteries are
unique—most of the bodies are in above-ground tombs—they don’t dig graves
there because they are so close to sea level. Contrary to fears—they did not
find that many bodies or tombs floating away from the cometary— although
they  did find one tombstone or casket on
or near the train tracks ..questions about what to do with all the debris.


Mariana Cruz, age 32, was getting into her car in a
parking lot Thursday , and she released the emergency break –and the car rolled
forward—pinning her against the wall—she died at the hospital but not until
her baby was delivered by Caesarean section.


And people are defending—saying this older lady did not
loot the store—elderly lady in jail for two weeks now—on charges of
looting—witnesses in her favor said she did not loot the store—that she had her
own food in her car, plus the owner of the store said she didn’t care if she
did. But the Judge is holding her on $50,000 bail—100 times the required
amount… and the judge won’t respond to phone calls. .they say this lady Maten,
70 years old,  is a deaconess at the
Resurrection Mission Baptist Church and won an award for her service at a
hospital. .. they said she had a refrigerator in her car—with food in it.


Christine Bishop , the owner of the deli—who was
allegedly robbed—said she was looted by somebody—but said that she would not
want them charged with a crime if they were just trying to survive.


Furthermore, they say she couldn’t have looted this
place because she is too old and frail to jump over the counter. .. .. flood
waters continue to recede on the city’s hard hit east side revealing a pathetic
scene—block after block of once-flooded neighborhoods is covered with a slimy,
putrid, muck, and dotted with ruined cars, snapped utility poles, and collapsed
houses. 40 to 50 % of the city was still flooded down from 80% after Katrina
hit. Is Dick Pound—the guy involved in the Lance Armstrong accusation of
doping..—and who is the head of the .. .. WADA—World Anti-Doping Agency.


Mayor Villaraigosa is going to move into the Getty
House. .. which has not been used for a mayor’s residence since Tom Bradley.
Tanker carrying about 7500 gallons of jet fuel overturned Thursday on the
Antelope Valley Freeway near Acton.


September 16, 2005


73 year old woman jailed for looting has been released
Merlene Maten has now been released—wanted to visit her 80 year old husband.
Grizzly bear attacks two hikers in Yellowstone, Pat Mcdonald age 52 of Bismark
ND and Gerald Holzer age 51 of Northfield MN were hiking near Shoshone Lake
…the bear swatted at them.. but they had bear repellent which they sprayed in
the bear’s face and it ran away.. neither were seriously injured..


Former education official, Matthias Vheru  age 55, is accused of using his post to
secretly buy almost 46,000 textbooks and teaching aids that he, himself, had
written, bringing him nearly 1 million dollars in royalties. He has been sued
by the LAUSD—-who says that Vheru illegally.. covered more than 3 million of
the 4 million dollar cost by using federal education funds that had been
earmarked for programs that assist non-native English speakers. They said Vheru
skirted the purchase approval process and making the orders when he was
temporarily serving as the district’s math curriculum director last year.


Man in the town of Warrnambool , southern state of
Victoria in Australia, name of Frank Clewer, was oblivious to the growing
electrical current that was building up as his clothes rubbed together. ..the
electrical charge ignited the carpet—like a firecracker Clewer told Australian
radio Thursday. ..he also scorched a piece of plastic on the floor of his car.
Firefighters tested his clothes, and found there was a current of 40,000 volts
going through his clothes. David Gosden, a Sr. lecturer in Electrical
Engineering at Sydney University told Reuters that for static electricity to
ignite the conditions had to be perfect. “Static electricity is a similar
mechanism to lightning, where you have clouds rubbing together which are
sparked by dry air above them”..


September 17, 2005


Courtney Love is being sued for damages from an assault
to which she pled guilty–.. in which she allegedly poured whiskey all over
somebody and then threw a candle at her—as well as hit her and pinched her
breasts. .. she is now serving time in a drug clinic, rehab.


Son of Governor Jeb Bush was arrested for public
intoxication and resisting arrest—John Bush, age21.. their daughter Noelle—was
arrested previously for trying to pass a fraudulent subscription to get Xanax
at a pharmacy—she completed drug rehab and the charges were dismissed. Governor
Election is in November 2006. .. prisoners at the jacksonville Correction
center spent four days in lockdown after an assistant Warden lost the keys.


Man thought he might get a Protection Order lifted by
secretly videotaping him having sex with the woman he was told to leave alone.
Justin W. Fraase, age 26, gave the video to an officer, expecting it to show
that the woman did not fear him. Instead, the tape revealed more than enough
evidence for his arrest. “I guess he didn’t watch it before he gave it to us”
Lieutenant Todd Dahle said. He was charged with sexually assaulting the woman,
bail set at $50,000. 822 a.m. at Home Depot.


Teenage Indianapolis gal may be charged with murder
today after driving into his ex-boyfriends new girlfriend, Amber Steele, age
17, leaving her in critical condition, with massive head injuries. A foot deep
layer of sludge left behind flood waters in New Orleans is riddled with fecal
bacteria and other contaminants. Tests by Nova Biologicals in  Texas detected elevated levels of cadmium,
lead, & mercury, and low levels of petroleum, and an astounding level of
bacteria, samples of normal soil generally contain less than 200 unites of
fecal bacteria but the sludge contained 310,000 units.. “You’re in a sewage
treatment plant, if you’re walking through this” said Dr. Paul Pearce,
microbiologist at Nova Biologicals. He said if sludge somehow got into the food
chain it could create the potential for bacterial disease—it could create the
potential for heavy metal poisoning, said Dr. Jeffrey Brent, a medical
toxologist. Bottle-nosed dolphins—washed out of their aquarium tank in Gulfport
MISS have been found swimming together in the Gulf of Mexico.


But they are not safe yet because the dolphins are
domesticated. Officials fear they cannot survive in the wild. Moby Solangi,
owner and director of the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport MISS saved as many
of the fourteen dolphins as time allowed., three took up residence at the pool
at Gulfport’s Best Western. Three others made the pool at the Holiday Inn. The
remaining eight stayed behind at the aquarium’s pool that has survived every
previous hurricane. The wave from Katrina swept away all eight dolphins and
destroyed the pool. They went looking for them out in the ocean and after only
five minutes in the helicopter they spotted them swimming together. Latest
government figures found that 75cents of every dollar spent on emergency
preparedness goes to anti-terrorism programs.


Timeline tells what went wrong at FEMA—on Saturday,
August 27 at 830 pm. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center,
personally called th governors of Mississippi and Louisiana 35 hours before the
storm hit.. , as well as the Mayor of New Orleans—to make sure they understood
the severity of the situation. FEMA warned about the storm surge the next day.


President Bush listened in on a FEMA conference call at
which Mayfield warned about the storm surge of more than 20 feet of water
rolling over the levee. FEMA director Michael Brown  assured Bush they were ready for the storm.
“FEMA is not going to hesitate at all in this storm” Brown said. “We are not
going to sit back and make this a bureaucratic process. We are going to move
fast, quickly, and do whatever it takes to help the victims.”


Farm Aid Conference begins in Chicago today—they say
that Farm Aid gave away less than 28% of their revenues


September 19, 2005


76 year old man sat alone in his attic with a dwindling
supply of water—no food—for 18 days in new Orleans. .. no way out—surrounded by
foul flood waters–..temperature high—in the attic—they found him sitting in a
chair in the kitchen of his house—partially dressed –trying to stay cool—after
16 days he was able to descend, as the flood waters receded.

The house remained in several feet of water. Martin’s
family left before the storm, but he stayed to attend church. He took  a nap after church and woke up to find his
house was full of water. He only had time to get some water and get up to his
attic which he described as feeling like an oven , day after day of 90 degree
heat. While they were putting him in the chopper he asked if they could stop at
Taco Bell to get something to eat. Story by AP writers Rose Hanson in Baton
Rouge, and Cain Burdeau in New Orleans.


Tony Blair complained that the Murdoch operated BBC has
had too much anti-American innuendo in its coverage of Katrina, with most
coverage of slow or late efforts in disaster relief. Clinton (Bill) was the
moderator for a conference in England—where the topic arose. Re. the cemeteries
in New Orleans—at least one coffin was displaced by the flood waters—found on
railroad tracks near the Greenwood Cemetary , but in general there has not been
a problem with the cemeteries.


Boxer—last name Johnson—referee stopped the fight in
the 11th round—he walked off—but then he collapsed—is in the hospital in
critical condition,


“Most people don’t ever recover financially from a
disaster said Anat Kendal, director of American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants.  Federal Reserve has to make
a decision about increasing the interest rates. 
they normally would—but now the Katrina disaster adds a new factor to
the equation.. many economists are betting they will lift an important  short-term benchmark by ¼ percentage point to
3.75%.. be the 11th such increase since the Fed began to tighten credit in
2004. commercial banks would be expected to increase prime lending by a
corresponding amount to 6.75%.. if the Fed pushes the rate up again—borrowing
costs would reach its highest level in four years.


Brandeis University Economics Professor Stephen
Cecchetti says, “This is very tough for the Fed, There’s also the compassion
issue. You run the risk of looking very callous by raising rates. Other
analysts say the prospects of a downturn are more of a risk.Economist Kathleen
Camilli says, ‘I think the greater risk is that higher energy prices will cause
consumers to pull back, slowing overall economic growth.” She is on the side of
those who think the Fed will leave rates unchanged at the meeting. “New Orleans
healthcare facilities have been “shattered” to an extent unmatched in U.S.
history, and the residents face grave challenges in returning to the city, “
the Vice president of the National Hospital Accreditation Organization said
Sunday ___________Cappiello, ..


Emergency officials said 4300 people have sought mental
health counseling and 14 have been hospitalized for psychiatric needs in the
Katrina area. Some 40 recovering  heroin
addicts have enrolled in Methadone clinic. Mental health systems of Houston in
Harris County.. were already stretched to serve more than 125, 000 patients.
Getting an appointment can take three months.


Psychiatric beds in hospitals have been cut by more
than 50% in recent years. Texas ranks 48th in per capita spending on mental
health. At New Orleans arena—where people stayed for a few days when the floods
came—people were tying plastic bags to their feet to slosh through the puddles
of urine. Story about a group called the “Abstract 16” who got out of a group
home for mentally ill or recovering drug addicts—they stuck together and
medicated themselves along the way…


Former governor George Ryan won accolades for clearing
the state’s Death Row… scandal that destroyed his popularity—making him
unelectable in 2002 has now brought him to a critical confrontation. .. after
billing out big money state contracts and leases to political insiders—the 71
year old politician is scheduled to go on trial on Monday for raqueteering,
conspiracy, mail fraud, lying to the FBI, and tax fraud. Scott Fawell, governor
Ryan’s former campaign manager and chief of staff is already serving a six year
sentence, and is penciled in as the government’s lead off witness. Ryan served
two four year terms as secretary of state, and was elected governor in 1998. He
retired after just one term.


Bonds hit another homer—now nine behind Babe Ruth—fifty
behind Hank Aaron. Since being re-activated Bonds is 5 for 16, with 2 homers, 3
rbi’s, three runs scored, one double, three walks, three strikeouts…Bonds
played for the Pirates from 1986 to 1992… 13 games left in the regular season.
. Giants trail Padres by 5 ½ games.Can Bonds hit 9 homers in 13 games? .. UCLA
beat #21 ranked Oklahoma 41-24. U of M beat East Mich 55-0. ..  Newark New Jersey—doing a test on mice—at a
lab—injected them with bubonic plague—and now –three of these mice are
unaccounted for. The Bubonic plague—also known as the Black Death, is what
killed ¼ of Europe’s population. Risk of transmission is low—even if the mice
did get out. Raises questions about—testing—federal funding for testing of this


September 20-21, 2005


Article about the danger of Avian flue. On ABC news.
Saying if. An epidemic broke out , or pandemic, nobody would be ready for it,
including the USA—there’s one anti-biotic, and one vaccine.. doses are low
..availablility is low.. in terms of a pandemic.. if the “tipping point” is
reached—meaning transmission through humans begins—it could become very
serious—right now it is transmitted by birds. ., and has killed a few 100. ..
.. once it gets transmitted it can kill a person in a few days—it goes straight
to the lungs. Train that derailed in Chicago—was going 60 mph over the speed
limit—it should have only been going 10 mph—it was going 70 mph.


87 year old Marion Indiana wheel-chair bound woman was
viciously attacked by dogs at her daughters home… the daughter stated that wild
dogs entered the home and attacked the mother.. prosecutors say the daughter
lied  and the daughter and  her husband are set to go on trial today—if
convicted  they could  get 6 to 20 years in prison. Linda Kitchen
said she was working in the backyard of her home when she heard a commotion—she
said she found her mother Julia Beck being attacked by two dogs. Police
concluded that it was the Kitchens own dogs that mauled the woman. Insurance
adjustors are now making decisions about which homes they will pay for.. a lot
of insurance.. people with insurance 
that covers hurricanes but not floods—and these people are arguing
that  the flood was part of the
hurricane—they were wind-driven waters. 
A’s won, Yankees won, angels had day off


A way to get your law degree without going to law
school—it’s called being a “law reader”—such as working for a judge or
prosecutor—and you’re allowed to take the bar exam if you have been a law
reader. California, Vermont, Virginia, & Washington allow law readers to
take the bar exame after three or four years in apprenticeships registered with
the state . New York, Maine ^& Wyoming let non-law school graduates take th
e bar exam if they have a combination of office, study, & law school
experience. Only one law reader passed the Virginia bar of nine attempts. You don’t
need a bachelors degree to take the bar exam. Washington is the only state
where law readers pass the bar at a higher rate than traditional students.


A’s won, Angels won, Yankees won. Researcvhers at
Berkely have found a way to acoustically, essentially spy on people on
computers—by listening to the clicks and the clacks of the keyboard—it can be
as accurate as 96% –Zhuang—the author of the experiment. .. in the end—after
improvements it could accurately  predict
96% of characters and 80% of words


Rosh Hashana literally translates as “head of the year”
–.. celebration of creation of the world. Observed on the first day of the
Hebrow Month of Tishrei, which usually falls in September or October, ..marks
the beginning of a ten day period of prayer. Ten days are referred to as Yamim
Noraim or “The days of Awe” , or the High Holidays, , Selichot–? Means
“forgiveness’_ pentitenial prayers recited by Jews prior to the onset of the
high holidays, .. prepares for ten days of reflection and self-examination.  Tashlica? Usually performed on first day of
Rosh Hashana after afternoon service—the symbolic casting away of
transgressions, usually performed near a body of water asking for forgivness
and throwing bread into a body of water ( or sometimes rocks). Why dip an apple
into honey on Rosh Hashana?  Sweet apples
dipped into sweet honey equals a sweet year.Numerous seeds of the pomegranates
which just happen to reach ripeness at this time of year symbolize our good


What is Yom Kippur? Day of Atonement. Leviticus 23.27.
What is Kol Nidre? Services on yom kiupper begin with Kol Nidre—the opening
prayer and also the name of the evening service—an Aramaic declaration that
nullfies all the vows and promises one makes to God or him or herself—an
acknowledgment of the weakness of human resolution. Yizkor? –a service that
recalls loved ones that have died and is recited on Yom Kippur.


Article by Rabbi Jonathon Kraus—entitled the “Lowdown
on Ritual and Worship”. It says “We ask for forgiveness and repent almost
exclusively in the first person plural, this emphasis on we vs. I reflects
Judaisms emphasis on community. “Richard Sherman, a clinical and consulting
psychologist in Tarzana is president of the L.A. Chapter of the Republican
Jewish Coalition went to Louisiana as a Red Cross volunteer. Jewish Journal of
Greater Los Angeles Vol 20, No. 30, Sept 16-22-, 2005.


September 22, 2005


Judge Roberts—is approved for Supreme Court. .. Jet
Blue made an emergency landing yesterday—.. passengers were able to watch their
own landing—because they have TV on their flights. . small earthquake in L.A.
today-4.7. ..rocket carrying military research satellite blastoff Thursday,
dazzling spectators from California to Arizona with a rainbow of colors as it
streaked across the sky.


Minotaur rocket carrying.. at 724 pm.  from Vandenberg Air Force base, said Major
Todd Fleming. Research & development arm of the Pentagon. 920 pound
payload.. will stay in orbit for a year—gathering information about the earth’s
environment at low orbit. After blastoff the rocket made from
decommissioned  1st and 2nd stages of a
Minuteman II missle .. over the Pacific.. “never seen anything like it “ said
Ken Baker who was driving along PCH from El Segundo to Manhattan beach.. “saw
the rocket streaking against the night sky…”


Man from Rialto Ca- allegedly intentionally ran down
pedestrians on the sidewalk in Las Vegas. ..


New Orleans floods again. 24 people killed on a bus
carrying Nursing home evacuees—caught fire in a traffic jam. Max Mayfield,
director of the National Hurricane Center said “People are going to die around
Beaumont, Port Arthur Texas, and Lake Charles Louisiana—with a possible 20 foot
storm surge. ..


 Some say
Hurricane Rita could cause gasoline prices to go up to 4 dollars per gallon.
About 90% of Galveston’s 58000 residents have evacuated. AP article be, Tim
Whitmire, Contribution by Brett Martell.


