3/20/13 RIP, JASON MOLINA*

"…Molina was born in Lorain, Ohio [1] and attended Oberlin
College. After playing bass guitar in various heavy metal
bands in and around Cleveland, Molina made the decision
to become a solo artist under an assumed band name,
recruiting other musicians for each individual project as
needed. He made several home recordings under various
names, including Songs: Albian, Songs: Radix, and Songs:
Unitas, which he distributed himself at live performances.
In 2011 a note on the band’s website stated that Jason
Molina had to quit making music for a while due to a
severe but not clearly named illness. Furthermore, the
medical treatment had drawn the singer (who did not
have medical insurance) into debt. His family,
accompanied by the label Secretly Canadian , set up the
"Jason Molina Medical Fund" to support him: Fans who
donated money via PayPal received a compilation of live
songs to download in return. [2]…"
"Anyone, then, who knows the good
he ought to doand doesn’t do it, sins.
James 4:17 Mtu yeyote, basi, ambaye anajua mazuri impasavyo kufanya na
haina kufanya hivyo, dhambi."
James 4:17

Posted by VanderKOK
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