*3/17/13 I TALKED TO GEORGE FOSTER,FORMER CINCI REDS, …got a signed photo of him (for $10)…I asked him about frank pastore..he remembered playing with frank…& was aware of his tragic motorcycle accident..and his "Christian radio show"…I didn’t turn the video camera on in time to capture his comments (did get a photo ) as I was leaving I asked him if he thinks pete rose should be allowed back in and he said "He should be reinstated and be in the hall-of-fame". This is at a cactus league spring training game, phoenix area, goodyear ballpark, indians v reds.Foster is in the reds hall-of-fame, but not yet the mlb hall-of-fame. Should he be? He had some great years with the reds, & has the world series rings. I remember watching the "big red machine" as I was growing up in the 70’s,in 1977 I was 10 years old. They had a cast of players that is legendary…pete rose, johnny bench, joe morgan, goerge foster, & the list goes on… privilege to talk to george..hope all is well for him & his family.


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