ARE YOU CONFUSED? FEELING LOST or SCARED? Having trouble with a RELATIONSHIP? Seeking a NEW RELATIONSHIP? Having FINANCIAL TROUBLE? WONDERING what LIFE is ALL ABOUT ? There is ONLY ONE ANSWER to ALL the QUESTIONS or CONCERNS. See http://www.HEARINGtheWORD.posterous.com And PLEASE HELP PROTECT UNBORN LIFE ! See http://unborn-life-is-sacred.posterous.com/ ALSO, HELP PROMOTE KINDNESS, SEE http://fight4kindness.posterous.com/ . And, please pray for our public schools & be an advocate for chapels in all public schools. See http://pray-4-chapels-in-the-public-schools.posterous.com/ BY the way, if you see an advertisement for Obama on this or any of my other videos, it is NOT because I endorse Obama for re-election. I think Barack & Michelle Obama are both very nice people, but because of their position on abortion (they refuse to restrict abortion in any way, whereas I am pro-life & adamantly against all forms of abortion) & marriage (they refuse to restrict the definition of "marriage" to being the union of man & woman alone, whereas I believe marriage is a Biblical definition given by God to be used strictly for the union of man & woman)  I am opposed to their re-election. I have attempted to disallow Obama ads on my YouTube videos but sometimes they keep appearing for some reason.ALSO, please remember & pray for our judges, elected officials, police officers, 1st responders, CIA, FBI, Homeland security, and ALL those who dedicate their lives & careers to defending America & freedom, which ultimately helps the entire world, or should, if everything is working right (but this also depends on integrity in all people, for which we also pray) SEE http://pray-4-our-judges-officials-1st-responders-etal.posterous.com/, ALSO, I ask you to pray for racial harmony in America, & to keep our Latino, Black, & other minority Americans in our prayers. SEE http://pray-4-latinos-and-minorities-in-america.posterous.com/ ALSO: http://keepthefaithforchrist.blogspot.com/ http://keepthefaithbyvanderkok.blogspot.com/ http://www.HEARINGtheWORD.posterous.com    http://www.YouTube.com/vanderKOK -VANDER-


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