Rosenberg—elected new president of the Screen Actors
Guild (SAG), taking the place of Melissa Gilbert, who decided not to run for a
third term. Rosenberg beat Morgan Fairchild and Robert Conrad. The other major
entertainment union is the American Federation of Television & Radio
Artists.Angels have a seven game winning streak going with a  few games to go. They look bound to win the
AL west. Detroit lost its 8th straight game.


How do they decide on naming formations on Mars—the
union decided that large craters would be named after deceased   scientiests.. * authors who wrote about Mars
such as H.G. Wells and … small craters-after towns with pop with  fewer than 100,000 people. .. large valleys
named for Mars in non-English languages. Small valleys named after rivers,
nothing smaller than 330 feet would get an official name unless it had exceptional
scientific interest,  Internaaional
Astronomical Union Said.


September  24,


Romero, CHP Officer, married father of five
children—stopped at red light on his motorcyle—saw a car approaching behind him
at a fast speed—he had time to put on his flashing lights and warn the car to slow
down but the car ran  him over—if he had
time to put on his signals why didn’t he use that time to jump out of the way.
CHP officer. .. ? driver of car may have been drunk..Romero was pronounced dead
at the USC medical center.  20 years as a
motorcyle officer for the CHP. .


Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys will personally call any
person who donates $100 or more to the Katrina recovery fund—via his website


September 25, 2005


MicrosoftTeaming up with Palm Inc. to make a new smart
phone,windows based version of the Trio—offered thru Verizon. . USC wins 45-14
over Oregon. Leinart threw for 315 yards and 3 touchdowns. Record crowd of
59000 in Oregon. Digital Camera jammers—trying to stop people from using
camphones. Wisconsin beat U of M. Couple from Ireland visiting the United
States were among those who were hit by the driver in Las vegas. Aidan Nolan
& his wife, Rachel Burke age 24, 
were walking down the  strip
holding hands, when the driver hit both of them. They are both hospitalized.
The wife suffered fractures to both hands . Nolan, age 30, dislocated right
shoulder, broken bone in his left arm, and fractured knee. They had only been
married three weeks. Article by Christina Almeida for VZW News.


Cases of reported corporal punishment is up in New York
Public schools—doubling from the year before—many of the allegations involve
faculty and staff pushing, shoving, and grabbing arms. One of the complaints
involves a student who was put outside to “cool off” in December for ten
minutes without a jacket. Another involved a 
Teacher who allegedly tackled a student who reached for a pencil on the
floor. And several cases of a student’s mouth being taped shut. New York’s
Education Dept had different responses to the various allegations involving
teachers, substitute  teachers, bus
drivers, teacher aides, etc. .. some of them were given a counseling session,
some suspended, one fired. Article by Michael Gormley VZW.


Northwest Airplane flight from U.S. to Tokyo was
delayed for 43 hours—due to a lack of a flight crew. Passengers were kept on
the plane for a total of nine hours over a 24 hour period.


In southwest Louisiana—water so rough it capsized recue
boats. Kathleen Blanco, governor of Louisiana, said as many as 250 people were
rescured but there may be over 1000 who need help. The hardest hit parish.. was
in addition  to Vermillion, Cameron,  and Calcasieu parish said Louisiana National
Guard spokesman Maj Ed Bush.


September 26, 2005


Rally against the war in iraq  on Saturday brought out 100’s of 1000’s in
Washington D.C. but the  the rally for
the war on Sunday brought out only a few 100. .. approval for the war has been
declining steadily. Earthquake of magnitude 7 hits northern Peru.


Getty Museum is being accused of knowingly purchasing
stolen Italian art work. Getty Museum curator Mirian True has been charged by
Italian authorities of conspiring to traffic looted Italian antiquities. The
Getty acknowledges they purchased stolen Italian art but said they did not do
so knowingly. Trial is proceeding in Rome.


Reports of violent crime in the United States are at
the lowest level since the government began maintaining statistics 32 years
ago. Story about the power and presence of Samsung corporation in S. Korea. One
of every two S. Koreans uses a Samsung phone. Samsung has 2500 PH.D’s on its
payroll. Samsung posted a profit of about 10 billion last year. They have
also  been accused of bribing
politicians, but also hiring former politicians as advisors. The average pay at
Samsung is more than $70,000 more than triple korea’s per capital income. They
do chemicals, electronics, TV picture tubes, etc. etc. insurance, finance,
credit cards, securiies, communications, . The chairman of Samsung is Lee Kun
Hee..with an estimated fortune of 4 billlion dollars.


“Willful blindness” is one aspect of determining
negligence. Article about the woman who had HIV –had two children—refused to
have either of them tested for HIV, and also breastfed them—claiming she does
not believe HIV causes AIDS. Suddenly her daughter died. Woman’s last name is


Cindy Sheehan was arrested in Washington D.C. for a
sitdown protest by the White house without a permit.

Edward Hale age 64 goes by the name Papa Pilgrim—who
lives in Alaska—has been charged with sexual assault and incest—he has a wife
and 15 children–. He’s on the run. 30 felony counts including 10 sexual counts
, 8 counts of incest, 3 counts of assault.


Fired employee in New York walked into a nail polish
factory Monday and shot the co-owners and the manager in the head before
killing himself. All three shot by Victor Piazza survived the
shootings—although one is in critical condition. Piazza was fired by Verla
International after being arrested in 2004 on charges he had child pornography
on his company computer. He was sentenced to ten years probation. Factory
co-owner Mario Maffei , age 57, and Robert Roth, age 65, were in stable
condition. JoAnn Obrien age 49, was in critical condition.


Angels need two more wins to clinch the division!. Feng
Shui –the practice of using space and placement of furniture etc. has its roots
in Taoism some say—it is practiced in China but not endorsed by the
government—now opponents are raising an outcry because a  government run university is teaching  it.


Big debt relief package is being planned in
Congress—along with a few other countries (i.e. “big eight”) to cancel the debt
of some of the most poverty=stricken nations . Treasurey Secreatry John Snow
said “The plan is an extraordinary opportunity as well as an enormous challenge.”
It could win approval within a week from various world banks and IMF Board, and
would forgive an estimated $40 billion dollars in debt, most of them African
countries. Eighteen in all. Group of economic powers are offering to pay the
debt. It would push the amount of debt cancellation to more than $55 billion.
Article by Jeanninne Avirsa. Verizon News,. 
Cindy Sheehan met with Sen John McCain who is also a Vietnam Vet, story
by Jennifer Talhelm


September 27, 2005


Mother of the 
missing Holloway girl in Aruba contends the Dutch boy in Aruba
(Vandersloot) is lying–. And said that she is going to go to the Netherlands
to keep the story alive. Dutch boy is going to the university there now


Lady who was accused o fhaivng sex with teenage boys
who wanted to be a “cool mom” in Denver—is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow.
She was out driving in an SUV with  a 14
year old driver—the driver crashed—rolled over the van—injuring the mother and
her two childen—who are all now in serious condition in the hospital. 41 year
old Sylvia Johnson. Lindy England is sentenced to three years in prison for her
involvement in the abuse of Iraq prisoners-of-war


September 28, 2005


Tom Delay has been indicted on a conspiracy charge for
illegally funnelling corporate cash to Repoublicans in 2002. Delay says he is a
victim of partisan vendetta by the democratic District Attorney in Austin,
Ronny Earle. Delay said, “My defense in this case will not be technical or
legalistic . It will be categorical and absolute.” “Mr. Earle & his staff
know it, and I will prove it.” Earle denied political motivation saying in
Austin 12 of the 15 cases he has prosecuted have been against Democrats.  In 1994 a case prosecuted by Earle against
Kay Bailey Hutchinson was tossed out of court on the first day of trial. If
convicted Delay could face upt to two years in prison and a fine of $10,000.


Global warming seems to be affecting Alaska more than
other places in the world. .. temperatures have risen 3.6 to 5.4 degrees
farenheit over the past five decades in Alaska, compared to only 1 degree in
the rest of the world over the last century. Man who used his car to mow down
two dozen people in two incidents in mid-town Manhattan  three years ago killing one pedestrian during
a crime rampage pled guilty to murder Wednesday.


Ronald Popavich, age 42,  was involved in a hit-and-run, , then
returned a few days later on February 14 and did the same thing—this time he
was caught. Several persons were injured in the first rampage, including one
who later died. A few days later Popavich injured seven others. He also pled
guilty last year to  killing his
neighbor, Lisa Gutkin, age 40, after she rebuffed his sexual advances. Popavich
shot her six times. Feb 10, 2002. In another crime during the same period he shot
and wounded a New York Cab driver on February 13. Museum originally planned to
be included at the World Trade Center site—has now been abandoned. Plans for
the International Freedom Museum has been 
dropped due to protests , mostly by families of the victims of  911.


San Diego Padres clinch the NL west title. Article
about California Teachers Association (CTA), and Gov. Schwaarzenaager’s attempt
to defeat the influence and power they have held for so long. . The power CTA
has held to quash bills that they don’t like. They used 21 million dollars to
fight against Proposition  38  which would have allowed citizens the choice
of a private school with a school voucher, and the proposition was defeated.


Article about how they grade restaurants in Los Angeles—C
is the lowest grade—meaning it could be closed down if it gets a little bit
worse. Scott Peck , author of  The Road
Less Travelled died at age 69 in Connecticut. Angels lost to A’s. Quicksand
doesn’t actually swallow a prson up this article says—but can envelope you up
to waist deep. They say the best way to get out is to get water into the sand
near your feet. But don’t wiggle, that makes it worse



September 29, 2005


Boys found starving in New Jersey—are set to receive
12. 5 million for ..the  abuse they
suffered because social services did notew hop properly investigate.. 19 year
old boy was found weighing only 45 pounds.. Bruce Jackson—appeared to be 7
years old .. when police found him rummaging through a neighibors trash can in
Collingswood.. the..in October 2003..three of his younger adoptive brothers
were similarly underweight. .. the adoptive parents withheld food while the
boys survived on gypsum wallboard and 
uncooked pancake batter. The reporter (Miller) who was being held in
prison until her source was revealed has been released with permission from her
source to answer any questions about him and to identify him .. the source
turned out to be  vice-president Dick
Cheney’s chief-of-staff Lewis “scooter” Libby—who gave her assurances that she
could reveal the contents of their conversation.


New York City Fire Dept’s  new Muslim Chaplain abruptly resigned after
making comments concerning his doubts about the 911 attacks being solely the
work of  al Quaeda hijackers—noting that
he heard professionals say that fire could not make a tower fall apart like the
World Trade Center towers did—indicating he believed there was a conspiracy
going on, which requried collaboration from within.  Fire commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta told
reporters an hour before Imam Intikab Habib was to be officially sworn in .
Imam was from Saudi Arabia—where many of the 911 hijackers were from. He
apparently realized himself that his views were contrary to what would be
expected from a New York Fire Dept chaplain.


October 1, 2005


Roy Romer got a one year contract extension—some were
against him. But not enough. Missouri Southern Football Coach,k age 46, died of
heart attack in Joplin Missouri. Passengers at Philippine airport saw a rat in
the plbane as they boarded—they took everbody off, searched the plane for 13
hours.. never found it.. grandsons of WWII leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill, and
Stalin debated the merits of the Yelta Conference—-60 years after the
decisive summit which drew borders for the countries following the war.
Grandsons—now elderly themselves laughed often during their first meeting ever.
.. “my grandfather  had the highest
regard for your grandfather as a war time leader ,”


 British author
and politician Winston S. Churchill  told
Yvetny Dzhugashvili, Stalin’s grandson..a retired colonel and military
historian–. .. the Yalta Conference took place as Stalin’s Army was poised for
the final attack on Berlin after occupying Poland.


Stalin had the largest army with 12 million soldiers,
300 divisions. Eisenhowers 4 million men and 85 divisions were still west of
the Rhine at the time. The three grandsons 
met at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Churchills
grandson agreed that Russia  got most
from the agreement. “Possession is 9/10 of the law. Marshal Stalin possesed
half of Europe at the time of the meeting and there was nothing Churchhill or
Roosevelt could do about that” Stalin’s grandson said the divisions made at
Yelta were fair because of the sacrifices by the soviet union in beating
Germany. Russia’s loss of troops was in the millions. He added that there were
also some good things that happened at Yalta—the united Nations was formed.
Article by Toby Sterling.


Article about gun control in the dominican
Republic—it’s legal to carry them although they are supposed to be concealed,
albeit many carry them openly anyways. But people are getting killed and stray
bullets are killing people, including children—at least  25 children have been killed by stray bullets
since January. 1719 homicides in the first eight months of the year, 75 % by


To get a gun legally in the Dominican you have to under
go a drug test, background check, and a psychological evaluation and train at a
shooting gallery for a day. One example of a stray bullet doing harm is the
case of  Tania  in a town 50 miles south of Santa Domingo—the
bullet hit her in the temple and exited her right eye, severing her optic
nerves and  leaving her blind. 22 killed
and 50 wounded in Bali explosiions—the blast hit simultaneously in tourist
areas.—a month before the president had warned of possible attacks.


Two Americans were wounded. One explosion took place in
two packed sea food restaurants in Jimbaran Beach— and in a bustling downtown
shopping center . The attacks took place nearly three years to the day
that  bombings in Kuta killed 202 people.
Astronomers who claimed to have discovered the 10th planet have another
intriguing announcement. They have also discovered the planet’s moon in the
Kuiper belt-, disc of icy bodies beyond Neptune. The moon is 150 miles wide, 60
times fainter than Xena which is what the planet has been nicknamed.


October 1, 2005


U.S. Millionaire and scientist Gregory Olsen is on the
Russian spacecraft going to the International Space Station. Olsen is the 60
year old founder of an infra-red camera maker based in Princeton NJ.


 He reportedly
paid 20 million for  a seat on the the
expedition 12 flight. Olsen is the third non-astronaut to finish the orbiting
station. California businessman Dennis Tito took a trip for 20 million in 2001
and S. African Mark Shuttleworth followed a year later. Russia is now saying
they expect the U.S. to make payments or some sort of Capitol investment in
exchange for future U.S. participation on Russian flights.


The Law passed in 2000 penalizes countries that sell
unconventinoal weapons and missile technology to Iran. Russia is helping Iran
build an 800 million dollar Nuclear Power plant. . The U.S. Senate has agreed
to amend the measure and lift the ban on NASA’s soyuz seats until 2012, but the
House has not yet acted on it. USC”s win over Arizona State was their 26th
consecutive victory. Arizona State led 21-3 at halftime. 97 degrees there. No.
15 Alabama beat No. 5 Florida 31-3. OJ Simpson signed autographs at a Horror
Movie Convention in Northridge CA. Angels have won 13 of their last fifteen
games—they are one game behind the Yankees for the second best record—Padres
won their division with a record of 81-80, the lowest winning percentage in a
non-strike year.


William Bennet former educaiton secretary made some
comments on his radio talk show –that if he aborted all the black male babies
the crime rate would go down—he said he was being facetious, but the comment
does seem inappropriate.. Bennet was the author of the Book of Virtues. He was
criticized for his penchant for gambling 
and is a “preferred customer” in Atlantic City and Vegas.


Gov. Schwaarzenaager vetoed the gay marriage bill and
he also supports parental notification for underage abortions. He praised the
Minuteman. He dumped state reclamation board members who offended developers
and has tried to point an industry lobbyist to a key environmental post. He
supports stem cell research. Half of his appointees have been Republicans , ¼
democrat, others independent. Proposition 73 would ban abortions for minors
unless parents were notified.


He also supports the vocatiional education—they say
this stems from his youth in Austria—a two tiered system that prepares some for
college and others for trades. Schwarzenaager was on the trade track—he sold
wood at a construction materials company at GRAZ before making it in body


The boat that capsized in New York on Lake St.
George—killing several elderly passengers did not have the required number of
crew members on board—there should have been one more. Most of the passengers
were from  Trenton, Michigan. Ethan Allen
was the name of the boat. –killed 20.. The only crew member aboard was Capt
Richard Perris. AP writer Candace Choi contributed to this story ..


Judge ruled Monday that a roman Catholic priest who
hung himself in December almost certainly killed two people in a funeral home
three years ago. Judge Eric Lundell. Determination re. Rev Ryan Erickson who
committed suicide after being questioneed by police.. Funeral home director
found out that the priest was sexually abusing somebody and providing minors
with alcohol. St. Croi County D.A. Eric Johnson ….hearing a deacon testified
that he confided  that he shot to death
funeral home director Dan O’Connel , age 39, and employee James Ellison , age
22. Deacon Russel  Lundgren. Erickson,
age 31, was found hanging from a fire escape at St. Marys Church on December
19. Story by Robert Imrie, VZW news.


