(Also message to Chris) 2/7/13 POLICE SEARCH 4 ex-COP re DEATH of MONICA QUAN et al:

(Also message to Chris) 2/7/13 POLICE SEARCH
4 ex-COP re DEATH of MONICA QUAN et al:
“… multi-agency manhunt is under way in California after police say the former Los Angeles police officer suspected in the murders of a college basketball coach and her fiancé last
weekend opened fire Wednesday night on three police officers, killing one,
KTTV.com reported.
The suspect has been identified as Christopher Jordan Dorner,33. The killings appear to be retribution for his 2009
termination from the Los Angeles Police Department,…”

I’m in southern Cal and thats all they are talking about on local radio right now, & giving us the live police conference(s), & mostly defending the police & …; and of course killing is never the answer to perceived or actual injustice, but it should always make every agency be more circumspect about whether their modus operandi is being fair & just or otherwise. We will never know who is right or wrong in regards to this ex-officer’s termination, but we must continue to ask for complete candor & honesty from our police. Meanwhile, we pray for the victims, for the repose of their souls, & for our Lord Jesus to comfort their loved ones. We also pray for the accidental victims of the police shooting (who fired at a car that matched the description, but was just similar) earlier today (2/7), and we pray for Mr. Dorner. If you read this Chris, I encourage you to trust in God’s providence and His justice. I too was mistreated by police some time ago & it created resentment & mistrust in me for some time, but then i finally handed it ALL over to Jesus Christ, & know that God’s providence will be all the justice & more that is necessary. You sound like u were a pretty good guy before all this began, Chris, but maybe u do not yet know Christ (u couldnt have if u killed outside of self-defense) , and so you still have a chance to submit to Christ, & you can still be forgiven. PLEASE do it now! I know every message u hear is to surrender (to police), but most importantly, surrender to Christ !
****”Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”James 4:7-8

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