4/15/13 PLANNED P-HOOD OUSTED from YMCA CONFERENCE,*

"Using a quickly-mobilized email
campaign, a pro-life organization in Waco,
Texas, succeeded in ousting Planned
Parenthood as a featured presenter for
“Girls Day 2013,” a YMCA educational
program for girls of ages 9 and up.
"…According to LifeSiteNews, pro-life activists were appalled
when they learned, on April 4 , that the “Girls Day”
program, planned for April 6 , would feature Katie
Wolfe, Waco Planned Parenthood’s education director.
Wolfe was scheduled to speak to both the young girls
participating in the conference and their parents on
“building healthy relationships” from Planned
Parenthood’s perspective.
Upon learning about the scheduled speaker, Joe Pisciotta,
director of Pro-Life Waco, sent an email to his
organization’s supporters, asking them to participate in a
rushed email and phone campaign to the 16 employees of
the Waco YMCA, urging them to drop Wolfe as a speaker.
Within a little over 24 hours, those pro-life activists who
wrote, received an email response from Christopher
Bernard, associate executive director of YMCA of Central
We thank you for your concerns. As of Thursday afternoon,
Planned Parenthood will not be attending the YMCA of Central
Texas’ Girls Day at Doris Miller Family Y. As an organization
that serves the Central Texas community, it is our upmost [sic]
priority to adhere to our mission of putting Christian principles
into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind
and body for all. …"


"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17
Posted by VK
*Pray4Chapels in the PublicSchools
*Read the Bible Daily
*Stop Violence v Women!
See www.OneBillionRising.org
*Be Kind & Respectful To EachOther


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