Trenton Mi is 25 miles south of Detroit—the pick of
George Bus for Supreme Court is Harriet Ellen Miers *I,.e myers).. was Bush’s
personal lawyer in Texas and his satff secretary in Washington-who controls
very piece of paper that crosses Bush’s desk. First woman hired by her law firm
in 1972. First woan preisdent .first woman president of Dallas Bar Assoc 1985.
FirstWoman president of Texas State Bar 1992. 1st Woman  president of her law firm 1996. She went to
Southern Methodust Univ. –got her BA and law degree from there. She was
co-managing partner of 400 lawyer of 
Locke , Little, and Sapp. ..Liddlel, Sapp, not married. .. story by
Nancy Benac VZW News—she’s never been a judge.. joins ruth Ginsburg if
accepted. During Bush’s first term ofas governor in Texas, Alberto Gonzalez,,
Miers introduced Alberto Gonazles to 
Bush.. .Gonzalez used information turned up by Miers to excuse Bush from
Jury duty—a civic test which would have forced Bush to disclose his  1976 arrest for drunk driving in Maine. The
inciden twas not divulged until the waning days of his term .. campaign.. 200
campiagn.. Conservators are concerned about Miers noting that Southerm
Methodistucs are notoriously pro-abortion. 
Trying to rebut cronyism White House staff introduced .. statistics
showing that 10 of the 13  10 of 34 not
13 . of the justices confrimed since 1933 had worked for the president that
picked them. Story by Richemann; and Ap Writer Ron Fournier contributed.. VZW


Delays lawyers are trying to get the charge of
conspiring to violate campaign finance laws thrown out because a statute
enforcing that law didn’t take effect until 2003, a year after the alleged
acts. Subsequently District Attorney Ronny Earle re-convened a new grand jury
and had them endict Delay again —on money laundering charges. Which carries a
penalty of up to life in prison, A conspiracy conviction up to 20 years. Delay
is 58 years old. AP writer Susanne Gamboa and _______ Lester Wash D.C. as well
as Kelly Shandon in Austin Contributed to this report. Tigers are dismissing
Alan Trammel .. offering him a position of special assistant to the GM. Tigers
ended  the season losing 29 of its final
35 games. Trammels record as manager of the Tigers was 186 wins and 300 losses.
He hired Kirk Gibson, Lance Parrish, and a few other ex-tigers to be on the
coaching staff. In 2003 they went 43-119, setting an American league record for
losses—and coming within one loss of the major league record set by the
xpansion 1962 Mets. Story by Jason Beck MLB.Com.


Nine people were charged with bilking the Red Cross of
about $25,000.. suspects were contract workers at a National Red Cross Call
Center in bakersfield, Said U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott. Five people
allegedly picked up checks they were not entitled to. Frankling Graham, son of
Billy Graham, said hurricne Katrina could lead to a spiritual rebirth of a  sinful New Orleans. Graham said he does not
believe the storm was a punishment by God for what he says is the city’s ties
to Satanic worship and sexual perversion. “I’m not saying that God is using the
storm as a judgment.” But that the city’s Mardi Gras revelry and ties to  and voodoo were contrary to Christian
beliefs. He said New Orleans has strong ties to the gay and lesbian movement ..
“There’s been Satanic worship, there’s been sexual perversion. God is going to
use that  storm to bring revival.  God has a plan. God has a purpose” He said,
“The good news is that God loves sinners.” He’s been busy with the group he
founded called  His Samaritans Purse” ..
They’ve been distrubuting 200 trailer homes. And they’ve been criticized for
distrubuting Christian material to childeren including a  stuffed lamb that plays “Jesus loves You”
along with Christian tracts.


13 foot python snake tried to swallow a 6 foot
alligator in Everglades National Park. It explodedd from the mid-section. The
Burmse Python—after an 8 billion restoration project in the Eveglades the
python threatens the restoration–. Said Frank Mazzotti Univ of Floriday
wildlife professor. Python be blew up. Python was found with the alligators
hindquarters protruding fromits midsection. Its stomach still surrounded the
alligators head, shoulders and forelimbs. Story by Denise Kiole  Kalette VZW news.


Anther wildfire erupted along the 60 freeway .



October 6, 2005


Anniversary of Orville Wright’s first airplane—this
year—100th anniversary in Ohio. Another question that arises from the Amanda
Steele case –is if I was intent on harrassing her or hurting her, why would I
go out of my way to make myself known—my name, my address, etc.  Next hearing date is Friday Oct 14 3 pm—is
the time of the next hearing. Hilton Hotel is asking Katrina evacuees to
leave—so they can honor reservations. Woman kicked off airplane because of a
t-shirt that said “F..k Bush” and Cheney and Rice–. Lorrie Heasley , of Woodland
Wash, says she plans to file a suit against the airlines—which took place at
the Reno airport. Heasley is a 32 year old lumber saleswoman. She agreed to
wear a sweatshirt over the t-shirt—but when it slipped off she was ordered to
wear the shirt inside out or leave. They chose to leave.


85 year old alzheimers patient who  wandered away from her home was found raped
and shot an hour after she was reported missing [SAD STORY OF THE YEAR?].. she
had surgery and is recovering—she did not remember the attack. Before dawn her
daughter helped her get dressed . The daughter went to another room for a while
and when she returned the mother was gone. A deputy patrolling outside a nearby
jail found the mother lying on the sidewalk fully clothed but with a broken leg
and  gun shot wound to her pelvic
area.Hospital examination showed evidence of a sexual assasult.


As many as 400 songbirds were killed in one night,
after they flew into wires holding up a television tower. They were killed on
the night  of Sept 13-14 at the WMTV
tower–.. 172 dead birds found around the base. Crows and cats took another 200
. VZW NEWS. Information from Wisconsin State Journal, no author listed.


Whitehouse employee suspected of being a spy. When
Joseph Estrada was president of the Philippines—he came to the White House to
Visit President Bush. While here they used lures of small amounts of money and
appeals to ethnic loyalty to recruit Leandro (?) Aragoncillo. He was a half
million dolalrs in debt.


Michael Eisner has stepped down as CEO from Disney and
also resigned from the board, saying he has severed all ties to Disney. He will
not serve as a consultant. Eisner had been president for 21 years.



October 8, 2005


Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ousted a trial court
county judge for viewing pornography on the internet in his office. Saline
County District Court Judge George Robertson, age 56, had been on the bench for
ten years. County computer technician discovered it and reported it. Robertson
said he was an elder in his church and used the pornography as a diversion over
the nine month .. Story by John Milburn. VZW News. FBI examined computers in VP
Dick Cheney’s office in their investigation of the Philippin-American who
worked in the whitehouse who may have given classified material to the
Phillippined govt. Eric (?) Aragoncillo, age 46, of New Jersey is currently
confined in jail.


Adam Schiff, 
current representative for Pasadena . is a former federal prosecutor who
ran a FBI Spy case. From May to August 15 of this year—Aragoncillo downloaded
101 classified documents .. of which 37 were classified as secret. … .. story
by Mark Sherman, VZW News.


Angels won 11-7 in New York!. Chone Figgins hit a tie
breaking single and made a good defensive play while Garret Anderson had 4 hits
and 5 rbi’s to lead them to the win in the Bronx.  WhiteSox beat Red Sox sweeping the
series—winner of Yankees Angels willl play the white sox. Washington Monument
was evacuated today because  of a bomb
threat—after they searched the premises and nothing was found—the monument was
re-opened. Landslides and flooding exacerbated by Hurricane Stan killed 277
people across the region—of Central America0—with Guatemla bearing the brunt of
it. Also a strong earthquake shuddered through Guatemala and El Salvador on
Friday. The quake measured 5.8.


Boy George arrested on drug charges in New York
City—after he called the police around 3 a.m. to report a burglary they found
cocaine by his computer. He claims it was not his cocaine. His real name is
George O’Dowd. Said Detective Kevin Czartoryski.In 1986 he was convicted of
possession of heroin in England. Two of his friends overdosed in that incident.
This led to the disintegration of his group, “The Culture Club” .


Registered sex offender who fashioned  a loin cloth from a piece of rope and a piece
of lawn furniture was arrested near a high school when he asked four girls for
a ride to the mall or a motel, police said. Ray James Bailey, age 33, from
Washington was wearing only the rope when he shocked a … woman , appearing in
her backyard. Before he left, Bailey, who appeared to be covered in feces ran
away with a leopard print piece of vinyl from a lawnchair. About an hour later
four Medford High School gals waiting in a car were approached by Bailey who
was now wearing jeans but still covered in the fecal matter.


Authorities announced plans to open a multimillion
dollar sexual theme park near London’s Picadilly Circus. The London Academy of
Sex & Relationships will not be a sleazy sex museum but an educational multi-media
attraction that will teach visitors to become better lovers. It’s just around
the corner from Soho—London’s red light district.


Governor Tim Pawlenty 
of Minnesota—at the openining of the Minnesota Wild’s Hockey Season—was
supposed to say “It’s time to drop the puck, let’s play hockey” Instead the
F-word came out of his mouth instead. He apologized later saying it was a slip
of the tongue


Church is having kids swallow live gold fish as a way
of teaching them to defeat fear. Paula Keaton an employee at Pet Depot who sold
the goldfish considers it cruelty to animals and said they wouldn’t have sold
them if they knew the Church, First Assembly of God in Alabama,  was going to use them in  such a manner.


Coyotes in Massachussets are becoming aggressive –a few
reports of attacks on humans. School history teacher took the shirt off his
back to catch a baby as a woman with triplets gave birth in a stairwell.
Lonitta Lewis , age 30, was on her way to a doctors appointment on Monday when
she felt the first birth pain .


She cried out for help but was largely ignored until
Biko Eisen Martin took notice. He was a teacher on a break from Berkely High,
ran to a nearby café, called for an ambulance and returned in time with his
tshirt to catch a 3 pound baby gal. The other two girls were delivered by
Caesarean Section.


Distributing pornography and possession of pornography
is illegal in India (good for them!), When a neighbor complained that somebody
was watching a porno movie too loudly the police came and arrested them. They
could serve as long as three months in prison. Story by Neelesh-Nisra VZW
Strange News.


Jeffrey Katenberger, found some samples of the Flu of
1918 in tissue samples in a warehouse where human preserves are kept  dating back to the Civil War. From tissue
samples of soldiers he was able to extract the flu of 1918 which could help
combat the potential bird flu pandemic—if it ever becomes an actuality. The flu
of 1918 also began with birds.


Not long ago Paula Paine  seemed to be on top of the world . She was
the toast of the Houston social scene. She was beautiful and brilliant, a
former model. She had worked for three years at the White House. Her husband
Jeff was a successful businessman. She was starting a family with three
children. But she wasn’t happy. She was addicted to shoplifting. It’s not
uncommon, they say, –pointing to the case of Wynona Ryder as well as Jennifer
Wilbanks—who had been arrested three times for shoplifting. They say
psychiatrists are finding evidence that shoplifting can be truly a compulsive,
self-destructive behavior.  _____ Grant A
psychiatrist at the University of Minessota said “The brains of kleptomaniacs
are different than normal people” showing two pictures to Prime Time News. The
nerve track fibers in the front of the brain were not as dense in the brains of
kleptomaniacs as they were in the brains of normal people. The front of the
brain is what tells us essentially not to do things. Grant and other
psychiatrists say that shoplifters are essentially self-medicating when they
steal. Grant says “When we learn more about the biology of shoplifting
addiciton it will become more accepted as an actual illness.” National Society
for Shoplifting Prevention  Website.


The Asian earthquake has topped 700 in deaths so

Contest to create a workable unmanned vehicle is
starting in Primm and ending in Primm—(California?) –2 million dolllar reward.
Last year—none of the vehicles made it over the 140 mile course—the farthest
anyone of them went was seven miles. Remote control is not allowed. The vehicle
must be able to navigate using GPS, computer data, camera and sensors.


Two hours before the race begins they will be handed a
CD Rom that gives the coordinates for the exact route the vehicle is to take. They
will leave the starting gate at staggered times. A chase car will follow each
one. And a Judge can stop any of them if they go too far astray.


Hurricane Katrina initially knocked out 2.8 million
phone lines, 1600 cell phone towers. More than 24,000 cable TV connections.
Bible Society launched a version that can be read in SMS—i.e. cell phone text
messaging.  They used the International
Contemporary English Version of the Bible from which to translate



Shanise K. age 9, 
stabbed Queen Washington age 11 in the chest with a kitchen knife, on
Memorial Day after the two youngsters fought over a rubber ball in Brooklyn New
York.l  The girls mothers were best
friends. France gets more alligator skins 
from the U.S. than any  other
country. 300 children inUkraine were 
found sick and some of them hospitalized after having drank Kefir, a
popular drink made of fermented milk. Four of the kids are in critical



[Missing October 9 through November 17, 2005]


November 18, 2005


Mahinda Rajapaks , former movie star and prime
minister, landed biggest role by winning Sri Lanka’s presidential election
(story by People’s Daily Online). Tropical storm Gamma—going up Central American
Caribeean coast—the 25th named storm in the Atlantic hurricane season—may hit
S. Florida next week.


Authorities captured one of two prisoners that escaped
from the Iowa State penitentiary earlier this week. Near a prisoner in southern
Illinois . Martin Shane Moon age 34 was arrested in Chester Illinois after
prison officials at the Menard State prison noticed him sleeping in  a stolen car near the prison at 3 a.m. he had
been convicted to life in prison in 2000 after being convicted of murdering his
roomate 10 yhears earlier. . He escaped from the prison after using an
improvised grappling device to scale a 30 foot wall. Story by Christine Mathis
(Chester , in the Southern). Police in Pennsylvania say the found an arsenal of
ammunition in the home of the teenager, Ludwig, who killed his girlfriends
parents, (UPI NEWS) in Lititz PA.


Great Lake Officials said they were stunned when the
EPA put a roadblock on the 20 million previously designated for improvements,
President Bush called the great lakes a “national treasure” –and experts had
previously recommended 20 million .. but EPA administrator Stephen Johnson said
the restoration wont get funding until an analysis of existing programs is
undertaken, Detroit Free Press reported Friday.


Times Top 100 Novel list

#1—Adventure of Augie Marks

#2—All the Kings Men

American Pastoral by Philip Roth

American Tragedy by Theodore Dreisser

Animal Farm—George Orwell

Pointmen in Samarra (?) by John O’Hara

Are You There God, it’s Me Margaret by Judy Plume

The Assistant  by
Bernard Malamud

At  Swim Two
Birds(?) by …Obrien

Atonment by Ian Mckewen (?)

Beloved  by Tony

The Berlin Stories by Christopher  Isherwood (?)

The Big Sleep by Raymond chandler

The Blind Assassin by Margeret Atwood

Blood Meridian 
by Cormack McCarthy

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

Call it Sleep by Henry Roth

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron

The Corrections by Jonathon Franzon

The Crying of Lot 49 byThomas Pinchon

Dance to the Music 
of Time by Anthony Powell

Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West

Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather

Death in the Family by James Agee

Death of the Heart by … Elizabeth.Bowen

Deliverance by James Dickey

Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone

Falconer by .. John Cheever

French Lieutenants Woman by .. John Fowls (?)

The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin

…Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pinchon

Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh

Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCuller

Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

Herzog by Saul Bellow

Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson

House for Mr_____. By B.S. Naipaul..

I, Claudius by Robert Graves.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Light in August by 
William Faulkner

Lion Witch & Wardrobe by CS Lewis

Lolita by Vladamir Nabokov

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkien

Loving by Henry Green

Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis

The Man Who Loved Children by  Christina Stead (?)

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Money by Martin Amis

The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

Mrs. Dalloway by Virgina Woolf

Naked Lunch  … by
William Burroughs

Native Son by Richard Wright

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Never let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

1984 by George Orwell

On the Road by jack Kerouac

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey

The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski

Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Passage to India by E. M Forster

Play it as it Lays by Joan Didion

Portnoys Complaint by Philip Roth

Possession by A.S. Byatt

The Power & the Glory by Graham Greene

The Prime of Ms Jean Grody (?)  by Muriel Spark

Rabbit Run by John Updike

Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow

The Recognitions by William Gaddis

Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowels

Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut

Snowcrash by 

The Sotweed Factor By John Barth

Sound and Fury by William Faulkner

 The Sportswriter
by Richard Ford (?)

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John LeCarre

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

Ubik by Philip K. Dick

Under the Net by Iris Murdock

Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry

Watchmen by Alan Moore(?) and Dave Gibbons

White Noise by Don Delillo

White Teeth by … 
Z. Smith

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys


USC beats Fresno States 50-42, with heroic efforts by
Reggie Bush  . Bush set a pac 10 record
with 513 all purpose yards. This is the 33rd  consecutive win for USC. Fresno State scored
twice in the span of 12 seconds to take a 42-41 lead with 9:47 left in the
game. Bush made his only mistake—fumbling the ensuing kickoff recovered by
Fresno State who scored on the next play. Trojans came right back with an 89
yard drive.


Ohio State beat Michigan with two touchdowns in the
final 7 minutes, stunning the Wolverines. Ohio State has won four of the last
five against Michigan. They are now co-champs of the Big Ten with Penn
State—but Penn State gets the BCS bid because they beat OSU.

Georgia Tech beat #3 Miami–. They sacked Miami’s QB 7
times. Unranked Clemson beat #19 S. Carolina 13-9. Unranked UAB beat #24 UTEP.


Kara Borden sat with four siblings in the chaplain of
Lancaster Bible College for the funeral of her parents on Saturday. 100 people
attended a Prayer service Wed night at the Monterey Chapel in Leola, PA where
the Bordens worshipped and Mr. Borden was a church elder and Sunday school


November 19, 2005


Lakers  lost to
Clippers  CHP Officer was shot and killed
during a traffic stop near Woodland, CA. on County Road 96.


Twelve year old boy who dreamed of playing pro football
died after a 180 pound barbell pinned him to a workout bench in Huntington
Beach, CA. (Sign-on San Diego.Com). Former City councilman Michael Zucchet,
accompanied by his wife Theresa , who had been convicted by a jury of various
fraud related counts, had 7 of 9 of them dismissed by the judge.U.S. District
Judge Jeffrey T. Miller threw out a jury’s guilty verdict. Antoher city
councilman’s (Inzunza)–convictions were upheld.   He was sentenced to two years in prison.
This is in San diego.


Daniel Alvarado says he was kidnapped by agents in El
Salvador, hung blindfolded from the ceiling, shocked with electrical wires, and
repeatedly beaten. Two decades later federal jury in Tennesse held a former
Salvadoron army colonel liable for the pain & suffering. Nicholas Carranza,
age 72, failed to stop crimes against humanity when he was top commander of El
Salvador’s security  forces. Carranza
has  lived in Memphis since 1985, showed
no emotion. He is now a retired security guard for an art museum, and has no
way to pay the mult-million dollar judgment, said his attorney. 75, 000
Salvadorans died during the 12 year Civil War.


November 21-23, 2005


Muhammad Ali museum opened in Louisville. The 93,000
square foot bldg and exhibits cost 75 million dollars.

A dog was stuck in a sinkhole for 16 days.  Dog named buck..  finally they rescued him near Great Smoky Mts
Natl Park. Ap News.


Pastor said he will camp out his church’s roof until he
collects 500 donated turkeys for needy familes. Pastor David Martin of the of
the Pitcairn Assembly.


November 23, 2005.


Tom Delay is expected to appear in court today—and ask
the judge to dismiss the charges. Pat Priest is the judge. Michael Scanlon a
former top aide representing Tom Delay, pled guilty to fraud today..he was also
a one time partner o high power Washington Lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Pled guilty
to a federal conspiracy charge …on Scanlon agreed to a deal to testify against


He must pay 19.7 million in restitution for kickbacks
he admittted receiving. Scanlon admitted to plotting to cheat clients and
corrupt federal officials. Among these clients were indian tribes who
wanted  politicall access in Washington.
He could receive up to 5 years in prison.


Female Teacher Deborah LeFavre, of Greco Middle School
near Tampa FL,  agreed to a plea  bargain for having sex with a 14 year old
student. She’ll receive 3 years of house arrest, no prison time.  The lawyer said the deal was requested by the
family who just wants to close the book on the case. Team from Harvard Medical
School found that one year of breast feeding was associated with a 15% drop in
a woman’s chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Each additional year of
breastfeeding was associated with a greater reduction in risk of developing
Type II diabetes.


This guy who started shooting at the mall in Tacoma WA
apparently  called the police right
before he did it and said to them, “Follow the sound of the screams…”


An  elderly
couple drove 300 miles in the wrong direction after using their car to visit
their son just down the road Franz Mueller age 88 and his wife Eva age 86 .. of
Breitenborn in Germany were stopped by police 100’s of miles away –a huge
traffic jam had built up behind them as they travelled slowly looking for
familiar signs. The police called the couple’s son who drove to get them and
lead them back home. (Ananova Quirkies).


Paul McCartney beamed one of his songs from Anaheim to
the Space Station on Nov 13. A Swiss driver caught speeding by a traffic camera
attacked it with a pick axe, ran it over with his car , and threw it over the
cliff—he was spotted by police as he threw it over the cliff.


In China a 80 kilometer slick of Highly toxic benzene
meandared down the river into one of China’s biggest cities leaving up to 4
million people without public water service. Massive explosion at a petro
chemical benzene factory in China caused the spill upriver. On Nov 13.
Government did not acknowledge it until Wednesday. The levels of Benzene-a
carcinogen that can be lethal to someone who is exposed to high levels of it.


DR. Wang—in South Korea leader of the efforts to
clone—and who succesffully cloned a cow and dog.. just started a global stem
cell research lab—resigned yesterday , admitting to having used human eggs from
lab volunteers in his own lab—a breach of global international standards, but
not unlawful—nonetheleess he resigned in “shame and disgracve” in his own words
Hwang –WooSuk.. ..


S. Korea’s ministry found that while the eggs came from
Female scientists—ther is nothing necessarily ethically wrong in it—but
international standards are higher. .. and it was a “grave error” –Dr. Hwang said
he twice told the scientists not do donate their eggs. He denied it to the
Journal “Nature” saying he wanted to protect the privacy of the donors.

Hwang was the head of the World Stem Cell Hub set up
last month–.


Gal by the name of 
V. Seema  in Malyasia fell from a
12th story apartment floor  sustained
injuuries to her left hand and  suffered
a broken right leg but remained conscious after a fall broken by an awning and
a tree. She had accidentally locked herself in the  bathroom and tried to get to the adjoining
room by climbing through the window


Josh Tree  actual
name is Yucca  Brevifolia. Giant member
of the lilly family. Like the California Fan Palm Washingtonia … Falfera, the
Joshua Tree is a Monicot. And don’t confuse the Joshua Tree with the Mojave
Yucca. American Indians used the tree to make baskets, and they ate berries off
of it, making it a healthy addition to their diet. Legend has it that Mormon
travellers named the tree after the Biblical figure Joshua—t hinking of the
trees as  personified with arms
outreached in supplication. . in the desert. The tallest Joshua Tree is 40
feet  high


November 24, 2005


Worst Computer Worm of the year—looks like an official
CIA or FBI memo”Only 1/3 of the original colonists were separatists—they first
went to the Netherlands but became disnchanted with the Dutch way of life
saying it was ungodly—they set ground on Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. by
the beginning of the next fall they had lost 46 of the original 102. who sailed
on the Mayflower.


Harvest of 1621 was a bountiful harest—decided to
celebrate with a feast including 91 indians—more of a traditional England
Harvest festival which lasted three days=–they may not have eaten pumpkin pie
or turkey at the first feast. Potatoes either—they were still considered to be
poisonous.. no feast the next year, not 
until the drought of 1623.. and not again for several decades.. George
Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789.. Jefferson scoffed
at it. It was Sara Josefa Hale whose efforts eventually what we recognize today
as Thanksgiving and it has been proclaimed by every president after Lincoln. In
1941 Congress decalred it to be a legal holiday to be celebrated the 4th
Thursday of every november,  the
cornocopia is one of the most recognized symbols—symbolic of the horn of plenty
. a bountiful harvest. Came from Greece Dennis Rupert—“Thanksgiving Story”—says
the first recorded Christian Thanksgiving occurred in Texas on May 23,
1541—Spanish Explorere Francisco de Coronado—another occurred on June 30  1564 when French Huegonots Colonists
celebrated with solemn praise and thanksgiving in a ceremony near what is now
Jacksonville FL. http://www.education-world .com. they talk about myths of Thanksgiving—Indians
falsely stereotyped.


Metro train in suburban Chicago smashed into several
cars near Elmwood Park (ABC NEWS).Tiger Woods wins the Grand Slam Golf
Tournament 23rd PGA—his 6th win in 7 appearances. Tom Cruise has two children
Conner age 10, Isabella age 12 who he adopted with previous wife actres s
Nicole Kidman.


Story  by Robert
Javlon.. AP.. concerning Anti-Defamation League—demanding Michael Jackson
apologize for anti-semitic statements—calling Jews “leeches’ in a private
recorded phone converstaion. And he is being sued by a former advisor.


Dozen war protestors were arrested on Wed when they
tested a new ban on camping near Bush’s ranch. The group included Didi
Miller-sister of Cindy Sheehan.

[Missing: November 25, 2005-December 12, 2005]


*Federal Appeals Court Denies Stanley Tookie Williams a
Stay of Execution. Governor Schwaarzenaager Denies Clemency for Tookie
Williams.*Michigan Nursing Home Fire Kills Two. The Mather Nursing Center in
Ishpeming Township, MI burned in 14 degree weather, injuring 70 and killing two
(AP News)


December 13, 2005


Tookie Williams was Executed at Midnight. MSM
Commentary He made no final statement. I have reservations about the execution.
Why? Because while murder yes is obviously the most serious crime and a
grievous sin against a fellow human being, another sin is not allowing other
persons to become complete [teleos]. Notwithstanding the question of whether
Tookie Williams actually pulled the trigger that killed the four persons, he
did appear to be remorseful for becoming a gang leader and wrote books advising
children not to get involved in gangs. It is possible that God was going to use
him for a positive purpose, as God did when he changed Saul to Paul (remember
Saul was present at the stoning of Stephen). And it is not as if he would be freed
from prison. He would still be in for life, without parole. I submit our
leaders should err on the side of caution and with the hope of the person on
death row becoming a positive impact on others. Tookie showed some tendency in
this regard. As Christians we don’t agree with the OT Eye for an eye… I
prayed shortly before midnight for Tookie’s soul and hope he made it to heaven
along with the murder victims.


December 18, 2005


Biggest news today and this week has to do with the
communications by President Bush about the war in Iraq, the parliament
election, and his assertiveness about 1) the failure of intelligence in making
a legitimate case for war against Iraq;2) the need for eavesdropping on persons
within the United States with known Al-quads links.MSM Commentary


My position on Bush’s decision to allow wiretaps
without a court order: If and only if the persons who were wiretapped were
definite links to Al-quads would it be okay. IF they are taking liberties
beyond such defined links then our president has gone too far and needs to
answer to the American people.


December 21, 2005


The Senate approved an extension of the Patriot Act for
six months. This is a hollow victory for the White House who wanted it renewed
for four years. The Hussein Trial has resumed. Testimony by witnesses about
friends  relatives who were tortured
apparently silenced Hussein for a while. One of the witnesses testified about
seven brothers who were tortured and/or killed, some of them right in front of


December 23, 2005


Donald Rumsfeld has announced Troop cutbacks in Iraq
(ABC News). Hwang Woo-suk, South Korea’s cloning scientist, has resigned after
his colleagues announced that he had fabricated results in his stem-cell
research (BBC News). The New York Transit strike has ended. The bus  train drivers returned to work today,
although a new contract has not been agreed upon. Wal-Mart loses a class-action
suit by its employees for not allowing them lunchtime. A California jury
awarded the 1000’s of Wal-Mart employees 172 million dollars (Seattle Times).
The White House has issued a Tsunami Alert plan (Washington Post).For More
In-depth Coverage go to Seattle Times


December 26, 2005


This is Tsunami Remembrance Day. Depending upon who you
talk to–you’ll hear estimates from 200,000 up to 300, 000 killed by the
tsunami. I’ve heard that around 220, 000 have been accounted for as deceased,
while another 70,000 or so are missing (which probably means they are
deceased), so 300,000 may not be far-fetched. In New Jersey, 2 Jersey police
officers were killed after driving off a raised drawbridge, apparently unaware
in the fog and rain that it was up (after having been dispatched to the bridge
to notify motorists that it was malfunctioning). In Mclean, Virginia (which is right
by the CIA headquarters in Langley) a man shot his mother to death, then killed
three more people elsewhere before killing himself.


Sports: The Miami Heat and Shaquille O’Neal beat Kobe
Bryant and the Lakers in a much-anticipated Christmas showdown.


December 27, 2005


A Woman swallowed her cell phone after an argument .
Police in Blue Springs ( Daily Times doesn’t say what state) received a phone
call from a man who said his girlfriend was having trouble breathing…they
arrived and found the cell phone lodged in her throat. Apparently the boyfriend
wanted the phone but she refused and decided to try to swallow it instead
(Daily News) Police kill 38-year-old man in New Orleans (Washington Post).
Surfer in Seaside Oregon (where I was last week) survives shark attack.


Thief steals $8000 from church collection basket at the
Church of the Guardian Angels in Newark (Newark Star Ledger). The alleged
rapist who escaped from a Miami jail has been re-captured, and is under heavy
guard (Tell Me News). The funeral for the son of Indianapolis Colts Coach Dungy
took place in Tampa Bay, Florida today; many of the team members were present.
The 18-year-old


Debate about Teaching Intelligent Design has heated up
since Judge John E. Jones ruled that it smacked of creationism and that it was
a violation of church/state separation. President Bush appointed Jones to the
bench in 2004. Bush, himself, supports the teaching of creationism (but his
brother Jeb, apparently does not saying he believes in Darwin’s Theory of
Evolution, ). Jones said that the concept of Intelligent Design (ID) cannot
uncouple itself from its creationist and thus religious antecedents. Judge
Jones said that the Dover School Board acted unconstitutionally when it
required 9th grade biology teachers to read a statement saying there were gaps
in the theory of evolution and that ID was an alternative theory The theory of
intelligent design gained increased acceptance after the publication in 1996 of
Lehigh University biochemist Michael J Behes book entitled Darwin’s Black Box:
The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. Behe maintained that much of Darwin’s
theory was valid but that some aspects of life were so complex that they must
have been the work of an intelligent designer. At least 20 states are facing
challenges now to the teaching of evolution. In New York Daniel Hooker
Republican from Saugerties produced a bill last May to have ID taught in public
schools but nobody would co-sponsor the bill. So it died.


Christian reasoning for the Origins of Humankind has
come a long way since the famous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial when
anti-evolutionists were embarrassed by attorney Clarence Darrows relentless
attacks on the literal interpretation of the Bible. Orchard Park Biology
Teacher Anthony Agnello takes a middle of the road approach saying Organisms on
our planet have changed over time. A person of faith would say God has changed
these organisms. A scientist would say, #8216;by what mechanism has God changed
them?. He says, He says, The theory of intelligent design is a premise of
faith. It is a valid position, but it is a philosophical concept that does not
address the mechanism. What evolution talks about is the mechanism by which
organisms have come into their present form.MSM agrees with those who say that
we should concentrate on attacking the flaws of evolution as much as or more so
than proposing Intelligent Design–at least in the science classrooms. Judge
Jones decision was a blow for Intelligent Design (ID) proponents, and we should
not be setting ourselves up as Christians to allow unbelievers or overly
critical believers free target shooting at the church, Christianity, or the
origins of the world. We don’t want the court deciding these issues and we
should not be putting ourselves in their hands. Agnello summarizes part of the
issue fairly well above, separating the debate between How God does something
(the inquiry of science whether or not you are a believer) versus Who did it
(the concern of the church), and Why (the concern of theology). Whether or not
we should be inquiring as to How God does something, is a different
debate.(Story in the Buffalo News by Mary Pasciak and Jay Tokasz)


Five people were found dead in apparent murder suicide
of the Great Falls suburb of Washington D.C. Fairfax County 1025 a.m gunfire
was heard. Man shot his mother and then drove to another house and shot a few
others before killing himself


December 29, 2005


Winter Storms cause California Rivers to Swell (AP)
(MSM’s own J.P. Kok observed the overflowing of the American River in
Sacramento on 12/28/05).


Iraq Sunni’s demand a review of the election results,
given the overwhelming victory of Shiites at the polls. Wildfires Destroy
Texas  Oklahoma homes (AP) Frank Dunn,
Chief-of-Police in McMechen, West Virginia, was arrested for three sexually
related felonies (Times Leader News). 49 people have been accused of fraud
while working or volunteering for the Red Cross in Bakersfield, CA
(Indianapolis Star) Sports: Michigan loses to Nebraska, 32-28 in the Alamo Bowl.
Boston College beat Boise State 27-21 in the MPC Computers Bowl.




January 3, 2006


 Two small
Christian colleges assert tentative claims that the wardrobe they own was a
former wardrobe of Narnia Author C.S. Lewis. Westmont College in Santa Barbara,
CA, and Wheaton College outside Chicago, IL, both have a wardrobe which
apparently were both owned at one time by C.S. Lewis. The one owned by Westmont
College fits the description of the Lion,Witch,Wardrobe story more closely than
the one owned by Wheaton (story by Steve Chawkins, L.A. Times ).Texas defeats
USC in the Rose Bowl 41-38


January 4-15, 2006

 (not necessarily
Chronological)They say that African Americans have a much higher children out
of wedlock rate, .. they say that when children’s parents stay married, the
kids, regardless of color, will do about the same, all things equal. Across the
board. Marriage is the Great Equalizer Most important, children who are raised
by their married biological parents do better across every measure of
economics, social, health, and educational well being than children raised in
other family arrangements In fact when comparing families of similar
socio-economic status, these black children have similar outcomes as their
white counterparts. (by Roland Warren, USA Today).In 1890 80% of black families
with children were headed by married couples, according to sociologist Andrew
Billingsley. That figure has dropped to 39%.(Roland Warren is the president of
the National Fatherhood Initiative).


Most new cars are now equipped with Event Data
Recorders (EDRs), like a black box in an airplane, they record data such as
speed, braking, use of seatbelts,etc. A lot of new car buyers are unaware that
these boxes exist in their car. The question about the legality of it is just
starting to come up will it be allowable in court as evidence? No federal laws
have been made yet. New computer chips RFID, smaller than a grain of rice and
can last up to 100 years, can be injected under the skin of a person’s hand.
They are similar to what veterinarians inject into pets for lost pet purposes.


Conservationists sued the Fish  Wildlife Service trying to protect the Blue
Butterfly. They want the agency to declare the Sand Mt Blue Butterfly an
endangered species because it is being destroyed in the only place it is known
to live. The Sand Mt. Recreation Area in western Nevada which attracts 50,000
off roaders motorcycles, dune buggys, and ATVs annually. The butterfly depends
on a unique shrub, the Kearney Buckwheat, which covers about 1000 of the 4700
acres, and is found nowhere else. Marcus Vick, Virginia Tech QB, was dismissed
from the team on Friday after a replay showed that Vick stomped on the left
calf of Louisville All American defensive end Elvis G(D?)umervil during the
Gator Bowl. No penalty was called. Vick claimed it was accidental and that he
apologized but Gumervil says no apology was given. He was also driving with a
suspended license, which had been taken away because of reckless driving and
marijuana possession earlier.


Pat Robertson says that Ariel Sharon’s illness is
deserved because of what he did with Israel, 
dividing the land and giving some of it to the Palestinians. He said
that shouldn’t have been done. He quoted the book of Joel in defense (Story by
Alan Cooperman, Seattle Times). (Later, Pat Robertson apologized to the family
of Sharon)


Lou Rawls, the gospel /blues singer, died at the age of
72.Story about actress Lindsay Lohan, who came to fame as a child in the
re-make of the movie, The Parent Trap. Apparently, she has a freckled face. She
was born in New York. Her father, an investment banker, spent four years in
prison for a violent crime as well as financial 
drug problems. She’s only 19 years old, and confessed to having
struggled with bulimia. She also starred in the remake of the Herbie movie
(Herbie Reloaded).


The Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago burned down. They
say it was a landmark church where Gospel Music originated Thomas Dorsey ,
considered the father of Gospel music, perfected his soul/gospel music there.
British aide worker and her parents held hostage for two days by Palestinian
militants in the increasingly lawless Gaza Strip were freed unharmed. They are
being kept in a safe house in Jerusalem.


Kate Burton and her parents Hugh  Helen were kidnapped by a group calling
itself the Mujahadeen Bayt al-Maqdes Brigade (Story in The Weekend
Australian)Australian woman has become famous for her ability to paint with her
breasts. She says she applies the paint to her breasts and leans on to the
campus, or applies the paint to the canvas and leans into it with her breasts
and signs every painting with her nipple. She says she has to take a shower
every time she changes colors.


An Australian woman was killed by a shark in Melbourne
Australia, near an island near the city of Brisbane near in Queensland
State.Word of the year voted in by the American Dialect Society is truthiness
meaning not total truth just feel good truth.Ehud Olmert is the acting Israeli
prime minister until March 28 election. Southeast Asia earthquake7.7 that took
place several months ago left 3 million homeless, and 12 million square mile
area killed 87,000 .. three months ago-(Oct 7/). (AP Zararkhan and En-lai Yeoh
and Matthew Pennington contributed to the story).A new Deyoung Museum in San


January  9,


Alito portrayed himself as the product of a modest
Italian immigrant family that once experienced discrimination. He said his
father had trouble getting a job as a schoolteacher because of his ethnic


In Dec. 2001 Arnold broke six ribs and was hospitalized
for four days after a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles. That happened when a
car stopped in front of him and he was unable to change lanes to avoid the
vehicle. His ribs were broken when his chest hit the motorcycle windshield.
William Buckley writes an article entitled Praiseworthiness about being too
sarcastic or cynical or denigrating things that are sacred or semi-sacred.
Forms of impiety.


Marcus Vick was arrested on firearms charges
misdemeanor three counts allegedly waving a gun at some kids at a McDonalds
parking lot. He turned himself in after warrants were issued. Article about the
problem of type 2 diabetes in E. Harlem which is due not only to genetics but
also to behavior.. Type 1 is due solely to genetic disposition.


Alito confirmation hearings continue Alito began by
pitching himself as having made it despite some hardships, although both
parents were college educated professionals, albeit his father was a immigrant.
To which Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said, “Just as we do not hold the
son responsible for the sins of the father, neither can we credit the son for
the courage of the father.”


 Arlen Specter
pointed out that formerly anti-choice nominees, Kennedy, O’Connor,  Souter, evolved into the Roe-reaffirming
authors of Planned Parenthood v Casey. What Specter didn’t say was that none of
these three Republican appointed judges crafted a national anti-abortion
strategy, as Alito did in the Reagan administration, but boasted of his deep
belief that Roe v Wade should be overturned as Alito did in his 1985 job


Governor Schwarzenaager does not have the proper
endorsement on his drivers license to operate a motorcycle. The police did not
ticket him because they arrived after the incident. Instead they referred the
findings to the LA. City Attorneys Office which would decide if the Governor
should be cited by infraction.


Article about book entitled Million Little Pieces by
Frey and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Now it appears that it might have been
partially fiction, although passed off as a reality story but they cant find
evidence of it having actually happened,–no mug shot. (Story by Author Adam
Kirsch He Wrote What They Wanted, just like reality TV))


Person who discovered LSD ( Lysergic Acid
Diethylamide)  Albert Hoffman is 100
years old now lives near the Jura Mts. in Switzerland .. he discovered in 1938
while studying the medicinal uses of a fungus found on wheat  other grains at the Sandoz Pharmaceutical
Firm. (story by Sam Cage, AP).


Border Patrol agents discovered a 35-foot long tunnel
underneath the Mexican-USA border. They only discovered it because the road
above it caved in on top of the tunnel. More than a dozen tunnels have been
discovered along the southwest border in recent years. IN 2003 they found a
tunnel that originated in a private house in Mexico and ended in a parking lot
on the U.S. side. Story about Europe and the birthrate decline because they are
not having enough children to replace the population they have now. (article
entitled Is God Dead in Europe? by James Gannon USA Today)


Massachusetts Attorney General, Thomas Reilly,
disclosed this week that he was arrested for public intoxication, more than
four decades ago, but was never charged (story by Rafael Lewis, Boston Globe).
Reilly shows a strong advantage in the polls leading up to next years
Democratic nomination for governor. Reilly said, “You make mistakes and you
learn from your mistakes. Its what you do with them and how you handle them. I
made this mistake more than 40 years ago, and never made that mistake again.”
Reilly said he and five friends were standing outside a bar and drinking beer
in Falmouth Cape Cod community. A Police Officer saw them and arrested all six
of them, who were held over night but not charged. Reilly says he was not
holding a beer at the time but acknowledged that he and his friends were on the
wrong side of the law.


Fellow by the name of Lofton, a 23-year-old high school
teacher in Harrisburg, PA was found naked outside his home, standing in the
snow. When asked why he was naked he said that he was Jesus Christ and that the
officer must be God. A scuffle broke out between Lofton and police.


The National Security Agency Internet Site has been
placing files on Internet visitors, which can track their Internet surfing
activity, despite strict federal rules banning most of them. These files known
as cookies disappeared after privacy activist complained and AP made inquiries
this week. A Judge has granted Hinckley, the person who shot President Reagan,
and who has been in a psychiatric prison ever since then, has granted Hinckley
a visit to his parents house in Williamsburg, VA.


Diamond Pet food made in Gaston, SC, –professional chicken,
rice, etc. large breed/puppy, etc. cat food, etc.Best Buy Dates: March 1 2007
to June 11, 2007. Several dogs have died from contaminated dog food, with
Aflatoxin a by-product of the growth of Aspergillus flavored fungus on corn or
sometimes rye grass. Highly toxic, the fungus can cause cancer in the long
term. FDA has confirmed that the contaminated dog food, sold in 23 states, has
killed nearly 2 dozen dogs and sickened nearly 18 more.


Roughly every three seconds the equivalent of a dump
truck load of lava , ten cubic yards, oozes into the crater of Mt. St. Helens.
This unremitting pace, going on for fifteen months now, is uncommon, said U.S.
Geological Survey Geologist Dave Sherrod. Mt. St. Helens violent May 18, 1980
eruption blasted 3.7 billion cubic yards of lava  ashes (story by Peggy Anderson, AP).


Dick Clark returned to TV to mark the New Year. After
missing it last year because of a stroke. His voice was still slurred, but he
managed to celebrate the new year.


Article about King Kong the movie having some reality
in fact where island creatures become larger than usual mention giant lizards
and monster mice. Judge Roberts the new Supreme Court Justice is calling for
raises for all federal judges and for the rent to be lowered at the federal
courts. Minnesota Vikings Coach Tice was given the notification by Vikings
Owner Zygy Wilf that his contract would not be renewed immediately after they
won their final game of the season. Tice coached for four years and had a 32-32
overall record. Wilf made the announcement by memo which he released to the
media who informed the players in the locker room.


Rescuers are trying to help 13 miners who were trapped
early Monday by an explosion in Tallmansville in Upshur County, W. Virginia. No
indication whether the miners had survived the blast and the falling debris.
The trapped miners have about two hours of life support and sensors that
monitor air quality. They are trapped about 5800 feet inside the entrance. (CNN
News, KSBI TV). [post script concerning Miners they all died except one who is
in critical condition] Some of the miners left farewell messages to their
relatives. 51 year old mine foreman Martin Toler wrote Tell all that Ill see
them on the other side. It wasn’t bad. I just went to sleep. I love you. Jr. It
was written on the back of an insurance application his brother had in his
pocket. Randall McCloy, age 26, remains in critical condition. (story by Deb
Hastings, AP; and Allen Breed, AP)


Obie Trice was shot while traveling north on the Lodge
freeway, apparently near Detroit. Trice, age 28, and his girlfriend were
traveling at 1:10 a.m. when somebody in another vehicle shot through the back
window of their car. The bullet grazed his head. He was not seriously injured.
He was treated at Providence Hospital and released. (Story by Jim Lynch,
Detroit News).


Kate Burton, the abducted British aide worker, was
kidnapped with her parents Hugh, 74, and Win, 55, -had -an emotional
tear-filled raging outburst at the terrorists/captors shortly before they were
released in a back street alley, delayed their departure. She said their
captors were telling them they were being disrespectful despite all the food
and blankets they had given Kate and her parents. She told them she felt as if
she had been stabbed in the backhaving come there to work with them, to help
people. She spent 58 hours as a captive. She speaks Arabic. She was working
with a Gaza Human Rights group. Her outburst delayed their freedom because her
captors did not want her to look bad in the video. Despite the experience she
said she plans to continue to work for the Palestinian people, but does not
plan to return to Gaza (New York Times).


The two Mars Rovers are still going having been on the
planet for two years and having traveled over seven miles in temperatures
sometimes well below zero. They were expected to last only three months. One
reason they survived so long is because the 100 mph winds called Dust Devils
blew away dust from the solar panels renewing their ability to regenerate
themselves. Spirit has traveled over three miles and has sent back over 70,000
images. Opportunity has traveled over four miles and has transmitted 58,000


 The Grand
Marshall of the Rose Parade was Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The
last time a Supreme Court Justice was a marshal was the last time it rained
also. Michel Gauthier Clerc, a penguin researcher, in Arles France says that
the penguins walk or waddle has nothing to do with it being clumsy or off
balance. He says the penguins walk burns fewer calories than a straight stride
forward stride, and for birds that fast for months and live in a frigid
climate, every calorie counts. The penguins tuxedo-like feathers has another
purpose the black back side is difficult to see from above, camouflaging it
from predators or air or land. The white chest obscures it from below
protecting it from carnivores and allowing it to sneak up on fish prey.


20 year old pornography actress met a 15 year old boy
in California and brought him to a small town in Oklahoma and the mother bought
an old school in Roosevelt, OK and converted it into a home. The boy decided to
move in with them. The porn star, Genevieve Elise Silva, had lured the boy with
marijuana and methemphatamines. She was arrested and charged with unlawful
sexual intercourse with a minor, rape, and the use of a controlled substance;
and transportation with the intent to engage in criminal activity.


Apparently the son of Colts Coach Tony Dungy killed
himself by hanging with a belt- James Dungy was found by his girlfriend,
Antoinette Anderson, who called 911 . She had gone out for a 10-minute walk and
when she came back she found him dead. The roommate was asleep in another room.
On Oct 21 he was treated for overdosing on painkillershaving taken 18 pills.


January 3, 2006


 Bode Miller,
Olympic skier, said on 60 Minutes that he enjoys skiing drunk. He said if you
ever tried to ski when you are wasted its not easy. Miller is the defending
World Cup champion and a two time silver medal in the Salt Lake City Winter
Olympics. Rose Bowl gets the highest rating, 21.7, since 1987 and 50% higher
than last years game between USC 
Oklahoma. The Rose Bowl had its highest rating since the 25. 1 rating in
the Penn State victory over Miami in the Fiesta Bowl on January 2, 1987. The
president fell asleep during the game but woke up in time for the exciting end
and called Texas Coach in the morning.


Sole survivor of the mine explosion McCloy has been
transferred to Pittsburgh for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Randall McCloy Jr.
is now at Alleghany General Hospital.


USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux died yesterday at age 91
he led USC to a record eleven USC baseball championships. Is that who I saw in
Pasadena? He coached for 45 years and lived in Glendale. Nearly 60 USC players
under Dedeaux went on to big league players. His record is 1332 571-11. He had
a winning percentage of .699He won five championships in a row from 1970 1974.
He also played three seasons for USC and two games at shortstop for the 1935
Brooklyn Dodgers going 1 for 4 with an RBI. A back injury ended his career
several years later. He was born in New Orleans birth name Raoul Dedeaux. He
also founded Dart Transportation in the 1930s which grew into a million dollar
trucking business. (story by Beth Harris 
Mike Fitzpatrick, AP).


47 year-old boxer Tommy Hearns struck his 13-year-old
son and was charged with assault. The teenager had a small cut  bruise over one of his eyes . His wife called
the police. Michigan law requires police to make an arrest if somebody is
injured in a domestic violence case.(story by AP, no writer named)


January 8, 2006


Governor Arnold received 15 stitches in his lip Sunday
after he and his 12 year old son were involved in a motorcycle accident. Arnold
was driving his 15-year-old son Patrick in a sidecar on his Harley motorcycle
when a car backed into the street and knocked them over, said spokeswoman
Margita Thompson. The governor was unable to avoid the vehicle in the path and
they collided at low speed. They were treated for cuts  bruises at St. Johns Hospital in Santa
Monica. Both of them were wearing helmets. Movie theatre owned by Utah Jazz
owner, Larry Miller, changed their screening plans and decided not to show the
movie, Brokeback Mountain, a gay cowboy western movie.


The Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, was damaged in a
collision with a Japanese whaler which they (the Sunrise) say was intentional.
The whaler says the Sunrise caused the collision with them, however. Monday Jan
9, 20066.9 earthquake hits Greece but no deaths or injuries are reported.
Carson Palmer, QB for Cincinnati Bengals torn ligaments in the 1st quarter of
the playoff game and they lost.

Luciana Mares of fort Sumner New Mexico caught a mouse
and threw it into a leaf fire he had made outside. The mouse on fire but not
dead, unbeknownst to Luciana, ran back to the house and caused the house to
start on fire destroying the house and its contents, although nobody was
injured. Samuel Alito told senators Monday that a judge cannot have an agenda
and pledged not to bring one to the high court. Parsimonious answers.


Ariel Sharon is being kept in a medically induced
coma.130 died in Iraq police recruits and Shiite pilgrims. Suicide bombers
infiltrated a line of police recruits in a crowd of Shiite pilgrims on Thursday
as insurgents killed 125 civilians Thursday, and five U.S. Soldiers. (AP/USA
Today). After the attack in Ramadi, police recruits got back in line to
continue the screening process said Marine Capt. Jeffrey Pool, saying apparently
they were desperate for a relatively well paying job. Judges wife Martha Ann
Baumgardner wife of Samuel Alito left in tears during the confirmation hearing.


Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca, age 48, was released
from prison today25 years after he tried to kill John Paul II. His supporters
threw red  yellow flowers at the car as
he was driven out of the prison. He still has a mandatory military requirement
to serve. They drove him directly to the military camp. The pope personally
pardoned his shooter two years after the attack when he had a private meeting
with the shooter in a prison cell in Rome. The same man already murdered
somebody else for which he served time.


More than 1000 children are homeless in S. Americas
biggest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo.Angeline Jolies father is Jon Voigt, an actor
who apparently left her mother and her brother James when she was very young
she remembers watching him get an Oscar for the film Coming Home after he had
left them . That’s ironic. Poor gal. Now apparently Jolie may have had an
affair with Pitt. While he was still married to Aniston.


Two Thai fisherman pled guilty to the murder  rape of a British backpacker, Katherine
Horton, age 21, a psychology student. Thailand’s prime minister Thaksin
Shinawatra called for the men to get the death penalty. The two men, one aged
33, named Bualoi Posit, and the other age 24, Wichai Somkhaoyai, face many
years in prison and possibly the death penalty. The body was found by a jet
skier in the sea off the island of Koh Samui on January 2.


The two fisherman attacked Ms. Horton as she walked on
the beach before dragging her into the bushes where she was raped. Dutch
entrepreneur is offering what he hopes will be the newest extreme sport fun
burials for 75 Euros people will be buried five feet below ground in a coffin
for an hour–. The coffin has an oxygen supply, a panic button, and is linked
by webcam to a computer which friends 
family can watch.


Angela Saraiva, age 20, from Argentina went missing
after a New Years party and turned up at her own funeral. Her mother mistakenly
identified a body as her daughters when the daughter turned up only 17 hours
after she disappeared, she was surprised to find out she had died. She says she
loved the whole experience making her realize how much her friends and family
loved her and would miss her if she died.


75 year old death row inmate who is legally blind and
nearly deaf is asking the Supreme Court to block the execution because of his
age and infirmity the court has denied it and so has Gov. Schwaarzenaager-he is
scheduled to die on January 17. He committed the crime at age 50and has been on
death row since then, pending appeals. The other death row inmate is Leroy
Nash, age 90, in Arizona. no execution date has been set yet. Story about the
Death Penalty by David Krevets,


January 13, 2006


 8th grade
student at Milwee Middle School in Seminole County, (FL?) pulled a pellet gun
that looked real and threatened to kill himself and took a hostage briefly,
then barricade himself in a restroom at which point police approached him and
he pointed the gun and was shot. Longwood Florida. He’s brain dead in the
hospital. Apparently the parents warned the police before they shot him that
the gun was probably not real. (story by Kelli Kennedy)50 year old deacon of a
Washington D.C. church was arrested yesterday and charged with the rape  murder of a woman in northwest Washington
more than two decades ago. They linked the crime to him through DNA evidence.
Melvin Jackson Jr. who lives above his church is accused of killing Raymonde
Poantiveau, a French citizen, age 57, who was visiting her daughter in
Washington D.C. She was found dead December 1, 1983 in her daughters bed,
having been stabbed to death. Jackson was a deacon at the Sonship Church Centera
small church founded by his mother in a store front next to a convenience


Judge Alito supports unitary executive theory meaning
the president is given power much more than normal.45 year old man who spent
more than half of his life in prison will be released after DNA evidence
provided significant doubt about his guilt. Hillsborough County State Attorneys
Office said it would support a defense motion to vacate Alan Crotzers 1982
convictions and 130 year prison sentence after carefully weighing all available
evidence significant doubt exists as to [Crotzers] guilt


In 1968 Helicopter Pilot Hugh Thompson flew into the
thick of what he thought was a fierce battle going on only to find out that a
massacre was going on woman, children, and elderly men at the hands of U.S.
Soldiers. Horrified he landed his helicopter between his soldiers and civilians
and ordered his men to fire upon any Americans who continued shooting, called
for backup, and rescued victims, digging through corpses to rescue one child. A
Year later the public found out about it and it became infamous as the My Lai
massacre, exposed by Journalist Seymour Hirsch. But Thompson who died last week
of cancer at age 62 received no honors. He was made a pariah. When he walked
into officers club people left. He got threatening phone calls. Dead animals
were left on his porch. When he was called to give closed congressional
testimony a senior lawmaker said that if anybody deserved to be court martialed
it was him.


Ultimately only one officer, Army Lt, William Calley,
was convicted, spending three hours under house arrest before Nixon pardoned
him. In 1998 after a book and CBS 60 Minutes told of Thompson’s courage, the
Pentagon was shamed into giving him and his crew the Soldiers Medal, the highest
medal for bravery not involving conflict with the enemy. (Yahoo Opinion article
from USA Today, no author named).


January 14, 2006


 American air
strike on what they thought was al-Zawahiri turned out to be due to false
information and Pakistanis say only children and women were killed. The
Augustine Volcano in Alaska erupted three times this week (story by Jeanette
Lee) in Homer Alaska snow mixed with ash fell on communities south of
Anchorage. It had not erupted in twenty years. By Saturday it had erupted at
least eight times.


salesman Edward Schiller from Framingham, MA (?) was found shot in the back, in
his car dead in the village of Newton which for two years has been voted the
safest city in the USA. The chief trial judge Rizgar Anin in the Saddam Hussein
trial has submitted a letter of resignation indicating he does not want to
continue as the chief trial judge but would remain on as a tribunal judge. He’s
the only judge who has been named and who has appeared on video. Two of Hussein’s
defense attorneys have been killed.


NASA Stardust probe , landing in the Utah desert,
parachutes deployed properly , as well as the location beacon, unlike the
Genesis spacecraft which smashed into the Utah desert in Sept 2004. It actually
collected seven years of stardust. Writer (Cynthia Tucker) of article re black
thug culture being more of a danger to black America than lingering
institutional racism says the ubiquitous droopy pant look drew its inspiration
from jail procedures where men are stripped of their belts upon arrest (Cynthia
Tucker, page editor of Atlantic Journal Constitution).


In terms of getting some of these 2,000,000 documents
uncovered in Iraq translated Peter Hoekstra of Michigan asked for 40 of the
documents and Negroponte could not provide them. They are supposed to be
downloadable with a serial number of key terms, but only 50,000 of them have
been translated now they are talking about releasing them all to the public for
vetting. The ones that have been translated are on a forensic computer that can
rapidly separate wheat from chaff in terms of searching for key words the
current drawback is that the computer forensics field is dominated by a law
enforcement mindset which means the approach to the digital media is still very
linear One officials says that as much as we overestimated WMDs it appears we
underestimated Saddam Hussein’s support for trans-regional terrorists.


A lot of these documents contain strong evidence that
there were terrorist ties to Saddam Hussein. Throughout the 1980s during the
eight year Iran-Iraq War Hussein cast himself as a holy warrior in his public
rhetoric to counter the claims from Iran that he was an infidel his posturing
continued during and after the first Gulf War in 1990-91. Hussein famously
ordered Allahu Akbar (meaning God is Great) added to the Iraqi flag. Internally
he launched the 5th campaign which according to leading Hussein scholar
Amatzeia Baram included the imposition of Sharia, Islamic law. According to
Baram the Iraqi president initiated laws forbidding the public consumption of
alcohol and issued orders for enhanced studying of the Koran at all educational
levels, including Baath party branches (story by Stephen Hayes, senior writer
at the Weekly Standard).


January 15-21, 2006


The ruler of Kuwait died today. Amir Sheikh Jabbr
al-ahmad al-sabah, and the new ruler was crowned almost immediately. The sheikh
had ruled for 28 years. The next in line is the crown prince Sheikh Saad
al-Abdullah al-Sabah. Story by Abeer Allam, Google News. Main writer was
Michael Slackman. Article in the British Weekly Science Journal Nature says
that global warming has wiped out 2/3 of the species of unique frogs that
inhabit the cloud forest of Central America.


Now they say that al-Zarquawi was supposed to be at
that home in Pakistan but skipped dinner, sending aides instead. They say
perhaps 11 of the dead may have been extremists. Sen. John McCain defended the
strike while apologizing for collateral damage.


Walter Cronkite lives in Pasadena CA and he retired in
March 1981 says he regrets stepping down on his 65th birthday regretted it
every day since then. And says we should pull out of Iraq. .. Venus  Serena Williams both playing in Australian
Open Venus is already out lost in the first round. To Tsvetana Prionkova while
Serena struggled to stay alive with a win over Li Na from China.


 First woman
president in Liberia being sworn in today First Lady Laura Bush will be there.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a Harvard educated economist is being sword in as
Liberia’s new president (Monday). Liberia’s poverty rate is 85% and illiteracy
is 80%. And in Chile—they elected their first woman president Michelle
Bachelet as president (socialist). Chilean voters made history Sunday. January
16, 2006 President Bush visited the National Archives to view the Emancipation


The trial of Andrea Yates who was convicted of drowning
her five children was recently reversed, because a prosecutor said right before
she allegedly killed them she watched an episode of Law  Order in which a woman drowned her children
in the bathtub. The prosecutor mentioned this to the jury, but as it turns out,
no such episode ever aired. Dietz, the prosecutor, admits he was mistaken. The
appeals court said this testimony could have affected the judgment of the jury.
(story by Yahoo, no writer named).


Excellent article entitled Death From Above opinion
article about use of unmanned weapons drones or drone planes shooting missiles
long distances several times by U.S. killed innocent civilians and did not
eliminate the intended target for example 40 cruise missiles at a restaurant in
Baghdad- killing only a few families not Hussein, and most recently an attempt
to kill Zawahiri, which failed (although may have gotten some of his assistants).
.. prior to that eight days earlier there was another failed attempt. More than
3200 people are missing from Katrina unaccounted for nearly five months later.


Story by Nicholas Von Hofman entitled Monetary Zombies
saying that 2005 is the first year since the great depression that Americans
have spent more money than they earned. He says something like this happened in
Japan about 15 years ago when banks had lent trillions to companies unable to
repay their debts or even keep up on the interest. The size of these bad loans
would have put Japan into bankruptcy except for an arrangement that worked out
with all interested parties to freeze everything. The banks agreed not to
demand the money they were owed by the companies and the Japanese government
pretended that the banks were still solvent. As a result the Japanese companies
prevented from regaining strength due to the cathartic benefits of bankruptcy
floated in a chilly world of zombie companies and financial institutions on
life support. Companies had just enough cash to keep going but not enough
capitol to expand and develop. He said that if individuals and families
continue to spend more than they make millions more may end up in the land of
the living dead. We are seeing early signs of zombie syndrome he contends.


One survivor of the Hungary Plane crash he managed to
use his cell phone to call his wife and walk through knee-deep snow to safety.
He was in satisfactory condition after suffering head injuries and burns.
Martin Farkas called his wife Farkasova.


The arrest clearance rate means the percentage of cases
for which police arrest an identified suspect for homicides nationwide the
arrest clearance rate has dropped about 60% compared with 90% fifty years ago.
A murderer has 40% chance of avoiding arrest today. Clearance rate for forcible
rape is 42%, for robbery 26%, 13% for burglary and motor vehicle theft. In
Boston the homicide clearance rate was at 28% in 2004. The total annual arrests
have jumped from 3.3. million in 1960 nationwide to 14 million in 2004. The
U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world.
(article by Scott Christiansen)


Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans said that God is mad at
America and that the hurricanes are evidence of that; He also says we are in
Iraq under false pretenses. He is angry at the African Americans for not taking
care of themselves, and promises that New Orleans will be a chocolate city
majority African American that’s the way God wants it to be, cant have it no
other way (sic).


Clarence Ray Allen was executed at San Quentin last
night. Lakers beat Miami Heat 100-92.Shaq and Kobe embraced each other, saying
bygones are bygones. Workers building a boat ramp at Indiana’s Charleston state
Park have uncovered the remains of a 4000 year old kitchen which American
Indian tribes may have used in preparation of their winter food supply.


Angela Keathley age 26 pled guilty to disorderly
conduct and obstruction of a police officer in a November 6 fight when she was
caught in a bathroom stall and accusations were that she was having sex with
another female cheerleader in the stallthe other cheerleader, Victoria Thomas,
denies the accusations. She had pled not guilty to giving a false name,
battery, and unlawful display of a license.


January 20 2006


Two more miners trapped fire in the mine 100 miles away
from the Sago Mine. Fire broke out. No word yet whether alive or dead (they
were found dead).


Movie entitled Son of Man  promoted as the first black Jesus movie
portrays Christ as a modern revolutionary, trying to overturn the notion of
Jesus Christ being European with fair hair and blue eyes. Director Mark
Dornford-May said we wanted to look at the Gospels as if they were written by
spin doctors, and strip that away and look at the truth. The truth is that
Christ was born in an occupied state and preached equality at a time when that
was not very acceptable . Dornford-May says he subscribes to Christ’s teachings
without necessarily believing he is the son of God. (story in Reuters, no
writer named).


January 21, 2006


Bin Laden issued a new warning of a possible new
attack. The New Horizons spaceship to Pluto blasted off on a ten-year trip to
Pluto traveling at 36, 000 mph. Stardust space capsule returns to earth
carrying 7 years of space dust collected throughout the universe.


A group angered by US Supreme Court decision that sided
with a Connecticut city that wanted to seize homes for economic development is
trying to seize one of Justice David Souters homes to turn it into an Inn
called Lost Liberty Hotel. They submitted enough petition signatures only 25
were needed to bring it before voters in March .. and are rallying for more
support in Souters home town of Weare, New Hampshire this weekend. Organizer
Logan Clements is from Los Angeles.


New weight loss drug called Alli , over the counter is
supposed to block the absorption of fat intake, which will be passed off
instead in ones stools. This one will do about half as much as its prescription
drug sister. Chris Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. rapper was shot and killed on
March 9, 1997 after a party at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
His family sued  civil lawsuit contending
the killing was connected to former LAPD officers David Mack and Rafael Perez.
They lost the civil Law suit but it subsequently became clear that officer
Steven Katz had a transcript of some remarks indicating that Mack  Perez were linked to the killing, so the
judge has ordered a 1.1 million dollar payment to the family of Notorious
B.I.G. and there is going to be a retrial.


A northern Bottle-nosed Whale swam up the Thames River
tried to beach itself. They tried to save it , put it on a cargo boat and
headed towards the ocean when suddenly it had massive convulsions and died.
Black-teenagers get a much larger hit from smoking cigarettes than whites–.
Black smokers take in 30% more nicotine per cigarette and take more time to rid
their body of the absorption said Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on
Drug Abuse (NIDA). Black teens were left with more Cotonine which is produced
when the body breaks down nicotine.


The whale that was lost in the River Thames died
yesterday. 20 foot long northern Bottle nose lifted on to a barge, toward the
North Seawhale struggled with the effects of being out of the water.Juliana
Barbasa about a school in Fresno that is canceling a elective philosophy class
re Intelligent Design due to legal pressure parents sued .. the class was being
taught by a ministers wife. Frazier Mountain High.


Augustine Volcano erupted again on Tuesday morning
sending an ash plume 8  miles into the


[Sickest Story of the Year] Frankfurt Germany story by
Bernhard Winkler Reuters Newsabout the man who cut off his penis and tried to
eat it with another fellow. The fellow who allowed him to die and then tried to
eat him his name is Armin Meiwes, 44, sentenced in January 2004 to 81/2 for
manslaughter but the German court of appeals said the judges had been too
lenient and ordered a retrial. Meiwes admitted to killing Berlin based computer
specialist Bernhard Juergen Berndes, 43, but was spared a murder conviction and
a possible life sentence because the victim had demanded to be eaten. Meiwes,
the accused, told the court that he severed Berndes penis at his request and
that both had tried to eat it without success. Brandes steadily lost more blood
and eventually lost consciousness at which point Meiwes decided to pray I
didn’t know whether I should pray to the devil or to God believing his victim
to be dead he plunged the knife into Berndes neck, only realizing when he
reviewed the video tape later that Berndes was still faintly breathing.


Psychiatrists found that Meiwes was deeply disturbed
but not insane. Meiwes told the court last week that he had earlier released
four other potential victims who had changed their minds at the last minute and
he initially drove Berndes home after the victim appeared to lose his nerve,
(but apparently changed his mind). Meiwes had been in contact with over 400
people who claimed they wanted to be slaughtered but most of them were not
prepared to go through with it.


Indian man who was believed dead caused panic when he
returned causing villagers to believe he had come back as a ghost in New Dehli.
The children screamed ghost ghost and locked their doors when Raju Reghuvansi
returned from jail to his village of Mandla in the central state of Madhya
Pradesh. Even his own brothers fled when he appeared. Now villagers and family
members have ostracized him and have demanded that he prove he is not a ghost.


The New Horizons probe was due to take off in an
unmanned Atlas Five space rocket . The vehicle will be flung into space on top
of an Atlas Five Space rocket propelled by 3 million pounds of thrust reaching
top speed of 36,000 mph.Feb 2007 it will pull the gravity pull of Jupiter to
pick up speed and slingshot itself towards Pluto. The entire spacecraft
operates on natural decay of 24 pounds of plutonium pellets. A launch disaster
could scatter deadly plutonium across Florida. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by
Clyde Tombaugh an astronomer in Arizona named after the Roman god of the
underworld by Venetia Berneya British girl living in Oxford who got her
grandfather to call scientists and suggest the name. In just a brief 1/20 of a
second people make a judgment about an Internet site.


The New York Jets hired Eric Mangini, age 34, as head
coach making him the youngest in the NFL. The two Thai fishermen who pled
guilty to killing Katherine Horton the British woman on vacation have been
sentenced to death despite the mother of Horton saying she would rather not
have them put to death. Katherine was on her cell phone talking to her mother
when they attacked. The last thing her mother heard was a scream.


The couple who put a finger in a bowl of chili and tried
to extort Wendys—Ana Ayala and her husband Jaime Plascensia were sentenced to
nine years in jail. Last time New York City Resident Alan Poster saw his
corvette it was blue forty years later he’s a little more gray and his car is
silver. The 1968 Corvette was stolen from him in January 1969. It was stolen
from him at a parking garage.


Candace Dickinson was fined $355 dollars for driving in
the carpool lane alone but she argued that since she was pregnant there were
two passengers in the car. The judge denied her argument.


Mayor Ray Nagin apologized for making the comment that
New Orleans would be chocolate once again. Pray for nixmary the girl who was
beaten to death. .. in New York. Mayor Newsmonof San Francisco says that the
cable car operators are pocketing the $5 fares he’s ridden the cars with
sunglasses and hat and noticed that some of them do not issue receipts. The
operators   gripmen earn $26 per hour.
Mayor noted that the cable cars were running $4 million in the red.


Army interrogator officer Louis Welschhofer Jr. was
found guilty of negligent homicide when he put a sleeping bag over an Iraqi
Generals head and allowed him to suffocate. Attorneys for Welschofer said that
he believed that the general had information that would break the back of the
whole insurgency but prosecutors said that Welschofer treated Major General
Abed Ahmed Mowhoush worse than you would treat a dog. He could be sentenced to
a maximum of three years in prison and dishonorably discharged.


Miss Oklahoma won the Miss America contest in Las
Vegas. Entertainment correspondent Isaac Mizrahi at the 63rd annual Golden
Globes an E! correspondent wondered if he was being playfully outrageous or
just plain offensive as he groped Scarlett Johannsens breast, looked down Terry
Hatchers dress, and asked Eva Longoria about her pubic hair. The gay fashion
designer didn’t mean to offend anybody said network CEO Ted Harbert.(story by
Solvej Sehou, AP).


January 22, 2006


Andy Roddick was defeated at the Australian Open.  Reno Nevada Two kids who survived alleged
five-year imprisonment. Carson city Sheriff Ken Furlong says a sixteen-year-old
gal weighed about 40 pounds and her eleven-year-old brother weighed about 30
pounds –after having been locked in a bathroom whenever the parents went out
and sometimes all night long—they were extremely emaciated. The grandmother,
mother, and the mother’s boyfriend were jailed on suspicion of child abuse. .
(Story by Martin Griffith, AP).


The victim of a hit-and-run incident in Aliso
Viejo  was in a medically induced coma—in
critical condition,  but they were
optimistic that he would make it. After yelling at a silver BMW in a parking
lot in Aliso Viejo he was run over. The cars owner Morteza Bakhtiari, age 26,
was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder with bail set at 1 million


Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Corp. –Disney is
considering buying out Apple’s Pixar motion pictures . (and in fact they did).
IN 1986 Steve Jobs heard that his friend, George Lucas , was trying to sell his
computer graphics operation. When Jobs visited Lucas Film he was amazed  at the high-resolution images he saw on the
computer screens. He bought the company for 10 Million . They say  this was the savviest investment of his
career—which led to him becoming a billionaire.


Article entitled “How 
Playboy can Score in India” about—how Playboy is trying to get their
magazine into India—a very anti-pornography country—even soft-core pornography
is frowned upon or illegal. Playboy plans to sell their magazine as a sport and
culture magazine, not nudity, but they note that other parts of the body have
become eroticized—such as the hand, armpit, back and neck.


January  24, 2006


 Actor Chris Penn
, brother of Shawn Penn, was found dead in a condominium at a beach in Santa
Monica—40 years old. . Chris Penn has been in Mulholland Falls, Rumble fish,
All the Right Moves, Footloose, and Rush Hour, and Reservoir Dogs. His late
father Leo Penn directed TV shows. His mother 
Eileen Ryan is an actress whose credits include “I am Sam” , Magnolia,
and Parenthood.


Wyoming Ranch with no connection to the University of
Pittsburgh has given the school a 4700-acre parcel of land  “littered with dinosaur fossils”. The
university plans to maintain the land valued at 7 million dollars for students
and researchers in geology. Allen Cook of Wyoming said he was getting ready to
sell part of it but decided to donate it instead.


Kanye West with a crown of thorns on top of his head
poses as Jesus Christ in the upcoming cover of Rolling Stones magazine. West,
says he’s “addicted to pornography” –he remembers first seeing his father’s
Playboy Magazine when he was five years old.


Pamela Anderson requested the governor of Kentucky ,
Ernie Fletcher, take down the statute of Col. Sanders from KFC, at the Capitol
Bldg. Saying she thinks that Sanders is a symbol of cruelty to chickens.
Fletcher contends, however, that Sanders is a Kentucky icon and that his
success story has been an inspiration to many.


Daycare Center in Germantown Maryland an eight-year-old
boy shot a seven-year-old girl in the arm, hitting her but not killing her. The
boy’s father is a convicted felon with a long list of convictions..the boy had
bragged that he had access to guns. .1/3 or more of U.S. households keep a loaded
gun in their home. .Alberto Gonzalez U.S. Attorney General spoke at Georgetown
University yesterday, making an argument for the use of eavesdropping.


Many of the students stood up and turned their backs to
him, Somebody held up a sign that said, “For those who would sacrifice liberty
for security—they deserve neither”—a quote from Benjamin Franklin.  The northern Bottlenose Whale in London died
of dehydration—because it was without food for several days–.. These whales
obtain water from their food—which is mostly squid at the bottom of the ocean.
It couldn’t feed in the North Sea or Thames River—meaning it was without water.


Plane From St. Louis to Kirksville MO crashed on Oct
19, 2004—killing 11 of the 13 aboard most of them medical staff—on their way to
a conference. They have now determined that the crash was due to crew
error—fatigue and unprofessional behavior in the cockpit—being too casual and
social as they were descending –their descent was too quick and they hit trees
prior to the runway.


Bush visits the NSA today—National Security Agency to
give them a pep talk.


January 25, 2006—


A Scorpion lived for 15 months without air or water
inside the plastic mold of a dinosaur fossil. IT was cracked open by a
researcher—and the scorpion came scrambling out. Don Deblieux, a paleontologist
for the Utah Geological Survey, said he was sawing open the plastic mold when
the scorpion  wriggled from a crack in a
sandstone block. Scorpions are capable of surviving for months without feeding
or moving in sleep period known as diapause said Richard Baumann, a Brigham
Young biologist.


Providence RI : 
Richard Hatch—who won $1 million 
on the Survivor show—was found guilty of 
failing to pay taxes on his winnings. Story by Ray Henry (AP). He could
receive 13 years in prison. He was also convicted  of evading taxes on $327,000 he earned as
co-host of a Boston Radio show and $28,000 in rent on property he owned. The
sole survivor  of the Sago mine explosion
emerged from his coma Wednesday but still cannot speak. He is able to respond
to simple commands and follow movements with his eyes. He is also able to chew.


Seven children 
from one family died Wednesday when a tractor-trailer rear-ended with
their vehicle sandwiching it between the truck and a school bus. The car
exploded upon impact. The driver was a fifteen-year-old gal—underage for
driving, but she did have a driving permit and was doing nothing wrong at the
time. Said Mike Burroughs of the Florida Highway Patrol. The kids ranged in age
from 21 months to fifteen years old. There were no adults in the car. 15 year
old Nichole Mann was at the wheel said Tina Mann, her aunt.


Isaiah Thomas is being sued for sexual harassment by a
former Knicks executive—a 43-year-old girl, Brown Sanders, a former Northwestern
Basketball star, who was terminated from her position. Tiger Woods made a land
deal for 38 million off the Atlantic Ocean– . He grew up in southern
California. New study by FDA questions whether soy based food is more healthy
than red meat. They found that neither soy nor the component isoflavone had
anything to do with preventing breast, uterine, or prostrate cancer.


Columbia man accidentally shot his nephew to death
while  trying to cure his hiccups. He had
pointed his revolver at his nephew to scare him when the gun accidentally went
off. After shooting the 21-year-old university student David Galvan in the neck
his uncle, Rafael Vargas, age 35, horrified by what he had done shot himself.


Convicted Killer Christopher Duncan, age 21, has been
arrested in connection with the  murder
of American artist, Margaret Muller, who was stabbed in 2003 while jogging in
Victoria Park. (Ananova News) Says he was already given life in prison for a
previous murder, but doesn’t say why he was out and about committing another


Religious groups are calling for an art exhibition
showing naked women posing among fruit 
vegetables to be banned. Carla Bobadilla’s exhibit is made up of giant
series of nudes amongst fruits 
vegetables in Chile. Some of them are explicit.


January 26, 2006


Hostage situation at a bank near Fresno CA ended
without any deaths—some escaped, some were let go, and the final one was
grabbed by sheriff’s deputies, without incident or gunfire.


Authorities said they discovered more than two tons of
marijuana in a cross-border tunnel that began near the Tijuana airport and
ended inside a warehouse on the USA side. 
IT had a cement floor and lights mounted on one side of the wall with a
pulley system.


Kuala Lumpur—southern Malaysia—experts have been
appointed to try to track down a giant beast—bigfoot like beast—which was
allegedly spotted two or three times recently.


World News Tonight Correspondence  Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were
seriously injured when their convoy was hit by an explosive in Taji, Iraq
today. Both were hospitalized and are in stable condition.


January 27, 2006


Kwan—the ice skater—is getting another chance at the Winter Olympics. She has 5
World Championships and 9 U.S. Championships but no gold medal yet. She  has won a silver  (1998)and a bronze (2002) / . .. She’s 25
years old now. The last person to get a medical bye on to the Olympic Team was
Nancy Kerrigan who bumped 13-year-old Kwan back in 1994. 7.7 earthquake hit
Indonesia—around Bali—causing fears of tsunami, but a tsunami did not form.


January 28, 2006.


Katrina refugees—rivals of gangs have been arrested for several murders in
Houston—the gangs carried their turf battle to Houston. Andrew Rose and Lloyd
Hollman both of Colorado –allegedly approached 
a local food contractor to discuss how they could inflate the number of
meals served by FEMA workers in exchange for kickbacks.


Golfer John Daley is playing in Torrey Pines in San
Diego—his wife just started a prison sentence for federal charges of conspiracy
for her involvement in what authorities said was a drug  illegal gambling operation. Her parents also
received prison time. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Spaceship Challenger
explosion.   The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
fish in Hawaii has been dethroned as the state fish.


Mayor of Rancho Mirage California-admits he lied on his
resume, Alan Seman claimed he had 
degrees from Northwestern University and New York University—as it turns
out he was at Northwestern  for a week in
an army training program during WWII. And later he took a few retailing courses
at NYU in 1946-47. He’s 81 years old. Nearly 11,000 Filipino children brushed
their teeth—in an attempt to break a record for a simultaneous “brush off” and
raise awareness about the problem of tooth decay.


The town of Washington, PA changed its name to Steeler
PA for a month—a town of 15,000 people—a temporary change to show their support
for the Steelers in the Superbowl. Britain’s Lewis Pugh reached sports “Holy
Grail” becoming the first person to complete a long distance swim in the
world’s five oceans—swimming from Bondi Beach in Sydney Australian—for six


January 29, 2006


Leprosy Sunday. James Hansen—employee of NASA’s Goddard
space studies—says the Bush Administration has tried to silence him ever since
he spoke in favor of emission controls. In 1988 he warned publicly about the
danger of long-term effects of  emission
pollution—in his speech at the University of Iowa he also mentioned that he
would vote for John Kerry. ‘


Society for the Protection of Animals called for
the  president of China, Hu Jin Tao, to
put an end to the cruel slaughter of dogs. UP to 10 million dogs are
slaughtered every year—many of the killed slowly purportedly to enhance the
meat’s flavor. Saddam Hussein trial resumed on Sunday—new chief judge—Raoul
Abdel-Rahman  evicted Hussein from the
courtroom—after he yelled “Down with traitors, down with America” . One of the
defense attorneys was evicted as well which caused the rest of the defense
attorneys to leave in support of him. So the judge assigned new defense
attorneys. Story in Yahoo News.


Augustine Volcano erupted again 40,000 feet into the

An off duty New York police officer was at a White
Castle in the Bronx at 5 am—Eric Hernandez age 24—was assaulted in the
restaurant –he chased the assailants into the parking lot with his gun drawn
and captured one of them. He had his gun drawn and the assailant on the ground
when police showed u p and thought that Hernandez was the assailant—and shot
Hernandez.  They shot him three times—he
is now in the hospital in critical condition (story by Verina Dobnik, AP).


Roger Federer won his 7th Grand Slam Title (story by
Paul Alexander, AP). He broke down in tears –after being awarded the trophy by
Rod Laver, the former tennis great.

President  Lady
Bush are attending the alfalfa club dinner –the black tie event where people
give humorous speeches.



New brain scan technology may be able to test for
truthfulness like a polygraph. Robert Shapiro, the attorney, is endorsing the
use of “fMRI’s” –which has not been used in court- nor perfected yet, although
Shapiro says he would use it “tomorrow” if it were allowed. The name of the
company is CEPHOS, Corp, founded by Steven Laken.

Hamas radicals—won this weeks Palestinian legislative
elections—a shocking surprise to the world. This group has a very low to
non-existent priority about making peace with Israel.


January 29 through February 5, 2006


As of Jan 21, 2006 9282 of 16,548 injuries in Iraq were
caused by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). At least 894 of the 2242 deaths
in Iraq have been from IEDs. For twenty-six years Joyce Urch of Coventry
England was blind—from a diseasein 1979, –suddenly she had a heart attack
not long agoshe had surgery and when she recovered she could see again.


Lake Forest, CA police say a man picking up his son for
a supervised court visit was shot point blank twice by the boys 81 year old
great grandmother. Alex Reyes was shot in the hip amp; head and died. The
grandmother Jean Ellen Allen was arrested for murder.


Rather than switching to hydrogen as the replacement
for fossil fuels, which would mean a trillion dollar upheaval, the writers of
this article recommend switching to ethanol, which would only require minor
retrofitting to todays cars and gas stations. A combination of 15% gasoline
with 85% ethanol is called E85. Building a car that is E85 ready only adds
about $250 to the cost, and some cars already can handle it. IN Brazil  of the cars can already run on ethanol or
gasoline. Right nowthere are 170,000 service stations in the U.S.Aonly 587 sell
E85. The only publicly traded pure play ethanol maker Pacific Ethanol of Fresno
plans to build five plants in California and has raised a total of $111 million
including $85 million from Bill Gates.Brazil is already using 40% ethanol.

Ted Turner, the news magnate, says the USA is 10 years
behind Brazil. Cellulosic Ethanol comes from corn stalks, grasses, tree bark,
and various fibers that humans cant digestrefuting the argument that it will
deplete our food source(although this is not fully ready yet)so some countries
do deplete food sources such as sugar cane (in Brazil) for the purpose of fuel.
(Story in FortuneMagazine. Com by Adam Lashinsky and Nelson Schwartz).


Baby Jessica who was rescued from a backyard well
nearly 18 years ago was married in a private ceremony. She married Daniel
Morales, age 32 .


Story about Tom Cruise and his training in Scientology
says he spent a lot of time training in Gilman Springs near Hemet. He became
close friends with Miscaviagethe highest-ranking person in Scientology. The
church of Scientology has over 10 million members worldwide. Paula Mendea was
arrested for killing her three small childrenshe left a note at the scene of
the triple murder. Apparently she was depressed because her husband wanted a


Tiger Woods won the Buick Open.

Pistons are 37-5.In order for Pope John Paul II to
become a saint he has to have performed two miracles. One is required to be
considered, a second to be declared a saint. They say they have found possibly
one miraclethe cure of a nun from Parkinsons Disease in France.U.S. Journalist
Jill Carroll appeared weeping and veiled in a new videotape by Al-jazeera
(Story by Paul Garwood, AP).


U.S. Military released a few women last Thursday in
response to the demands of the kidnappers that the U.S. release all women
captives.Jill Carroll is a freelance reporter for the Christian Science
Monitor. She was seized on January 7 by the previously unknown Revenge Brigade.
72 mineworkers who were trapped in a Canada mine were brought to safety after
being underground for 24 hours due to a fire.


Exxon Mobil recorded record profits the highest of any
company ever with a total of 36.1 billion.


When Mike Holmgrens wife signed up for a medical
mission to Africa she wasnt even thinking he might be in the Superbowl. So
while his Seattle Seahawks are playing on Sunday she’ll be in the Congo doing a
medical mission. She started out as a medical missionary. Her daughter Caya is
going with her.


Person opened fire at a Santa Barbara Post Office on
Sunday night around 915 pm. not far from the University of California Santa
Barbarathe shooter was believed to be a former postal employee.Ralphs Grocery
store pled not guilty to charges that it illegally rehired 100s of locked out
employees during a 139-day grocery strike two years ago. Story by Cortney
Fielding, L.A. Daily News.


They say that Ralphs used false names and social
security numbers to issue checks. If convicted, Ralphs and its parent company,
Krogers, could face more than $100 million in fines.About 82,000 people are
living on the streets of Los Angeles.


Documentary film called Margot about a young
Pentecostal preacher/kid who started preaching at age 5. His parents took him
on the circuit and he confessed that it was to make money. He said he stopped
preaching around age 14 but returned to it later in lifethen decided to expose
himself as a fraud, saying he did not believe what he preachedit was all for
money (story by Hillary Rhodes, L.A. Daily News).


Rocky Delgadillo, Los Angeles City Attorney, is being
criticized for outsourcing to legal counsel despite having 500 in-house
attorneys. He spent $32 million on outside counsel. Critics are asking what the
in-house attorneys are doing. ? Delgadillo defends the practice saying the
citys liability payoffs have dropped due to outside counsel.


LAUSD students have to pass a year of high school
geometry and algebra to graduatea higher requirement than beforehaving gone
into effect in 2003. In the fall of 2004 48, 000 students took beginning
Algebra, 44% failed. 17% finished with Ds. 29,000 got Ds or Fsthose who
repeated in the classnearly 75% flunked again. Although LAUSD changed its
policies statewide legislators made algebra a state requirement for 2004. Cal
State Northridgethe largest supplier of new teachers to the LAUSD35% of the
potential teachers earned Ds or Fs in math last year (story by Mitchell
Landsberg, LA. Times).


January 31 2006.


Ben Bernanke was confirmed as the new federal reserve
chairman. A woman who killed seven people at the Goleta post office near Santa
Barbara is the latest in a string of shootings by US Postal workers.

In August 1986 postal worker Patrick Sherrill shot and killed
fourteen fellow employees in Oklahoma. In November 1991, Thomas Mcilvaine
killed four supervisors at a Michigan PO. In 1993 another postal worker killed
1 and wounded two others before killing himself at a Dearborn MI PO.The
confirmation of Samuel Alito has gone through. He was sworn in as the 110th
Supreme Court justice.


Clark Foam, an icon among surfers, suddenly closed its
Orange County operation after producing an estimated 90% of the blanks used to
craft custom made boards around the world. Clark produced about 250,000 blanks
annually. The market for foam remains strong because surfboards are like tennis
balls, eventually they wear out and feel dead. A high performance shortboard
used every day may have to be replaced after four to six months.


Washington D.C. police officer killed herself in a 911
communications center. Francesca Barnes, age 43, is the third D.C. officer to
die in recent weeks. A few weeks ago, Lt Keith Perry died of a heart attack,
and four days prior to that Robert Schnoover was found in his car in Rock Creek
Park apparently had killed himself.


Andrea Yates, the woman accused of drowning her
children in the swimming pool left prisonfor a state mental hospital . She will
have a retrial.Message from Lydia Laurens at UTLA. I just got a hole-in-one and
now an Eagle. Half-ton bull named ;Little Birdie; jumped into the stands at a
bullfight in Mexico Cityinjuring several people before it was killed.


NATO has withdrawn from the Pakistan earthquake
siteafter having ;met their goals; winterizing the people. They flew 3778 tons
of tents, blankets, stoves, amp; food, 168 flights. They treated almost 5000
patients and conducted 159 major surgical operations, while mobile medical
teams treated an additional 3000 (plus) in remote villages. The NATO mission
included British, Italian, Dutch, Chezch, Spanish, French, German, Poland, amp;
Lithuanian forces.Thursday February 2, 2006.Saddam Hussein trial delayed again
after Hussein refused to appear for the trial. The judge so evicted three other
defendants for disorderly behavior.


Groundhog Day was yesterday. Punxsutawney Phil saw his
shadow. Bill Deeley opened the box in Punxsutawney, PAon Feb 1 or 2
(Wednesday?). (story by Dan Nephin, AP). This means there will be six more
weeks of winter. The Germans believed that if a hibernating animal casts a
shadow on February 2, the Christian day called Candelmas, winter will last
another six weeks.


 Februrary 3,


THE LAUSD all-city band performed in Superbowl XI as
well as Superbowl XVII. The jazz pianist son of late Italian dictator Benito
MussoliniRamano Mussolini was 17 years old when his fascist father was strung
up outside a gas station by Italians in April 1945.The Ferry that went down in
the Red Sea had 1400 passengersat least 300 have been rescued, 103 dead bodies
recoveredthe rest are still missing. The Ferry sank 40 miles off the coast of
Egypt near the town of Safaga.


Six  churches in
Alabama were burned by arson. Three burned down the other three suffered
damage. Of the six, five were all-white churches.


Now they are saying that the ferry that sank in the Red
Seasank due to a fire in one of the vehicles they were transporting. The ship
was listing to the side for more than two hours, but the main office never
received a distress signal although another ship said they did hear a distress
signal five minutes before it sank. The passengers said the crew tried to
downplay the event telling them not to put on life jacketsso as to not cause
panic. At least 73 were killed in a stampede in a stadium in Manila,
Philippines as people were waiting to get into a game show (story by Nancy
Jakarta, Pasig City) at the Philsport Arenamore than 30,000 were waiting, some
for several days in hopes of winning a prize.


Story about Michigan doing investigations of school
employees. Now they are doing mandatory checks for school employees to see if
they have a criminal background. Margaret Trimer-Hartley spokeswoman for
Michigan Education Assoc, says her office has been inundated by school
employees who say they have not committed any of the crimes that their criminal
check says they have.


Tina Van Sickle, a middle school teacher and varsity
cheerleading coach says she has never even gotten a speeding ticket but the
letter her superintendent received said she had seven misdemeanors and one
felony for breaking-and-entering. The school district can conduct their own
criminal checkif the search produces no matches as was the case with Van Sickle
then the employees innocence has been proven. State Superintendent of Public
Instruction Mike Flanagan says some false positives have occurred due to stolen
social security numbers or same name matches. (story by Marisa Schultz, Detroit


18 year old suspect in the hatchet attacks at the
Massachussetts gay bar was captured Saturday after a gun fightJacob Robida
killed an Arkansas police officer after a traffic stop, as well as the woman in
the car with him, as police closed in. Robida died after being in critical
condition. Robida was a high school dropout whose friends said glorified
Nazism. After the attack on the gay bar Robida picked up Jennifer Bailey at her
Charleston, W VA homethey were driving through N. Arkansas when Officer Jim
Sell pulled them over for a traffic infraction Robida shot and killed Sell. He
drove onward hit a spike strip blowing his tireshe continued to drive with two
flat tires into Norfolk VAwhere he smashed into a few cars trying to avoid the
police, then he got into another shootout with police and shot and killed the
woman in the car with him.


A man considered a mastermind of the USS Cole bombing
that killed 17 sailors in a Yemeni port in 2000 was among 23 people who escaped
from a Yemen prison last week.They dug a 140-yard long tunnel. Jamal al-Badawi
was among those who escaped. He was sentenced to death in 2004.Riot at a
maximum security prison (containing five jails that houses about 4000 inmates))
in Castaic CA forty miles northwest of Los Angeles left one inmate dead and
more than 100 injured including 20 hospitalized with serious injuries (Andrew
Dalton, AP). About 2000 inmates were involved in the riot that lasted about an
hour at the North County Correctional Facility.


Islamic RadicalsSyrians in Damascus set fire to the
Danish embassy as protests over the caricature of Mohammad the founder of
Islama cartoon depicting Mohammad with a turban resembling a bombfirst appeared
in a Danish Daily Newspaper, then in a Norwegian Christian Newspaper, then to
Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zeeland,
Norway amp; Poland.Arab countries are now boycotting Danish goods and may do so
with other countries as well.


Derrick Brodie, age 42, of Asbury Park NJ was arrested
for allegedly sending 100s of anthrax hoax letters as well as a threat of
WMD.Story about a 21 year old man by the name of Elio Carrion played high
school basketball and had perfect attendance at Montclair High School in 2002 ,
worked for the nurses office who said he was a “conscientious young
man.” He joined the Air Force after he graduated. He was a U.S. Air Force
Security Officer recently returned from service in Iraq. He is listed in good
condition; at a hospital in Colton. Carrion and another man were in a blue
Corvette which according to the police reached speeds of up to 100 mph. They
were chased by the officer who told Carrion to get down on the ground and then
allegedly told Carrion to stand up. As Carrion stood up the officer fired.
Apparently much of it was captured on videotape. story by Michelle Keller,
Mitchell Landsberg, amp; Ashley Powers, amp; Susanna Rosenblatt, and John Spano
(also Lance Pugmire amp; Matt Lait )


Joaquin Phoenix, the 31-year-old actor, was in a car
wreck on Laurel Canyon on Thursday overturning his car, claiming the brakes
failed. The first person to respond was a Director by the name of Werner
Herzog. Phoenix was not injured.LAPD officer Steve Garcia who shot Teenager
Devin Brown after Brown started backing the car up towards the officer claimed
he shot in self-defense, but others say if it was in self-defense how could the
officer have shot Brown from the side? The incident occurred on February 6
(story by Richard Winton and Rong Gong Lin II, L.A. Times) .


Lawsuit concerning name of Anaheim Angels v Los Angeles
Angels of Anaheim still has not been settled.Movie called Burning Spear about
the missionary in Ecuadort. True story about 5 American missionaries who were
killed in 1956 by an indigenous tribe in Ecuador. The kids of some of the
missionaries later went back to the tribe and befriended them and Christianized
them. This is the movie they showed at the Crystal Cathedral. Now it has become
controversial because the lead actor, Chad Allen, is openly homosexual and
advocates the gay lifestyle. Some Christian groups are objecting to it. The
film was made by Every Tribe Entertainment, an evangelical film making company.
Kevin Bauder, president of Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis says that
What they have done is not mistake, it is a calculated strategy


February 8, 2006


The U.S. govt wants an Iraqi Court to prosecute an
Iraqi Citizen who is being held in Iraq on suspicion that he is being a senior
operative of insurgent leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Three people were killed
this afternoon on Wed Feb 8 when two planes collided above El Cajon near San
Diego. No Injuries on the ground were reported, although they did crash in a
residential area. New Information indicates that Gretzky knew about Janet Jones
involvement in the gambling ring and that she may have placed bets for him.


Former Columbia High School teacher has been sentenced
to six months in jail for a sexual relationship 
with a 15-year-old student who is now his wife. Robert Swalfweht, age
31, by Stevens County Superior Court Judge Allan Nielson not to have contact
with any girls under the age of 18, with the exception of his now 16-year-old


 February 10,


 Story about an
old woman, Edith,  whose house was
appraised by  the city to be worth about
$8000 but along came a developer who wanted to turn the entire dilapidated
neighborhood into a sports complex. They offered her ¾ of a million dollars for
the house along with an offer to build her a new house and to provide her with
health insurance for the rest of her life. She declined. (Story by Denny
Westneat, Seattle Times)


The kidnappers of Jill Caroll have set a new deadline,
Feb 26 as a new execution deadline—if the Americans do not release all female
Iraqi prisoners they say they will execute Jill Carroll.

A new tomb has been found in Egypt from the 18th
dynasty, dating back more than 3300 years in the famed Valley of the Kings,
near the Southern City of Luxor.It is the first of its kind since 1922 when
King Tuts tomb was found. The new tomb is only a few meters away from King
Tuts. The Valley of the Kings has been used as a burial ground for pharaohs,
kings, and nobles since 1500  and 1000


U.S. Adventurer Steve Fossett. Passed the point of no
return , meaning he  cannot turn back
towards North America. He must cross over to Great Britain. He lost 750 pounds
of extra spare fuel , meaning he has to 
have almost exact precise navigation to beat the record. He took off
from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:22 London Time on February 8. He
has already flown around the world before setting off across the Atlantic again.
The plane is able to glide for about 200 miles if it runs out of fuel.


The winter Olympics are in Turin Italy.


Since the first Oscar was awarded on May 16, 1929— a
total of 2578 Oscar statuettes have been handed out. They are molded and
polished by R.S. Owens Co. in Chicago. The statute depicts a knight, holding a
sword, and standing on top of a film reel with five spokes symbolizing actors,
directors, producers, technicians, writers. The annual “Flight of the Oscars”
has become an annual tradition. The Academy Awards will be held at the Kodak
Theatre this year. The Academy Awards are considered the highest honor of all
the various screen awards.


February 15, 2006


Willie Nelson released a gay cowboy song—entitled
“Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other” –“Inside Every Cowboy is
a Lady who would Love to Slip Out”. He sings “He was a Friend of Mine” on the
Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. Roy Romer, LAUSD Superintendent,  plans to take an early retirement this year.
California Teaching Commission says that providing only $4,400 more in pay
increases the chances that an elementary school teacher will stay by 17%.


Mike McGibbon(?) director of the beginning teacher
program says it makes an enormous difference to set up the first three years of
teaching as a place to learn and grow rather than the way we used to do it as a
rite of passage. He said nearly ¼ of new hires in California leave the
profession in five years. There is going to be a teaching shortage of nearly
100,000 in the next decade.


February 17, 2006


On the island of Leyte, Philippines, major mudslide,
1800 missing. Guinsahugon Village in St. Bernard Town, Leyte Province. Rain
caused a mudslide that made the whole mountain collapse. It buried an entire
school. In November 1991 about 6000 were killed in mudslides. Another gold
winner in the snowboardcross—Wescott won the Men’s Snowboard Cross, making it
three golds in Snowboarding for the Americans, Shawn White, Hannah Tetter, and
now Seth Wescott have all won golds in snowboarding. Wayne Gretzky and his wife
Janet Jones will not face criminal charges for their alleged involvement in
gambling ring (Story by Angela Santi, and Beth Alco).


Michelle Kwan, a native of Torrance, CA,  has withdrawn from the skating competition in
the winter Olympics. She turned down an offer by NBC to serve as a broadcaster
but has accepted an offer by Disney to be a spokesperson . Debby Rowe, former
wife of Michael Jackson, was in court to get a custody order granting Jackson
custody of the two children she had with him. The court granted her custody,
overturning a previous order in Jackson’s favor. Rowe was married to Jackson
from 1997 to ’99 but never lived with him. She persuaded a Los Angeles Superior
Court judge to overturn the child custody agreement in 2004 on the legal
grounds of child molestation on the part of Jackson. Rowe was a  medical assistant for a dermatologist when
she met Jackson. They had two kids together, Michael Jr., and Paris. Rowe defended
Jackson in his trial but now apparently changed her mind. Jackson has a third
child, Prince Michael II, by an unknown mother. Jackson was also married to
Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley in the mid-1990’s but had no
children together.


February 17, 2006


Gov Arnold has cut the California state deficit from 22
billion to less than 5 billion in the two years he has been in office.


February 18, 2006


New gadget repels teenagers—the “Sonic Teenager
Deterrent’ nicknamed the Mosquito—because the body’s natural ability to detect
some frequency wavebands diminishes almost entirely after the age of 20 ,
adults are almost completely immune to it.


Jazmine Roberts, age 12, near Tampa Florida, conducted
a test to see whether fast food restaurants ice contained more bacteria than
the restaurants toilet water. She found that 70% of the time the ice contained
more bacteria than the toilet water—at Benito Middle School.


Psychologist Galdino Pranzarone says that the heart
symbol used to represent love is based on the shape of the female buttocks.
Professor Pranzarone of Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia told Discovery News
that he analyzed “essential literary and speculative evidence” , and that the
Greeks associated beauty with the curves of the female behind. The Greek god of
beauty Aphrodite was beautiful all over , but was unique in that her buttocks
were especially beautiful, he said. Her shapely mountain hemispheres were so
appreciated by the Greeks that they built a special temple, Aphrodite
Kallipygos, which literally meant “Goddess with the Beautiful Buttocks” .


February 18, 2006.


USA lost to Sweden in Hockey. USA hasn’t lost to
anybody but the Canadians in World Cup or Olympic competition since 1990.
Lindsay Jacobe Ellis was winning the snowboard cross—had a good lead when she
did some hotdogging and fell, costing her the gold. She ended up with the

Shanni Davis became the first black person to win a
gold medal in winter Olympic  history
capturing the Men’s 1000 Meter Speedskating race.


In Ohio, democrat Paul Hackett, an Iraq War Veteran, a
major and an attorney, has dropped out of the Ohio Senate race. Bode Miller,
the American skier, had the best time going in the slalom, looked sure to win
the gold . But an official ruled that he hooked one of the flags and he was DQ’d.


 February 19,


McDonalds announced that their French fries have wheat
and milk remnants—used to flavor the fries, something they have not declared
previously-. Now they are being sued by a few people who were allergic to dairy
products. 27,000 poultry birds died in India due to what they are saying is,
initially, bird flu. But further tests are pending. No human deaths have been
reported in relation to this case.


USA lost again in hockey—this time to Sweden, 2-1 .
First time that anybody can remember—Lake Erie has not frozen over. Erie is
usually  the first to freeze over—being
the shallowest of the five Great Lakes. It has having an effect on some locals
businesses—the charter fishermen, the charter planes, etc. Ice fishing is a
popular sport around the area—and stores are feeling the effect as well.


East wins All Star game in Houston , 122-120.  Lebron James, age 21, scored 29 points and
pulled down six rebounds, and was named the MVP—the youngest MVP ever. Former
president George Bush sr. was there.


 February 20,


Day)—in the Philippines Guinsagun high-tech gear has detected sounds at the
site of the massive mudslide that buried the school and village. Officials are
not sure if the sound was made by survivors or whether the sand was still
shifting and settling. (story by Oliver Teves, AP).